BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATIONS: The Background To The Secret Space Program – By Rob Potter (Archive)

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– “….The astral plane is where time and space do not really exist, as we understand it here. There is a completely new set of laws that we can only guess that at this time. However it allows for tremendous speeds while traveling. If I am correct in from what from what I’ve heard from Fred and Alex Collier there are actually astral highways, which are utilized to travel at many multiples of the speed of light”

The Background to the Secret Space Program – By Rob Potter

Some years ago I was on the Internet and I found a very interesting friend on Facebook that had some very interesting pictures of some government spaceships. He had few friends and as usual I do not know how I found him he just kind of popped up on my page and responded to some of my space ship pictures. The gentleman I met in virtual space and whom I choose to keep anonymous for now was very cryptic and very short in our exchanges on the Internet. I presume he disappeared from Facebook after being told by govt agents that his conversations with people like me and the sharing of these photos was not part of his non disclosure contract.LOL.

From 3-3-12 our last contact was less than a month ago. He told me his company was disbanded and he was talking to me on a university computer. I was under the impression many of these programs are now as Cobra has said, being shut down! Though my contact does not know of Cobra this seems to confirm his information. I have never met this man in person but he seemed to be able to answer the few questions about the space ship technology which I asked him. He also knew a lot more than me about which isn’t really saying much but I got the impression of a science whiz kid though I would estimate mid-thirties as his age range.

I must state clearly here that the pictures I recieved we not explained to me nor can I confirm if all of these a 100% Genuine.Some of these photos may have been played with innocently as they were not meant for public release originally. I saw he had added some Moon shots which I thought were genuine though he did not say so. I showed them to American Kabuki who let Richard Hoagland look at them and he concluded that some of them were not real! In fact some were from a movie which I had not seen called Apollo 18. I thank richard and Kabuki for letting me know as I was making an asumption that these were all real. I again have to very emphatic that I am not trying to mislead anybody about anything and do not claim to have any sepcial knowledge in this area.

My contacts integrity is intact as far as I am concerned and he did not try to mislead me in any way . I feel these “Faked Pictures” were just some of these tech guys making a joke amongst themselves of the ships they made crashing on the moon! The error to claim them as fake would have been mine. Thanks to Kabuki I do not have egg on my face!

I also feel some of these moon photos were genuine as it is well known that the original moon landing on the moon was not our first in fact we landed on Mars in 1962. The publicity stunt to land on the moon was to dupe the public in supporting the space program.

We did land there but they switched over to a fake pre-produced video for part of the moon landing footage seen by the world in 1969. It is alleged by some that they were investigating various alien artifacts and structures on the moon. The government did for a time have a base on the moon which was a joint ET earth venture. We were eventually excommunicated and kicked off the moon.

Now only friends of the GFL are allowed on the moon at this time as I understand it! Fred Steckling and Alex Collier have led the way in this disclosure of the real moon program. There is another excellent video out now showing all of the bases and water on the dark side of the moon. the name of this video escapes me but it well done one day I hope to have an embedded link!

My friend Howard Menger who went there, told me it is very hot there (about 140 degrees!)  and you can breath real air there thought the atmosphere is very close to the surface and it is like you are at 18 thousand feet! He also stated there are multiple structures up there.

Because of my many years with Fred Bell who worked on the Saturn Gemini and Apollo mission under Werner Von Braun I was well aware that the government had a secret space program. Fred also worked for JPL and Rockwell. He was well connected with various luminaries in the technological field of space travel.  Fred had some friends who worked at another company called Skunk Works. These companies along with McDonnell Douglas and several other companies were utilizing secret government funds in what are known as Black Box projects. Many of these companies were very active and developing very exotic forms of technology.

l-26                    US made ship powering up preparing to “Jumop to new location !

Skunk Works was one such company and had many different types of programs developing and creating many different types of pro-gravitational spacecraft. It was common knowledge amongst these scientists that much of the science to create these spaceships was reverse engineered technology, or directly given from extraterrestrials. This technology was reversed engineered from crashed spaceships or in an exchange program with various extraterrestrial races.

l-1 2The way these programs were run was that various companies who were contracted to build the technology we’re given specific designs and specifications but they had no idea what the technology that they built was being used for. Clearly some of the more advanced scientists at the head of these programs who were over seeing the entire process and understood what was going on. These top dogs knew how these various products would join together but this was a small and elite group of scientists. In other words certain parts were made in New York other parts may have been made in Florida further and others could have been made in Texas, California and so forth.

