AMERIKA: ‘Plato’s Cave’, Dr Naomi Wolf – America’s Broken Digital Hallucinogens

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  • “…I explained how colluding elected officials and government bureaucrats echoed in their turn the “findings” of the lying digital dashboards; and then, the corrupted media echoed the corrupted officials and the corrupted data; and finally, the whole corrupt circle spun round and round through these three mutually impacted worlds of corruption, with you, dazed and disoriented, being lied to, at the center of it all. Plato’s Cave”

America: Broken By Digital Hallucinogens

On An Election-Count Night, A Once-Great Nation is Spun by the Same Digital Tricksters Who Brought Us “The Pandemic”

Dr Naomi Wolf

This is the eve after a broken election, as broken machines count broken vote tallies, and as broken media “calls” outcomes. Everyone in legacy media is waiting “for AP to call the outcome,” which is sadly hilarious, given that AP has a Memorandum of Understanding that it won’t disclose fully to our Congress, with the news agency Xinhua, the CCP’s chief propaganda arm.

Treasonous media call a treasonous election process. []

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In one state, the outcome is being overseen by one of the two main contestants — which is itself a true banana-republic level situation. [].

In my own state, New York, the opposition candidate conceded, to my disgust, when there were still 1.4 million uncounted votes. [] Why? Well, “NBC called” it – the day before. []

All those voters were disenfranchised.

The Statue of Liberty holds up her torch in the dark harbor, disregarded. It’s pretty much Moscow on the Hudson here.

CNN calls people who try to count the vote, as our forefathers intended, “election deniers” and worse. A Presidential candidate who has already made history once, is teasing a new announcement tonight as I write, and most of our legacy digital press has already consigned him to the trash bin of history before he has opened his mouth to speak. Facebook has already called him “off limits.” []

I may not like the former President, myself, but I know that that is not how our system is supposed to work. I want to hear what he has to say. He is a former American President. When former or current American Presidents are consigned to the trash bin of history by the digital press, the digital press is also spitting on and trampling, essentially, the American flag, as they are are thus befouling the will of half of the people.

All of this corruption and nasty trashing of our cherished ideals and symbols as Americans during an election, is taking place in a techie echo chamber in which human physical verifiable choice has been abandoned.

We have been here before, I shall argue.

Electronic “vote totals,” via electronic machines, with no underlying physical correlates “irl” (in real life), ping-pong their way to digital media announcements, which in turn are also taking place without any “irl” correlates. The physical reporters have not observed the physical vote; it’s all digital hearsay. These news stories (or “conjectures”) in turn bounce back again to inform those waiting for the mountingly dramatic announcements, which are being made periodically, by unaccountable election officials.

These guys in turn come forward to talk to the digital press, but they emerge out of dark centralized facilities from which media observers have been excluded.


Where are the totals? How do we check them? How does the reporter transcribing the announcement from Arizona, from Nevada, check them? How do we know that any of this is true?

As I explained in my essay about how electronic machines can cheat so, so very easily, we can’t check the vote — not without the code and our own developers — and the reporters there also cannot check the vote.

Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf

How Electronic Voting Machines Cheat and What to Do About This

We think of the secret ballot as being fundamental to our rights, and indeed to our democratic system, and in many ways that belief is correct. Or it certainly would be correct, if those secret ballots were cast in a verifiable, accurately- tabulating voting system…

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The reporters, if they are not technical, do not even know what to ask.

The people who voted can’t check the votes. The judges, if it ever came to a lawsuit, scarcely understand how to ask to check the totals.

The painstaking counting of paper ballots in the light of public scrutiny, by diligent middle aged ladies (for the most part) in sweaters and glasses, all of this observed in turn by diligent citizens, that I remember so vividly from 2000, and indeed from every election up until a decade ago, is no more.

The officials, the machines and the media are asking us all, voters as well as media, to take their word for what they have to say.

It’s all meta.

Added to the metaphysical nature of digital voting software and the utterly unverifiable nature of statements from election officials in a digital environment, we also have psycho new forms of gaslighting and spin. I watched, appalled, for the past few days, clicking around on news sites, trying to find out — “Who won the House?” “Who won the Senate?”

Google was having a field day. And the answers were in the hands of — Google.

Local newspapers have been killed off, over the past decade, intentionally, by digital consortia, who use local news as a proxy to harvest digital data for advertising. The death of the real, physical Detroit Free Press or the real, physical Bangor Daily News — to be replaced by digital versions of these brands, relying on digital wire services — means that citizens’ access to information as basic as “Who won?” “Who won the election? Who won my state? Who won my county?” is dependent on the very people — the Tech Bros — who (as we saw in the America First Legal FOIAs [] and the Judicial Watch FOIAs and the lawsuits by the ACRU, have corrupt and illegally collusive relationships with – gosh; the party of the incumbents.

These are the same folks who fooled you massively, once already in recent history.

So as you, poor citizen, are just trying to find out who is now running your precinct or county or state or nation, Google will show you authoritative digital “electoral” maps of red and blue — see above — the exact same kinds of digital “live update” maps with which Google and Johns Hopkins/Bloomberg lied and lied from 2020-2022 (and may now be lying still) about COVID infection levels and deaths. []

These electoral maps that Google offers as “authoritative”, like the COVID maps of 2020-2022 that deluded us into murdering our economy and abusing our kids, are not authoritative at all.

The Google electoral maps are not government data, for a starter.

If you look at the fine print (and if you know for what to look), you see that these are third party, highly corrupted data streams.

The Google electoral maps identify the source of their information as “Associated Press”.

And if you look more closely at the AP “calls”, you will see that AP will call a state when barely half the votes are in. And — as with the COVID maps of recent debacles — you cannot see the underlying datasets.

