DEAD MEN DON’T TALK: 11th Holistic Doctor Found Dead, NYC Author & MD Mitchell Gaynor Found in the Woods

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– It is with great sadness that I, as gently as possible, break the news on an 11th doctor found dead in less than 90 days. I’ve tried to break each of them with as much tact as possible, under the circumstances.  This has become an unintended series I wrote which I wish would have never happened.  Most are holistic, many we knew and all are a great loss. Now we have the  best selling author and Holistic Oncologist of 30 years,  Dr. Mitchell Gaynor from NYC was found dead in the woods by his home in Upstate New York outside Manhattan.

There is an outpour of public support and love from his friends and colleagues who are posting about his tragic death on his personal page. His professional page and twitter page have been removed. Again, we knew Dr. Gaynor and have spoken to his staff personally in New York and they confirmed with us that Dr. Gaynor has died. I wish it were a hoax but it is not.

I had just read Mitchell Gaynor’s best selling  book “The Gene Therapy Plan”  a matter of months ago as we were given an advanced copy by him and were honored he took the time to send us one.

I am told that Dr. Gaynor apparently died a few days ago after walking away from a car accident.  His body was  discovered over the weekends (we are told)  in the woods behind  his country home upstate where he loved to walk.

I’d also had “Nurture Nature, Nurture Health” on my list, but hadn’t ever had a chance to read that one.

From his website about this cutting edge doctor who was healing cancer naturally:

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., is Founder and President of Gaynor Integrative Oncology and Gaynor Wellness in New York City. A renowned pioneer in the field of integrative oncology for 30 years, Dr. Gaynor is author, physician, speaker and composer of original sound healing meditations. His latest book, “The Gene Therapy Plan – Taking Control of your Genetic Destiny Through Diet and Lifestyle” (due in April, 2015, from Viking Press with a Forward by Dr. Mehmet Oz) provides a revolutionary approach to reverse gene damage associated with aging, cancer, obesity, and diabetes and to prevent future gene deterioration with specific programs that are appropriate for anyone who wants to maximize longevity for themselves, their children and future generations.

Dr. Gaynor has a notable history in the treatment of chronic diseases, particularly cancer, with scientifically grounded therapies that augment traditional modalities.

I don’t know the details of the death yet. Then again , there are doctors who died months ago like Dr. Nick Gonzalez (also in NYC and Suzanne Somer’s doctor) whose website states that his autopsy results were inconclusive and it didn’t support that it was a heart attack like their initial belief.

As far as Dr. Gaynor? He’d been perfectly healthy as far as we knew, the last contact we had with him.

My heart goes out to friends and family and the many colleagues we have in common.

I also want to share a message with all of you: despite what Snopes has written about my articles- I’ve always maintained I don’t know if these are connected. We already have doctors reaching out to  us today who are nervous because of the recent spate of deaths of holistic doctors- many of whom we knew. (Snopes actually attempted to debunk an article that was correct and quietly had to change their false info on their site)

So again, it’s always wise to stay aware (I say this to the holistic doctors who contact me- including my better half- one of the best know holistic doctors who is still hanging in there) but if we live in fear that can hurt our immune system and is no way to live either.

So be safe, be aware, but I hope you won’t be scared.

I’ll update you as soon as I know more and am just still in a little bit of shock right now.


Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century.  Her site is less than 2 years old, but has already cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites world-wide.  She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original workwhich have had international media coverage. You can get Erin’s e-book for free here  and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vax injuries, Lyme disease, a significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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