GLADIO: ‘Opportunity, Means & Motive’, An Alternative Version of Waco (Flashback)

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“..For all intents and purposes, Bill and Hillary Clinton were running the Waco operation out of the White House…Nevertheless, Janet Reno was apparently set up as the bad guy/gal, her role allegedly posing a threat to her reappointment. Or did it? According to Dick Morris, Janet Reno madet a cryptic remark [minute 3:10] about the Waco incident in connection with her reappointment: “If you don’t appoint me, I’m going to tell the truth about Waco”…What did she mean by “the truth about Waco?”, What could she tell us that would have broken the spell?”


The Waco drama was piloted by the 1992 standoff at Ruby Ridge (which also needs to be reconsidered) and served as a prequel of sorts to the Oklahoma City bombing. In fact, we have since been fed a steady stream of lies about how Timothy McVeigh, another intelligence asset-patsy, , who was so disturbed about the attacks on Ruby Ridge and Waco that he had to go and bomb a federal building, just to… well, who knows what these madmen are actually thinking. That´s the point, isn’t it? We simply cannot comprehend the evil souls of terrorists, and their innocuous disguises leave us clueless. In Oklahoma, it was the boy next door, and in Waco, it was the seductive preacherman. Y´all beware!

For all intents and purposes, Bill and Hillary Clinton were running the Waco operation out of the White House. As former Clinton Advisor Dick Morris put it: “Bill Clinton personally orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas tragedy.” Nevertheless, Janet Reno was apparently set up as the bad guy/gal, her role allegedly posing a threat to her reappointment. Or did it? According to Dick Morris, Janet Reno madet a cryptic remark [minute 3:10] about the Waco incident in connection with her reappointment for a second four-year term: “If you don’t appoint me, I’m going to tell the truth about Waco”. Could this be the remark of a woman who had her head on the chopping block, and used the only leverage she had? But wait a minute. What did she mean by “the truth about Waco?” The general public was already as dazed as deer in the media headlights. What could she tell us that would have broken the spell?

Interestingly, three of Bill Clinton´s bodyguards during his 1992 election campaign were engaged in the Waco operation as officers of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). [Remember that for later, when Miles looks more closely at Koresh.] Not only that. Out of the four BATF officers who were killed in the initial raid on Mt. Carmel on February 28, 1993, three of them were the very same former Clinton bodyguards. The deadly exchange of fire between the officers and Branch Davidians happened just as the TV cameras were rolling, believe it or not.

The BATF investigation report, made public as an affidavit for the search warrant, was a key part of the official story about the Waco operation. Though it was scripted as an official document, it can also be read as the synopsis for Episode One of the Waco drama. In my view it functions better as the synopsis, but in any case, the “report” gives the readers important clues. Notice that Ms. Sparks of the Human Services department, describing her tour of Mt. Carmel on April 6, 1992, “felt the entire walk through the compound was staged for her by Koresh”. Let´s take her word for it. What did “cult leader Koresh” tell her at the end of the tour? He said he was the “Messenger” from God, that the world was coming to an end, and that when he “reveals” himself the riots in Los Angeles would pale in comparison to what was going to happen in Waco, Texas. He further explained that it would be a “military type operation” and that “non-believers” would have to suffer. Was this a creepy prediction by an “evil Messiah”, or was it foreknowledge of the forthcoming Waco reality show? If we go for the latter, and assume that Ms. Sparks was not an actor in the Waco show, we can deduce that the Waco drama was already scripted in April 1992, and that the actors were on the payroll. What else happened in April 1992? Well, Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas clinched the Democratic nomination. On election day, November 3, 1992, he won 43% of the popular vote and a wide majority in the Electoral College. On January 20, 1993, William Jefferson Clinton was inaugurated as 42nd President of the United States. As mentioned, Bill and Hillary Clinton are known to have run the Waco operation from the White House. They were in the White House by February 1993. Opportunity: Check.

