STRANGE DAYS: ‘Phantom Menace’, …That Black Cube Thing Near The Sun – By Joesph P Farrell Ph.D

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  • “…Mysterious black cube spotted on the sun before NASA website shuts down…if you think your civilization might be facing a threat from a class one or two civilization, and your own civilization is not quite there with even class one, what do you do? My answer: you convince “whomever” that your civilization is capable of engineering systems on a planetary and/or solar scale, that’s what you do.”

SM:…If the cube has interchangeable solid coloured side-panels – I may know what it is…..


By Joseph P. Farrell

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Today’s blog is about something that many of you spotted and sent along, and as always, with these types of stories, I don’t really know what to think. It’s so stupendous and sensational, that it easily falls into the category of “what fake news story with some fakes videos can we intelligence agencies put out there this week to amuse and distract the masses”? But then again, on the off chance that it’s real, and it may very well be, then it deserves to be reported, no matter how outlandish it may appear.

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All that said, there’s no getting around the fact that this is a whopper doozie, regardless of how one interprets it:

Mysterious black cube spotted on the sun before NASA website shuts down

You can, of course, watch the short video for yourselves, and read the article. It’s the two in connection with each other that gets me going. For example, the article notes that the poster of the “Solar Black Cube” video – Scott C Waring – has apparently spotted black cubes on or around the Sun before:

This isn’t the first time a black cube has been spotted near the Sun and Waring has even reported seeing them in the past.

This time, however, Waring is claiming that NASA shut down its site just seconds after the black cube was seen, thus starting another round of – quite deserved – “NASA is covering up something” speculation. I say “quite deserved,” because if you’ve been following the “space anomalies and artifacts” story since the Viking probes first photographed the Face on Mars, you’ll know there’s quite a pile of justifiable reasons to be skeptical of NASA’s pronouncements, especially when it says things like “Oh that’s just a trick of light and shadow,” or for those of you who are SVS 48 space shuttle footage fans, those little dots seen zooming away into space when they’re being shot at by a “something” coming up from the surface of the earth are just “ice crystals.” That explanation had a much shorter shelf-life than the “trick of light and shadow” one, as a University of Nebraska astronomer and physicist, Dr. Jack Kasher I believe was his name, quickly put out an all but irrefutable refutation of NASA’s non-explanation.

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But anyway, back to the article. The black cube is introduced by a new tack: that it’s the subject of “conspiracy theorists”, and in the non sequitur that usually accompanies such diagnoses, it therefore must be untrue, leaving untested the assumption that conspiracy theorists are always wrong:

A mysterious black cube was spotted emerging from the Sun on NASA cam footage before the website suddenly shut down.

The event has sent conspiracy theorist wild but experts say there’s a reasonable explanation.

Scott C Waring, a self proclaimed ‘alien expert’, wrote on his UFO sightings blog: “I was watching the SOHO sun viewer when I noticed a black cube in a few frames of the video.

“Right after the cube exited the sun … a huge solid black screen covered up 25 per cent of the whole viewing area.

“It’s clear that NASA is trying to hide these cubes from us.”

“Experts  say,”… uh huh.

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Experts once said that mankind could never travel faster than 30 miles per hour, because the human body just wasn’t able to handle the stress. Experts once told us the armies would be “home before Christmas,” and that was in August of 1914. Experts told us masks were and are effective in fighting certain unmentionable planscamdemics, and that there’s no correlation between “injections” and autism, and that President Kennedy was killed by a nutty lone assassin firing a magic bullet through an Italian carbine with a misaligned telescopic site.

But this one takes the cake. According to the article, the “reasonable explanation” offered by the “experts” is this:

Another added: “Great clip. I feel outraged every time they hide something like this.”

Although this may seem suspicious to Waring and his fans, experts have a reasonable explanation.

Bernhard Fleck, SOHO project scientist and mission manager, previously explained to Vice: “This is of course complete and utter nonsense.

“The black square is due to a missing (corrupted) telemetry block.”

That means the black square is a glitch in the footage and not a mysterious object or NASA trying to hide an alien craft from us.

Now you’ll note that this is a complete non-explanation, for the black rectangular area, which does indeed appear on the video, does not appear in the same area that the “black cube” emerges from. It could indeed be, as the “expert” claims, a “corrupted telemetry block.” So what does this mean? It means the expert is only responding to the theory of Mr. Waring that NASA blotted out  something it did not want anyone to see, but it is not an explanation of the black cube thingie emerging from the Sun.

Frankly, I have no idea what the black cube thing is. It looks to me to be some kind of ejecta, that momentarily took a shape like a cube, but I don’t know. If so, it’s mighty peculiar “ejecta”. If you have a fireplace, when was the last time you saw the smoke pouring out of your chimney take the shape of a cube?  It’s mighty hard to do.

(Added By SM)

So the bottom line, I have no idea what this “Solar Black Cube Thing” is.

Which means … I get to crawl right off the end of the twig and resort to “high fusion efficiency” speculation.

I’ve mentioned many times my “Farrell Corollaries to the Kardashev Scale”. Basically, the “Corollaries” are that if you think your civilization might be facing a threat from a class one or two civilization, and your own civilization is not quite there with even class one, what do you do? My answer: you convince “whomever” that your civilization is capable of engineering systems on a planetary and/or solar scale, that’s what you do. If you can do that, then it implies the ability to weaponize systems of those scales.  With that in mind, I’ve also stated on occasion that it might be possible to induce effects in the Sun itself via the magnetic coupling between this planet and the Sun itself. And for those who’ve really been paying attention to some of my wilder speculations over the years, I’ve even put forward the idea that crop circles are a kind of “test pattern” for the types of technologies that can do all this, for they demonstrate the ability to manipulate electromagnetic interferometry fields with a great deal of precision. So perhaps that’s what we’re looking at here: the “cube” being the 3D result of the manipulation of such fields to create a “test pattern”, the pattern being the cube itself.

Yea… it is a nutty idea!

And all the more so because the “cube” may look small in comparison with the rest of the Sun from which it is “emerging”, and for my wild speculation to be true, that cube is probably at least the size of the planet Earth, if not larger, and that would seem to imply beaucoups amounts of energy, which might turn out to be more than my wild “high fusion efficiency” speculation can produce.

So maybe someone else is doing it? Or maybe Old Sol just has a sense of humor, and thought “let those little hairless monkeys over there ponder this…”

That’s all.

Have a nice day.

See you on the flip side…

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”

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