HIDDEN HISTORY: The Occult History Of Ireland (An Introduction) – By Michael Tsarion

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  • “…The Jesuits, Illuminati and other chivalric organizations working behind Irish Republicanism serve the so-called Black Nobility network, that sets one nation or faction against another for its own benefit and long-term plan for world domination. The Black Nobility elite are members of the ancient Fourth Sect of Nazarean Christians. It is likely that they maintained close ties with the Celtic Church via the Merovingians, Cistercians, and other confederates. In more recent times (throughout the 20th century) Britain’s fear was that Ireland would perhaps become a resolute ally of Germany, a course which had to be subverted at all costs”

The Occult History of Ireland (An Introduction) – By Michael Tsarion

Almost every time acts of terrorist violence have occurred in Northern Ireland (and regardless of whether it was the IRA or the Protestant paramilitaries who were responsible), the victims have habitually accepted the official reports of what happened. In the case of the Omagh bombing (August 15, 1998), when families did not blithely or blindly accept the made-for-TV spin, and did conduct a private investigation into the reasons for the atrocity, we find the whole propaganda machinery being tossed out the window in no time at all.

I recommend the movie Omagh to those readers who are interested in studying the occult history of Ireland. It will serve as a good primer on the subject. While watching the movie, remember that the protagonists were Protestant men and women who believed that their elected government officials would never lie to them and that the police were their best friends. By the end of their traumatic investigations, however, they were able to discern their actual enemy. Shockingly, it was not, as everyone erroneously believed, the IRA.Indeed, studying the history of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) – originally the Irish Republican Brotherhood – is both interesting and revealing. It is a study that has, in the end, less to do with politics and more to do with secret orders and hidden agendas. The persistent student eventually becomes aware that, from the earliest times, some of the most notorious and conspicuous founders and leaders of the major Irish rebel bodies were in fact counter-revolutionaries. They were agents of the British establishment. There is evidence to show that this was almost certainly the case with the infamous James Stephens (IRB), John O’Mahony (Fenian Brotherhood), and P. J. Tynan (Invincibles). In our opinion, nothing has changed. I believe the insidious ploy is still in effect today.

Men of this sort, positioned as they were in senior positions of Irish rebel organizations, were not interested in freeing the Irish people. They worked for the contrary purpose, and were, I believe, instructed to make sure that authentic revolutionary movements did not rise to successfully threaten the British establishment or imperial status quo. In my opinion they were supremely successful.

I believe that many leaders of terrorist cells throughout the world – be they of the political “left” or “right” – are in fact fifth columnists, funded and instructed by agents of British Intelligence. Some recent examples are F. W. De Klerk and Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Boris Yeltsin of Russia, Lech Walesa of Poland, and Robert Mugabe of Rhodesia. This fact remains largely unknown to the masses. It remains unknown to the duped members of the world’s many secret societies and terrorist movements.

Stephens had received some twenty-five thousand pounds, little of which was spent in Ireland, and in later years it was a matter of common knowledge that Stephens, besides being Head Centre, had also an agreement with the British Government, which threw a peculiar light on his immunity from arrest and his later escape from prison and leisurely retreat to France – Captain H. B. C Pollard (The Secret Societies of Ireland, 1922)
Thomas Clarke Luby (the co-founder of the Irish Republican Brotherhood); James Stephens (the main founder and leader of the IRB), and John O’Mahoney (leader of the Fenian Brotherhood and IRB). Were these men true revolutionaries interested in the freedom of Ireland, or were they part of a plot devised by the Alpha Lodges of British Freemasonry and executed by British Intelligence?

The British or, more correctly, Crown-controlled brotherhood that secretly controls world affairs had the power not only to send trained agents to infiltrate legitimate Irish patriot groups, but to create groups which appeared legitimate but were anything but. The same sinister elite brotherhood had the power to set one faction against another, one leader against another, and one brand of ideology against another. As long as the result of their Machiavellian intrigue was inaction, dejection, or self-destruction, they were satisfied:

In practice the Fenians had glaring security problems, and the British government had little problem filling its ranks with informers. The Fenians themselves did much to undermine their own security by holding large public conventions…In 1866, a thousand armed Fenians crossed the border and seized the town of St. Armand, expecting to provoke a rising against the British government. Instead, they were quickly dispersed by Canadian troops. Two further efforts along the same line yielded equally unimpressive results. In 1867, one final attempt at a rising in Ireland, backed by a plan to seize weapons from Chester Castle in England, fizzled quickly…Meanwhile the Fenians faced a widening spiral of internal troubles. The organization split in half in 1866 after a series of political quarrels among it’s leaders, and the fragments split further in the years that followed. The consistent failure of the Fenians to accomplish any of their aims or, for that matter, even make a plausible attempt at doing so, alienated the younger generation of Irish and Irish-American activists – John Michael Greer (The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Hidden History)

