TRUE NORTH: Prof. Anthony Hall On Canada’s Truckers Movement & Political Prisoners

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  • The US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, has characterized the members and supporters of the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy as “extremists” who are “subverting democratic processes and voices to further the cause of authoritarianism.Quite clearly, it is the Canadian Truckers and many of their supporters who are victims, rather than perpetrators, of multiple forms of authoritarianism

SM…Canadians of independent mind woke from their complacent slumber only to feel the full weight of the states authoritarian boot on their neck….it makes no difference that in this case it was a hand-stitched Gucci loafer generally preferred by our Dear Leader…

Democracy, Authoritarianism and Canada’s Truckers Movement

By Prof. Anthony J. Hall

Have the Coutts 13 Been Set Up to Embody the Canadian Version of “Domestic Terrorism”

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The US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, has characterized the members and supporters of the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy as “extremists” who are “subverting democratic processes and voices to further the cause of authoritarianism.”

As reported by Canada’s Global News, Cohen elaborated,

“China and Russia are among the actors involved in those attempts to subvert democracy, but also domestic forces including elements in the trucker convoys that blockaded the Canadian capital and border crossings for three weeks earlier this year.”

This intervention in domestic politics by the Biden administration’s top emissary to Canada should not go unnoticed. Quite clearly, it is the Canadian Truckers and many of their supporters who are victims, rather than perpetrators, of multiple forms of authoritarianism.

The federal governments on both sides of the Canada-US border continue to attack the proponents of a working class movement that won global headlines in mid-winter 2022. The Truckers did not “blockade the Canadian capital” as Cohen alleges. Rather the leadership of the Trucker’s movement responded assertively in good democratic fashion to a wrongheaded set of COVID policies.

When they got to Ottawa, the Truckers teamed up with their invited experts to mount many public education events. These widely-viewed webcast events dealt with many aspects of the COVID fiasco hidden from wide public view. The Ottawa event also involved public demonstrations to help illuminate widespread grievances. In spite of the barrage of provocations and insults hurled at the protesters, they remained basically peaceful, disciplined and upbeat.

This peaceful application of democratic pressure caused government, law enforcement agencies and media to react in ways that well illustrate the anti-democratic bent of authority these days. The hostility to democratic ideals is especially evident in the executive branches of the intertwined Liberal Party and Democratic Party governments that together currently dominate federal authority in North America.

The Freedom Convoy transported their grievances literally to the front door of the Canadian Parliament, an institution that increasingly symbolizes Canada’s failing democracy. Rather than storm Parliament, the Truckers parked their large vehicles in front of the Parliament seeking an audience with federal officials.

No smear campaign like those presently being piled on the Truckers’ movement can ever supplant the heart-warming imagery of the Freedom Convoy’s pilgrimage to Ottawa in mid-winter of 2022. Who can forget the moving pictures of large groups of patriotic Canadians coming out into the arctic deep freeze to wave the Canadian flag in support of the Freedom Convoy’s journey across a massive snowbound landscape?


From the perspective of those running the US and Canadian governments, the main sin of the Canadian Truckers was the effectiveness of their introduction to the public of the scale and destructive impact of the COVID scam.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Parliament’s top political officer, did not attempt even a rudimentary greeting of these emissaries of political change from all over Canada. Instead, Trudeau immediately slammed the doors shut to even the possibility of face-to-face exchanges between the Trucker leadership and officers of the Canadian Crown.

On February 2  ” Prime Minister Justin in a rather unusual and RIDICULOUS “twit” made the following declaration (allegedly adopted by a unanimous vote of the House of Commons). REALLY?

The following video refutes Trudeau’s accusations 

After uttering a now-notorious litany of slurs against the Truckers, the petulant Trudeau went into hiding where he busied himself with preparing to invoke the Canadian version of martial law. Among the immediate goals of Trudeau’s suspension of constitutional government was to seize the bank accounts of individual Truckers and those who contributed to the Trucker’ collective organization through Internet donation platforms.