Secrecy the Order of the Day

This compartmentalization was necessary to maintain security and to make the secrecy easier. The security aspect of these programs has probably run into the billions and billions of dollars. The numbers of scientists who had to be vetted and had they’re phones tapped 24/7 365 days a year must have been a logistical nightmare. The cost for security and background checks, which had to be maintained constantly, must have been astronomical.

How do they fund this stuff?

These projects have been funded through many different avenues including $50 nuts and $1000 bolts and 25 thousand dollar toilet seats that were part of a standard overpricing policy. These deliberately inflated costs allowed funds to go into underground bases and secret labs of which the famous Area 51, S4 Dreamland are probably only a tiny part! According to Alex Collier the USA alone had over 900 underground bases, which ranged from a quarter of a mile to 3 square miles each in size! It is alleged that these bases have run between 400 yards to 5 miles under the surface of the planet.


At the deepest level of many of these bases contained joint human and ET facilities. Both hostile and benevolent ET’s have been working with our worlds secret governments for over 50 years. It is clear many members of the secret military themselves are confused and notsure what the various alien agnedas were or are for that matter. These were very expensive to build and to maintain even if you own a money printing press. …Which they do own!

It has been a practice for almost a century at least to use drugs for political espionage and a source of funds. The original model came from The Infamous East India Trading Company. This was a front for The British Crown / Reptilian world domination plan which was called colonialism and is now called the New World Order. Back in the day, the control of gunpowder was seen as essential to making war and forcing capitulation of various nation states to establish favorable conditions to control slavery and world commerce.

The East India Company actually created the opium trade and exported opium from India originally into China. Many think it was the other ay around. This opium trade indirectly allowed them to control the export of gunpowder in China. Eventually the Chinese had their own Boston tea party and under the leadership of a patriot called named Lin Zexu they raided the largest East India Company warehouse in Canton one night and burned over 250,000 tons of raw opium. This began the Opium wars. The opium trade was allowing the tentacles of the British monarchy to reach into the fabric of Chinese culture and was using the financial leverage of drug trade to control the gunpowder trade as well.


The CIA has followed this model and it is common knowledge that while the government publicly has a “War on Drugs” they are actually the ones dealing the drugs. From the Vietnam War until now in Afghanistan the US military is guarding poppy fields and over seeing the production of heroin to sell to the US populace! This program has been well documented by Bo Grieitz and many others.

Bo is the real-life hero whom the character Rambo was modeled after. I heard him talk near 29 palms military base in the mid-80s as he described going into Vietnam to find MIA missing in action soldiers, which he knew were there. Bo was a Green Beret special forces Ranger. These rangers had several functions during the war basically to either, close and capture or close and kill, Always behind enemy lines.


When the captured US soldiers were not released after the Vietnam War, they were called M.I.A.’s. Bo was a patriot who wanted justice. He did not get any help from the government and the official policy was to not seek the release of these prisoners. Bo decided to take matters into his own hands. Through private funding he made his way into the Golden Triangle where he actually observed US prisoners of war being used as workers in the Poppy fields in the southeast Asia.

He ended up meeting with the number one warlord of the time in the Golden triangle whose name was Khun Sa. He was known as the man of no fear. He was told he keeps the soldiers as insurance against the US government who were his biggest customers! Bo could not believe it at first but he found it was true and he was pissed. When I heard him Talk I was in my early 20’s and the room was filled with former Special Forces guys all carrying guns and riding Harleys. These characters were something to behold and acted as security in case govt types would try to intimidate Bo.

War on Drugs or War for Drugs?

The desire to maintain a presence in Vietnam was actually to control the flow of heroin and illegal drugs into the world market. The main players in the orchestration of this program where George “Poppy” Bush Senior a.k.a. George Scherf Jr. Nazi spy/ Nazi New World Order administrator. There are so many books and evidence to this it is ridiculous. Chip Tatum, Brice Taylor and Gen. Westmoreland Kissinger, Robert Gates, Richard Armitage, George Schulz, Cheney Rumsfeld and many others were and are deeply involved in this legal illicit drug trade. The money was laundered through the Ameri-Asian and Nugan Hand Bank.

This same model was used in the cocaine trafficking routes in South America with many of the same players especially the Bush family at the helm. The Clintons were heavily involved as well as a major supply route was established through Mena Arkansas. The Clintons financed their political careers through this money and that was laundered through the Arkansas state agriculture agency and was almost exposed in the political whitewater trial. That trial was tainted by the murder of Vince Foster in the Whitehouse!