How was the Waco reality drama staged and enacted? As mentioned, we can read the synopsis for Episode One in the investigation report. This is a good start, because it sets the stage for the entire series. What is notable is that the Mt. Carmel compound was secluded and well guarded before the February 28, 1993 kick-off. The “surprise raid” was of course caught on camera, since a TV crew was invited to document the event. That´s what happens at “surprise raids”, right? After the show had started, access to the site was of course strictly controlled. Visual images and footage was provided by the federal agencies. Fortunately, aerial photos were available already, and further aerial footage was shot from helicopters. As for the audio, telephone lines were tapped, and later, there were leaked tapes of phone calls between “cult leaders” and “negotiators”. In addition to interviews with “ex-Branch Davidians”, reports about the statements of unpredictable “cult members” were the only “evidence” of what was really going on inside the compound. David Koresh did of course provide some “home videos” from inside the compound, where he “interviewed” his innocent children and showed off the “wound” to his stomach. Footage was also available as “hostages were released from the compound”, keeping viewers glued to the TV as the show went on. Most of the freed hostages were children, who were too young and “too traumatized” to give news interviews. This provided ample scope for news anchors to make suggestive remarks on the ongoings in the compound. Once the back story was firmly established, the horrific details could be left to the viewers´ imagination. It´s fair to conclude that the events of the initial raid, the 51-day siege, and the grand finale on April 19, 1993, were all relayed to the news channels in carefully scripted updates from law enforcement agencies, produced for viewers by the big media companies.

Operations such as this are meant to terrorize the public, not to kill the actors. How would they be able to cast new actors in the future, if they were unable to convince the actors of their safety and benefits after the curtains fall? Nevertheless, there may have been fatal accidents during the Waco production. One of the BATF officers may have fallen off the roof. Somebody may have been accidently killed inside the compound. This cannot be ruled out.

However, nearly all the bodies of the victims were conveniently cremated in the fiery inferno, and later the remains were also left to decompose further for days, in the scorching heat of a closed cattle trailer parked on the Mt. Carmel production site. For unknown reasons, the body of Michael Schroeder was also left to decompose, as mentioned above. At this point, I believe the story about the decomposed body was indeed a cover-up for something else. It was a cover-up for the fact that Michael Schroeder had not been killed by BATF agents. Rather, along with Vernon Wayne Howell, Steven Schneider and who knows how many other “Branch Davidians”, he was an actor in the Waco reality show. Means: Check.

Now for the motive. Why on earth would a US President and his First Lady launch a psychological operation that made the attorney general and federal law enforcement agencies look so completely incompetent, foolish and cruel? Why would they stage a “military type operation” for live TV coverage, in which innocent babies, prophets of the Lord (sinful or not) and free spirits in a commune appeared to be murdered in a fiery inferno? Are the script writers sick, or is there a method to the madness? Let´s assume the latter.

Terror, shock and awe conditions the public to think of the world as dangerous, crazy and incomprehensible. Terror at home, in the American heartland, creates a perceived need for counter-terror and generates massive funding for agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security. Money is of course the oldest motive in the book. Secondly, black operations serve to co-opt people into black networks. Let´s call it the Deep State, but keep in mind that these networks are transnational, and often enmeshed with intelligence agencies such as Mossad and MI6. The Deep State controls secretive agencies that are exempt from checks and balances, and regulations that would normally ensure transparency. In short, secretive agencies can spend their funds and run their operations above and beyond the law, under the cover of “national security”. However, for good measure, these networks also want to run the law.

The Deep State seeks both funds, power and human resources. All of these are secured with the help of black operations. Key people are framed. Attorney General Janet Reno, who was sitting at the very top of the US law enforcement pyramid, was framed with the help of Waco. When she realized that Waco was a psychological operation, it was too late. After the sinister play had started, how could she stop it? How could she put an end to a high-level, most likely transnational, psyop involving agencies that she herself was supposed to control? Janet Reno was manipulated into a classic catch-22 situation. By the time she realized it, her options were either to committ career suicide, or play along. In the aftermath, after all other curtains had fallen, the only leverage she had was to blow the lid off the Waco psyop, and expose it as the staged “military type operation” it was. And that´s exactly what she threatened to do, when she said to Bill Clinton: “If you don´t appoint me, I´m going to tell the truth about Waco”. Motive: Check.

End of story.

Miles here for a wrap-up. That obviously isn’t the end of that story. My anonymous author has found some good starts here, but more needs to be done to flesh out this expose. For one thing, I don’t think this project came out of the White House. Nothing comes out of the White House except hot air. The Clintons were and are just actors, so they did not authorize anything. This came out of Intel, and Intel is controlled by the trillionaires. Same for Reno. She wasn’t an innocent dupe in any of this. She agreed to her part, I’m sure.