Another goal was to unleash violent state repression of peaceful protests in Ottawa. Those who eventually carried out this crackdown seemed to include some sort of globalist police force. Some connected the presence of untagged and unnamed police officers in unfamiliar uniforms to the presence of a UN aircraft at a nearby airport in North Bay. See this.

The Events at Coutts, Alberta

The authoritarianism pointed against Truckers and their supporters continues in Trudeau’s Canada in many forms. For instance the impositions of authority include the continued incarceration without bail of some individuals picked out for unusual punishment.

The victims of the federal authoritarianism include four men who are currently jailed in southern Alberta even though they haven’t been convicted of anything. Their names are Anthony Olienick, Chris Carbert, Christopher Lysak, and Jerry Morin. They were arrested in mid-February and will remain under government lock and key until their forthcoming joint trial to take place in October at the earliest. See this.

The charges arise from the participation of the accused in demonstrations in Coutts Alberta. These demonstrations ran parallel with the parking of thousands of trucks in Canada’s national capital. The events at Coutts involved a complex series of negotiations involving the RCMP, the Truckers as well as their supporters including elected MLA’s in Alberta’s fractious provincial legislature. The back-and-forth between these parties led to sporadic openings and closings of vehicle movement across the Alberta-Montana border.

On or around 14 Feb., 13 protestors, sometimes dubbed “the Coutts 13,” were charged by the Crown with crimes said by the RCMP to have taken place during the on-again-off-again blockade near Coutts and Sweetgrass Montana.

The four men facing the most serious allegations are charged with the unusual and problematic crime of  “conspiracy to commit the murder” of RCMP officers. Are there political factors behind the decision to create a murder trial of Trucker supporters based on an event where no murders took place? See this.

There are unusually high levels of secrecy permeating the conduct of this complex case. This secrecy led to the decision by several prominent media outlets in Canada to intervene with the presiding court in a failed attempt to “unseal” crucial information in the genesis of the “conspiracy to commit murder” charges.” See this.

From the bail hearings in the Lethbridge courthouse, a vague picture is emerging of what the Crown is trying to prove. It seems that special units of the heavily politicized Royal Canadian Mounted Police developed some facets of their accusations on the basis of recorded private phone conversations as well as on the claims of infiltrators hired by police to pretend to be protesters. Local hearsay is that these infiltrators were largely attractive young women who may have been encouraged to entrap their targets.

A suspicious element of the Crown’s case against the Coutts 13 is that the charges materialized only after police failed in their concerted efforts to find weapons in the possession of the Ottawa Truckers and their supporters.

News reports of the Coutts charges put emphasis on a photo of a weapons cache laid out in front of a polished RCMP vehicle.

This photo has been the subject of much sceptical speculation especially among the many thousands of Albertans, including sitting MLAs, who took part in the Coutts demonstrations over almost three weeks. As reported by the Western Standard, the photo in question is not accompanied by credible RCMP explanations of how it is connected, if at all, to the largely peaceful protests at Coutts.

RCMP Alberta @RCMPAlberta


Photo of items seized as a result of last night’s search warrants at the Coutts border blockade.

What is to be said about the timing of the Coutts arrests just hours before Prime Minister Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland invoked the revised version of Canada’s War Measures Act? The revised version is known as the Emergency Act.  See this.

The Toronto Sun has tried to dismiss the possible significance of this timing of the arrests in the immediate prelude to the Emergency Act’s invocation. The Sun’s pundit observed that the “charges [at Coutts] were made through normal police investigation procedures unrelated to the act.” How could any police procedures be “normal” during the climax of what was in mid-February one of the hottest political news stories in the world?

The Sun’s editorial does not consider that the timing and content of the charges might be part of a larger political scheme to win public acceptance for the Emergence Act, a de facto trigger of martial law.

The arrest of the Coutts 13 seemed to provide last-minute backing for the Feb. 14 presentation of Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau. Deputy Prime Minister Freeland highlighted Canada’s Terrorism Financing Act in publicly explaining the seizure without court order of Trucker-related bank accounts and donations.

