“REALPOLITIK” – “Foreign politics based on practical concerns rather than theory, morals or ethics.”

“RIELPOLITIK” – “Foreign politics based on morals & ethics rather than theory or practical concerns.”


THE SMOKING MAN – Curriculum Verbatim

Undergraduate Studies in Psychology & Political Science, Graduate Studies in Education

North / South / Central America & The Caribbean, East / West Europe, N. Africa, China, India & East Asia – as a fly-on-the-wall

Miami, U.S.A.: (aka)  “Casablanca” during the “Wild West/Cocaine Cowboy” days of the early-to-mid 80’s

Managua, NICARAGUA / San Jose COSTA RICA: During the later days of the “Iran/Contra – Cocaine/ Guns Affair”

Havana CUBA / Caracas, VENEZUELA: During the “Special Period” in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet collapse (…or more accurately – Mojitos, Marx & Mulattas) & a ring-side seat to Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution

Occupied West Bank / Oman, JORDAN: Post 9/11 “assignment” on permanent hold (…but that’s a whole other story)

Yesterday – Journalist / Producer / Fixer – Friend & Confidant to Rebels, Rogues & Rounders

Today – Political Researcher / Analyst / Writer – Friend & Confidant to Shamans, Seers & Sages


RIELPOLITIK is intended as a doorway into officially denied, debunked & marginalized viewpoints & research. As a “West-Centric” focused on-line journal, all articles & information posted on this site is intended to present the reader with thought provoking idea’s, opinions & discourse, I encourage all readers to analyze, question & probe all articles & sources with open hearts & discretionary minds.

Every effort is made to find reputable sources pertaining to breaking news stories whenever possible, generally, posted articles & news stories are selected on the basis of contextual interest & overall relevance to this site. No attempt is made by the editor of RIELPOLITIK to independently verify posts, articles, or authors, for accuracy or validity of claims. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the reader to act as his/her own independent media filter pertaining to the nature of information presented here.

The truth is indeed “..an enigma wrapped in a riddle” and therefore requires the proper preparation, mindset & research expertise to corroborate facts & connect seemingly unrelated dots. The researchers, whistle-blowers, journalists & independent news sources uncovering many of the stories posted here, must contend with massive invasions of privacy, financial hardship & security/safety concerns far beyond the threshold of many lesser dedicated souls – I honour their commitment to truth against very formidable odds.


“When analyzing the rational of Liar’s, Cheat’s & Bastard’s….it help’s to be, a Liar, Cheat & Bastard” – Apparatchik


Peccable Productions: RealPolitik BoardGame



UPDATE: (Editors Note: NULL & VOID)

Did you hear the one about 62 billionaires with the same wealth as half the world? – https://www.oxfamireland.org/blog/62-billionaires-same-wealth-half-world-

UPDATE: (Editors Note: NULL & VOID)

Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world  – https://www.oxfam.org/en/pressroom/pressreleases/2017-01-16/just-8-men-own-same-wealth-half-world

UPDATE: (Editors Note: NULL & VOID)

These 6 Men Have as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population – https://www.ecowatch.com/richest-men-in-the-world-2274065153.html


Now Just Five Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population – https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/06/12/now-just-five-men-own-almost-much-wealth-half-worlds-population


REALPOLITIK – Bare-fisted, brass-knuckle power politics

GEO-POLITICS – Bare-fisted, brass-knuckle power politics

OLIGARCHS – Massively concentrated wealth in the hands of a few powerful & corrupt Russian or non-Western Power-broker’s

CORPORATE ELITES – Massively concentrated wealth in the hands of a few powerful & corrupt American or Western Power-broker’s

‘TRICKLE DOWN’ REAGANOMICS – “…Rich Folks Pissin’ on the Poor Folks”

NEO-LIBERALIST ECONOMIC THEORY – “…The .000001%: 62 Rich White Folk Pissin’ Down on Everyone”

‘GOLDEN SHOWER’ – See…’Neo-Liberalist Economic Theory’

TERRORISM – Violent acts intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for a religious, political, or non-western ideological goal, and which deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants

“EXPORTING” DEMOCRACY – Violent acts intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for a religious, political, or western-ideological goal, and which deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants

TERRORIST – A member of a political group aiming at the demoralization of the government by terror. Or simply put – he’s with them

FREEDOM FIGHTER – A member of a political group aiming at the demoralization of the government by terror. (…Or simply – he’s with us)

JIHAD – A war fought by Muslims to defend or spread their beliefs (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/jihad)

WAR OF AGGRESSION – A war fought by non-western interests to defend or spread their beliefs

“DEFENDING” DEMOCRACY – A war fought by western interests to defend or spread their beliefs

FASCIST – An Individual promoting strong autocratic or dictatorial control

NEO-CON – An Individual promoting strong autocratic or dictatorial control

CRYPTO-FASCIST – One who keeps this support or admiration of fascism hidden



3 thoughts on “RIELPOLITIK

  1. A Scientific Means for Islamic Military Alliance to Collaborate and Deploy

    By Dr. David Leffler

    The state-run Saudi Press Agency has announced that 34 nations are forming a new “Islamic military alliance” to fight terrorism.

