LA DIVINA COMEDIA HUMANA: When God Found Andrew Klavan

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  • “…A West whose ethicists coolly contemplate infantile euthanasia, whose nations roll back their magnificent jurisprudence to make room for the atrocity of sharia, whose historians argue themselves out of the objective reality of human rights because they have lost faith in the numinous basis of those rights—such a West may not be heading for disaster as much as it is living in the midst of one, a comfortable and prosperous disaster to which our default atheism makes us blind, a dystopia in which we are increasingly happy and increasingly savage at the same time”

Klavan’s 2023 Predictions [SPOILER ALERT: We’re Doomed!]

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time for me to reveal my predictions for 2023, but in short, we are doomed.

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The Leftese Dictionary

by Andrew Klavan

Your complete guide to speaking fluent Leftese so that you’ll finally be able to understand the radical language of Communist manifestoes, network news reports, Oscar acceptance speeches, academic journals, and so much more!

Andrew Klavan: The History of Western Culture in 2 1/2 Minutes

From Socrates to Star Trek, the West is the best. Here’s why.