ALTERED STATES: ‘Beyond The Havana Syndrome’, The CIA’s Electromagnetic Arsenal & Mass Murder In America

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  • “…The CIA’s mind control experiments gave rise to assassinations and mass murder in the late 1960s…The Manson murders took place five months before the the US postal shootings began. Hang on to that thought…Intense pain anywhere on the body can be induced remotely. The tech, if applied humanely, could lead the way to prodigious medical advances, but the government chose to weaponize it instead – for arbitrary harassment and torture of civilians”

Beyond the Havana Syndrome – The CIA’s Electromagnetic Arsenal and Mass Murder in America – By Alex Constantine

Why is America the only country in the world where peacetime mass shootings are commonplace? Why are children and other innocents slaughtered every day? Why are Republican legislators unmoved by the carnage, and refuse to pass rational gun control laws? We are witnesses to a holocaust on the rise. The catalyst of the European Holocaust was fascism, and history is a cyclical slipstream of blood …

By Alex Constantine

The country’s leading news outlets are playing ball with the intelligence community to promote a limited hang-out of electromagnetic weapons technology developed by DARPA and CIA. Last year, 60 minutes turned to the Agency to explain the “Havana Syndrome.” Affected CIA and State Department personnel were interviewed. They described loud, grating noises in their ears, tinnitus, vertigo, brain damage, blindness, and other symptoms of EM assault. The first case acknowledged by the government occurred in 2016.

“The CIA says they don’t know who is behind it.” This is the ubiquitous refrain. Is it Russia? China? If not, who could it possibly be? Huge mystery.

In March, Cuba blasted the US for dissembling about the source of the assaults. Reuters reported on March 23 that Cuba criticized the the CIA for “taking too long to accept evidence that the ailment ‘Havana Syndrome’ was not likely caused by a foreign enemy, saying Washington ignored the science as a pretext for cutting off relations with the Communist-run island.” The Agency has ruled out foreign aggressors. That only leaves one possible culprit: the United States. This is the only logical conclusion, and the government hasn’t issued a disavowal.

So 60 Minutes turned to the CIA for an explanation? No one else in the world can possibly explain the attacks? We trust our “shadow warriors.”

That’s precisely why American citizens have no idea what is going on.

If the New York Times, NPR, CNN and and NBC can’t explain it, preferring to wallow in CIA obfuscations, here are just few related facts I know, after decades of research, investigation end personal experience, to be true:

1. The pulsed microwave weapon that appeared on 60 minutes was obsolete. The current state of the art is extremely advanced, and is capable of more than ringing ear drums and demating cell tissue. The technology does not resemble a repurposed vintage steampunk Wanker engine, like the one displayed on 60 Minutes. It is as advanced as any supercomputer, capable of commandeering brains – with a pulsed, extremely low frequency signal of 0-100 Hz – the way CNC controls a milling machine. (Ordinarily, an antenna a mile long is necessary to transmit a wavelength this long, but Agency technicians have found a way around this obstacle.) The brain is electronic. It’s simply a matter of learning how to interact with it. Scientists on the CIA payroll worked it out decades ago.

Mainstream science is working on brain-controlled computers. There is also an established process known as stable diffusion that enables a computer to read minds. Research and development of the technology is only a step beyond preliminary, but advancing rapidly, Ethical considerations preclude control of the mind this side of the classified sector. But the CIA is the Bermuda Triangle of ethical constraints. The primary objective of MKULTRA was the creation of a Manchurian Candidate, a cut-out programmed to kill and either forget it or commit suicide so the CIA would not be implicated, Electromagnetic mind control ended the search for for the perfect patsy.

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The CIA’s mind control experiments gave rise to assassinations and mass murder in the late 1960s. See, for instance, “CHAOS – Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties.”

The Manson murders took place five months before the the US postal shootings began. Hang on to that thought.

2. Targeting is not directional. A human subject can travel anywhere on the globe, and there is no escape. Satellites transmit pulsed signals, relying on an individual’s primary anatomical frequency allocation pattern, exactly as radio signals are transmitted over a narrow frequency, and a receiver is tuned to pick them up.

3.The “Havana Syndrome” is a limited hang-out. The CIA feeds it to the press, claims to be “investigating.” This is a cruel hoax that leaves targeted individuals twisting in the wind. Search the web for “Electronic harassment and gang stalking” for testimonials and case histories.

4. Artificial intelligence was perfected years ago in the classified sector. Mainstream scientists are trailing behind.

5. Few subjects hear a cacophony.  Others hear simulated speech, the Gettysburg Address, a symphony, a train wreck, a recipe for chocolate mayonnaise cake, bird songs, anything. And any image can be projected via the visual pathways of the brain:  Streaming visions of the Andes, a portrait of Benjamin Franklin, anything.

6. Subjects are often tormented by sleep deprivation. The brain is stimulated to keep them awake for one night, or a week at a time. (For more information, Google “Dorothy Burdick and ‘Such Things are Known,’ chapter 10.” Copies of the book, like the first edition of Walter Bowart’s ‘Operation Mind Control’ – the entire issue purchased by the CIA and burned – have  vanished, though one remains in the University of Arizona library’s rare books collection. Chapter 10 is still posted online, and it constitutes invaluable source material for anyone interested in electronic mind control. Download it before it falls off the web. The publisher, a vanity press, doesn’t even have a copy – he proprietor disavows any connection with it, though it bears the company’s imprint.)