The Clintons are complicit in crimes against humanity and will hopefully be soon bought to justice. Is why he is so chummy with George Bush Sr. Daniel Ortega was forced to deal drugs to finance his political ambitions and Ollie North was involved with the drugs for arms scandal which was swept under the rug. The BCCI bank under the control of Adnan Kashoggi was used to launder drug money and to give arms to Iran to release the hostages after Carter was ousted.

The horror and the suffering and the untold wasted and destroyed lives not only from the war itself but from the millions of drug addicts and destroyed families weighs heavily upon the karma of United States and the elitist secret government. These military leaders in charge became very wealthy and amassed tremendous power through their actions devotion and loyalty to this secret funding program.


At the highest levels this was reasoned out and justified by military minds that we needed money to develop a secret space program to protect us from aliens we could not control who had higher technology. This was compartmentalized under the NSA or the National Security Agency that trumps the CIA and even the president. Private individuals and corporations control the NSA and other world government security agencies media and the entire worlds financial structure.  Above these oligarchs are galactic criminals of extra terrestrial origin who have incarnated into the same familial bloodlines for centuries and have gained control of the worlds financial societal and political structure.

Silent Coup

So through a secret organization the United States government was taken over by vested corporate interests. Which allegedly were working for an altruistic motive; to protect the earth from what they considered hostile alien invasion. This is how it was sold to the military anyway. The generals and security types who had the clearance to know about the ET presence had to choose the lesser of 2 evils. This erroneous policy and thinking has gotten us up to our necks in lies and deceit and must now come to an end.

The minions who enacted these many varied, nefarious and heinous crimes against humanity mostly had no Idea of the bigger picture driving the human sex slave trade, drug deals  etc. The Kennedy family were no saints. The family fortune was amassed through drug running alcohol and has been maintained through insider trading and other dirty deeds. The Kennedy’s got elected with the help of the mob stuffing the ballot box in Chicago and were beholden to them to a certain extent.

The mob takes its orders through the Jesuit Archon run Vatican. John Kennedy though he used MK-Ultra sex slaves like Brice Taylor decided that to sell out the entire planet to a hostle alien force was too much . He was about to reveal the existence of aliens, smash the CIA and the Federal Reserve, but was killed in the silent coup before he could do that.

The decision by the Truman administration and the Eisenhower administration to keep the fact of extraterrestrial presents a secret from the world’s populace has been in my opinion a big mistake at Debacle of epic proportions which we are only now trying to unravel ourselves from. I could ramble on and muse endlessly on the policies and the mistakes that were made by mislead and confused minds in the world elite political and military structure.

This is one of the main reasons the extraterrestrial factor cannot be released to the public there are still individuals within our government who are been deeply involved in creating wars and dealing drugs for profit. These people fear for their lives if the populace was to find out what they been doing and have proof there would probably be mass lynching’s. The betrayal of trust has been complete and the way out is like trying to untangle a fishing line.

Poor choices and lies by so-called leaders affect us all

I feel the truth must be told and a complete and transparent disclosure must come forth. Many of those who have kept silent want to tell the truth. But the death of many whistleblowers the suicides the penalties for violating oaths are a very real issue for many who have been in the know! The MK-ultra mind control that is used on so many others within these programs further clouds the truth and is a major obstacle to full disclosure.

There’s has been for a long time a super secret group of senators and many secret committee which are very aware of the extraterrestrial presence. They have over seen and maintained a secret liaison with various different extraterrestrial groups since the early 50s. This secret government if you well has long sought to utilize the technologies of the extraterrestrials for their own purposes of game control and power. The benevolent ET groups want this to be shared openly with the public and the hostile ET groups are happy with the secrecy being maintained.

My Talks with Scientist Enlightens us Both

The gentleman who I began having private messages with on Facebook indicated to me that he owned a private company that was contracted to develop various heights and technologies for the government. He alluded to the fact that his private company had a group of scientists who had worked on various different types of reverse engineered spacecraft engine technologies.

l-49 3

Some of our conversations revolved around the information that Dr. Bell had revealed to me through the years that came from Semjase and was centered on the interstellar conversion process. The interstellar conversion process is the technology that the extraterrestrial use to go beyond the speed of light. I must make it clear that I am no world-class astrophysicist and my explanations and understandings are very basic.

