DEAD MEN DON’T TALK: Ann Boroch The Latest Holistic Doctor to Die

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“…Similarly, what if one had a medical technology able to cure all types of cancers, cheaply, without the need for expansive big pharma drugs, harmful radiation, and so on? The financial system, of which the “cure-is-as-bad-as-the-disease-and-three-times-as-expensive-medical-industry” is a large component, would collapse”:

Ann Boroch The Latest Holistic Doctor to Die – By Joseph P Farrell Ph.D

Two is coincidence, three is suspicious, and more than three is a pattern…

It’s been some time since I have blogged about the suspicious deaths of so many “holistic doctors”, and it’s time to do so once again, for there has been another sad addition to the list. But I want to do so today in the context of an old and familiar thesis. We’ll get back to that in a moment. For now, what has intrigued me for some time is that there seem to have been four “waves” of “mysterious deaths”, or perhaps it is better to say, “four types or classes” of mysterious deaths:

1)  During the 1980s and on into the 1990s, there was a wave of deaths of physicists, many of whom appeared to be working directly for government(s), or corporations, involved with President Ronald Reagan’s “Strategic Defense Initiative”. These deaths prompted some to speculate that these deaths were being caused by the Soviets, to deny the project the “brainpower” that might make it work;

2) During the 1990s and on past the millenium, there was a wave of deaths of genetic and biological/medical researchers, again, many of them working for universities, corporations, or directly for the government, in areas that would directly connect to bioweaponry (and defenses thereto). Again, these deaths caused many to speculate that someone wanted them very dead, though with the expiration of the Soviet Union, the speculation tended to focus on shadowy private international organizations;

3) During more recent years the deaths of bankers, with people walking (or being thrown) off of rooftops, jumping in front of trains, being shot, and so on. Again, this led to speculation, and regular readers here know that I have indulged in it in that connection. My own personal view is that these deaths have something to do with my hypothesized hidden system of finance, and possibly also with high frequency trading, artificial intelligence, and so on;

4) And finally, of course, running almost concurrently with the suspicious deaths of bankers, we have also seen several highly suspicious deaths of “holistic doctors,” and again, the speculations have been running amok.  Mr. V.T. shared this article covering many of these deaths (copy and paste into your browser: )

Ms. K.F. sent this article along detailing the latest suspicious death of holistic medicine researcher Ann Boroch (copy and paste into your browser: )

There’s several things here that caught my eye, for in some cases these things transcend the pattern of this or that “wave” outlined above, and are found as common elements across all four types: for example, Ms. Boroch’s death was ruled a suicide, while her family (who should know) simply dispute this verdict. If one scans the other three types of “death waves”, one will inevitably encounter similar examples. Secondly, and much more importantly, Ms. Boroch’s research was “scrubbed from the internet,” the implication being that this was the motivation for her having been “suicided.” Again, if one snoops around long enough in the other “waves” of dead physicists, biological-medical researchers, or bankers, one will find suggestions of “things” or “files” or “papers” missing, or at least, of people that by the nature of the case had access to such things.


That’s an interesting, intriguing, list: physicists and engineers; biologists, geneticists, virologists, and so on; bankers; and, finally, holistic doctors.  And it’s an intriguing progression, beginning at one end – physicists and engineers – and ending at the other end with holistic doctors (if, indeed, they are the end). If one considers – in today’s high octane speculation – just the biologist.geneticist-holistic doctors angle, it would certainly seem to suggest that someone, somewhere, is eliminating people that might have some sort of ability to engineer and to treat diseases and pathogens.

But what happens when one views this strange list and all four “waves” and “types” whole? What picture may result? Well, here your hypothesis is as good as mine, but my guess is that we are looking at four manifestations of what Mr. Richard Dolan has called the “breakaway civilization.” Mr. Dolan originally made his observations in connection to the UFO phenomenon and the black projects world. His point was that given enough money, and enough time, new and very exotic technologies – primarily in the realm of physics and engineering – would result in a very small group on this planet having access to technologies that are far in advance of the vast amount of people on the planet, including even military people who think they’re on the “cutting edge.” I suspect that the same factor is in play with medicine, biological weapons, and their defenses. And part and parcel of this “breakaway civilization” would be the need to monitor any public developments that might hint at or suggest different scientific or engineering paradigms as are available publicly, across the board, from physics to… yes… medicine, particularly if those paradigms threaten the existing financial structure. Stop and think about that for a moment. If one has, say, a technology able to access and utilize zero point energy, what happens to the financial system if that technology were suddenly unleashed on the world? The financial system would collapse. Similarly, what if one had a medical technology able to cure all types of cancers, cheaply, without the need for expansive big pharma drugs, harmful radiation, and so on? The financial system, of which the “cure-is-as-bad-as-the-disease-and-three-times-as-expensive-medical-industry” is a large component, would collapse, the more so because socialized “medicine” is found just about everywhere. And this high octane speculation might, just might also explain why holistic doctors have joined the list of unfortunate people being suicided…

… like the unfortunate Ms. Boroch…

… whose research has apparently conveniently disappeared…

See you on the flip side…

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