By the mid 1870’s the Fenian Brotherhood had ceased operations in America, but Irish Fenian groups in Dublin remained active in at least a theoretical sense. The Fenian name had by this time become an embarrassment, and members typically used the name “Irish Republican Brotherhood” instead. Even under its alternative name, the Brotherhood accomplished little during the last years of the 19th Century, and the movement was at a low ebb…By the first decades of the twentieth century British police and military intelligence had written off the Fenian movement and a negligible threat – ibid

On the early years of the IRA, my colleague Jim Cairns wrote the following:

At the start of the Irish “troubles” in 1968/9, there was only one group called the IRA in Ireland, however, a split developed and a separate group of IRA activists was formed, calling itself the Provisional IRA. There is a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the formation of the Provisional IRA in 1969, and there seems to be a deliberate attempt to conceal certain facts. Pro-IRA writers give scanty explanations for the foundation of the Provos, but if one looks hard enough, one discovers some interesting truths. In 1968/9 the IRA, as it was called then, had a very socialist outlook. Its left-wing members saw the protestant Unionists in Northern Ireland as the enemy but they were also very resentful towards the large estate owners in the Irish Republic. In 1969, the IRA in the Republic of Ireland (the 26 Southern Counties) made a number of attacks on the properties of large estates in the west coast of Ireland. These attacks, on private property in Eire, were greatly resented and were seen as a direct threat to the status quo. A group of wealthy and powerful businessmen and property owners saw the need to control and oppose the activities of this left-wing faction within the IRA and they concluded that the best way to do this was to promote and support a new IRA faction, which would be effectively under their wing. Thus, the Provisional IRA was formed in 1969 under the leadership of David O’Connell and an Englishman called John Stephenson, alias Sean McStiophan. With the backing support from these “hidden” establishment figures, the Provisional IRA would soon become the dominant IRA grouping, and the Official IRA (the original IRA with left-wing supporters) soon became eclipsed and declared a ceasefire in 1972 – (Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth)

One of the first books to deal with the origins and machinations of Ireland’s early secret societies was written by Captain H. B. C. Pollard. In his book the author details the origins of the Protestant Orange Order and the many Republican orders. On the creation of the IRA, Captain Pollard wrote:

In 1857 a messenger was sent from New York to James Stephens, then in Dublin, asking him to get up an organization in Ireland on resources provided from the States; and it is clear that Stephens had already cut-and-dried plans in his mind as to how this was to be done. He stated his terms, which were agreed to, and on St. Patrick’s Day, 1858, the I. R. B. movement was initiated by Stephens and Luby in Dublin – (The Secret Societies of Ireland, 1922)

He goes on to say:

The model secret society from which the founder drew his ideas and plan of organization was undoubtedly the Carbonari. This society was the lineal descendant of the Illuminati of Weisshaupt, which had such a profound influence on the French Revolution…In point of historical antiquity the Carbonari Society long antedated that of the Illuminati, but it was captured by the latter between 1770 and 1790 – ibid

The founders of the movement were Colonel John O’Mahoney and a barrister, Michael Doheny, both of whom had fled from Ireland for their share in the rising of 1848. Both these men took refuge in France, at that time a hot-bed of secret Carbonarist societies – (on the founders of the IRA)

On the connections between the United Irishmen and the Illuminati, Pollard referred to the researches of R. C. Clifford, the author of The Application of Barruel’s Memoirs of Jacobinism to the Secret Societies of Ireland and Great Britain, published in 1798. Pollard wrote:

The influence of Illuminism was noted by the Hon. R. C. Clifford…The United Irishmen, organized in 1791, was, states Clifford based on Illuminism. “The proposals for it are couched in the style and exact terms of the Hierophants of Illuminism.”

