SECRET SOCIETIES: ‘The Black Nobility’, An Introduction (Part 1) – By Michael Tsarion

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“…Exposing the families of the Black Nobility – despotic, self-serving rulers of many lands and nations – entails first recognizing that they are not Jews or Christians and never have been. They merely pretend to be Protestants and Catholics. Their act is simply a means to an end, a matter of realpolitik, of galvanizing and maintaining world control”

The Black Nobility – An Introduction – By Michael Tsarion

In this article I present an overview of the history of the Black Nobility, showing how they are and always have been a Matriarchy, and that their rule over the world is just as despotic as that of the Papacy.

For those who wish to bring disparate pieces of occult research together, a study of the Black Nobility is essential. These piratical dynasties – branches of the Setian-Atonists of old – steer our world toward chaos and disaster, and have done so from the beginning. What we know as Communism and Socialism are but twentieth century manifestations of their grander subterranean conspiracy, known to so very few.

I think the Communist conspiracy is merely a branch of a much bigger conspiracy – Dr. Bella Dodd (former member of the National Committee of the U.S. Communist Party)

Dr. John Coleman (ex-MI6 officer and whistle-blower) reminds us that the term Black Nobility is one used by these families to describe themselves. This is because, in times past, like the Mafia, they enjoyed being known for their black deeds. Although today we are adroitly hoodwinked by the media, which presents these families as great philanthropists and benefactors, they are in fact the supreme authorities not only behind powerful chivalric and equestrian orders, but a network of sinister satanic cults guilty of unimaginable crimes against humanity.

The ancient queens who murdered their husbands, to marry their own sons and place them on the thrones of the world to rule in their names, are not to be considered moral agents and benefactors of humanity. They acted in ways consistent with Luciferian female cults whose history goes back to the time of Atlantis.

My revelations concerning the origin and history of the Templars and Female Illuminati (Order of Sion) directly impact the saga of the Black Nobility, whose origins also trace back to ancient Egypt. This intriguing connection to the old world is particularly visible when we research one of the most important Black Nobility families – the House of Orange.

The House of Orange is a most ancient institution. The dynasty has long intermarried with many other noble families throughout Europe and the world. After converting to Protestantism, their descendants crossed to Britain when, in 1690, they became ruling monarchs, ancestors of today’s Windsors.

But what do we know of their origins? So much has been written and said of them, and yet what does the man in the street know about Queen Elizabeth or Queen Beatrix? What do we know of their one time enemy – the Papacy – which denied them the world power they sought but lost? And what power remains in their hands?

Given that the designations Protestant and Catholic serve as convenient disguises for the world-controllers, we see that the Black Nobility have made great use of this camouflage. In my opinion, we are quite wrong to think of them as Protestants. We are equally wrong to consider papal elites Catholic. Members of these rival groups are to be thought of as Luciferians or Setian-Atonists. In this sense they are disciples – and perhaps even direct descendants – of the Cult of Venus, Dragon Court or Order of Sion. A study of their rites, regalia, heraldry and symbolism leaves us in no doubt of this fact.

Behind the PR veil, members of these families interact with one another heedless of religious affiliation. The “Protestant” Dutch royals are related to the Spanish and Hungarian nobility, the members of which – such as King Juan Carlos – are “Catholic.” For Alpha Lodge members it’s all a matter of window-dressing designed to fool the masses. It has worked for centuries, hence their ubiquitous insider-smiles.

But as said, what do we know of these oligarchs? What do we know of their ancestors who, after the fall of Akhenaton, set up a new unholy empire in Ireland? What do we know of their Merovingian branch which colonized France, to later establish the Knights Templar? And what do we know of their Eastern branches who ruled Persia, Syria, Armenia and Palestine? Do we know of the awesome power of their queens, who after murdering their husbands, married their sons, setting them on the thrones of the world to rule in their names? Do we know that one of these autocrats was the Biblical Jesus who, after the death of Nero, nearly became Emperor?

The Protevangelium is interesting in many respects, but particularly in how it portrays the biblical family as being exceedingly rich and influential, calling the parents of Mary ‘rich’ and having the ‘mark of royalty’ – Ralph Ellis

The research of the great Ralph Ellis provides us with the best insights into the origin and history of the Black Nobility. Consequently I refer readers to his monumentally important book Jesus: King of Edessa. Published in 2012, this superlative work reveals how ancient the families of the Black Nobility are, and how much power they’ve wielded through the centuries.

