BRAVE NEW WORLD: ‘Megaverse Of Noise’, The War On The Sacred – By Mike Kay

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  • ‘…Every attempt has been made to discredit, debase, and destroy the sacred in the west. Those who want to be gods cannot stand the real ones. The heart of the current depopulation schemes at play in the west, from the paralysis and compromise of the medical industry, the mandating of genetic engineering via “vaccines”, to the adoption of masks and blame of the blameless, to the current contrived food and supply chain crises, moving into economic and energy collapse, are all symptoms of a society steered by those who now believe they control the essential ways and means for life, and can distribute such according to their own godlike pronouncements from the shadows.

The War on the Sacred – By Mike Kay

Those who want to be gods cannot stand the real ones.

Mind Confined | Frédéric RoulletBim Star

It was the 1990s, and a writer I knew planned a trip to northwestern Russia. He had been corresponding with a Russian mystic whom we will call Yuri. My writer friend was fascinated with the rituals and ceremonies Yuri led, in the rural community where he lived. He was quite convinced he had unearthed heretofore hidden elements of an indigenous Slavic shamanism, and was intellectually convinced he could write about his new discovery. Shamanism is of course a Siberian word, whose best interpreter was Mircea Eliade. In essence, shamanism is a spiritual path very much concerned with the health and well being of the community it served.

His time with Yuri lasted a month, which proved very eventful. During the course of that month he avoided a fight with a very unhappy ex-KGB agent in St. Petersburg, managed to get used to the simplicity of Russian food, developed an understanding of the depth of the love Russians have for Ballet, and participated in the most amazing ceremony of his life. 

All of it occurred just after the fall of the Soviet Union. The west was still ramping up its’ genocide machine, which at its peak, would remove about 200,000 Russians annually from life. Food was never abundant. Often, dinner was boiled turnips, or potatoes. The lucky ones might add eggs and cheese.

Yuri took the people of his community to the Great Tree. The Great Tree was interwoven with a small cave, and its enormous bare roots allowed just enough space for an adult to fit through. This sacred tree was deep in the forest, where the sounds of modern civilization were few, and less powerful than the songs of insects and birds. There, the people formed a procession that took them through the cave and the huge system of roots. The people were instructed to focus upon Gods’ love, the interrelationship of all things, and to pass through the darkness to be reborn. The ceremony was intended to please those great spiritual forces that could blight as easily as bless, to secure a strong relationship with the land, a good harvest, healthy and fecund livestock.

My writer friend never put together his Russian experience. He never wrote that book, or even an article. Over time it sat forgotten as he went off to live more or less permanently with the Maya of Mesoamerica, where he still resides today. As an American, he could easily place Indians comfortably into a natural sacred setting, but he just couldn’t quite wrap his head around the idea that modern white people could just as easily participate with the sacred, outside of any modern religious milieu.

It wasn’t that he thought Yuri was anything but genuine. My friend described him as a giant of a man, with a shock of wild fair hair, composed of a childlike innocence that he simply couldn’t place. Yuri was simply as genuine as it gets. The real issue, of course, was not with Yuri at all. My friend, as a sophisticated and rather intellectual Euro-American, simply could not imagine that white people could find anything sacred outside of the church. In fact, what this really meant was that he had no concept for the sacred at all. It was all well and good to assign some sacred value to church services, like the ones where they pass the very large plate to be heaped up with Federal Reserve notes. Yet my friend had never experienced white people interacting directly with sacred aspects of the natural world. He had no format with which to interpret Yuri’s ceremony. It simply remained as something completely incongruous with everything he knew.

Western and especially American expectations have long been shaped by a theme in literature, education, and entertainment that they are inherently spiritually dead, evil people. The only people with any true spirituality come prepackaged with suitable amounts of spiritual knowledge, and these prepackaged saints are never white. Thus, the dominant western thought, both popularly and intellectually, allows ample room for evil, but forever seeks to sever any notion of the sacred from the Euro-American mind.

American history is rife with examples of wanton destruction, inhumanity, epic wars, reckless oligarchic expansion, and the enshrining of parasites, such as the private central bank that plays along with America some of the time. One can find great conspiracies, desperate attempts to maintain ethical standards, and barbaric criminal developments, yet nowhere, anywhere will anyone find the sacred playing even the slightest role, influencing even the smallest of events. It’s never seen as incongruous to Americans that they can participate in religious life only to return to the most spiritually dead society imaginable. It absolutely never occurs to them that they have no articulated vision of the sacred.