The resort by Trudeau and Freeland to terrorist laws required some indication that a terrorist plot had been discovered and apprehended. How convenient that the RCMP provided the Trudeau-Freeland Team with just such a propaganda gift just before the top representatives of Canada’s government stepped in front of the cameras.

Were the members of the Coutts 13 set up to provide a media spectacle of a supposedly-apprehended-domestic-terrorist-event, in order to justify the Trudeau government’s further lockdowns of citizen’ rights and freedoms? See this.

Systematic Evidence Denial 

Most of the jailed Truckers and Trucker supporters have been released from Ottawa-area detention centres. Like Olienick, Carbert, Lysak and Morin, however, Pat King remains in prison. One might ask if there is already justification enough for considering these five incarcerated men as political prisoners in Canada?

Like the “conspiracy to commit murder” charges, the accusations against King seem to emerge from what some prosecutor’s anticipation of what might happen rather than what did happen. King is facing charges “for mischief, counselling to commit mischief, counselling to commit the offence of disobeying a court order, and counselling to obstruct police.” See this.

The incarcerated King has been described as “beaten down” by an Ottawa pastor who visited him in jail. This characterization is at odds with the usual quixotic optimism of this former oil-rig worker. King came to broad attention when he made a widely-publicized breakthrough of sorts by ably representing himself on a COVID-related matter in an Alberta court. See this.

With his plain-spoken working class directness, King took to the Internet where he was instrumental in calling the Freedom Convoy into existence. Once the Convoy embarked on its journey, King reported regularly in webcasts from along the Trans-Canada Highway and then from within the Trucker’s Ottawa stand. See this.

Since the Truckers made their mark last winter, the large mass of COVID evidence continues to grow. In more and more depth and detail, this evidence chronicles the zealous incursions by many governments, including those of Canada and the United States, into the physical, mental, economic, and societal wellbeing of abused and traumatized citizens.

In the summer of 2022 it is more evident than ever that the manufactured COVID crisis is an ongoing disaster of monumental magnitude. What began as a “hallucinatory hijacking” committed by “lunatics who grabbed ahold of the asylum,” continues to unfold. An integral aspect of the fiasco is what el gato malo describes as systematic “evidence denial.”

Like thousands of expert observers of the huge and growing travesty of widespread deaths and injuries caused by the toxic COVID injections, malo predicts, “it’s going to end in show trials, massive lawsuits, recrimination and accusation… we cannot un-ring the bell, but we can prevent if from ever taking such a toll again.” See this. On evidence denial see this.

 The Presumption of Guilt Until Innocence Is Proven

It is highly possible that some political exploitation of law enforcement agencies in Canada is replicating aspects of the well-documented role of FBI agents and assets in steering the course of election-fraud protests that took place at the Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.

In Canada, the United States and many other countries, it is becoming almost axiomatic that federal agents are covertly deployed to help realize the political projects of ruling parties and dominating lobbies.

The record is clear that law enforcement and intelligence agencies are ordered in some instances to intervene maliciously with the goal of creating public fears by targeting enemies representative of larger constituencies about to be demonized, dehumanized and attacked. Another frequent scenario is to covertly inject government-instigated violence in order to deny public sympathy to the honest organizers of law-abiding public protest.

As Glenn Greenwald explains below, it is well documented that police officers, agents and assets influenced events at the Capitol protests in Washington DC during the opening days of 2021. A key goal was to help along the Democratic Party’s agenda of creating a spectacle to illustrate the existence of “domestic terrorism.”

Greenwald emphasizes that the covert manipulation of the election-fraud protests constitute a domestic variation of the initiation of the War on Terror. He doesn’t explain, however, how 9/11 was engineered and spun to create massive public fear of Islamic terrorism to help win public support for future invasion of Muslim-majority countries. See this.

In the name of the War on Terror, the principles of habeas corpus have been gradually put aside. This tendency started immediately after 9/11 when random Muslims were rounded up and jailed to finesse the fiction being hysterically reported in the news. A theatrical display was dramatized to promote the fiction that large numbers of Muslims were taken into custody to prevent these terrorists from committing future jihad.