From the researches of men such as Baron Avro Manhattan, we know about the extensive power of the Jesuit Order and Opus Dei. We know these cabals serve the interests of the Atonist elites ensconced in London and Vatican City. We know from the findings of experts and whistleblowers how much control the Jesuits, Teutonic Knights, and Knights of Columbus, etc, have over certain ostensibly Catholic terrorist groups, including the IRA. Officially, the Catholic Church frowns upon secret societies. However, in practice it is quite a different story. Moreover, not only have Catholic priests regularly absolved IRA murderers of their heinous crimes, but many priests have served as commanders of IRA divisions. Most if not all of the convicted IRA inmates received regular visits from senior Catholic clergymen who have taken their causes and even bestowed blessings upon their heads.

Regretably, the many young patriotic men who felt compelled to join the IRA, knew little about their true enemy, or that their organization is connected to many international criminal syndicates, some of them quite ancient. No, the average IRA member had his attention and ardor artfully channeled elsewhere. So it was through the generations, and so it has remained:

PictureThe insignia of the Jesuit Order denotes their connection to ancient Luciferian Solar Cults. The letters IHS represent Bacchus or Dionysus, themselves based on the earlier Irish deity Iesa, the basis for the mythical Jesus. The historical Jesus (King of Edessa) was a senior member of the so-called Fourth Sect of Nazarenes, whose queens sought dominion over the world, eventually losing out to the Fifth Sect or Papacy. The rivalry continued for centuries until the twentieth century. (Here for more…)
This Irish Catholic organization (The Defenders), similar to that of the Spanish Guarduña, was founded in 1562 by Roger Moore behind whom were French and Spanish Jesuits. According to Captain Pollard, author of “The Secret Societies of Ireland,” “The nominal function of the Defenders was the protection of the fugitive priests during the period of proscription…the Defenders soon became a criminal association of law-breakers and banditti” – Lady Queensborough (Occult Theocracy, 1933)

the Sinn Fein movement made sudden great headway in the ranks of the younger priesthood, and it was current gossip at the time that some sections of the Church held participation in the rebellion to have been sinful, whereas another section, notably backed by Irish members of the Society of Jesus, contested that the ideal which animated the revolutionaries gave moral sanction to their actions – Captain H. B. C. Pollard (The Secret Societies of Ireland, 1922)
The Jesuits, Illuminati and other chivalric organizations working behind Irish Republicanism serve the so-called Black Nobility network, that sets one nation or faction against another for its own benefit and long-term plan for world domination. The Black Nobility elite are members of the ancient Fourth Sect of Nazarean Christians. It is likely that they maintained close ties with the Celtic Church via the Merovingians, Cistercians, and other confederates. In more recent times (throughout the 20th century) Britain’s fear was that Ireland would perhaps become a resolute ally of Germany, a course which had to be subverted at all costs. (Here for more…)

As to the so-called “opposition” – the Protestant societies – one of the most important for readers to be aware of is the elusive quorum known as the Black Preceptory, that hides itself behind the infamous Orange Order, itself a tentacle of even more elusive British and European orders such as the Illuminati. This is because the so-called Illuminati were not, and are not, anti-royalist, as the propaganda insinuates. They were funded by royalty from day one. (Here for more…)

Adam Weishaupt (the official founder of the Order of the Illuminati) spent the last forty years of his life residing in the courts of European royals such as the King of Austria, Charles de Lorraine (Grand Master of the Teutonic Order), and other members of the Hapsburg dynasty. His order was backed by royal princes and dukes. The same thing goes for the Orange Order, the very word “Orange” being a reference to the royal House of Hanover.

The emblem of the Black Preceptory, or Royal Black Institution, is the cross and the crown, as also used by members of Scottish Rite Masonry. Their festival day falls on July 13th, a day sacred to Atonist sun-worshipers. The Setian-Atonist drama has been played out on the stage of Ireland’s politics for centuries. Order out of chaos, then back to chaos again. On and on ad nauseum. (Here for more…)The Black Preceptory is also known as the Royal Black Institution, a name that sounds worrisome enough. This quorum includes judges, police executives, clergymen, senior intellectuals and academics, and men who run major corporations in Ireland and elsewhere. The Preceptory’s senior members have the power to change government policy on a local and even national level.

They reward selected lieutenants in the public limelight for furthering their agendas and see to it that other men who do not fall into lockstep are removed from professional positions. The Preceptory has the power to cover up heinous politically-motivated crimes, sequester evidence so that complicit “brothers” remain unprosecuted, and prevent official investigations into the criminal activities of their members. Additionally, members of the Preceptory and Orange Order (journalists, reporters, and editors, and so on) can bias reportage in any manner desired.

