SECRET SOCIETIES: ‘The Black Nobility’, An Introduction (Part 2)

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“…Throughout the nineteenth century the Black Nobility saw to it that fanatical revolutionary cabals and groups set Europe ablaze. It was all part of a master plan for world control. Conservative governments were forced to become increasingly liberal to pacify the hordes of disgruntled rebels and social malcontents. After decades of incessant uprisings and spread of radical anarchistic movements, the scene was set for the rise of Communism. Marx and Engels were funded and directed by the Black Nobility through their agents in Grand Orient Masonry (Illuminati)”

‘The Black Nobility’, An Introduction (Part 2)

(Continued From Part 1…)

The monstrous entity – the College of Cardinals – is another enclave of Setian-Atonists predating on the world. Note the female attire suggesting the goddess cults of old. All priesthoods are by occult definition “female” or lunar, in contradistinction to royalty which is male and solar.

All priesthoods are, therefore, a branch of the female Dragon Court. Throughout its vile tenure, the Roman Papacy espoused pagan teachings disguised as Mariology. In the early twentieth century, this fanatical Papal branch were finally undermined and infiltrated. Like the Jesuits, they too are now committed Socialists. This means they have been taken over by the Black Nobility, descendants of the Edessan monarchy.

However, as time passed, the Vatican was gradually and secretly subverted by the Templar-Clerics and their Sabbatean agents. By the time of Pope John Paul II it was exceptionally Socialistic. Coincidentally, the royals of the world also began espousing Socialistic outlooks and paradigms consistent with the Fourth Sect’s teachings. From the 1970’s onward, we find that both Crown and Gown changed their spots and joined forces, ideologically and politically. Both have signed on for Fabian Socialism, Internationalism and Globalism. The New World Order takes birth from a marriage between theocracy and autocracy, two hands serving the same psychotic brain.

The Red Papacy and Red Royals meet for the next phase of world control to begin. Originally, the Black Guelphs – the Queen’s ancestors – were ardent defenders of the Papacy. How, then, did both the arch-conservative Papacy and royals become so liberalized over such a short time period? In any case, the plan for the subversion of modern royalty was probably the brainchild of King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria and great grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II. Suggestively, he was a Knight of Malta, the Catholic Order headquartered in Rome. Edward was the first British Protestant royal to meet the Pope. He met with Leo XIII in 1903. Thirteen years later the Tzar of all the Russias was betrayed and assassinated, his realm destroyed by murderous Bolshevism. Modern “Democratic” parties of the world are simply the purveyors of “Marxism Lite.”

In the late eighteenth century, after British Masonry was renovated by the Black Nobility, it became openly anti-conservative and ultra-liberal. Its top members – sworn to the dissemination of Nazarene ideology – subsequently established the notoriously subversive Fabian Society. Fabian symbolism reveals how the political Left and Right work together to forge the Luciferian New World Order, as directed by Black Nobility ideologues. Note the pied garb of the “masonic” smiths and central motif of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Although these demagogues call themselves Socialists, they care nothing for ordinary working men. On the contrary, they work only for the mental enslavement of humanity.

Throughout the nineteenth century the Black Nobility saw to it that fanatical revolutionary cabals and groups set Europe ablaze. It was all part of a master plan for world control. Conservative governments were forced to become increasingly liberal to pacify the hordes of disgruntled rebels and social malcontents. After decades of incessant uprisings and spread of radical anarchistic movements, the scene was set for the rise of Communism.

Marx and Engels were funded and directed by the Black Nobility through their agents in Grand Orient Masonry (Illuminati). The Black Nobility desired to prevent world revolution, deciding to invent and control their own brand of faux-Socialism. They envisioned a political system that would unite the world’s liberal intellectuals and middle class malcontents.

Realizing that conservative people and nations tend to favor individualism, freedom and capitalism, the new system espoused Humanism, Collectivism, Internationalism and Communitarianism, not to mention conformity to impossibly irrational ideals. More than a political paradigm, their newfangled Democratic Socialism was designed to be a veritable secular religion to eventually replace the three Abrahamic religions, the age-old masks the Setian-Atonists no longer require. The elite have known for some time that moderns would soon grow tired of orthodox religion. During the sixties, the behavior of the youth culture confirmed this to be absolutely true. The void had to be filled and a new customized dogma made-to-order. That which brought down Russia in 1917 could be modified to bring down the rest of the world. The new religion of Socialism (Communism Lite) is, however, patently materialistic, hedonistic and nihilistic. Such was the plan, to corral and despiritualize the human race.