As Ralph shows in his book, Mary Magdalene, the House of Orange is related to the descendants of the Hyksos nobility who, after their exile from Egypt, moved to Parthia in Eastern Iran. From this region they relocated to Syria in 4 AD, after which they are to be found in Provence, France. In the seventeenth century, after their conversion to Protestantism, they married in with Dutch branches of the dynasty and crossed to Britain where they became the ruling monarchs – the Windsors.

This family is really an ancient network descended from notorious pharaohs of old. The network extends across Europe and the world. The Black Nobility are to be found listed as the rulers of Italy, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, France, Alsace-Lorraine, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Britain. Among the bloodlines are the houses of Hanover, Habsburg, Lorraine, Guelph, Nassau, Hesse, Guise, Estes, Savoy, Marlborough, Grosvenor, etc.

Prince Philip is of the house of Oldenburg, the Queen Mother was of the Bowes-Lyon family, Queen Elizabeth is a descendant of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty, and Prince Charles is a descendant of the Mountbattens, who changed their name from Battenberg to disguise their Germanic origins.

William of Orange’s forebears came from the town and principality of Orange on the left bank of the Rhone to the north of Avignon in France. In the 13th century the counts of Orange called themselves princes, and in 1544 a count of the German House of Nassau, whose Lahn river bordered the Palatinate, William the Silent, became Prince of Orange as William I. He had extensive holdings in the Netherlands…and on the death of his cousin Rene in 1544 he inherited the combined wealth of the Houses of Nassau-Breda and Chalon-Orange – Nicholas Hagger (Secret History of the West)

This Parthian group were not the first branch of the Hyksos nobility to enter Britain. In fact, over 1,000 years before the first century AD, the main body of Hyksos-Atonists set up a new kingdom in Britain, obliterating the Druidic Order – the Servants of Truth – in the process.

Mary Magdalene: Princess of Orange, by Ralph Ellis, brilliantly carries on the story started but not completed by the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The book gets to the truth about the origin and adventures of the real Mary Magdalene, whose descendants now rule Holland, Britain and the world.

Ralph’s investigation into the Parthian-Edessan nobility does not dwell on the question of female secret societies. Nevertheless, Ralph’s findings prove invaluable for those wishing to hone in on this controversial subject.

In my video presentation The Eastern Illuminati, I mention the various power-families and personages who constitute less known branches of the Setian-Atonist cabal whose tentacles spread across the planet. In my article The Cult of Mithras I also address this subject, showing how secret societies of Persia and the Levant were able to draw on the esoteric traditions of the ancient Magi.

Before the rise of Zoroastrianism, the Cult of Mithras attracted Roman soldiers, merchants and nobles from all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe. A great many Masonic rituals actually derive from long lost Persian traditions.

I also show that the Persian Magi were a bone fide branch of the high Aryan-Druidic culture, and that they too were later suppressed by despotic forces, such as that of Constantine’s Church, the Templars and Italian Black Nobility. Each ignoble group enriched themselves with the hoary traditions and customs of previous cultures now forgotten. A deep study of royal symbolism confirms this, as does a deep study of secret society symbolism.

Without these antique customs and elements, there would be no royalty, theocracy or masonry as we know them. Everything we see around us in the modern world is the result of a massive, age-long campaign of colonization, appropriation and cannabilization. The Masonry that emerged out of the Gaonim of Babylon and Atonism of Egypt, preserves but does not create. It empowers itself and its members by way of rites and symbols taken from the high Arya by force and cunning.

Most importantly, as shown throughout my work, there is hardly a symbol employed which is male. Most of it is absolutely female. This is a fact completely missed by every researcher and scholar today.
In my analysis of the agendas of the world’s most powerful secret societies, I highlight the role played by Princess Meritaten, daughter of Akhenaton, who according to legend lies buried in Country Kerry, Ireland.

Meritaten (Scota), daughter of Akhenaton and Nefertiti. As revealed in my Female Illuminati program, she assumed command of the Setian-Atonists after her father’s fall and exile. According to legend, her remains lie in County Kerry, Ireland. Her nickname Scota means “the dark one.” It connotes the tribe known as the Scythians, who were probably identical with the Hyksos nobility. The Scythians (Scuts or Scots) were originally from the North-West, which is why the a large part of the Hyksos-Atonists made for Britain after their exile from Egypt. They sought out their ancient homelands and successfully re-established their New World Order from there.

Meritaten’s husband was known to the prehistoric Irish as Mil or Mile, and to the Scots as Gaythelos. Ralph Ellis believes he was none other than Pharaoh Aye or Aya, who was dethroned and forced to flee Egypt after Akhenaton’s fall. According to Ellis, his favorite emblem – the red glove – appears on the flag of Northern Ireland. The couple frequented the environs of County Down.