Alarmingly, the senior privileged members of these elusive fraternities have the power to arrange assassinations and acts of terrorism. For centuries the Orange Order’s elite members have furthered their own agendas by fomenting conflict and expertly pitting one ruthless sectarian faction against another. This is an old story when it comes to the provinces of Northern Ireland. We are all privy to the effects of sectarian hatred and bloody violence, but so privy to the causes?

The Orange Order is avowedly Christian – unlike Freemasonry – but it shares the Craft’s secret society structure. Its rituals, passwords, grips and signs are based on Freemasonry. Its initiation ceremony apes the first degree Craft ritual with rolled-up trouserlegs, the hoodwink and the poniard to the naked left breast. Two allied Protestant orders, the Purple and the Black, are also based on Freemasonry…the Masonic brotherhood is a substantial behind-the-scenes force in Orange and Unionist politics – Martin Short (Inside the Brotherhood)

In Northern Ireland’s 1920 Constitution Freemasonry was awarded special status, as if in recognition of some concealed role in the Province’s triumphant struggle to stay in the United Kingdom and out of the Irish Free State – ibid

In the Republic of Ireland, the wealthy and powerful Masonic elites concealed themselves behind societies known to Irish historians as the Clan na Gael, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the Ribbon Order.  Bearing this in mind, when we see Gerry Adams (or other Sinn Fein leaders) wearing the little green ribbon that looks like the AIDS ribbon, we’ll remember what is being told to us on a subtextual level.

Mass murderer and British agent Gerry Adams wearing a green ribbon, denoting the society of that name. Posing as a reformist society, they were in fact a branch of the Templar-Illuminist Order. (Here for more…)

Do your homework and you’ll find out that this green ribbon stands for the Ribbon Society, a division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians that can itself be traced to the same powerful Masonic cabals that operated throughout the world and conspired to bring about the French Revolution. (The AOH still exist today, and have their own website.)

In the same 1939, much of Ireland lay in terror before the Irish Sons of Freedom and Sons of the Shamrock or Ribbon Society – James Billington (Fire in the Minds of Men)

the Ribbon Society did not attempt a political coup. It was succeeded in the 1840’s by Young Ireland, which…was directly linked with Mazzini and that other revolutionary tradition, romantic nationalism; and then, in the 1850’s, by the Irish Republican Brotherhood (called Fenians after the pre-Christian warriors), was largely modeled on the rival Carbonari model of republican conspiracy – ibid

The investigations of R. C. Clifford detailed in his book “The Application of Jacobinism to the Secret Societies of Ireland and Great Britain” led this author to the conclusion that The United Irishmen and The Illuminati bore one another a close resemblance – Lady Queensborough (Occult Theocracy, 1933)

The tenets of a true Jacobin of the French Revolution were utterly subversive of all existing institutions and approximated to those scheduled by the revolutionary secret society of the Illuminati – Captain H. B. C. Pollard (The Secret Societies of Ireland, 1922)

The flag of the Irish Republic reveals these secret associations and tells us the story symbolically. Green on one side, orange on the other and in the middle a white band. Do we bother to question who or what the white band represents? Who are the illuminated “White Brotherhood” positioned between the orange and green wings? Could they be the Knights Templar whose history goes back to the Culdeans, Fenians, Milesians, Gaels (or Atonists) of ancient Ireland? Could they be the Order of the Illuminati that is not supposed to exist, itself and offshoot of the Fourth Sect of whom the real Jesus was a member? Was the Celtic Church of Ireland a wing of the Fourth Sect of Nazareans? (Here for more…)

In “The Secret Societies of Ireland” Captain Pollard writes that, founded in 1641, “The notorious modern society known as The Ancient Order of Hibernians is the direct successor of the original society of Defenders; in common with its ancestor it attempts to enable the clerics to exercise control in politics.1 It claims in its own official history, published in 1910, to be the oldest secret society in Ireland. Independent researches show that the claim is sound and that the present A. 0. H. is the descendant of certain criminal organizations of the past. The open admission of this chain of descent by its own historian is important. American sources trace the A. 0. H. to 1565 but the date 1641 is that more commonly accepted” – Lady Queensborough (Occult Theocracy)

In 1869 a new secret Irish-American organization was formed, known as the Clan-na-Gael. It traces its origin back through a permanent secret society known as the Knights of the Inner Circle, which, in turn, descended from the Knights of St. Patrick, known as the Ancient Order of Hibernians today – Captain H. B. C. Pollard (The Secret Societies of Ireland, 1922)