And as Google and AP do this — “call” elections with no verifiable proof to voters — the poor candidate who has been designated by Google and AP and the tech bros, though with zero actual physical evidence for voters to check for themselves, as the “loser,” faces endless calls from donors and media and party hacks, to concede.

(As I tweeted angrily to Lee Zeldin, who scandalously early conceded New York State, a candidate does not have the right to concede before the vote has been counted and shown that he or she has actually lost. That right only belongs to the people, by actually not electing the candidate. Those who concede early before every vote is counted — and ideally adjudicated if there is any question — are giving away something that does not belong to them to yield.)

But this is our “new normal”: AP and Google and CNN will “call” a state based on “projections” or “past voter turnout” or some other nonsense that is not an actual verified checkable government vote count.

I have bad news for you.

This ricocheting digital drama, in which you “irl” are the pinball; these digital two-step smoke-and-mirrors methodologies; is exactly how these same bad actors persuaded you to stay indoors for two years and persuaded you to hold your kids hostage and lose two years of your life.

It is the exact same methodology for the exact same kind of mass hallucination.

I explained in my book The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human, that between 2020 and 2022, Google and Bloomberg and Microsoft and and above all John Hopkins University, conjured a “pandemic” out of digital “COVID dashboards”, that were often essentially whipped up out of thin air. []. See the fine print on this terrifying “COVID tracker”:

I explained how these unverifiable COVID dashboards were manipulated with “peaks” and “valleys” via algorithms that spun what was “counted” and when and how the datasets were counted; or via what the data sources decided to count as “COVID” (such as, in Oregon, presentation of a cough or fever), and also, via unverifiable “projections.”

I also explained how digital media owned by Microsoft and Emerson Collective and Facebook, with some of their owners invested in vaccine passports and mRNA vaccines themselves, reflected the “truth” of the digital dashboards — even though the story about the pandemic that these digital media entities told was not true.

I explained how colluding elected officials and government bureaucrats echoed in their turn the “findings” of the lying digital dashboards; and then, the corrupted media echoed the corrupted officials and the corrupted data; and finally, the whole corrupt circle spun round and round through these three mutually impacted worlds of corruption, with you, dazed and disoriented, being lied to, at the center of it all. Plato’s Cave.

These entities succeeded in manipulating you and us all for two-plus years, by withholding any external examination of the underlying datasets, or the code that was used to count (or to “count”) COVID deaths and illnesses.

To this day, no one external to the project has been allowed to examine publicly the full datasets that were the “basis” for the JHS COVID dashboard that appeared again courtesy of Google, at the top of one’s search every day about “COVID”, or the underlying datasets that appeared on that most valuable media real estate in the world, the front page belonging to The New York Times.

But based on those imaginary dashboards, drawing on unverifiable (and now in some key aspects proven deeply faulty) datasets, American businesses were crushed and American elders died alone and whole American families were held under house arrest.


Guess that credulity on our part was a mistake.

But now — we are succumbing to this exact same spectacle again.

Now, this exact same presentation — tech companies making statements about outcomes, amplified by digital media, that are based on invisible, un-checkable, “proprietary” code and opaque or unverifiable datasets — is being majicked to the American people, to “tell” them what happened in their own election.

The same bad actors as before, are colluding to spin the American people to believe that what the bad actors say about the election, is true; but once again they offer no evidence for independent digital verification.

Google makes a statement about elections outcomes based on AP. AP is in bed, as noted above, with Xinhua, which is owned by the CCP, our existential adversary which has a documented relationship with — the party in power.

AP/Xinhua makes a statement about outcomes; Google features it.

And all of this is founded upon datasets and code from electronic voting machines, which we cannot check for ourselves.

Did this election really happen, to date, the way that Google and AP and MSNBC (owned by Microsoft), and the election officials themselves, declare?

Who knows?

I speak, again, as CEO of a successful tech company.

If we can’t see the underlying datasets and we can’t see the code, there is no way to be sure any of this happened the way we are being told it happened — at all.

For all we know, an entirely different cast of characters could have actually won the election.

I remember another nation.

I am old enough to remember the solemn, careful ritual of the accurate counting of paper ballots; election evening, with its great sigh, a beautiful national sigh, of relief, at the end of the night, that the will of the people — whether you got your choice in the end, or the other folks did — was intact.

Maybe you were personally disappointed, back in those days of verifiable election outcomes; but I remember how blessed the final result felt either way, and I recall how you took up your life in the morning feeling lucky overall, because you lived in a great Republic; and because there had been a peaceful, verifiable, transparent transfer of power.

Now, if you accept the outcome that is being presented to you with zero objective verification — by officials, by corrupt media, by Google and AP, based on datasets you cannot examine and “proprietary” code you cannot see — you are just as gullible, and you will be just as duped, as you were from 2020-2022, in an earlier conjured digital spectacle: that one medical; this one electoral.

You will be just as bewitched and just as fooled as you were when these same bad actors swore to you up and down, on every digital surface, with fake and unverifiable data in abundance, that a virus that had trouble killing healthy younger people or teens or children was piling up their bodies in droves; and that a vaccine that never worked in the first place at all, except to injure and sterilize and kill, was “99% effective” and “95% effective” and “safe and effective.”

Fool me once, etc.

But: think about who ran the great medical delusion of 2020-2022.

Then consider: — the favorite candidates of Microsoft and of Google and of Emerson Collective, and of Bill Gates — (if with a tiny, piquant sprinkling of exceptions, for spice) — just happen to have swept up almost all the political power in this formerly very great nation.

At least, so say the tech bros.

Which is not the same as anything really having happened, “irl”, at all.

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