7. Intense pain anywhere on the body can be induced remotely. The tech, if applied humanely, could lead the way to prodigious medical advances, but the government chose to weaponize it instead – for arbitrary harassment and torture of civilians.

8. Synchronize EM pulses to to the beating of the heart, and it stops. The subject dies of heart failure.

9. The nervous system can be stimulated, uncontrollable rage induced, aggravated by radio-hypnotic commands. The subject picks up a gun and heads to a church, Walmart pr schoolyard. Controlled subjects usually have no motive for slaughtering innocents, no history of aggressive behavior. They are often determined to kill and destroy themselves in the process. The pundits at MSNBC constantly ask, “why do mass shootings occur almost exclusively in America?” They began in 1970 at a post office in Los Angeles. Then a number of letter carriers went “postal” in rapid succession. The media attributed these murders to “stress.” There are more demanding occupations. None of them provoke murderous rage.

One day the USPS mass shootings stopped on a dime. They abruptly moved from the postal system into the public schools. The bloodshed is intended to terrorize, desensitize, compel us with fear to arm ourselves.

Once the guns are in profusion, we will use them. The domestic kill count proliferates.

The “conservative” media bubble of lies push the murder rate higher by nazifying the Republican Party. Far-right legislators in the GOP clear the path for murder by refusing to pass rational gun control measures. They promote the stockpiling of firearms with videos, a constant stream of pro-gun rhetoric. Hate crimes escalate. Right-wingers yearn to kill liberals. Mass shootings were once a rarity. Now they are a daily occurrence.

Children are slaughtered. Is “stress” still the cause of mass shootings?

The CIA didn’t devote many years of mind control research only to abandon it. Mind control is a reality that the press ignores.

Not all mass shooters are controlled. Some are wingnuts incited by Fox News, Newsmax, and other fascist propaganda fronts (media mind control) to gun down phenotypical “sub-humans.” Some are severely mentally ill. Some are copycats. But most are remotely controlled to fire on “expendable” children or minorities.

On occasion, a gun-toting Manchurian Candidate senses the influence of an external force:

Feds: Airport shooting suspect complained of mind control

USA Today, January 6, 2017

“Two months before Esteban Santiago allegedly unleashed a deadly assault inside the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, the 26-year-old former National Guardsman showed up unannounced – and troubled – at the Anchorage, Alaska offices of the FBI.

“There, according to the FBI, Santiago told federal authorities that U.S. intelligence agencies had gained control of his mind and were urging him to fight for the Islamic State terror group. While the report was initially alarming, it was soon clear that the young man’s reported complaint was more a cry for medical treatment than a matter meriting the attention of counter-terrorism officials.

“;During the interview, Santiago appeared agitated and incoherent, and made disjointed statements,’ the FBI said in a statement Friday night. ‘Although Santiago stated that he did not wish to harm anyone. .. “

9. The “Havana Syndrome” is a strategic limited hang-out, Disgustingly poor media coverage has left Americans with the impression that it is impossible to determine who is deploying the weapons when, in fact, anyone with an interest in tracking the culprits down can do so with a library card and access to Wi-Fi. The CIA feeds the hang-out version to the press, claims to be “investigating.” It is a cruel hoax that leaves targeted individuals twisting in the wind. Simply search the web for “Electronic harassment and gang stalking” for testimonials and case histories. Approach the subject skeptically, but do it with an objective frame of mind. If the reporters at 60 Minutes had run to the library and learned to use Google, there would have been no need to rely on the CIA for an explanation. The truth is “out there.” And it’s not so hard to nail down. Any Journalism 101 student is capable of identifying the culprits. There is no need to regurgitate the Agency’s plausible denials.

My list of knowns could be a long one. But I have shared a few things most subjects of EM assault also know to be true because they have a vested interest in finding out who is tormenting them.

The CIA and Pentagon are responsible. Not Russia, although the Soviets developed their own electronic arsenal. Symptoms identical to the Havana Syndrome were first reported in Moscow in the 1960s. Charles Bohlen, a State Department officer, was deafened by the attacks. Anyone who believes a foreign power is behind it is as gullible as a MAGA clown, sorry to say. Who believes CIA double-talk? No one who has read widely about the history of the Agency. This is the same branch of government that directed Chile’s Pinochet military coup. Pinochet’s insurrectionists dammed the Santiago Rover with headless corpses, and seized power after the assassination of Allende. The Agency denied involvement for 20 years, until investigative journalists flushed out the truth. And we trust the CIA?

Tune out the media’s disreputable sourcing. For a sample of the lowest of the low, Google “Kevin Shiff and mind control.” He is a veteran CIA fraud, claims “demons” are responsible for covert mind control activity. Shiff needs to be tarred and feathered.

DARPA and the Central Intelligence Agency – as any capable researcher on the history of EM mind control will attest, including Robert O. Becker, a Nobel Prize winning scientist, and a score of suppressed journalists – possess the technology and are responsible for the assaults on human subjects in Havana. Also Chicago, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, and everywhere else in the land of the free.

Combined with AI, the weapons threaten to transform the country into a psychic dictatorship. Mind control is not a subject the media begin to comprehend. But it is creeping up on us, and one day will be impossible to ignore.

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