…the A. O. H. in America has for many years been under the direct control of the Clan-na-Gael which also influences through the A. 0. H. such American Catholic Associations as are not distinctly Irish, such as the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Fraternal Society – ibid

…by a close study of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Knights of Columbus, one cannot fail to see the control that Freemasonry exercises over the Irish-Roman Catholic church – Lady Queensborough (Occult Theocracy)

The Catholic control of the Ribbon Organization has always been denied by those interested in hiding the relations which have always existed, and which still exist, between Irish secret societies and Irish Roman Catholicism – Captain Pollard (The Secret Societies of Ireland, 1922)

Behind O’Moore were French and Spanish Jesuits, and the redoubtable hero was probably only an instrument in their hands, his country only a pawn in the game of world politics – ibid

Rebel leader Michael Collins (1890-1922) assassinated by his own people for asking too many taboo questions. Unlike most around him, he saw through The Great Game and didn’t want to play as directed. His dissent signed his own death warrant. Brave as a lion, he was finally ambushed by the IRA who gunned him down in the streets of the land he tried to free. His murderer had been a member of the British police force. Just a coincidence that he next turned up as an assassin for the IRA. Nothing to worry about!
Picture Hidden Agenda – one of the most revealing movies about the shadowy and sinister powers operating behind Irish terrorists.If you ask people to identify the paramilitary organization that has committed innumerable atrocities in Ireland for the past two hundred years or so, they will be bound to mention the Provisional IRA. But ask people to identify the secret societies from which the IRA arose and you’ll be greeted with silence, head-scratching, and puzzled brows.

Go to an encyclopedia and look up the entries for both the Official and the Provisional IRA. In all likelihood an entry will confirm that the IRA developed out of the so-called “Irish Republican Brotherhood.” Brotherhood!? Yes, that’s right. That is the name by which the infamous IRA were known before they began calling themselves an “army.” The latter term implies a political body, the former something quite different. It implies a secret fraternity. And that is exactly the point that needs to get across to those men and women who have been victimized by this terrorist organization. The IRA were, in their earliest years, known as the Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood and also as the Fenian Order.

The Sinn Fein emblem is ostensibly a white lark. However, the emblem appears more like a white dove, which is also employed as a symbol by some very powerful secret societies, most notably the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Order related to the Knights Templar and Knights of Malta that has its headquarters in Vatican City.

Even more suggestively, the symbol of the dove can be found on the top of the scepters belonging to the royal family of Britain, themselves related to powerful dynasties of Europe such as those which funded the Order of the Illuminati. The dove is found on royal regalia because it is a Judaic or, more correctly, Atonist emblem. It symbolizes an elite group known in secret society circles as the “Davids.” (The word David derives from the same root as “Dove,” and “Divide,” a term which alludes to the compass and rule of Freemasons.) The Commanders of David – the ideological or biological descendents of the ancient Egyptian Atonists – have been in control of the British Isles from approximately one thousand years BC. The symbolism of the lark-like dove gives us an insight into who truly controls Sinn Fein.

Sinn Fein, an Irish patriotic organization advocating boycott and passive resistance against England was founded by Arthur Griffiths in 1905. He was succeeded as president in 1917 by Eamon de Valera. By that time the Society was controlled and subsidized by the Clan-na-Gael and Germany – Lady Queensborough (Occult Theocracy)
My brother and I at a Communist Party festival in Bodenstown, on the West Coast of Ireland. Exposure to all “colors” of the political spectrum proved invaluable when it came to my laborious research into secret society activities.On the Protestant side, we find that the Orange Order is likewise a tentacle of the same lurking Atonist creature. The proof is there for those who have done their homework and for those with pattern recognition skills and symbolic literacy. It is there for those who know how geopolitical games are played. 

The proof was there for me when as a child, and later as a teenager, I watched the Orange parades that take place annually during the month of July when the sun is at the highest point of the zodiacal arch. 

I eventually came to realize that the timing of the Orange parades was astrologically synchronized. After all, the color orange represents the sun that has been used as an emblem by practically every Freemasonic and Templar society descended from the powerful Solar Cults of antiquity.

As I show elsewhere, during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaton, the solar mythos was appropriated by a cult of Luciferian “Setians” and used to great effect ever since. The masses have been continually blinded by light for centuries. (Here for more…)

PictureAt Cong, Co. Mayo, 1985. Out in the field studying the hundreds of ancient megaliths in the area, as well as the underground caves and standing stones. The movie The Quiet Man, with John Wayne, was filmed at this location. (Click here for more info.)

