THE 9/11 PSY-OPERA: The 9/11 “Double-Cross” Conspiracy Theory (Part 2) – By Laurent Guyénot

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  • “…In the same New York gang of super-sayanim must be counted Zionist billionaire Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, who insured the Twin Towers but took the precaution of reinsuring the contract with competitors. In 1993, Greenberg took control of Kroll Incorporated, which provided security throughout the World Trade Center complex. And in 1999, his son Jeffrey Greenberg became CEO of Marsh & McLennan, which happened to occupy floors 93 to 100 of the North Tower, precisely the floors where an American Airlines Boeing crashed — as captured exclusively and miraculously by the camera of the twice Emmy-Awarded Naudet brothers”

THE 9/11 PSY-OPERA: The 9/11 “Double-Cross” Conspiracy Theory (Part 2) – By Laurent Guyénot

Continued From Part 1…

Two signatures

Those who had the means to bring down the Twin Towers and Tower 7 were those who owned these towers and controlled access to them. They were almost exclusively dual citizens with a strong loyalty to Israel and intimate connections to Israeli heads of State. To begin with, the three towers belonged to Larry Silverstein, whose complicity is so well established that I need not repeat the arguments. Does Silverstein’s complicity point to “inside job”? Is Silverstein a friend of George W. Bush and calls him every Sunday? No. Haaretz reported on November 21, 2001 that Silverstein, who six weeks before 9/11 made “the largest real-estate transaction in the history of New York” — “the climax of his life” — had “close ties with Netanyahu” and that: “The two have been on friendly terms since Netanyahu’s stint as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. For years they kept in close touch. Every Sunday afternoon, New York time, Netanyahu would call Silverstein. … Their ties continued after Netanyahu became prime minister.” Other friends of Silverstein include Yitzhak Rabin, Ariel Sharon, and “Ehud Barak, whom Silverstein in the past offered a job as his representative in Israel.”[7]

Silverstein is “Israeli job”, not “inside job”. He figures at the highest rank among the 15,000 sayanim in the U.S. in the estimation of Gordon Thomas in Gideon’s Spies (2007). So does his partner Frank Lowy, friend of Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, and founder of the Israeli Institute for National Strategy and Policy. So does Ronald Lauder, who, as chairman of the New York State Privatization Commission — or was it as president of the World Jewish Congress — granted the lease to Silverstein and Lowy.

In the same New York gang of super-sayanim must be counted Zionist billionaire Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, who insured the Twin Towers but took the precaution of reinsuring the contract with competitors. In 1993, Greenberg took control of Kroll Incorporated, which provided security throughout the World Trade Center complex. And in 1999, his son Jeffrey Greenberg became CEO of Marsh & McLennan, which happened to occupy floors 93 to 100 of the North Tower, precisely the floors where an American Airlines Boeing crashed — as captured exclusively and miraculously by the camera of the twice Emmy-Awarded Naudet brothers.

No wonder Netanyahu could foresee, as early as 1995, that “if the West doesn’t wake up to the suicidal nature of militant islam, the next thing you’ll see is militant islam is bringing down the World Trade Center,” as he bragged about on CNN on November 23, 2006.[8] The “dancing Israelis” also had foreknowledge of the attacks on the Twin Towers. So did those who sent Odigo messages from Israel two hours before the crash, or the executives of Zim Israel Navigational who moved their 200 employees away from the WTC one week before the attacks — “like an act of God,” commented CEO Shaul Cohen-Mintz[9], confusing “Yahweh, the god of Israel,” with the Heavenly Father.

There were no dancing Israelis at the Pentagon, and no Israeli prophecy of an attack on the Pentagon. To say that Israel’s hand was nowhere to be seen there would be exaggerated and insulting to Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Dov Zakheim and many more. But you get the point: the Pentagon attack is a false flag attack most certainly organized from within the military establishment (or the National Security State), and meant to justify the invasion of Afghanistan. In contrast, the attacks on the Twin Towers were an Israeli job, almost with ostentation. It was not meant to justify the invasion of Afghanistan — the Pentagon attack sufficed for this. It was meant to amplify the Pentagon operation into a devastating, cataclysmic, catalyzing event that could kick-start a war against the proverbial “seven nations” enemies of Israel (Deuteronomy 7, Josiah 24, Wesley Clark).