In this way a pattern was initiated as law enforcement agencies began to normalize presumptions of guilt until innocence is proven. No longer does the presumption of innocence prevail as a matter of course except when tainted justice is purchased by those with the financial means to buy it.

A good example of the way the post-9/11 terrorist laws have overturned the principles of habeas corpus is on public display in the treatment of the four men charged in Coutts with conspiracy to commit murder. They will probably be held in jail for well over a year before there is any assignment of guilt or innocence in their cases.

By keeping the men in prison without bail, the government prejudices public perceptions. A public presumption develops that the accused must be so dangerous that it is necessary to lock them up. The plan is to convict them in the court of public opinion before they ever get to trial.

Did the RCMP allow itself to be enlisted in a government-backed plan to poison public perceptions of the Canadian Truckers? In real democracies many honest journalists would by now be skeptically looking into this question especially given the RCMP’s history of dishonesty and corruption. Many past examples as well as current breaking-news stories can be cited to show the RCMP giving over its criminal justice functions in order to advance the partisan objectives of ruling politicians. See, for instance, this and this.

Killing Off the Last Remnants of Democracy and Protection for Human Rights

The real crime of the Canadian Truckers was to have highlighted so effectively the gross malfeasance of Canada’s federal government in dealing with the COVID crisis. The Truckers helped catalyze a trajectory of independent inquiry and public education among the general public that is still gathering momentum. Only now is a significant portion of humanity beginning to grapple with the revelation that the destruction wrought by the manufactured COVID crisis is nothing like what has been presented by COVID Officialdom.

The growing complex of crimes against humanity has its origins not in the onslaught of a virulent pathogen but rather in a worldwide power grab by those already in possession of the greatest concentrations of entitlement on earth. The power grab is based on the quest to eliminate, enfeeble, disempower, and dispossess average people by killing off the last remnants of democracy, self-determination, and the protection for human rights.

There still has been no real reckoning with the tremendous destruction done by the so-called Lockdowns, the most devastating element of the COVID restrictions. More devastating yet are the widely-mandated COVID injections that seem to have been designed in bioweapon labs to impose widespread injury and death.

The range of maladies caused by the injections is extensive. One group of maladies has behind it, massive replications of pathogenic spike proteins stimulated by the clot shots. This outcome seems not to be inadvertent. As COVID sage, Dr. Mike Yeadon, recently declared to the world, “they did it on purpose, knowing it would hurt you.” See this.

From the perspective of those running the US and Canadian governments, the main sin of the Canadian Truckers was the effectiveness of their introduction to the public of the scale and destructive impact of the COVID scam.

The raw drama of the Truckers’ quest for justice caused many media outlets in Canada and throughout the world to briefly mitigate their unrelenting hostility towards any public criticism of COVID Officialdom. In the light of future history, this early crack in the thick wall of COVID-related  censorship, propaganda, and disinformation may prove to have larger consequences that cannot yet be fully understood.

Diagolon, The Anti-Hate Network, and the Coutts 13

Some of the media’s effort to discredit the Truckers’ movement was published by CTV News during the 10-day period when Canada was under martial law. One of the items cited in CTV’s report included words attributed to Barbara Perry, Director of the Centre for Bias, Hate and Extremism at the Ontario Tech University.

Parry referred the Truckers  movement being riddled with people she describes as “accelerationists.” In Parry’s conception of the world, “accelerationists” are violent extremists who are trying to speed up the pace of the radical alteration of society.

According to Parry, many “accelerationists” want “all-out civil war that would delegitimize and destabilize the current regime.” Parry reported that some of the supposed accelerationists she links to the Canadian Truckers’ movement “celebrated the events of January 6 as the onset of this civil war, hence the calls…. for the Freedom Convoy to be our January 6.”

Click here to watch.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is one of the lead agencies in the spin doctoring aimed at criminalizing the Truckers’ movement generally and the Coutts protest particularly. No doubt discussions are already underway to determine if this so-called network will provide “expert witnesses” in the trial of four men waiting in jail to meet the charge that they conspired together with the intention of killing RCMP officers. According to “Post-Millennial,” the Anti-Hate network receives $250,000 in annual grants from the Trudeau government. See this.