No one took my questions seriously. All I received was insider-smiles, cynical rebuffs, threats, and physical abuse. I was on my own. However, I never considered abandoning my idiosyncratic investigations. The blustering of other people has never deterred me from going my own way. On the contrary, it has always reinforced my sense of independence. 

After twenty or more years of nonstop research into esoteric matters, I began to find out the reasons for all the strange things I observed. Until this day, sad as it is to say, apart from my two Irish colleagues – Andrew Power (author of Ireland: Land of the Pharaohs) and Jim Cairns (author of Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth) – I’ve personally not found anyone else in Ireland who has been overly concerned with these vital matters. As far as I can tell, there are about three men in Ireland with a deep, legitimate, and active interest in the occult history of their land, and that includes myself. Perhaps this will change. One would hope so. Nevertheless, as lonely as the road was, I knew I must continue uncovering the meanings of the symbols I saw during the Orange Order’s parades, and on murals, state flags, school and college decals and civic architecture.Picture The result of over 20 years of study into the legends of Ireland. What I discovered changed my understanding of the world we live in. 

I realized that the majority of the cheery participants in the Twelfth of July parades, the members of the Orange Order and their liquored-up side-kicks, were largely ignorant of the deeper meanings of their own symbolism.

They were lower rank lieutenants, and, in the “need to know” level of clearance, they were uncleared. I would eventually discover that the many symbols I noticed and been interested in (the double crosses, skulls and bones, coffins, pentagrams, dragons, lions, ladders, compasses and rules, and so on) were not limited to my insular habitation. On the contrary, they were to be found throughout England, Holland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, America, and many other countries of the world. They were ubiquitous but ignored by most men and women who have been trained to look without seeing and accept without question.

Another veil of ignorance was removed in 1984 when, after venturing into the field to make detailed studies of the design and precise astronomical and geospheric positioning of Ireland’s many great megalithic sites, I came to realize that Britain’s modern cities had also been designed to align with the rising and setting of certain planets, stars, and constellations. 

I subsequently discovered why stars, pentagrams, and red dragons, were to be found on the pavements and buildings of Belfast’s Corn Market, and why the City Hall had been purposely aligned with the ancient site known as Giant’s Ring that lies four miles outside the town. I saw that there was a great purpose in the design and location of Belfast’s churches, cathedrals, convents, colleges, and state buildings. My colleagues and I discovered why certain towns and cities of Ireland are laid out as they are. We know that the so-called “Battle of the Boyne” was not a battle at all, but rather a ceremonial rite performed by royals of high degree, working on an esoteric level and in complete ritual collusion.
Picture Ireland was divided into five provinces – Ulster, Munster Leinster, Connaught and Meath. These were arranged around a central plain – the so-called navel of Ireland. This layout, like that of the towns and cities, had a special occult purpose. (Click map for more info.)

We have the proof that shows these supposed rivals to be of the same blood, banking with the same international financial concerns. We know that the captivating stories we grew up with – the contrived “histories” taught to us in school – simply do not fit the facts. (Here for more…).
Passing through the various cities of Northern Ireland (Belfast, Bangor, Newry, Downpatrick, Drogheda and Derry, etc) we see what looks like the flag of Israel flying. We see the Ulster flag and large colorful murals featuring the Star of David. That is a Jewish symbol, right? That is what most people think.

Picture Sir Roger Casement was a rather strange man whose incompetent efforts to “free” Ireland led, as in so many cases, to complete disaster. An alleged pedophile, was this lauded hero of Ireland yet another agent of the Crown? Well, he was a Knight of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. President Eamon de Valera was a member of the Supreme Order of Christ, the highest chivalric knighthood bestowed by the Pope. Only those anti-Papist patriots were killed or exiled: Connolly, Pierce, Collins and O’Connell.That is what most tourists think, and it is what most people who watch television are wont to believe when they see footage of Northern Ireland. What they don’t know is that the symbol originated with the Irish Druids. It is an ancient astrological symbol and has very little to do with religious Judaism as it has been officially put before us. In an Irish context it is simply the insignia of the secret societies that have been placed in charge of political, economic and religious affairs. If the symbol has anything to do with Judaism, it is only because the same secret institutions that we mention here also happen to be in control of Israel. They are behind the Israeli versus Palestinian conflict in the same way as they were behind the Protestant versus Catholic conflict. It’s just business as usual for these camera-shy demagogues. A few days into the UWC (Ulster Workers Council) strike, loyalists planted bombs in Dublin and Monaghan, killing 33 people. Controversy still surrounds these bombings even to the present day. It has been alleged that British Special Forces assisted the loyalist UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, because the UVF did not have the technical knowledge to construct sophisticated bombs such as these – Jim Cairns (Disappeared off the Face of the Earth)