Here is an additional clue from the planes allegedly hijacked on 9/11. None of these commercial jets really flew that day (Kollerstrom makes a good case for this in Who Did 9/11?), but records of the flights’ takeoff and passenger lists had to be fabricated. Flight AA77 allegedly took off from Washington (Dulles Airport) before crashing in the nearby Pentagon. It could easily be injected virtually into the war games conducted that very day by the North-East Air Defense Sector (NEADS) of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). For some reason, the script included a special appearance of the Solicitor General’s wife with her futuristic cell-phone, introducing the box-cutters. My guess is that most passengers were fictional, although the list may have been used to cover the murder of a few undesirables such as Bryan Jack, who, we are told, died at the precise location of his Pentagon office … because he was on a business trip on Flight AA77.

Flights AA11 and UA175 that crashed into the Twin Towers were also, in all probability, inserted in the war games, but in those two cases, additional help appears to have been needed from the Mossad. Both flights allegedly took off from Boston Logan airport, which subcontracted its security and passenger management to Huntleigh USA Corporation, bought in 1999 by International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS), an Israeli firm headed by former Israeli military officers and veterans of Israeli intelligence agencies, including Menachem Atzmon, a treasurer of the Likud party and close friend of future Prime minister Ehud Olmert (2006-2009). (Huntleigh also controlled Newark Airport in New Jersey, from which UA93 allegedly took off before allegedly crashing in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, but I will not include UA93 into the equation in order to keep it simple.)[10] So Israel’s fingerprints are found not only all over the Twin Towers, but also around the flights reported to have crashed into them.

To recap: the Pentagon event was circumscribed to the Washington area, airport included. It was an inside job, requiring only a very small number of people in the know. The purpose was to create a pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan, which had been planned in advance by Pentagon strategists and Deep State operatives. Those who faked the Pentagon attack didn’t bother to provide credible video images of a crash; they were confident that Americans would trust what the authorities would tell them happened, because they knew that the overthrow of the hated Taliban would raise no protest.

In contrast, the WTC event was entirely staged, from the takeoff airport to the crash site, under the control of ultra-Zionists financiers and entrepreneurs. It required the cooperation of a vast network of dedicated sayanim in very high position, both within and outside the administration. It was aimed at plunging the American people into a rage sufficient to make them support — even demand — total war against any country that neocons would designate as harboring terrorists. The goal was, as simply stated by Eliot Cohen and Norman Podhoretz, World War IV, that is, step four toward the making of Greater Israel as imperial power (the biblical project, no less). In the art of manufacturing consent for war, they were in a different league from those who staged the Pentagon attack. With all major corporate medias owned by sayanim, they had confidence in their power to create, select and control the images that Americans see, and their ability to put Americans in hypnotic trance by a “psy-opera” of unprecedented scale.

If our hypothesis is correct, then we should see, right after the 9/11 attacks, a conflict between two groups within the Bush administration: one group of classic Imperial strategists advocating the punitive invasion of Afghanistan and nothing else, and another group dominated by Zionists calling for preemptive wars on Iraq, Iran, Syria, and all regimes unfriendly to Israel. This is precisely what we witnessed. But before looking back at the way the crypto-Zionists managed to get their war on Iraq, a brief presentation of the two competing groups is in order.

Anatomy of the Deep State

What we commonly call the Deep State may have always existed within the United States, but it became a more dominant reality since the National Security Act signed by Truman in 1947, with the creation of the National Security Council, the CIA, and other institutions. Historically, we can say on first approximation that the Deep State is the unelected and semi-secret government of the Empire, under the control of globalist interests. It has its own ideology, which we may call American imperialism, rooted in an old sense of America’s Manifest Destiny.

One of the oldest, most emblematic and most influential institution of this backstage imperialism is the Council on Foreign Relation. CFR members are internationalists who work through financial and political institutions. They represent the interests of international bankers and investors, who founded the CFR. Although there is no strict uniformity of view among CFR members, it can be said that the CFR is not, historically, pro-Israel. Still today, Israel’s violation of international laws is a subject of criticism in many articles published in the CFR’s magazine, Foreign Affairs. Continued friendship with the Saudi dynasty is also, to this day, the preferred policy of the CFR, as illustrated by this very report, The Case for a New U.S.-Saudi Strategic Compact.