It has already been noted that the EU flag was deliberately designed to denote the stars around the head of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. Of course the original image is purely pagan or Egyptian. But when we realize that Mary was in fact Queen Helena, it all comes together, and the matriarchal symbolism makes perfect sense. Queen Thea Muse’s surname Ourania, means “heavens.” Her name translates as “Queen of the Stars” or “Queen of Heaven.” This connotes the secret society status of Thea Muse and Helena. The symbolism reveals that the EU is the brainchild of the descendants of the Parthian-Edessan monarchy, direct forebears of the Black Nobility.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (R), gestures as she stands beside designated Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen during a meeting of the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, to elect the German Chancellor, in Berlin December 17, 2013. REUTERS/Thomas Peter (GERMANY – Tags: POLITICS)

The gentler sex? Nope, it’s the first Queen of the United States of Europe. As of July 2019 a woman becomes president of the European Commission. Ursula von der Leyen’s family are wealthy German aristocrats. Now, at last, the symbolism fits. The male worker-ants have finished building the temple, the queens of the hive now appear on the balcony – ALL HAIL…SIEG NAMASTE!

Jeffrey Epstein’s peculiar Arabic-style “temple” stands on an Caribbean island. Islands are an important feature of the Sabbatean-Templars who serve the Black Nobility. Epstein holds a Saudi passport and is a Saudi citizen. Who does he really work for? Where did he come from? Is his handler Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell? Is it a coincidence that this island is next door to another owned by Richard Branson, head of the aptly named “Virgin” corporation. (The term “virgin,” in this sense, refers not to females, but to the male “castrati” or servants of the Sisterhood.) What relationship do these crumbs have with top royals? Are they agents, brokers, traffickers, or worse?

No surprise to find that Jeffrey Epstein is a member of both the CFR and Trilateral Commission, as well as other orgs directly controlled by the Black Nobility. (Here for more…)

The odd design of the mysterious temple is almost identical to those in ancient Aleppo, near Edessa. What a coincidence. Additionally, one of the Alpha Lodges of Freemasonry is known as the Club of the Isles. One of its most prominent members is Prince Philip, father of Andrew. Prince Michael of Kent (cousin of the Queen) is the head of the super-secret Mark Masons. In other words, there are secret societies far above normal masonry, which only royals and their picked minions belong to. Members of these lodges dictate the role and policies of all governments and institutions throughout the world. This is the true Illuminati.

Bloodthirsty looks from Prince Andrew and his chum Ghislaine Maxwell. She is said to be Jewish, like her father. But what if their ancestry dates back much further? What if they were Parthian or Syrian? Might that not explain their penchant for “Islamic” symbolism and hearty support of Saudi Arabia? Ghislanine is often in the company of Lord Rothschild, chief of the Sabbateans who serve the Black Nobility.

Exposing the families of the Black Nobility – despotic, self-serving rulers of many lands and nations – entails first recognizing that they are not Jews or Christians and never have been. They merely pretend to be Protestants and Catholics. Their act is simply a means to an end, a matter of realpolitik, of galvanizing and maintaining world control.

Decoding the symbolism employed by the self-appointed oligarchs assists us in our investigation into their roots and agendas. These include the pyramid, pentagram, red cross, lion and unicorn, white horse, double-headed eagle, twin dragons (as seen on the City of London crest), triple lion motif, skull and bones, and seated figure of Britannia, etc.

As we saw with the Red Hand of Ulster and Star of David, many of their favorite symbols trace back to ancient Egypt, to the time of Akhenaton and the Atonists who were finally deposed and exiled from Egypt.

After the fall of their corrupt rule in Egypt, the Setian-Atonists headed West to establish themselves in other lands. Their descendants enjoy considerable power and wealth to this day, via inhuman organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, European Commission, World Bank, and so on. Their willing agents are to be found in every nation, government, institution, corporation, college and university. They are often the heads of religion and government, but also work through a network of philanthropic organizations and public charities. The bulk of their wealth is secreted away in countries such as Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, as well as in offshore banking establishments not known to the public.

