FEAR FACTOR: ‘Biderman Report Of 1956 & Covid-1984’, Methods For Eliciting Individual Compliance – By Russ Winter

Source – winterwatch.net

  • “…Isolation is a cornerstone of coercive compliance methods by the controllers. It has been liberally applied throughout the scamdemic. The experiments of Hebb and others concerned themselves with “sensory deprivation. – Mask wearing — not visually seeing humans as humans — is very much sensory deprivation”

Biderman Report of 1956 and Covid-1984: Methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance

by Russ Winter

GRAPHIC: The New York Times/Matt Chase

‘The truth, when you finally chase it down is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears.’ — Hunter S. Thompson

In 1956, there was a study of the impacts of trauma-based mind control on Korean War prisoners detained by communists in North Korea and China. It was call the Biderman Report. Another document followed in 1961. What follows are observations from those documents.

The fear of being controlled by others, with the consequent loss of the autonomy, is believed to be fundamental to the conception of the self and the will.

The discordian Communists believe that individuals can be “changed” in some fundamental way by devious and mysterious acts of influence. Certainly, Communist practitioners of “thought reform” visualize the creation of a “new man” as their objective.

For further reading:

Raymond Bauer has noted the resemblance of the concept of “brainwashing” to demonology. The idea of the “brainwashed” does not differ greatly from that of the “possessed.”

“The battle for the mind” fought against “the hidden persuader” has many elements of the occult.

Communist indoctrination practices, the western concept of “brainwashing,” in terms akin to “possession,” is matched by the Communists’ exorcism view of what they seek and how to achieve it.

Viewing the issue in magical or diabolical terms is not an altogether irrational analogy, given the existence of those who simultaneously practice and seek perfection of the means for controlling behavior and conceive of their efforts as directed toward “possessing the will” of their victims.

Practitioners of “thought reform” seek “real” changes in beliefs and values. They demand that the victim be “honest, sincere and full” in his “self-examination, repentance and change”.

One final test of loyalty demands that the prisoner act as though he hates himself with the intensity of the phony criminal definition that the system has placed upon him. This is why the race identitarian racket — such as communist-inspired struggle sessions and kow towing — are layered with the scamdemic coercions.

The coercion practiced by the Branch Covidian crime syndicate is a dead ringer that checks off all the boxes used as communist coercive methods. Exam the chart below closely.

Coercive control is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim. Complex situations, symbols and small cues arouse potent reactions entirely because of the interpretation put upon them.

Coercive control is a strategic form of ongoing oppression and terrorism used to instill fear. The abuser will use tactics, such as limiting access to movement, basic human rights and liberty — or monitoring all communication as a control effort.

(Also Read: Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom to Move Around” @ https://summit.news/2020/12/04/chief-medical-officer-says-canadians-who-refuse-vaccine-wont-have-freedom-to-move-around/)

Coercion is used to produce conformity, generating fears that the conformity produced is insincere, generating in turn further coercion to make it “sincere.” The abhorrence of these practices by those subjected to them makes the fears of the controllers well founded and further reinforces the vicious circle. Malingering as a counter-method, such as I described in my posts and podcasts on gray-man and Eddie-Haskell tactics, is a time-honored method.

The brain, like other organs of the human body, exists in an “internal milieu” that is maintained in a remarkably steady state by a great number of feedback mechanisms, some quite complex. Any disturbance in the constancy of this milieu brings into play homeostatic responses that may involve the great majority of bodily processes as well as the activities of the person as a whole.

Isolation, sleep loss, hunger and fatigue are direct assaults upon the brain, depriving the brain of the substrate of its operations.

People who enter prison or lock downs with attitudes of foreboding, apprehension and helplessness generally do less well than those who enter with assurance and a conviction that they can deal with anything that they may encounter.

Isolation is a cornerstone of coercive compliance methods by the controllers. It has been liberally applied throughout the scamdemic.

The experiments of Hebb and others concerned themselves with “sensory deprivation.”

Mask wearing — not visually seeing humans as humans — is very much sensory deprivation.

The subjects, via lockdowns, are deprived of the opportunity for purposeful activity. All of their other bodily needs were satisfied: food, fluids, rest, etc. Yet, after a few days, the mental activities of the participants began to go awry. Their capacity to carry out complex tasks and to perform well on psychological tests fell.

Over time, unless the targets take measures of noncompliance, this will only get worse.

It is well known that isolated prisoners, especially if they have not been isolated before, may develop a syndrome similar in most of its features to the “brain syndrome”. They cease to care about their utterances, dress and cleanliness. They become dulled, apathetic and depressed. In due time, they become disoriented and confused. Their memories become defective, and they experience hallucinations and delusions. In these circumstances their capacity for judgment and discrimination is much impaired. Induced exhaustion and debilitation follows.