One prominent member of the CFR in the last decades had been Zbigniew Brzezinski. As the title of his best-selling book The Grand Chessboard indicates, Brzezinski was a strategist in the old British tradition of the Great Game, which aims at preventing the unification of Eurasia under Russian leadership. As Carter’s National Security Advisor, Brzezinski instigated the destabilization of the secular and pro-Soviet Afghan regime by financing and arming the Mujahideen. In 2001, he had an interest in cleaning up the mess that he had created there. Let us here point out that Brzezinski had, as early as 1997, in reference to the need for public support in imperialistic wars, pointed to the importance of the “shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor” in the past.[11] That was three years before PNAC expressed the need for “some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor” in their report Rebuilding America’s Defenses. That is a significant detail in support of the hypothesis that PNACers essentially seized and hijacked the Brezinskians’ rhetoric and scheme.

At stake in Afghanistan was the project of an oil pipeline funded by UNOCAL (Union Oil of California). As documented by French experts Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquié in Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy and the Failed Hunt for Bin Laden (2002), in the early months of 2001, the Bush administration was still negotiating with Kabul, but in July, negotiators lost confidence in the ability of the Taliban to stabilize the country. Their overthrow was planned, together with the pretext for it, including elaborate drawings of Bin Laden’s cave in Tora Bora.[12] The fact that the operation is set in motion less than a month after the 9/11 attacks proves that it was planned in advance (see Nafeez Ahmed, The War on Freedom, 2001). There were, of course, other criminal elements pushing for the restoration of the Opium trade in Afghanistan, which they got.

Besides overthrowing the Taliban, American imperialists shared with their Saudi friends an interest in getting rid of Osama bin Laden, whose declared goal was to free Saudi Arabia from American bases and tutelage, and to bring an end to the corrupt Saudi monarchy (as stated in his 1996 Declaration of War Against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places). George H.W. Bush, a much honored CFR director, was a notorious business friend of the Saudis. As head of the CIA under Ford, he had favored ties with the Saudi dynasty rather than the Mossad, and as president, together with his Secretary of State James Baker, he arm-twisted Israel to the Madrid Conference in November 1991.

Israel is, of course, the great rival of Saudi Arabia for the position of best friend of the U.S. American Zionists have been working hard to undermine U.S.-Saudi ties. Moreover, unlike imperialist Great Gamers like Brzezinski, they were not interested in the conquest of Afghanistan — although they know how to take advantage of any war. What they want is to draw the U.S. into proxy wars against their enemies. Their first priority is the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the destruction of the Iraqi State.

In order to progressively take control of U.S. foreign and military policy, the neocons pursued two strategies: they sought to gain the high ground and the dominant voice over all American Jewish institutions, with think-tanks like the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA); and they sought to dictate U.S. imperial military strategy, with think-tanks like the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), posturing as believers in America’s world-saving mission.

Although CFR imperialists traditionally favor working through international institutions such as the United Nations, PNAC crypto-Zionists promoted a unilateralist approach, targeting specially Israel’s enemies. Although they failed to force president Bush Senior into taking over Iraq in 1991, they kept pushing for it (David Wurmser, Tyranny’s Ally: America’s Failure to Defeat Saddam Hussein, 1999).

Progressively, they succeeded in becoming a major force within the Deep State itself, to the point that today, it could almost be said that Israel is America’s Deep State. But it was not quite so in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Two options after 9/11

After 9/11, Colin Powell, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for thirty-five years (and board member from 2006 to 2016), announced a limited operation in Afghanistan. Brzezinski was in the same line of thinking. So was the Bush clan. But Bush Jr. doesn’t count; he was under the spell of those that his father used to call “the crazies”. While he was reading My Pet Goat, his vice-president was running operations from the White House bunker (the PEOC), under the guidance of his crypto-Zionist assistant Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

This is the appropriate place to answer a legitimate objection to the theory of the double-crossed conspiracy: Since the attacks on the Twin Towers preceded the attack on the Pentagon, why didn’t the Pentagon abort its own operation in the meantime? Answer: Because those who had the authority to abort the Pentagon false-flag attack were Cheney and Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld’s whereabouts at the time is unclear — he seems to have made himself unavailable —, but the testimony of the Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, who was with Cheney at the PEOC, tends to indicate that Cheney had the authority to abort the operation but refused to do it. Mineta declared before the 9/11 Commission, on the 23rd of May, 2003:

“During the time that the airplane was coming in to the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice-President, ‘The plane is 50 miles out.’ ‘The plane is 30 miles out.’ And when it got down to ‘the plane is 10 miles out,’ the young man also said to the Vice-President, ‘Do the orders still stand?’ And the Vice-President turned and whipped his neck around and said, ‘Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?’”[13]

Despite what 9/11 Commission vice chairman Lee Hamilton implies in his questions, Mineta’s answers suggest that Cheney’s order was a stand-down order not to shoot the “plane” coming towards the Pentagon.