From what Dr. Bell told me the basic premise is that the spaceship raises his vibratory frequencies it literally accelerates the mass of the spaceship to prepare for hyperspace travel. As a mass of the ship is accelerated it becomes smaller and smaller on the physical plane. It was explained to me that as it gets smaller on the physical plane this ship begins to become larger and appears on the astral plane.


This is actually the “Yukon” and is just  going into hypespace in this photo. There is a mist that appears around the craft as the mass accelerates and the “poof” It disappears in a flash!

The astral plane is where time and space do not really exist, as we understand it here. There is a completely new set of laws that we can only guess that at this time. However it allows for tremendous speeds while traveling. If I am correct in from what from what I’ve heard from Fred and Alex Collier there are actually astral highways, which are utilized to travel at many multiples of the speed of light.

Some interesting facts about Pleiadeans ships is that they grow the hulls of the ships in outer space and it is actually a giant mushroom which is injected with a liquid Crystalline/ Metal. The Crystal aspect makes the ship literally alive as it is tuned to the universal etheric Christ consciousness grid. The ship is programmed and is made for the Captain alone and the engine tachyon drive will only engage when attuned to the captain’s auric signature. The captain may Ok another driver if they choose.

Also the ship can speak and interact with you in the personality and voice of the captain. It cannot be programmed to do anything against the laws of Nature or violate the laws of the universe. It has a built in magnetic bumper and never will hit anything or crash when the engine system is running properly. The ship is sound powered and light separated. This means the ship runs on the living word or Logos of creation itself this sound current is present throughout creation and is akin to tachyon energy.

There is a central core or pole, which is counter, wrapped with a caduceus coil and is like a Jacobs ladder in a sense. On the top of the ship and the bottom are camera sensors, which take a picture of the universe and all the heavenly bodies and then it feeds that into computer. The computer makes calculations on where you want to go and then projects what these same stars would look like if you were in the desired destination.

By counter rotating magnetic field on the rim of the disk and many other technologies are combined and the ship “jumps or beams” itself to the new location very quickly. In the center of some ships sits a magnet and there is a gyro which when is in neutral the ship just hovers in one place. When the ship is engaged the gyro is tilted so the ship is literally being propelled by attraction to the tilted gyro.

There are very advanced fiber optic lasers used in the spine of the ship, which use various noble gas combinations and pinched fields that harmonize the particle accelerator energy. The ship has the ability to stabilize your aura as you go through this dimensional shift and it is a big part of the science of healing the light body and stabilizing the auric key signatures for each person while travelling.

The sound the ship makes is different for each ship and changes from moment to moment because it is attuned to the captain’s auric signature. An interesting thing to note is that the landing areas or spaceports is designed for optimal acoustic resonance. The ports have shapes like a conch shell or a Fibonacci spiral or the Hollywood bowl. When the pilot lands the ships sound is amplified and the sound will be a unique sound, which will vary with the thoughts and feelings of the captain at that particular time.

The ships hull can be transparent so it looks like you are standing in space without any ship and I have been told by numerous Contactees this is a wonderful feeling. I can remember this no wall feeling from my own sleep time excursions on board ships. The ships also have the ability to remain invisible by bending light around the ship much like the military invisible suits which have been seen on numerous occasions or I should say not seen?

The ships can also be invisible to radar and still be here on the physical plane. They obviously also can raise the ships vibrations and be invisible by removing themselves from physical plane completely. Each ship has extensive monitoring and defense capabilities if needed. Visitors who go onboard have reported going through a decontamination field that feels like stepping through a heavy magnetic mud or porridge. Visitors also receive one-piece jump suits of a color code that denotes “Visitor”. Each crewmember has a suit color designated by his or her rank and assigned duty. The Venusian Crews always greet with a warm embrace or firm arm clasp like the Native American Indians use!

Keep in mind this is all information told to me by others though it always very similar! I thought some might find these factoids intriguing.

The owner of this company told me that his employees through the years took many of these pictures as they worked on many different space ships and many different programs and these scientists shared knowledge and secrets amongst themselves. I was under the impression that most of the technology pictures were taken in underground secret bases.


I think you will find many of these pictures quite beautiful. It is easy to recognize the massive expense that went into the various metallurgy products alone besides the other exotic techs you will see here. I do not remember even one third of the names of these devices. However I know you will see many different tesla coils Jacobs’s ladders.