For the first time in the present troubles, there were clear indications that the loyalist and Republican paramilitaries had begun to cooperate in certain murders when it suited their purposes. Through the lines of communication, it is suspected that the IRA and loyalist paramilitaries “swapped” assassinations, when either side did not want to be seen murdering members of their own communities – ibid
Picture The flag of N. Ireland, with the Star, Red Cross, Red Hand, and Crown. Is the red hand the insignia of an Atonist pharaoh whose descendants revisited Ireland, their original homeland?The Star of David or, more correctly, of the “Davids” plural, was once-upon-a-time the star of the Druid Priesthood. It was a symbol of the Aryans signifying the transmission of knowledge from the gods to the priests. As explained in my book The Irish Origins of Civilization, the ancient traditions and symbolic archive of the Hyperboreans have been well and truly plagiarized and cannibalized by Templars and Masons. These secret societies have assumed total control of the political institutions of the world. This is why their symbols appear on heraldic emblems, arms, and flags, as well as on credit cards, corporate logos and commercial products.

Whether it is the five-pointed pentagram on the flag of Communist Russia, hammer and sickle, red square, double-headed eagle, red lion, laurel wreath, or harp on Irish heraldry, the story is the same.

The symbols represented the world’s original spiritual aristocracy. They are now flaunted by the sorcerers responsible for their demise.

Since I began my researches I have never cease being amazed at how many documentaries have been made and how many books have been written on the IRA and Republican movement. To this day you can go to the bestseller tables of the world and see weighty hardbacks and coffee-table tomes on the IRA. Yet by contrast, consider the dearth of information on the Orange Order. It is hard to remember when any in depth documentary on this society has appeared on mainstream channels.

Of course, we might find such works in some dusty library shelf, but they are uncommon when it comes to the bestseller list and the tables of mainstream bookstores, Yes, it is always IRA this, IRA that. There are biographies galore on Adams, McGuinness, and the rest of them. They are the “rock stars.”

But when it comes to the Orange Order there is, relatively speaking, a wall of silence. 
Picture The insignia of the wealthy and powerful Knights of Columbus, a Catholic order with influence over many Irish and American politicians. Note the Roman Fasci on their emblem, standing for the Black Nobility and their resolute determination. (Here for more…)

What faces do we associate with insiders of the Orange Lodge? We can put faces to Sinn Fein and we all know what Ian Paisley looks like and stands for. We know what the Protestant paramilitaries look like. But do we know who really runs Ireland?

My colleague Andrew Power opened the first metaphysical bookshop in Belfast. That is how I ran into him. It was 1983. The first book I bought from him (on my dole money) was William Sterling’s Canon. Andy was the only Irish man I had met who did not think I was “bonkers.” Sadly, his bookshop did not last long. Later Andy went on to write Ireland: Land of the Pharaohs. In the book Andy deals with the occult symbolism of the famous Battle of the Boyne. And what a strange battle it was. Did you know that apparently no one was killed at the Battle of the Boyne? Did you know that not a single bullet, buckle, musket, spear, or body was ever found in the area? Not even with the latest metal detectors. The entire “battle” was an elaborately staged Masonic ritual undertaken so that the political and dynastic power could change hands from the elites in the Stuart dynasty to their cousins in the Hanover dynasty. The site was selected because the river Boyne (named after the goddess Boann) matches the heavenly river – the Milky Way – and because it is a stone’s throw from the ancient complex known as Newgrange. Within the tiny chamber of the great cairn of Newgrange – for the three days of the Winter Solstice – the light from the sun and moon unite. In front of the cairn is the original “Stone of Bethel” upon which “Jacob” (the sun) rested his head. The site was extremely sacred to the Megalithic Arya – the nobility of the ancient world. (See our book The Irish Origins of Civilization for more information on this enigmatic megalithic site.)