Rumsfeld and Cheney have been mercenaries for the Neocons ever since they entered Ford’s administration and introduced Richard Perle’s protégés Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pipes through the backdoor. This also explains why, a mere five hours after the attacks, Rumsfeld asked his team in the National Military Command Center to provide “all and any information” linking the attacks to Iraq: “Best info fast. Judge whether good enough hit Saddam Hussein at same time. Not only UBL [Usama bin Laden]. Go massive. Sweep it all up. Things related and not” (according to notes obtained by David Martin, correspondent on the National Security Council for CBS News).[14]

On September 19th and 20th, Richard Perle’s Defense Policy Board met with Paul Wolfowitz and Bernard Lewis,[15] but without Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. They prepared a letter to the President, in PNAC letterhead, to remind him of his historic mission: “even if evidence does not link Iraq directly to the attack, any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. Failure to undertake such an effort will constitute an early and perhaps decisive surrender in the war on international terrorism.”[16] Perle would continue to claim against all evidence that Mohamed Atta, the alleged ringleader of the 9/11 terrorists, “met Saddam Hussein in Baghdad prior to September 11. We have proofs of that.”[17]

The rumors of a link between Saddam and Al-Qaeda were finally abandoned in favor of the no less fictional threat posed by Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction,” with an emphasis on biological weapons. Just a week after September 11, Richard Perle told CNN that the next terror attack is likely to involve “chemical or biological weapons.” And it did: on September 18th and October 9th, four letters contaminated with anthrax were mailed to journalists and senators (curiously, two senators opposed to the USA PATRIOT Act, Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy), causing 22 deaths. The letters were written in such a way as to clearly identify the author as fanatic Muslim: “You can not stop us. We have this anthrax. You die now. Are you afraid? Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah is great.”

Prior to the sending of the letters, the FBI received an anonymous letter accusing Professor Ayaad Assaad, an American of Egyptian origin, of being a bio-terrorist. It was determined that the strains of anthrax came from the military laboratory in Utah where Assaad worked. The FBI found Assad innocent. It was later revealed in the Hartford Courant that in 1992 surveillance cameras had captured Lieutenant Colonel Philip Zack entering the laboratory’s storage location illegally, and that, in the same period, pathogens had disappeared from the center. Zack had been discharged from the laboratory after a complaint by Assad for receiving a racist letter co-signed by Zack.[18] The FBI paid no attention to this revelation, having probably been warned by their boss Michael Chertoff to leave the sayanim alone.

The anthrax attacks came handy to give credibility to the threat of Saddam’s WMD. Cheney and Rumsfeld circumvented CIA director George Tenet, who knew that Saddam was no longer in possession of such weapons, and renewed their winning “Team B” strategy from the 70s, essentially overtaking the CIA with a parallel structure set up to produce the alarmist report they needed: the Office of Special Plans (OSP). Nicknamed “the Cabal,” the OSP was controlled by neocons William Luti, Abram Shulsky, Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz.

In September 2002, dummy Bush Jr. signed the National Security Strategy report (NSS 2002), which defined what would be called the “Bush doctrine” — despite being an update to the 1992 “Wolfowitz doctrine” of preemptive wars. On October 7, he read on his teleprompter that, “Saddam Hussein is a homicidal dictator who is addicted to weapons of mass destruction,” who could at any time “provide a biological or chemical weapon to a terrorist group or individual terrorists.”[19]

Colin Powell found himself pressured by those he called the “separate little government” composed of “Wolfowitz, Libby, Feith, and Feith’s ‘Gestapo Office’.”[20] On February 5, 2003, he declared to the General Assembly of the United Nations, “there can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more. And he has the ability to dispense these lethal poisons and diseases in ways that can cause massive death and destruction.”[21] After leaving his post in 2004, he called this speech “a blot on my record,” adding, “and there is nothing I can do to change that blot.”[22] I find these words revealing. We would expect him to think first of the unspeakable suffering inflicted on the Iraqi people because of him, but what is on his mind is “a blot on his record,” and the possibility of editing it out. Such a man is easy to buy or blackmail. His “record” (in Vietnam) is in the hands of Jewish medias anyway, who, from one day to the next, can turn his public image from war hero to war criminal.