I will ask you to look at some of the shapes and devices as pieces of art and not just fancy metals and wires. I find the actual shapes and curves and looks to be quite feminine in many instances.  I hope you will enjoy looking at this gallery as much as I did.

What exactly are we looking at?

You will see engine drive with acronym names like the A.L.I.C.E. Core. The LINAC. Hadron Colliders 5 inches in diameter! Even “The flux capacitor is in this batch. You will see exotic Laser/Maser combinations and various vortex tech’s some of them in testing or active. You will see a Mattierre Mirror system. A Boone system and many other things. I am no BS artist so I must again I have no clue what all these space ship engine parts go to or how they work.

I am honored that he is allowing me to realize them to let the world know these things do exist. We have had free energy for decades but we still pay electric bill! Why for national security for greed? So some people can be in an elite secret society? Forget all of this the lids are popping off no all over the planet no more secrets no more lies. We deserve the truth.

Full disclosure is needed

The scientists involved in these programs are not in charge of the secrecy and many of them want this information out. They cannot do it with out risk to them and their families or jail. By the way these scientists are not under any form of mind control as far as I know as they need all of their faculties for these projects. The Astrobots (as they are sometimes called) however are definitely using a form of advanced mind power enhancement. Which may or may not be called mind control but at the very least is questionable, as many of those involved have no choice in the programming they are under.

It was reported that when these programs were in full swing some of these pilots were called the “BlackMonks” and they may have been made dependent on a medication that would kill them if they did not receive the injection every 2 weeks. This forced compliance and insured loyalty and silence in regards to their assignments.  I have a picture of what may or may not be a black monk.. I really enjoy the faces of the scientists in these as they are obviously very intelligent individuals.

Apparently the government had been to the moon many years prior to the public awareness of these programs. It is reported that the US-Russians did a joint Mars mission and landed on the surface in a circular type earth made UFO looking spaceship. There were reportedly a moon base or 2 for a period of time but the Earth people were kicked off the moon many years ago unless they were invited. This would be done outside of govt. military channels.

You will also see some very big operations involving retrieval of various engines which crashed in test drives. Etire military forces have been engaged to locate these and destroy them before any other military power can find them and copy what the USA has created.

I will add these photos here and hope to get some explanations up what these pictures are most of these are most definitely 1005 real in my opinion. this is based on my experience but you must all decide for your self what the evidence presented in this and my pther photo galleries represents. The technology pictures gallery are all real in my opinion. The main point being for the technology photo gallery is to show you the tremendous amounts of money that went into the development of these toys. These pictures are obviuosly are very expensive high technology. the research and development must have run into the hundreds of billions through the years!

The sad part of it is you the taxpayer never get any of the real benefit of this space program. They are circling the planet 9 times in a secind and we are still driving gasolin cars and paying for electricity. this IS A CRIME. I want this to end not to punish the dick wads who were responsible but so we can move on and take it to the next level as planet and a people. We desreve it earth people have created this technology and it’s time we get to use it. I know some of the thousands of dollars people on cocaine in the 80s, went to fund these types programs I bet people would like to see some return on their investment.

A little humor is a good thing. But this is serious business as people the world over are going hungry are un sheltered are cold and exposed to the elements because freee energy keeps an elite power structure rich? Screw that we can solve so many issues if these technologies were released freely for the benefit of mankind I hope the evidence presented on my photo galleries will convince that enough is enough and you have a right to demand accountability from these “insiders” who have lined their pockets with riches at your expense. Understand when “The Event” takes place that this is why. These arrests will be justified and the new opportunity will not be squandered. IT WILL NOT BE MEET THE NEW BOSS SAME AS THE OLD BOSS! We will establish an open honest and transparent governance finally that will be “for the people,  of the people and by the people”.

For this great monumental shift and revelation and reality I offer myself in service to the cause.


The Secret Space Program – Dr. Michael Salla

In the alternative media, truth about biochips is slowly leaking out. This article reveals the involvement of Siemens in biochip production:

Here we need to understand that biochips were massively developed during WW2 in German concentration camps and distributed among the vast majority of human population inside vaccines by WHO since late 1940s. One huge technology upgrade of those biochips was between 1979 and 1984 and another one between 1996 and 1999. The purpose of those chips was tracking of the general population, mind control and prevention of positive ET contact. All those biochips were completely removed from the surface population by the Resistance which was utilizing advanced distance removal technologies.