Also remember I tripped over what I would call the central clue on Koresh in my research on MLK. This is what led my guest author here to do what he did above. There we found a current Intelius page for Vernon W. Howell of Waco, age 58, listed as still living in Waco.

Not only that, we found this Howell had previously lived in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, CA, and Washington DC. Not only that, we found he had previously worked at the US Treasury Department. You aren’t normally told that, are you? I screenshotted the page and published it there, if you don’t believe me. I said in that paper, that alone was enough to blow the entire event, and I still maintain that. Why is that link so important? Well, remember that ATF played a prominent role in Waco. ATF stands for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. It is currently a subset of the Department of Justice. However, that only happened in 2001. Before 2001, ATF was a bureau of the Department of Treasury. This indicates Koresh was probably working for ATF before the event. It was simply a matter of ATF pretending to attack itself, you see. More indication of that is what is now admitted: three of Clinton’s former campaign bodyguards were also ATF, and they were three of the four allegedly killed in the first gun battle at Mt. Carmel. See above.

Also curious that Waco has a suburb named Beverly Hills. You will tell me Koresh’s Intelius listing is for Beverly Hills, TX, not Beverly Hills, CA. But no. I checked it. Koresh lived in Beverly Hills, CA, home of the very wealthy. Not only that, but Koresh has the name Beverly in his genealogy. His maternal aunt is named Beverly Clark. So someone should look into the naming of Beverly Hills, Waco. Remember, we found that Steve Martin was also from Waco, and there used to be a major military base there (Connally AFB). The airfield is still in operation as TSTC Airport. It is supposedly owned by the small Technical College, but that doesn’t make much sense. It is the largest airport owned by a college or university, and TSTC is only a two-year college with 3,700 students. So why does it need to own a major airfield? TSTC provides mostly vocational training «for people entering the workforce or in the midst of a career change». So there is no clear reason for them to own an airport. Also curious is that despite being owned by a small college, the airport reports operations (takeoffs and landings) at around 72,000 a year—which is a lot. I suggest we aren’t be told the real story, as usual.

We find hints of the real story at Wiki, where we find General Dynamics stayed on after the Air Force allegedly left. So did Raytheon, which was there in 1993. So the TSTC ownership is just a cover. Raytheon sold its facilities there to L-3 Communications in 2002, and they are still there. We have seen L-3 before, haven’t we? See my paper on the Las Vegas hoax. They spun out of Lockheed and Martin Marietta. They also own some previous subsidiaries of General Dynamics, such as the Combat Propulsion Systems. In fact, the dates are kind of spooky, given the event we are studying. Lockheed and Martin Marietta merged in. . . 1993. L-3 then bought parts of that merger in 1997. One of the L-3 partners was Lehman Brothers, at the time the 4th largest investment bank in the US. Guess who was the Vice-Chairman of Lehman Brothers in 1993? Howard L. Clark, Jr. Koresh’s mother was a Clark, as you are about to see below. Anyway, today L-3 is one of the largest employers in Waco, with about the same number of employees as Baylor University.

Wiki has a page for Beverly Hills, TX, but gives us no history of the place. Something is also going on there we aren’t being told. One thing we find with little research is that Texas Christian University used to be located in Waco before 1910, when it moved to Fort Worth. Guess who founded TCU? The Clarks.

[Addendum July 2, 2018: Getting nowhere on Beverly Hills, TX, I instead looked up the history of Beverly Hills, CA. You won’t believe what I found. It is named for Beverly, MA, which is in which county? Essex. Beverly was originally a part of. . . yep, Salem. All road lead back to Salem with these families, as we know. Beverly is both the birthplace of America’s Navy and of the American Industrial Revolution. It is the site of the first and largest cotton mill in America. You know who own cotton mills and always has. Beverly was named for Beverley in England, which is in Northumberland—a part of the Percy’s lands. As we know, they are powerful Dukes linked closely to the other top families like the Stanleys and Spencer-Churchill’s. We will see that David Koresh has links to them in his genealogy. As for Beverly Hills, CA, we are told that in the early years Jews were forbidden from owning property there, but that is the usual joke. The area was owned by Jews or crypto-Jews from the beginning, and still is. Which brings us back to Beverly Hills, TX. With both Steve Martin and David Koresh, we have seen previously hidden links between Waco and Hollywood/Beverly Hills. So something is going on in Waco we haven’t been told. It is a spookier place than you thought, and it now appears the fake Mt. Carmel event wasn’t run there by accident. The main link appears to be military: especially L-3 and their precursors. But those military links are due to family links, and we are starting to see which families those are. You will see more just below.]