The Chair of the Anti-Hate Network is Bernie Farber, well known in Canada for his efforts at the Canadian Jewish Congress to silence, isolate, deplatform and ruin designated targets. Many of those targeted dared criticize the policies and actions of the Israeli government as well its Canadian networks of supporters.

Bernie Farber has been described “as Canada’s most zealous supporter of speech censorship laws.” Ezra Levant marks his contempt for Bernie Farber’s defamatory projects by referring to him as “Burnie.” See this and this.

Farber and Parry are prominent “anti-hate” advocates in a government-subsidized smear campaign designed to discredit the Truckers’ movement generally and the Coutts 13 particularly. This “anti-hate” witch hunt is to arouse public anxieties by connecting the Truckers to a recently-invented term, Diagolon.

Global News introduced to its audience the concept that the arrest of the Coutts 13 is connected to Diagolon. Recall that it was Global that hosted the highlighted interview with the US Ambassador to Canada.

In its introduction to Diagolon, Global News also highlighted the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and its campaign to cause a crackdown on “the intertwined membership” of the “anti-vaxx and far-right movement.” See this.

The extreme partisanship of Global News is well illustrated in the commentary by Paula Tran dated 15 Feb., just one day after Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland invoked martial law in Canada. Global News reported:

“Anti-hate experts are raising concerns after a picture of weapons, ammunition and body armour seized at the border protest at Coutts, Alta. showed patches belonging to a neo-nazi group in Canada.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network tweeted on Monday that gear seized by police at Coutts includes a plate carrier with Diagolon patches. According to the network, Diagolon is an accelerationist movement that believes a revolution is inevitable and necessary to collapse the current government system. It wants to build its ideal nation-state, which runs diagonally from Alaska through the western provinces down to Florida.

It is also a neo-fascist militia with a sizeable support base across the country, said the network.” See this.

Jeremy MacKenzie of Pictou Nova Scotia actually invented the idea of Diagolon along with its flag. A veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, MacKenzie is a skilled satirist and pundit who holds forth in the “Raging Dissident” webcast.

In the following video, MacKenzie explains how he conjured up his fantasy of a new polity stretching diagonally across North American from Alaska to Florida. MacKenzie explains further how a network of ADL-approved  “anti-hate” propagandists seized on his tongue-in-cheek concept to express their own bizarre theories about Diagolon as a terrorist threat to the national security of Canada. See this and this.

Sacrificing Truth and Honesty in News Reporting

Justin Trudeau was unceasingly referring to swastikas intimating that the Freedom Convoy organizers are not only supportive of  Nazi symbols but are anti-Semitic.  And on February 16,  he directed these wild accusations against the Conservative Party of Canada:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was cautioned against using “inflammatory” language by the Speaker of the House of Commons on Wednesday after he told Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, who is Jewish, that her party stands with “people who wave swastikas.”

In substance, Trudeau is accusing Conservative Party members of being Neo-Nazis.

Video: Is Justin Trudeau anti-semitic?? 

In turn, Bernie Farber was involved in smearing the Canadian Truckers’ during their Ottawa stand, portraying them as anti-semitic. Farber publicized a controversial flier that he claimed was sent to him by a friend that had obtained it at the “Ottawa Occupation.”

This flier was widely publicized by reporters as part of their ongoing project to find dirt on the protestors in order to publicly demean them. The provocative headline of the document in question proclaimed “ Every Single Aspect of the Covid Agenda is Jewish.” See this and this.

Farber’s misrepresentation was discovered and explained by Jonathan Kay, a journalist who, like Ezra Levant, Farber’s other outspoken critic, are committed supporters of Israel. In a Tweet Kay exclaimed,

“Wow Bernie, isn’t it incredible that the picture ‘your friend in Ottawa at the Occupation’ sent you is identical to the photo posted on Twitter two weeks ago by someone in Miami, right down to the ceramic design in the background.”