PictureA Masonic banner being carried through the streets by members of an Orange Lodge, during a 12th of July parade. The image on the banner is of King William III (known as King Billy) riding into the Boyne River during the famous battle between the Houses of Hanover (of Orange), and Stuart in 1690. On that day, however, the King’s horse was black and not white. Furthermore, in many murals and depictions of this moment during the battle, the King’s sword passes over or between the horse’s ears, thus making the horse subliminally appear to be horned unicorn. As author Andrew Power pointed out, this is appropriate symbolism because, astrologically, the white unicorn was the symbol for the northerly sign of Cancer. The red lion symbolized Leo…

…The King’s river crossing was a terrestrial analog to the celestial crossing of the star Sirius over the Milky Way, the heavenly river. The image of this star can be seen on the architecture of most Masonic halls throughout Britain and the world.My revelations concerning Ireland’s true history follow on in the tradition of the researchers Conor McDari, Comyns Beaumont and Anna Wilkes. These investigators knew that man’s history did not just begin seven to ten thousand years ago. My work, like theirs, deals with the western origins of civilization. It deals with the connections between Ireland and the pre-diluvian continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. Lemuria appears in Irish mythology under the name Murias. It was one of four great landmasses that were destroyed but which were the original homelands of the Irish or, more correctly, Arish, since the name Ireland is a corruption of Ari or Arya Land. The original Aryans were the Druids. Specifically, they were the elders of the Irish race. They were finally annihilated by their Atonist enemies who arrived in Britain approximately 1,000 years BC. In the earliest days, before and after the great cataclysm that destroyed the prediluvian civilization, the Arya spread from the west into Eastern Europe and Asia. Wherever they ventured, they were regarded as great sages. This much is conceded by scholars (past and present) who, firstly, did not realize where the so-called “Celts” originally came from and, secondly, that the term “Celt,” as first promulgated by Roman mythmongers, was both inaccurate and prejudicial.

The true Celts were a tall, fair race, warlike and masterful…who spread their dominion both by conquest and by peaceful infiltration over Mid-Europe, Gaul, Spain, and the British Isles. They did not exterminate the original prehistoric inhabitants of these regions – Paleolithic and Neolithic races, dolmen builders and workers in bronze – but they imposed on them their language, their arts, and their tradition, taking, no doubt, a good deal from them in return, especially in the important matter of religion. Among these races the true Celts formed an aristocratic class – T. W. Rolleston (Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race, 1911)

In my Atlantis book I deal with some of the amazing “Tolkienesque” leitmotifs from Ireland’s ancient legends. One such intriguing anecdote speaks of Formorian King Morc and his great tower made of glass. From his tall tower on Tory Island, this evil king and his brother Conan kept watch over the land of Ireland. This they did by way of a magic lens, a “seeing stone,” or great crystal.  In another legend we read of the sun king Lugh (pronounced Lew). This young king did battle with a great Formorian giant by the name of Balor of the Evil Eye. In the story, dated to over five thousand years ago (and thousands of years before the so-called “Israelites” appeared in history), Lugh rode out toward his rival carrying with him his only weapon – a sling. That is right. Lugh struck out Balor’s eye with his shot (tathlum), thereby slaying his giant nemesis, the scourge of his people. Now where have we heard that tale before? Well, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, a very big one. (See here for more…)

Yes, whether we are talking about lost civilizations, the giants of antiquity, Tarot cards, astrology, the minstrel tradition, “Arthurian” legends, Biblical scripture, or modern day political machinations, Ireland’s importance can no longer be downplayed or ignored, as has been the case in generations past. In days gone by men were told they’d fall off the edge of the world if they traveled too far west. They were told this preposterous lie because the masters of the great geopolitical game feared the ruination of their own vile empires should Ireland’s true reputation become known. Better it was for the tyrants of the world that Ireland’s significance be forgotten, and better it would still be for them today. The time has come, however, for the Emerald Isle’s true history to be revealed.


One thought on “HIDDEN HISTORY: The Occult History Of Ireland (An Introduction) – By Michael Tsarion

  1. Hugely interesting.

    Books I have read:
    Pawns in the Game, by WWII Canadian naval intelligence officer William Guy Carr.
    Details the influence of ex(?) Jesuit Weishaupt in setting up the Illuminati & infiltrating freemasonry to further Rothschilds ambition of global domination.
    Can be read free online: bibliotecapleyades.net

    Our Occulted History, by genius journalist Jim Marrs.
    Did our ancestors com from outer space?
    Is the Moon a spaceship?

    America Before, by Graham Hancock.
    Beautifully illustrated.

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