This sends us back to the genealogies. Turns out Howell’s mother is a Clark. We have seen that both the Clarks and the Howells are prominent in the families. Howell also has several Levis in his lines. Howell is also an Adams, of the Adams of Northumberland, VA. At that time he is also a Stacy, a Kemp, a Wroughton, a Hicks and a Hickox. Note the name Wroughton, since agent George Buchanan Roden of the Waco event (who allegedly inherited Mt. Carmel in 1950) was also a Wroughton. Also note his middle name, which may link him to President Buchanan. That last link is from around 1700, but the Adams in Howell’s line were marrying Wroughtons much later. Before that, we can trace his Adams line directly to Essex County, MA. That is the county of Salem, of course. Howell’s direct ancestor was William Adams of Ipswich. William’s brother was Sir Thomas Adams, Lord Mayor of London. This links us to the Adams who became Presidents, of course. They founded nearby Braintree, only a few miles from Ipswich. These Adams were related to the Owens.

So, turns out Koresh is closely related to at least two Presidents. And you know what that means: he was closely related to all of them. All the Presidents are related, and much more closely than you are told. Which means he is related to Bill Clinton. Yes, David Koresh is a cousin of Bill Clinton. Also a cousin of Hillary Clinton. Sort of shines a whole new light on the event, doesn’t it?

Even more action must exist in Howell’s paternal line, but that has been completely scrubbed. Geni lists no one before his father. My guess is he is a Bush in that line. Why? Because three Bushes have been mayor of Waco, and they are also closely related to the Clarks. It is also interesting to find a page for David Koresh at Rootsweb, which admits he is an 8th cousin of Tim Dowling. This links him to the Dowlings of the peerage, which links him to many Kings of England and Scotland. Tim Dowling is proud to be a near cousin of many high ranking people, as you may know. It also links him to Hitler, as we saw in my paper on Hitler’s genealogy. Hitler was closely related to the Stuart-Houston’s, who were closely related to the Dowlings.

However, we can make a possible link to the Bushes through the Smiths in Vernon Howell’s mother’s line. Koresh’s grandfather was a Smith, and his great-grandmother was Sarah Bushnel of New York. She is scrubbed at Rootsweb, as we would expect. Are the Bushes and Bushnels related? Probably, since they are both closely related to the Warners of New England.

Since the genealogy sites don’t want to tell us anything about Koresh’s Howells, let’s try There we find the Howells related to the Russells, which immediately links us to the Bushes. There is a Baron Howell, currently of Guildford. They are also related to the Kings and Smiths, including the Smith Baronets. Vernon Howell is also a Smith. The peerage Howells are also related to the Warrens, just like the Bushes and Vernon Howell.

We also find something very interesting in the peerage. We find a Beatrice Howell, daughter of Henry Hudson Howell of Semmes, AL. She married Joe Grubbs, son of Lydia Parr Stacy. Didn’t we just find Vernon Howell was a Stacy? We certainly did, and they were from. . . Alabama (at the time Howell was an Adams). Before that, these Stacys were from. . . Ipswich and Salem. Just like the Howells and Adams. What is more, we can link Lydia Parr Stacy to Texas. Amazingly, that same page also links her to Santa Monica, CA, since she died there in 1944. Why is that important? We just found Vernon Howell had lived in Santa Monica, according to Intelius. Her son by her first husband is Max Stacy, born in Texas. These Stacys also married the Churchills, Pratts, and Fullers of Salem, which means they were also connected to all the prominent families we have been following for years. If you think it is just a coincidence Vernon Howell has so many links to them, you need to cut your dosages.

One final comment on the way out. There are a lot of Jones in the list of deceased at Mt. Carmel, and most of them are untraceable. This is curious for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that Alex Jones made a name for himself in the very earliest years talking about Waco and Oklahoma City. He later organized the rebuilding of the Branch Davidian Church, which was always strange. My guess is Jones is related to these people as well (although he is also basically untraceable—his Geni page is empty of all information). You will say Jones is a common surname and this is just a coincidence. I don’t believe in these sorts of coincidences anymore, and you now know why.

You may also wish to go back to the top of the paper here and ask yourself why decided to lead with that photo of Koresh for its show 48 Hours. It’s yet another clue.

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