The exposure of Farber’s dubious tactics in his campaign to generate bad publicity for the Canadian Truckers’ points to a phenomenon with implications that transcend the details of this particular case. The unscrupulous zeal of Farber’s intent  to smear the Truckers helps shed light on a key facet of our present crisis when it seems there are no checks against giving over the media to power-serving lies and distortions calculated to favour authority by sacrificing truth and honesty in news reporting.

In the present context, the influence of trials-by-media can be decisive in setting the outcome of real trials as well as policy decisions adopted by government. Accordingly, the victims of malicious smear campaigns can include large segments of the public along with individuals actually targeted for attack.

The Global News Story of 15 Feb. provides a good case study of how history is being shaped these days by bathing the public in illusion while concurrently starving them of honest and balanced reporting which citizens need to fulfill their democratic responsibilities.

A Neo-Fascist Militia?

Global News and many other media featured the picture of the arms’ cache in introducing the RCMP’s arrest of the Coutts 13. What does this picture actually prove? What does it prove when the photographed cache is said to be located in southern Alberta where a large percentage of the population owns registered and unregistered firearms which they often use for a variety of reasons including hunting for sport and food as well as protecting farm animals from predators.

It’s a pretty big leap to connect the Coutts arrests to the unexplained picture of firearms gathered who knows how, where, and when? Is it mere coincidence that reports of the Coutts arrests all highlighted the supposedly incriminating picture published simultaneously with Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergency Act?

What is being conveyed by keeping four men in jail on the basis of the still-unproven claim that RCMP officers unearthed a cell of wannabee cop killers said to be on their way to attempting a violent overthrow of the Canadian and US governments? Did Bernie Farber play a role in prepping Justin Trudeau to see the Truckers as a “fringe minority” permeated with racism, anti-Semitism, and accelerationist extremism? Who is in the best position to politically manipulate the public fears aroused by the official narrative of what the Coutts 13 and their peers are supposed to represent and be?

At the top of the Global story of 15 Feb. story is the RCMP’s trophy photo including the image of an army green item possibly combining the function of a packsack and bullet shield. On this device are two very small badges presenting images of Jeremy MacKenzie’s Diagolon flag. This flag is composed of a single white line on a black background.

On the basis of all sorts of assumptions about what is behind the Dialogon image, the Global New story declared that the Coutts 13 are part of a “neo-fascist militia,” a “neo-nazi group in Canada.” How ironic it is that in the days following the concurrent declaration of the Emergency Act and the arrest of the Coutts 13, Freeland and Trudeau rushed into a prominent role offering on behalf of the Canadian government and people, substantial backing to the Ukraine government that includes significant Nazi elements. See this.

Censorship of the Media to Prevent Many Lords from Being Unseated from Their Ill-Gotten Thrones

The ongoing slide into a global war has at its core a clash between the United States and Russia, countries that have the largest nuclear arsenals on earth. The war started when Vladimir Putin declared Russia’s intention to “demilitarize” and “denazify” Ukraine. The declaration came one day after the Trudeau government withdrew the Emergency Act on 23 Feb.

In the developing conflagration the US government and its NATO allies including the government of Canada are characterizing the conflict as a fight between democracy and authoritarianism. This meme is well reflected in the content of Global News’ interview with Ambassador Cohen.

What does “democracy” really mean these days and where is it be to be found amidst all the corruption, fraud, and misrepresentation running rife throughout the countries of US-dominated NATO?

The relevance of this question is well illustrated by the absurdity of Ambassador Cohen’s claim that Canada and the US embrace democracy whereas Russia, China and the Canadian Truckers embrace authoritarianism.

The constant spin doctoring swirling around the word, “democracy,” has made it a heavily weaponized term often deployed with a propagandistic edge similar to that invoked by, say, “terrorism,” “hate speech,” “conspiracy theory,” and “neo-nazi.”

If “democracy” continues to have any meaning of its own outside the sphere of propaganda, it surely includes the principle that the legitimacy of governments comes from the consent of the governed. Moreover, democracy surely has something to do with the capacity to conduct conscientiously free, fair and honest elections. Elections are basically useless, however, if voters lack access to accurate reporting bringing forward the full array of information required by conscientious citizens to make sound decisions at the ballot box.