On the insignia of Ulster we also see the Star of the Davids or Atonists. The red cross, normally associated with the Templars, also appears. It denotes the Alpha Lodges of Masonry, specifically the Knights of the Garter, Order of St. Michael and St. George, and the myriad lesser orgs under their control, such as the Orange Order and Black Preceptory, etc.

Ralph Ellis entertains the interesting idea that the remains of Queen Tiye, mother of Pharaoh Akhenaton, lie in Tara, Ireland.

If this is true, Ireland’s history will be changed forever. Tiye was a Great Royal Wife, which means she was a member, and perhaps leader of the female Dragon Court. If her resting place is Ireland, then the Dragon Court’s possible headquarters wasn’t Egypt, but Ireland.

Given that Tiye’s father (Akhenaton’s uncle) was Aya, husband of Meritaten, we see that Ireland (Scota) was indeed home to senior Setian-Atonists.

In Irish mythology, Tiye appears as Queen Tea Tephi, said to be buried at or near Tara, high capital of the Irish Chieftains – the Milesian-Gaelic kings. The symbolism incorporated into the design of Tara – of the central mound – is patently female. The Stone of Fal (Scone), which originally lay at Tara, is now the coronation stone under St. Edward’s Chair, on which British monarchs are crowned. What a surprise!

Again, the symbolism tells us that although the nations and empires may be openly governed by male potentates, the real power behind the throne is female. Indeed, the very symbolism of the throne is female, representing the Great Seat – Isis.

Could Tara in Ireland, capital of the high kings, be named after Egypt’s Queen Tiye, mother of Akhenaton? Was she laid to rest at this site? What does this mean for world history if the most powerful dynasty of Atonists re-established their corrupt empire in the West? 

Although Ireland became their home, the Setian-Atonists were responsible for obliterating the Druids and Bards. That story is told in my Irish Origins of Civilization books and site.

From the ancient Western Arya they appropriated the elements of civilization subsequently employed for deceptive and inhuman purposes.

Supporting my work on the importance of prehistoric Ireland and the West in world history, Ralph Ellis’ discoveries show that not only did Mary Magdalene live in France, but that the Biblical Jesus was incarcerated in Chester, England, where he ended his days. Why are so many figures of Judeo-Christian and Egyptian history associated with England, Ireland and the West? Is it because the West was known to them as the original homeland and font of all wisdom?

Returning to the Parthian branch of the Setian-Atonists, two female figures emerge as leading characters. They are Queen Thea Muse Ourania and her daughter Queen Julia Helena of Adiabene. They lived during the first century AD, and being kin of the power-crazed matriarch Cleopatra VII, they were legal claimants to the rulership of the entire Roman Empire. After converting to Judaism, Helena settled in Edessa and conspired to place her son on the throne of Roman Empire, to thereby become ruler of the world in her name.

Queen Thea Muse Ourania (born 44 BC) is revealed by Ralph Ellis to have been the grandmother of the Biblical Jesus. As a descendant of the predatory Queen Cleopatra VII, she and her daughter Helena were supreme matriarchs of what I refer to as the Eastern Illuminati. Their saga is partly disclosed in concealed form in the New Testament and works of Josephus Flavius. (Thea Muse was also known as Cleopatra, like her mother. Thea means “goddess.”) Her lands in Syria were the real “Kingdom of Heaven.” Her daughter, Queen Julia Helena Ourania, was the Bible’s Virgin Mary.

These Edessan royals were originally Atonists from Egypt. In the first century, while resident in Syria, they converted to Judaism and lent their support to the Fourth Sect of Nazarene Christianity. This set them against the Fifth Sect which became what we now know as Papal Christianity headquartered in Rome.

As Ralph Ellis expertly proves, this Parthian-Edessan dynasty is spoken of cryptically in the New Testament and works of Jewish historian Josephus Flavius, himself a lesser member of the dynasty. Although they were practically erased from history, this dynasty was connected with many historical characters and events. As descendants of the Hyksos nobility, they have intimate connections with powerful forces in Babylon, Palestine, Persia, Syria, Armenia, Greece, France, Germany, Holland and Britain, not to mention other places. (Here fore more…)

Of course the central thesis of importance for Ralph Ellis is the identity of the Biblical Jesus. As far as he is concerned, Jesus was none other than King Izas of Edessa, son of Queen Helena of Adiabene.

