FOOD FRAUD: Death Sentence By Starvation – By Chris MacIntosh

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  • “…Let me be blunt. The inevitable consequence is mass starvation…Nitrogen is THE most important nutrient for crops. The invention of synthetic nitrogen is what allowed humanity to grow from a population of under 2 billion to almost 8 billion within a century. No synthetic nitrogen means no food”

Death Sentence by Starvation – By Chris MacIntosh

Death Sentence by Starvation

“You can’t build a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery”

(Norman Borlaug)

Trudeau pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction.

The sales pitch by Trudeau is that by cutting nitrous oxide emissions the central planners will save the planet from assured annihilation. Like any ridiculous war, whereby the goal is so broadly defined so as to ensure a never ending and ultimately unwinnable war (see war on “terror” and the war on “hate speech” as prime examples), this one too has a fugazi aspect to it. The target now is “emissions from agricultural sources” and they intend to reduce these 30% by 2030. For agriculture, that means cutting applications of nitrogen fertilizer.

Let me be blunt. The inevitable consequence is mass starvation.

Farmers will find their businesses under intense pressure as they are forced to try to make ends meet while reducing productivity. This will see many fail. But fear not, their land will be purchased by the likes of Bill Gates, Blackrock, and the government via various “collective bodies,” who will, via a complicit media, explain that this is needed “for the good of everyone,” of course. The net result will be a catastrophic decline in the aggregate food supply, and people will starve. We’ll be told that “the old way wasn’t sustainable” and we’ll be offered synthetic lab grown isht that will be referred to incorrectly as food and specifically meat. It is neither and will, like high fructose corn syrup, further weaken and sicken people. A perpetual never ending cycle of dependent, mentally, and physically sick populace reliant on the technocrats for their very survival.

Nitrogen is THE most important nutrient for crops. The invention of synthetic nitrogen is what allowed humanity to grow from a population of under 2 billion to almost 8 billion within a century.

No synthetic nitrogen means no food.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is generated as part of nitrogen fertilizer. The pointy shoes and their “sanctioned” experts have categorized N2O as an extremely potent greenhouse gas alongside methane. Why N2O and methane? Well, N2O hits directly at ALL crops and methane hits directly at all animals farmed. Every one of them. The hobgoblin of climate change is being used to obtain full and total control over the entire food industry. Quite a feat.

Canada is one of the major agricultural players globally. That means it’s an export powerhouse. But this isn’t possible without nitrogen fertilizer.

Canada produces 8% of the world’s tradable wheat, 10% of tradable barley, and well over 50% of tradable canola.

Cut nitrogen usage by 30%, and you’re not going to simply see a consequent 30% reduction in Canada’s food supply. It doesn’t work like that. Cut 30% nitrogen usage and you have entire farm failures. Imagine any business where, for argument’s sake, your margins are 20% (they’re less in farming) and you see a 30% fall in production or something like that. You go out of business. 100% out of business. Poof! Gone! Some obviously will survive, but the production collapse is some figure north of 30%. And all that’s likely gone from the world market.

Global food insecurity is already rising rapidly.

As we pointed out before COVID we were due a bull market in agricultural prices simply due to the energy component. Now, of course, it’s much, much worse. The world is staring down the barrel of a looming humanitarian catastrophe at a scale unseen since the mid-20th century.

The decision by Canadian and Dutch elites to restrict nitrogen usage is nothing less than a death sentence to millions globally to die of starvation. This self-righteous posturing by Canadian and Dutch WEF shills is about to create untold human suffering.

The only positive out of this situation is that with each subsequent lockdown and disastrous policy initiated the populace will become angrier.

Like every empire before it, this one, too, is likely to succumb under the weight of its own debts.

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