None of these electoral conditions come anywhere close to being met in the so-called “democracies” of the so-called “West.” Right now, especially as the manufactured COVID crisis continues to unfold, most of the media are in the front lines of an unrelenting assault that is killing democracy by starving it of the oxygen of full disclosure and honest reporting.

In Canada the assault on democracy is being pushed ahead by legislation providing the means for yet more vandalizing of the Internet to censor voices that do not conform with the dominant official narratives of power. Bill C-11 and Bill C-36 in Canada are legislative instruments of the drive to bludgeon those flows of information with the capacity to unseat many Lords of the Manor from their ill-gotten thrones.

The Israel Lobby in Canada and throughout the NATO countries is a major and consistent proponent of more censorship and more laws to constrain freedom of expression especially on the Internet. The Israel Lobby’s heavy influence on the content of much of the media helps shape what politicians say or don’t say in their quest to be elected and re-elected.

Global News and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Especially since the onset of the manufactured COVID crisis, big media outlets like the Washington Post and CNN have confirmed their role as propagandists of power. The spin doctoring at publicly-owned Crown corporations like the BBC, CBC and the Australian ABC seems to be as biased as the commercial media giants. This development is effectively nuking the viability of public broadcasting.

The biggest and most far-reaching media venues have been sharply chastised by those in the know. Much less attention has been paid, however, to the hundreds and thousands of smaller venues that regularly replicate the centrally-scripted disinformation of the COVID scam.

The COVID lies have been accompanied by ferocious media censorship of news on, for instance, Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell, the US election fraud, and the superpower conflict increasingly permeating the war in Ukraine. The Global television network is one of those smaller venues peddling uncritically the full array of official narratives on these and many other stories.

I’ll conclude with a short narrative on Global News that sheds added light on a number of issues addressed in this essay. Beginning in the mid-1970s, the trajectory of the creation and development of Global Television was largely the work of a Winnipeg tax-lawyer named Israel Asper. See this.

Asper injected his own politics into what became CanWest Global Communications. In 2000 his company purchased Conrad Black’s Hollinger Corporation that owned 60 Canadian newspapers, This media network included Black’s own creation and flagship, the National Post.

Asper died in 2003. His descendants, including Gail Asper, sold many of their newspapers in 2009 when the Internet was stealing many readers and advertising dollars from print media.

It was Izzy Asper’s dream to found a Canadian Holocaust Museum modelled on the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Israel Asper’s daughter, Gail, took over the leadership role in the creation of the museum when her father died in 2003.

When Gail Asper sought federal backing for this project, she was told that she and her colleagues, including her brothers, would have to widen the museum to become a more inclusive in its subject matter. As part of this response I travelled to Winnipeg frequently to sit on the Content Advisory Board of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

This Museum currently sits on a historic site at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers in Winnipeg, the spiritual home of the Metis nation. The museum is presently pictured on the Canadian $10 bill along with a passage from the Canadian Charter of Human Rights. Canada’s Charter of Rights was badly transgressed in the process of imposing many COVID restrictions and injection mandates on Canadian citizens. These transgressions became integral to core contentions in the controversies aroused by the arrival of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa in the winter of 2022. See this.

So far neither the Canadian government nor Canada’s judiciary have seen fit to force the legal question of whether the integrity of the rule of law requires that terms of the Charter, part of Canada’s “supreme law,” should be made to prevail over the COVID restrictions and injection mandates. This failure means Canadians have no way of knowing for certain if the government actions done in the name of fighting COVID are consistent with the Canadian constitution or not.

Not surprisingly, Global News has not accompanied its stories about Diagolon, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, the arrest of the Coutts 13, and the words of the US Ambassador with commentary about the wholesale denial of human rights and civil liberties that the Canadian Charter is supposed to protect. Nor has there been coherent comments emanating from within the Canadian Museum of Human Rights on the manufactured COVID crisis and its role in the denigration of human rights and democracy itself in Canada.


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Dr. Anthony Hallis editor in chief of the American Herald Tribune. He is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”.

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