Old coin depicting the head of the real Jesus, King of Edessa and claimant to the throne of Rome. Note the crown of thorns designating him as “King of the Jews.”

Fascinating and relevant as Ralph’s research is, I find the female characters mentioned in the saga to be far more interesting and important in terms of the secret history of the world and origin of the Black Nobility.

Was the secret society of Queen Helena and her descendants the prototype of that which later gave rise to the infamous Priory de Sion and Knights Templar? Did these societies become disciples of the overarching female branch of the ancient Dragon Court, or were they bloodline descendants of it? The behavior of Hugh de Payens and his nine fellows on Temple Mount leads us to believe so. Were the relics he unearthed in Jerusalem those of Queen Helena, mother of Jesus? Is the infamous female skull of the Templars that of Mary Magdalene, or her mother?

The Sicambrian-Franks, ancestors of the Merovingians and Templars, were a Matriarchy. Did Merovingian monarchs and Templars grow their hair long because they were disciples of the Nazarene Sect, headed by Queen Helena and her illustrious offspring? Were the Templars (and Merovingians) bone fide bloodline descendants of the Edessan monarchy? In any case, the vast majority of symbols used by Templars, Masons and royals are not male but female.

A most intriguing revelation made by Ralph Ellis concerns the identity of Mary Magdalene. She was, in fact, the daughter of Queen Helena and sister of Jesus. In his book Mary Magdalene, Ralph shows that she relocated to France and started her own bloodline. This matriarchal line married in with those we now know as the Merovingians. The line also intermarried with other powerful concerns, such as the Benjaminites from Greece (Arcadia), and Gaelic-Atonist nobility from Britain, resident there since the time of Meritaten. From France, her bloodline moved to Germany and Holland, making up the notorious Hanoverian dynasty and House of Orange, the color orange being a primary insignia of the Magdalene bloodline.

The Biblical Mary Magdalene shown with red hair and orange colored clothing. She was the ancestor of the Dutch House of Orange, originally from France and before that of Edessa (Syria) and Adiabene (Parthia). It is not sufficient to think of these families and personages as either Catholic or Protestant in the common sense of these terms. That is adequate only for the masses ruled by these oligarchs. In fact, they are not Christians of any sort, but Setian-Atonists, devotees of the dark side of the sun. They were and are worshipers of Venus-Lucifer.

Concerning the coloring, Queen Ourania of Parthia was known as the “Golden Queen.”

Previous attempts to expose the Templar conspiracy focus too heavily on a single female protagonist, Mary Magdalene, making no mention of a female society. This is the major oversight that needs correcting. The Order of Sion was not headed by one mysterious matriarch from a illustrious dynasty. Not by a long chalk. As the Great Royal Wives controlled the Egyptian pharaohs, so in later times have the Female Illuminati directed the destiny of the world through their male deputies.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is the present matriarch of the House of Orange. She is a Knight of the Garter and member of the Bilderberg Organization, probably its supreme controller. In any case, this red-haired family is directly descended from the Magdalene Bloodline, and related to the present monarchs of Britain. The Female Illuminati is not a figment of my imagination.

…if Jesus and Mary were redheads, then there is yet another cultural and genetic pathway through which this ginger genome entered the royal houses of northern Europe. It was further argued in Mary Magdalene, Princess of Orange, that Mary Magdalene settled in the city of Orange in southern France. But the princes of Orange in France were eventually exiled from their small city-state, and became the Dutch Princes of Orange instead. But the Dutch royalty has long been noted for its ginger haired phenotype: all the way from Guillaume de Gellone-Orange in the late 8th century, down to the present Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange – Ralph Ellis (Jesus: King of Edessa)

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, son of Prince Charles. Note his coloring. His ancestor was the Grand Master of English Masonry. Under another royal ancestor, George I (first monarch of the Hanoverian dynasty & King of England) the Black Nobility reorganized and consolidated Freemasonry in Britain. Given that the Black Nobility are descendants of the Parthian-Edessans, it follows that their ideological allegiance has secretly always been with the Nazarene Fourth Sect. Does this explain why British Masonry took on a Socialistic complexion, to eventually give rise to political Fabianism? 