A very interesting book has been released about secret space programs. I can agree almost 100% with roughly first half of the book:

New Book Reveals What You Need to Know about the Secret Space Programs



m-1 The Yukon in transit
l Maybe the blackhawk or something I forget sorry
l-156 This one definitely goes into outer space as well
l-152 hmmmm wonder what that is doing I think it is called the USS Los Angeles and I do not think it is manned but what do I know ?
l-131 An E-Bomb or what I presume is an EMP weapon than can be sent at very high speeds anywhere and hover over a power plant and “blam” “no more elctricity for  you” similar to the soup Nazi only with more dire consequences!
l-87 The TR38 on manuvers picture from a submarine I presume.
l-66Yukon poweriung up  again
l-56 Somewhere between heaven and earth
l-55 “Pow”
l-54 On the Ground Area 51?
l-53 “We Own The Night”

419682_10150755551908272_922937691_n 399964_10150755551653272_593213271_12238480_1344865258_nI guess They think they do won the night but not anymore it is being given back to you.

l-51 Cruising up and down the boulevard scaring people for fun most likely?
l-46 Thirsty it time for a big gulp … most likely not a space ship but ..I am just guessing!
l-42The Yukon getting its special Matte radar absorbing final coat!
l-39 l-38 The magnetic Hyper Drive test crash 3# under water ..we cant recover it so lets blow the crap out of it we dont want the russians to get it!
l-33 The tr38 coming home for a landing somewhere?
l-30 The MHD test crash #2 Recovery Team in Alaska
l-30 2

Id like to be under the sea in an octopussy’s garden neath waves
l-29 Science techs looking at the MHD after Crash #2 decidng on what to do?

There she be the ejected core!l-26 The above 2 photos are The MHD “ON ICE” The bottom one was the kind of support that was sent at full steam ahead to recover the disk in the ice fields of Alaska?  so the Russians or anybody else could not have it!


As usual if we cant get it out….. We blow the Mo FO UP! The Demo guys must have a heck of a good time doing that.


Alegedly another test right before it crashes…. Me thinks the ET do not want too much success on these hyper drives test engines and may have a hand in the failures…I do not know just sayin…..


Looks like another crash recovery to me!l-2 l-1

Holiday on Ice ! it must be expensive to send all that hardware on a vaction

l-25 2

The hole at the pole viewed from the space station…Hello agarthan neighbors!

l-24 The MHD Leaving The S4 Dreamland facility somewhere near Las Vegas?
l-22 2

the TR38 again going fuzzy


Is this Dr Evils secret Lair at the south pole or a NAZI base or ? l-21 3

The Fly Boys in formation


Some type of bad ass high tech space experiment in action

l-19 2

TR38 Bookends under a chemtraill-18

Night Prowl looking for terrorists?

l-17 copy

Coming or going from secure secret govt. facilityl-16

Flying through a HAARP STORM just because we canl-16 copy

l-16 2

Yukon test flight just hanging outl-15

If we cover it in plastic maybe no one will notice


Night flightl-13

This one probably can go to MARS it is definitely one of OURS


The hull of the MHD which was probably ejected prior to test crash #2l-11

Now you see me now you dont
l-11 2

Something crashed right there!



l-10 3

Do not have a clue but it looks awesome, expensive and very fast

l-10 2

Wider of shot of Techies trying to asess the situationl-9

Permission to come aboard sir?l-9 2

I want one in my garagel-8

The inside of the Circular space ship sorry I forgot its name


How many TR 38’s do they have anyway?
l-4 2

I have a feeling this is on mars because of the Pyramid I winder what Richard Hoagland would say?

I think this may be a pyramid in China with a Green filter taken at night….does anybody know?

I used to live behind Hoagland for a time in Wehauwken New Jersey and dated his Housekeeper for a time. I tried to get a conversation with him but he was very busy writing his masterpiece book which took all of his time, so I never got to chat in person. l-3

Most likely in Iraq with the ground support crew for these exotic secret ships which are used secretly in conventional warfare or domestic spying in some cases I would imagine………wouldnt you? Word is these craft were equipted with mind control entrainmant technology which broadcast “Fear…. I give up” signals into the Iraqi secret bunkers. US ground Troops reprted mass numbers of Iraqis exiting these bunkers with hand raised ??l-1

Everyone must remain anonymous but some of these guys will talk someday without going to jail or being killed I hope

l-1 3

By the way just because, we do have a secret space program it does not mean all UFOs are from earth.

l-1 2

“Lonely Desert Highway I can see or hear that I am small and the old stone faces in the canyon walls are watching on my way “



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