The Branch Covidians beta tested isolation and subsequent euthanasia on the elderly all during the scamdemic, which was the kiss of death for those seniors. This is standard coercion method as practiced by satanic Branch Covidians.

Monopolization of perception, such as censoring information, is run along side isolation. The criminals behind the societal breakdown feign “omnipotence” and “omniscience,” often making appeals to authority, especially something called “science.” Meanwhile, they freely make a mockery of the rules as applied to themselves- classic Satanism. Create money from nothing, ultimately taking down economy for regular people, then loot whatever is left.

Threats, often petty, become commonplace. Enforcing trivial demands, such as the number of people allowed in a gathering, becomes the norm.

With regularity, the controllers become unpredictable and grant indulgences, such as temporarily ending curfews and limitations on gatherings.  They may even allow folks to go back to church or play sports. This is to remind people of what they’ve been missing. Then the rug is pulled out from under them again, like a form of cruel Chinese mental water torture.

The notion that the action of the brain, and thereby the action of an individual, might be controlled directly is an ancient one. Electrical brain stimulation was one of the methods “Big Brother” used in Orwell’s 1984 to control his subjects. Cortical stimulation might elicit “memory” and some spontaneous verbalization of information.

Second, animal experiments raised the possibility that subjective experiences from subcortical stimulation might be so intense as to provide a basis for the administration of reinforcements of unprecedented strength. Also, the possibility was raised that organisms might be made more “teachable” by direct interventions of this kind.

A constant supply of oxygen must be brought to the brain by the blood in the amount of approximately 50 cc per minute. The most common way by which the brain becomes deprived of oxygen is by failure of circulation. This could be delivered in Branch Covidian vaccines with additives that cross the blood/brain barrier.

Transient circulatory failure is also involved in “emotional fainting,” which occurs as a result of an acute fall in blood pressure produced by an “emotional” stimulus, such those as described in the coercion methods above.

Diet Change and Starvation

The prolonged deficiency of protein and fat, which is usual in general starvation, very probably contributes to changes in brain function occurring under these circumstances. More immediate and readily recognizable changes in brain function occur when the diet is relatively deficient in one of the accessory foodstuffs, or vitamins, that the body cannot produce itself, but that it requires in small but precise amounts.

Among these, the “B” group of vitamins are the most immediately relevant to the brain, probably because they take part in various processes of carbohydrate metabolism. A relative deficiency of thiamin (vitamin B1) causes beriberi; a deficiency of niacin causes pellagra; a deficiency of vitamin B12 causes pernicious anemia; and a deficiency of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) causes nervousness, insomnia, weakness, abdominal pain and difficulty in walking. All these diseases may be associated with pronounced changes in brain function. Beriberi and pellagra have been endemic among prisoners of war from time immemorial. Protect yourselves from this deficiency during these times.

Then there are Branch Covidian vaccines, pharma drugs and water and food poisonings of various sorts. The internal milieu of the brain contains a number of organic and inorganic substances in solution, and the concentration of each of these is also maintained at a remarkably steady level. Disturbances in the concentration of any of these substances, upward, downward or in their relative proportions, may impair brain function.

People deprived of food very soon develop a persistent hunger, which does not leave them until death approaches or nutrition is restored. Accompanying this hunger, there is a constant preoccupation with food, which may encompass the greater part of waking thoughts and activity. In the most advanced stages of inanition, defects of memory, confusion, hallucinations, delusions and intellectual deficits become evident. The template for this is the Bolshevist Halódómar in Ukraine in the 1930s.


As impairment of brain function continues, concern about “accuracy,” “propriety,” “moral rectitude,” “honor” and “feelings of other people,” and similar “socially oriented” behavior falls away, and an increased concern about sleep, rest, comfort, food and other bodily needs becomes apparent. There is less adherence to niceties in speech, behavior and dress. Emotional displays lose some of their social orientation. Judgment and insight are less acute. Symptoms of impaired orientation appear as impairment proceeds. Memory becomes faulty, the capacity to recall remote events being retained after memory for recent events is lost. Difficulty in simple computations becomes evident. “Delirium” may occur.

For those degraded “survivors” not shot in the head, guillotined and burned in shallow pits, as brain function is impaired and zombified, information derived from past experience generally becomes less potent as a guide for action, whereas information derived from the immediate experience — pain, thirst, discomfort and threats to life — becomes more potent. The “attitude” is likely to change, and the “new man” becomes more “willing” to do whatever is necessary to secure his comfort and survival.

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