Deified by British Protestants, William III of Orange enslaved his devoted minions by borrowing 1,200,000 pounds (at 8 percent interest) from Jewish banking houses of Holland and Belgium. In return he conceded to their will and established the Bank of England so the bankers could tax the British people and recoup their massive loan. So much for the great liberator of the English. Additionally, his wife Queen Mary was the daughter of his Catholic enemy James II, apparently defeated at the famous Battle of the Boyne. Despite the difference in religious persuasion, from a bloodline point of view nothing changed. In fact, under William the people were made into indentured tax slaves in perpetuity. Since many other wars ensued thereafter, the original debt incurred by William remains unpaid. The British worker today still pays off debts incurred by royalty and government from loans made to fight the Napoleonic Wars. The relationship between the Sabbatean bankers and royals (Black Nobility) is a lucrative one. Foment wars with someone or other, accept a “loan” to fund it, and tax the flag-waving citizens and their offspring for eternity. Hail King Billy!!!

Actually, what is less known is that the banker’s capital came from royalty in the first place. The bankers were and are simply brokers and venture-capitalists for the wealthier Setian-Atonists orchestrating world events through their lower members and agents. For example, the Rothschild banking dynasty began after the family’s patriarch went into business for William I Elector of Hesse. In 1769, Prince William lent Amschel Rothschild about 3 million crowns to hide from Napoleon’s troops after they entered Frankfurt. The Prince was already fabulously wealthy from property and tax-collecting, making over 40 million crowns alone from selling crack armed mercenaries to England to use against America. He was a senior member of the Black Nobility.

The so-called Jewish bankers have been lent the money they loan, and have long enjoyed a tassel-to-purse relationship with Templars, Clerics, Italian Fondi and Black Nobility.

William III’s Catholic ancestor, William I of Orange, connects by parentage the house of Orange with that of Hanover (in Germany). Most Germans considered the Hanoverians to be scurrilous traitors. In this sense, it is quite wrong to speak of the British royals as bone fide Germans. Moreover, the bloodline connections between the royals of Holland and France, not to mention other lands, was primarily matriarchal.

Documents discovered in Vatican City actually show that Protestant William was funded in his campaigns by Pope Innocent XI, and that Catholic troops fought for his regiment at the Battle of the Boyne, at the direction of the pope. Surely this discovery shows that the various maneuvers and conquests of royals have nothing to do with religion, as most believe. That is little more than window-dressing. As said, none of these oligarchs are truly Christian.

I have shown from authentic documents that, from its introduction into France by monks until the advent of the reign of James I of England, British Masonry was purely Roman Catholic, and that its Grand Masters, of whom I have provided the official list, were drawn exclusively from the Court, the Nobility or the Prelacy…Despite the birth of the distinctive Masonry of William of Orange in 1694, the ancient British Masonry preserved its ancient statutes under the Protestant King and remained Roman Catholic: proof of this is to be found in the precious Masonic documents which I propose to publish, and which escaped the mad orgy of destruction at the hands of the innovators of modern Masonry in 1747 – Brother Teder (L’irregularite du Grand Orient de France, 1909)

Note the painting above. In certain portraits the king’s sword passes between the ears of the horse, giving it the subliminal appearance of a unicorn, a mythical emblem of the Sisterhood. A white horse is found on the insignia of the Hanoverian Black Guelphs whose motto was “We are not terrified,” or “We are afraid of nothing and no one.” recalling the nature of the Nazarean Fourth Sect.

Supreme matriarch of the Black Nobility network, Queen Victoria was Queen of Great Britain and Empress of India. She was a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and descendant of the House of Hanover, a key branch of the Guelph dynasty. Known as a reclusive bat-crazy half-wit, her favorite statesmen – such as Benjamin Disraeli – led the British government and empire in her name. Almost every monarch in Europe, great or otherwise, is related to her, including Queen Elizabeth II. Victoria’s advisor was the shrewd Baroness Louise Lehzen, the power behind the throne, so to speak. Victoria and her lackeys made a colossal fortune from the opium trade, destroying China, India and other lands in the process. These drug-lords now control the Americas, the United States being nothing more than an estate of the Black Nobility’s world empire.

Earlier I mentioned the Papacy, which was for centuries the rival of the Black Nobility. What we know of the Edessan royals – headed by its queens – was denied ultimate power by those who followed the brand of Judaism “lite” concocted by arch-deceiver Josephus Flavius. As Ralph Ellis shows throughout his many astonishing works, Josephus’ intrigue led to what we now know as Papal Christianity. Although highly inauthentic and spurious, this religious system was authenticated by the secretive Gaonim and their elite Roman compatriots. They saw to it that it eclipsed the Fourth Sect of King Izas (Jesus) and his Nazarene followers. During his despotic reign, Constantine the Great made sure this faux Christianity dominated the world….

(Continued in Part 2…)

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