It is no longer a matter of debate that the Iraq war was primarily an Israeli job (John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, 2007). The CFR (which I mention here as representative of the American imperialist school) remained overwhelmingly critical of the Iraq war, wishing that the Neocons’ ideas “lie buried in the sand of Iraq” forever. But they had lost control of American foreign policy, and have not regained it since. As for Brzezinski, he denounced before the Senate “a historical, strategic and moral calamity … driven by Manichean impulses and imperial hubris” (February 2007).

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Nowhere is the divergence of goals between the CFR Imperialists and the PNAC crypto-Zionists more evident than in their approach to Saudi Arabia, America’s strategic ally in the Middle East since Roosevelt’s Quincy Pact. Weeks after the attacks of September 11th, David Wurmser both a PNAC member and a co-author of the 1996 Clean Break report to Netanyahu, opened the hostilities in the Weekly Standard with an article titled “The Saudi Connection,” claiming that the royal family was behind the attack.[23]

Then in December 2002 news outlet started mentioning the 28 redacted pages of the “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001” conducted by the Senate and House Select Committees on Intelligence. These pages, finally disclosed in 2016, pretended to show that some of the hijackers, 15 of them Saudi citizens, received financial and logistical support from individuals linked to the Saudi government. Needless to say, since no Saudi hijacked any plane on 9/11, this report is as bogus as the whole 9/11 Commission report. But on that fabricated basis, Richard Perle and David Frum argued in their book An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror (2003), that “the Saudis qualify for their own membership in the axis of evil,” and implore President Bush to “tell the truth about Saudi Arabia,” namely that the Saudi princes finance Al-Qaeda.[24] Senator Bob Graham was the most active on mainstream channels accusing Bush to have covered the Saudi involvement in 9/11 because of “the special personal friendship between the [Saudi] royal family and the highest levels of our national government [meaning the President].”[25] Along this line of argument, you now have books like The Stealth Saudi Arabian Takeover of America.

Conclusion: the collapse of the twin lies

My model is too simple, I know. In reality, the dividing line between Imperialists and Zionists is blurry. Take Henry Kissinger, for example, a pillar of the CFR since 1956, who served as a member of its Board of Directors from 1977 to 1981. It is hard to distinguish in him the Imperialist and the Zionist. But the fact is that, until the 1970s, most American Big Jews like him were not unconditionally supportive of Israel. Their conversion began in 1967, on the condition that Israeli leaders recognize their crucial role and stop catechizing them into emigrating. On this new understanding of “what is good for the Jews”, Israel and the Diaspora reunited like a school of fish, giving birth to what J.J. Goldberg called “the new Jews” in America (Jewish Power, 1997). It is the mission of the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs to maintain this covenant — and Israel’s pool of sayanim.

Kissinger, like so many others, followed the trend, and after 9/11 aligned himself with the neocons, as did his protégé L. Paul Bremer. On February 13, 2002, Kissinger suggested that, after the success of their mission in Afghanistan, the U.S. should keep the momentum by invading Iraq (“because Afghanistan was not enough,” he later explained).

My attempt to distinguish between two operations within 9/11 may also be simplistic, especially since the Pentagon was heavily infiltrated by the most ardent secret Zionists. Yet I think it has its value as a working hypothesis, at least in bridging the gap between the “inside-jobbers” and the “Israeli-jobbers” among 9/11 truthers. The Pentagon attack appears to have been planned in Washington, while the WTC attacks were planned in Tel Aviv and New York. The Pentagon fakery was an inside job, but the Twin Towers “psy-opera” was an Israeli job. Since the attack on the Twin Towers came to define 9/11 in public consciousness, we can say that Israel did 9/11, but we must keep in mind that they could only do it with impunity by plugging into a Pentagon operation of smaller scope. The U.S. National Security State did part of 9/11, but that was the smallest part — just big enough for being blackmailed into submission to Israel’s agenda.