    But will this new alliance really be able to prevent future terrorist attacks and create lasting peace? There is no statistically validated guarantee that the military strategy of fighting violence with violence will work. It certainly has not in the past. Why should it now? History shows that using violence to quell violence ultimately just ratchets up the level of violence.

    There is hope, however, if the new alliance honors its stated goal that terrorism “should be fought by all means and collaboration should be made to eliminate it.” Today a scientifically validated means exists to prevent terrorism and war, and all countries involved in the alliance could collaboratively deploy it. This scientific approach is known in military circles as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). This field-tested approach to reducing stress and violence is already part of the training of Brazil’s Elite Police force, and has been field-tested by other militaries. It has been validated by 23 peer-reviewed studies carried out in both developed and developing nations, including the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Independent scientists and scholars endorse it, based on 25 years of ongoing research.

    IDT Reduces Societal Stress

    As a specially trained military unit, an “IDT Prevention Wing of the Military” uses IDT to neutralize the buildup of stress in the national collective consciousness that ultimately fuels terrorism, war and crime. As collective stress and frustration subside, government leaders and citizens alike are more capable of finding orderly and constructive solutions to the issues that have separated them for generations.

    Experience with IDT in highly stressed areas of the globe have demonstrated increased economic incentive and growth of prosperity. Individual creativity and entrepreneurship increase as well. With greater civic calm, citizens’ aspirations rise and a more productive and balanced society emerges. Such a society naturally disallows violence as a means for change, or as an expression of discontent. With this, the ground for terrorism is eliminated. Moreover, this positive change in social trends takes place within a few days or weeks after IDT is introduced. The changes are measurable from such statistics as reduced terrorism, crime rates, accidents, hospital admissions, infant mortality, etc.

    The IDT warrior’s daily routine includes the non-religious practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and the advanced TM-Sidhi program. Military personnel, functioning as a societal coherence-creating military unit, practice these techniques together in a group twice a day, seven days a week, preferably near the targeted population in a secure location. Their presence need not be disclosed to achieve the effect of conflict resolution and violence reduction.

    Such coherence-creating groups have achieved positive benefits to society, shown experientially, in just 48 hours. Modern statistical methods demonstrate a consistent causal influence of the IDT group on reducing conflict, precluding chance or coincidence. The IDT approach has been used during wartime, resulting in reduction of fighting, reduced war deaths and casualties, and improved progress toward resolving the conflict through peaceful means. Its coherence-creating effect has also been documented on a global scale in a study published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. When large assemblies of civilian IDT experts gathered during the years 1983-1985, terrorism-related casualties decreased 72%, international conflict decreased 32%, and overall violence was reduced in nations without intrusion by other governments.

    A civilian IDT group in Israel decreased the intensity of war in Lebanon in 1983 in a dramatic way in 48 hours, to name only one of 50 successful demonstrations. (See a summary of the study, published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution and summaries of follow-up studies in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality and the Journal of Scientific Exploration).


    IDT is totally unlike any other defense technology because it does not use violence in an attempt to quell violence. It is a more civilized approach, yet the IDT defense technology supersedes all other known defense technologies (which are based on electronic, chemical, and/or nuclear forces). Therefore, militaries that deploy it gain the ultimate strategic advantage.

    If the Islamic military alliance defense forces establish Prevention Wings of the Military, they will ease the current high tensions, reverse centuries of mistrust and hatred and permanently prevent future unrest. These IDT units will create genuine and lasting reconciliation and friendship where there was once only hatred and conflict. The powerful IDT human-resource-based defense technology disallows negative trends and prevents enemies from arising. No enemies means no terrorism and full security, as well as a normal, happy, productive life for everyone.

    By eliminating terrorism and ending decades-old cycles of violence, the Islamic military alliance IDT units will create lasting peace and prosperity. Their powerful demonstration of this non-violent peace technology will gain worldwide attention. They will be honored and respected as great warriors who served honorably in their militaries for the betterment of all humanity.

    Extensive scientific research objectively says, “Yes, this approach works.” This is a military “means” that should be championed with “all means.” It is desperately needed. There is truly no other solution.

    The Islamic military alliance must act now, before high social tensions inevitably explode again.

    About the author:

    Dr. David Leffler is the author of “A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising – Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace.” He was a member of the US Air Force for nearly nine years. Dr. Leffler has a Ph.D. in Consciousness-Based Military Defense and served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) and lectures and writes worldwide about IDT. He is on Twitter and Facebook.

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