ABOVE TOP SECRET, ‘EYES ONLY’: Interview with UK hacker of NASA and US military computer systems, Gary McKinnon – By Scott Waring

Source – sott.net

– This may be the most important post I’ve made all month. This is the one, the only, greatest hacker in history that has single handily entered every conceivable area of the US military. Most importantly he saw records of off world US soldiers and ships. He has never profited from this and has only had problems in court with the US trying to get him sent to US from the UK. He is a hero. If one hacker can do what he did, then imagine what a team of ten or more could do…they could reveal full alien disclosure to the planet, and in the process, they will raise the level of awareness of all humanity. To go down into history books worldwide.

Richard Hall states:
In 2002 Gary McKinnon was arrested for remotely accessing files on NASA and military computer systems in the United States. Sitting in his bedroom in the UK using nothing more than a humble Windows PC with a 56K modem [sceeech Bulang Bulang Bulang sceech] he viewed the files of the worlds most powerful military organisations. Notice I have not used the word hacking, because in my opinion McKinnon did not need to do any hacking to gain access to these files. The files were publicly available for all to access on unprotected internet facing Windows PCs, without any security. This however did not stop the USA from requesting his extradition and putting him through hell for over a decade. But what was the real reason for this whole affair? Were the public being psychologically warmed to a new type of terror threat? Oh and yes there is a secret space programme.

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