RESILIENT LIVING: Treading Lightly, The Top 5 Tiniest Prefab Homes – By Emily Pilloton

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– As prefab housing takes hold as a viable, sustainable, contemporary building technique, one of the lessons we are learning is that bigger does not necessarily equal better. In fact, when is comes to simplifying your life and trying to tread lightly on the planet, we would argue that smaller is most certainly better. Some of our favorite prefabs here at Inhabitat have been those with the least amount of square footage. In an era of shoddily-built cookie-cutter McMansions, it’s nice to see a growing trend toward living small and efficiently, in a well built compact home. Read on for our Top 5 Tiniest Prefab Homes..

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At just $125 per square foot, the WeeHouse is a single module that can be plopped on just about any site, including a rooftop. The basic unit is framed with steel and wood, and comes with tongue-and-groove bamboo flooring, and Ikea cabinetry, kitchens and sinks. Despite what the name implies, don’t let it size fool you- this is one awesome modern residence.

Tiny Tumbleweed House, Jay Shafer, top 5 prefab, prefab house, small prefab, tiny prefab, tiny home, Prefab Housing, Prefab Friday, Prefab


Founded on his personal philosophy and desire for low-impact living, Jay Shafer’s Tiny Tumbleweed House has represents what he calls “subtractive design,” rejecting typical spatial assumptions and opting for clarity through conscientious use of space. This tiny house ranges from 40-500 square feet and accommodates a whole slew of needs from home office to vacation home or full-time residence. They’re also road-ready for the ultimate nomadic portability.

Sustain miniHOME, Prefab Friday, Sustainable Prefab Housing, Prefab Homes, Green Prefab, Eco Prefab, Sustain Mini


The Sustain MiniHome is quite the compact green machine, packing a ton of green materials and technologies into a small but very livable space. No vinyl, formaldehyde, toxic adhesives or finishes, all water-based or plant oil-based finishes, FSC certification, natural ventilation… the list goes on and on. Not to mention, it’s portable, modern, and cutely compact!

Loftcube, Werner Aisslinger, Rooftop Prefabs, LoftCube, LoftCube house, rooftop housing, top 5 prefab, prefab house, small prefab, tiny prefab, tiny home, Prefab Housing, Prefab Friday, Prefab


Not only is the LoftCube tiny, it can be strategically plopped on a rooftop so as to not consume any additional footprint. Especially in urban environments where there’s nowhere to go but up, LoftCube provides a small but clever solution to your housing needs. Built by Werner Aisslinger, LoftCube also boasts an affordable pricetag at just $55,000, and can be easily transported to your next rooftop location via helicopter.

MicroCompact Home, Prefab top 5 tiny homes, prefab house, small housing, Prefab Housing, Prefab Friday, Prefab, top 5 prefab


This tiny residential cube packs a highly-functional punch, providing a double bed, bathroom, lobby, dining space for 4-5 people, and state-of-the-art entertainment technology, all for just 50,000 Euros. And size-wise, it measures in at a tiny 2.65 m cubed (roughly 77 sq ft), but incorporates everything a person needs in a home in its super compact design.







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