That is why “9/11 was an inside job” is not just a half-truth; it is a lie by omission. 9/11 truthers who keep chanting this mantra and bringing up Operation Northwood instead of the USS Liberty, are fundamentally misleading Americans and providing cover for the real rogue State of the Middle East. I am not including in this critic 9/11 engineers, architects, pilots and so on who expose the technical impossibilities of the official conspiracy theory and demand a new investigation, without claiming to know who did 9/11. I am talking of those who point the finger exclusively to the Bush administration, without even hinting at the Neocons’ foreign loyalty. I can understand the logic of feeding Americans the truth one bit at a time, but what is the point of serving them the same overchewed bit for 21 years? Why continue to focus on the “inside job” angle, when the larger picture makes so much more sense?

Now, it is good strategy for enemy countries of the American NATO Empire to start calling 9/11 an “inside job” in their information warfare, as Russia, China, Iran and others will increasingly do. A year ago, for example, Russia’s state-owned news agency RIA Novosti published a 9/11 analysis by its star journalist Viktoria Nikiforova, titled “The U.S. refuses to reveal the secret of 9/11” (translation here) and including the following: “Experts at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks calculated that the fire could not have led to the collapse of the third skyscraper, which is surprisingly rarely mentioned by the mainstream media.” We can expect more of the same this month. But Americans are in a totally different position: if they care for their future, they have to start naming their real enemy. Naming the Neocons for what they really are is a good start. When speaking to Jewish audiences, their mentor Leo Strauss expressed no concern for the U.S. other than what it can do to further the Jews’ global destiny, for, he said, “since a very, very early time the main theme of my reflections has been what is called the ‘Jewish question’” (see my article “9/11 was a Straussian Coup”). Strauss did not intend this lecture to be published, but it is. Why then do most 9/11 truthers continue to rely on books with titles such as Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire, or Leo Strauss and the American Right, or Leo Strauss and Anglo-American Democracy? Let us say it again and again: the Straussian Neocons are crypto-Zionist traitors who did 9/11 to drag America into proxy wars for Israel.

Let’s be honest: those who refuse to discuss, or even think about Israel’s involvement in 9/11, do it for the same reason that most people refrain from blaming Israel, no matter how many crimes Israel commits. Some things haven’t changed for two thousand years: “no one spoke about him openly, for fear of the Jews” (Gospel of John 7:13). Fear of the Jews is legitimate, but should not be confused with love of the truth. Fear of the Jews, remember, is the happy ending of the Book of Esther, after the Jews of Persia preemptively slaughtered their enemies (under the “rise and kill first” principle): “there was joy and gladness among the Jews, with feasting and holiday-making. Of the country’s population many became Jews, since now the Jews were feared” (8:17). Every year Jews celebrate this joyful bloodbath by the feast of Purim. And as Kevin Barrett has noted, “Purim exalts and commemorates an ancient operation very much like 9/11. It glorifies the deceptions of Esther, who concealed her Jewish identity to seduce the King of Persia, then slyly tricked him into slaughtering 75,000 people deemed ‘enemies of the Jews.’” That is the deeper truth of 9/11: like Zionism itself, 9/11 is biblical.

I will leave the last word to the first 9/11 Truther:[26]


Here is an additional piece of evidence of the double-cross scenario. In the summer of 2001, the Drug Enforcement Agency issued a report that was revealed to the public by Intelligence Online magazine in March 2002. According to this report, 140 Israeli spies, aged 20 to 30, had been arrested between March 2001 and September 11th. According to the D.E.A. report, “the Hollywood, Florida area seems to be a central point for these individuals.” More than 30 of the 140 Israeli spies identified prior to 9/11 resided in or near Hollywood, Florida. By an incredible coincidence, this geographic area is also where 14 of the 19 alleged Islamist hijackers had congregated. This was first pointed out by Justin Raimondo in The Terror Enigma: 9/11 and the Israeli Connection (iUniversal, 2003, p. 3). The names of the hijackers and their residence at the time can be checked on this FBI page:

Now here is an even more astonishing coincidence: it turns out that the only hijackers who were not part of those residing close to the Israeli spy ring were those of AA77, the Pentagon plane. That is as clear an indication as we can get that the complete list of hijackers had two different origins: the identities of the 14 “hijackers” of AA11, UA175, and UA93 were gathered in advance by Israelis living in the Hollywood, Florida, area. They were added to the list already prepared by the Pentagon plotters, that included only the 5 hijackers of AA77.


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