One of their principle symbols is that of the double-headed eagle. It signifies their control which stretches from one hemisphere of the world to the other, from East to West. All of humanity dutifully serves their hidden puppet-masters under the shadow of the great eagle of death and destruction which has torn out the heart and soul of the world, leaving only ashes and ruins in its wake.

The image of the predatory double-headed eagle is found on the crests of many European nations. Usually taken as the emblem of the Holy Roman Empire, it is not a Christian symbol. It appears on the arms and insignias of both Catholic and Protestant oligarchs. It is also the sign of the Masonic 33 degree, and can be seen worn by the Protestant Duke of Kent (cousin to the Queen) and other senior members of the Alpha Lodges of Freemasonry. It is the emblem of the Knights Hospitaller, which is in my opinion the order controlled by the wily and wealthy Clerics. It appears on coins minted for Queen Victoria, another so-called Protestant. But is it a female symbol? Note the cross and orb at the top of the crown symbolizing the Cult of Venus, and inverted triangle also representing the female. (It also represents Set, Lord of the Underworld, and the Setian Priesthood serving the “gods.”) The naked sword (like the arrows on American seals) represents the quest for vengeance of the deposed Atonists. It is also a chosen symbol of the Shriners, representing the “castrated” (highly initiated) male servants of the Sisterhood. The triple cross signifies Princess Scota, after whom the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry takes its name. For an in-depth study of these symbols, watch my Female Illuminati program.

In conclusion, I maintain that the true architecture of world control is completely fathomed when we factor in the points presented here in my four articles.

The Templars were never wholehearted Christians in the common sense of the word. At some point after their formation they secretly aligned with the Nazarene Sect and Edessan monarchy which, after converting to Judaism, espoused the ideology of the Nazarenes. Doing so placed these groups in opposition to the kind of Papal Christianity devised by the Roman elite, with the assistance of their chief mythmonger Josephus Flavius.

For a long while the Nazarene-Edessans (the Eastern Illuminati) and Papists were rivals. However, in the late nineteenth century the two groups began singing from the same hymn sheet. No understanding of modern times is possible without a recognition of this confederation.

In the fourteenth century, after the suppression of the Templars, their servants (the Clerics) eventually took control of the world, and soon fortuitously aligned with the network of royal dynasties known as the Black Nobility, many of them descended from the Edessan monarchy.

De Molay’s hope was that the Templars could be reactivated there under another name. That name, according to the tradition, is Freemasonry. Strict Observance Masonry incorporated references to the Templars into its rites and degrees – Glenn Magee (Hegel & the Hermetic Tradition)

The Clerics eventually successfully infiltrated and took over the Knights Hospitallers (or Knights of Malta) and thereafter negotiated alliances with Sabbateans and Freemasons, forming a powerful subversive cabal, known colloquially as the Illuminati.

The important connections between Templars (Merovingians) and other branches of the nobility throughout Europe began in the eleventh century, at the time of the First Crusade, when Hugh de Payens, Godfrey de Bouillon, and the rest of the Merovingian-Templars, were supplied, aided and befriended by super-wealthy Italian merchants who ruled the Mediterranean. That lucrative connection has been preserved to this day. The fabulous wealth of these groups is hidden in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium and Malta, not to mention in many off-shore banking houses.

This wealth was behind the formation of Communism which, after failing in Russia, underwent many makeovers. Its most successful tentacle has been Fabian-Marxism, the ideologues of which have been given the mandate of socializing the entire planet, a process almost completed. Their chief weapon in this enterprise is the media which daily succeeds in conditioning the minds of millions of men and women utterly unaware of the histories, beliefs and machinations of the world’s most powerful secret societies.

Novices are to realize that although members of the Illuminati appear, on the surface, to be Jews, Christians and Muslims, their cunning guises are not to be trusted. We are not to be hoodwinked by their obvious public colors and allegiances. Their own symbolism tells us as much.

I encourage readers to watch my Female Illuminati program, which focuses on the role of the Sisterhood of Death, also known as the Order of Sion. In this program I decode the symbolism employed by the most powerful secret societies of the world, revealing it to be overwhelmingly female. Once this fact is grasped, sincere researchers will not be able to explain away the presence and influence of the Female Illuminati, as if it is nothing more than a figment of my imagination.

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