GAIA RISING: ‘Catastrophism’, Extreme Earth Changes Through The Eyes Of A Suspicious Observer

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  • “…A great many empirical data indicate that at each point on the Earth’s surface that has been carefully studied, many climatic changes have taken place, apparently quite suddenly. … [crustal] displacements may take place as the consequence of comparatively slight forces exerted on the crust, derived from the Earth’s momentum of rotation, which in turn will tend to alter the axis of rotation of the Earth’s crust – Albert Einstein”

Extreme Earth Changes By A Suspicious Observer – Ben Davidson

Space weather has become a recognized actor in weather, long-term climate change, seismicity, technological performance and biology. This third edition of the literature review covers ~500 of the most-important studies describing the interactions of earth and sun, including a new chapter on extreme solar activity and earth’s catastrophe cycle.

Catastrophism was nearly dead. The fire was nearly out. Over the last few decades, the few researchers who kept a dimming ember from extinguishing have watched one of the most discussed scientific topics in the world become nearly taboo in academic literature and the coverage of the topic marred by fanatical claims and characters

Catastrophism is the study of horrendous events that punctuate the normally calm and benign Earth we have known all our lives. The field has endured an incredible resurgence since 2018, with new revelations about past events, new scientific discoveries, and the long-needed coalescence of many scientific fields required to understand Earth’s catastrophe cycle. The work of modern catastrophists stoking those dying embers deserves to be collected and honored as well.

Today, we can finally answer a challenge levied over 100 years ago, to explain ALL the
evidence associated with these catastrophes. The technology needed to track the next
one is here now, and it is telling a terrifying story of the near-term future.

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The Next End of the World: The Rebirth of Catastrophism

Chapter 1 Catastrophism History

Chapter 2 The CIA Hat Trick: How Three Moves Crushed Catastrophism

Chapter 3 The Rebirth of Catastrophism

Chapter 4 Magnetic Excursions

Chapter 5 Solar Micronova

Chapter 6 The Next Cycle

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