Modern life in America has morphed into a digital, screen specific experience. The pressure of the digistructure to force an adoption of a rigid set of ideas and opinions is thus hardly challenged by any force of nature, or natural reality. The digistructure operates intentionally upon a vicious reductionism, happily isolating the subject from the Earth, Sun, and Sky. The goal is an uncompromising drive to force human interaction into an artificial bubble of crass virtue signaling and collective groupthink. Ultimately, the result is a fictionalization of the digistructure, a vast space where information is as meaningless as it is plentiful. In this environment evil becomes transportable, a fluid assignment primarily designed to channel behavior and thought.

The digistructure assumes the relevance of god, and its activity in limiting and directing subjects, is thus without any requirement of explanation to those it abuses. Nowhere in this megaverse of noise can one find the sense, or even the symbolism of any level of purity, or comprehension of, or even recognition that there is a divine order, and that it can be participated in. The sacred is dismissed as a quaint concept for school children not yet destroyed by the woke agenda, that is, if the sacred is even imagined.

Here it should be said that a society that relegates its undeveloped notions of the sacred to a single, isolated aspect of life-the religious, is completely barren of the sacred. This is especially true since the west, and thus the American religious tradition that descends from it stems from institutions that brutally, recklessly, and irrevocably turned their back on their own spirituality. It is quite the picture, that the modern mind ensconces whatever primitive concept of the sacred it can scrape together, associating it with the very source institutions that rejected the sacred.

The sacred, as an experience, is far from a mere emotional reaction, or sports stadium level of collectivism. The sacred actually offers a level of experience which is not definable in any other language beyond its own. My writer friend had discovered that in post Soviet Russia, all the wars, the genocides, the deportations, the propaganda and the lies of the previous centuries had not moved Russians one step away from their natural ability to participate in the sacred. Yuri was as comfortable talking about his immersion into the divine as an American mechanic talking about cars.

The fact is that there is no parallel for the western mind to discover. Such an essential schism ignites a sense of being confronted with a threat, a danger to its unevolved regressive existence. Throughout history, the Christian west, when thusly confronted and exposed, exploded into paroxysms of mindless violence. The root cause to this barbaric, reactionary response lies first in the earliest developments of the Abrahamic pattern of behavior, yet also in the complete rejection of its own spirituality.

Historically, the first seven or eight centuries of Christianity were unique. The spiritual side of Christianity, vs. its political and traditional sides, was literally an importation of the brilliant theology referred to as Neo-Platonism. It was not unusual for early Christians to be Platonists. In fact there was no conflict, because Christianity has no native spirituality. Just as Judaism imported the Qabbala from Chaldea, Christianity imported Platonism from the Hellenes, who not coincidentally, were the single largest force behind the development and codification of the Bible.

It is an absolute truth that no Abrahamic religion today can lay claim to its own native mysticism and spirituality. In all cases this was borrowed, sometimes wholesale, and whilst over time came to be identified with Abrahamism, there is nothing in the Abrahamic tradition that truly was founded within any spiritual path. This came abundantly clear for Christianity, during the Renaissance. The rediscovery of classical civilization at this time, suddenly forced Christians to realize their religion was based upon concocted history, forged documents, and pre-Christian spirituality.

To say this shook the church to its very foundations would be a gross understatement. Christians, who have never understood the Tao, resolved that something had to be done. The intelligent option would have been to embrace what was, and accept the truth concerning their religion. This would have allowed them to continue to champion a rational system that revealed great spiritual truth, and offered the sacred to Christians to participate in the divine.

However, the intelligent option was not chosen. Instead, Christians found it much more worth their time to reject what they demeaned as Pagan, and develop dark fantasies of diabolical forces arrayed against them, fantasies that to this day left deep scars upon the Euro-American soul.

Unsurprisingly, the church fractured into ever more severe competing elements. Platonism, purged from Christianity, was not replaced by any spirituality, which left the religion as it is today, a hollow sham of an endless set of rules with an overt political agenda. The result has removed spirituality from western religious discourse, and thus, from the western mind.

Access to the sacred was replaced by a stilted emotionalism, where feelings of various flavours become intentionally conflated with genuine spiritual states. The anagogic direction of Platonism was forcibly exchanged for exactly the kind of contaminated collectivism that Platonists strictly avoided. At the end of this process of the less than intelligent option, the church had launched countless wars, genocides, book purges and fantasy terrors. It had spun off copycat faiths that erroneously concluded they followed a way more true than that of their origin. Science was launched, with Bacons directive, to rip the secrets from the very bosom of nature herself. The sacred was dead to the western mind, and the very guardians of the sacred were the murderers.

On the surface, of course, this was spun to lead the faithful to believe the dark cloud of superstition was being left behind. A new, rational existence was dawning, free from mumbo-jumbo and primitive beliefs. The spin doctors neglected to inform anyone the pre-Christian spirituality, left to the dustbin of history, was eminently rational.

Beset by a great desire to trample upon their new Pagan demon, they distorted Plato’s subtle understanding of the role of myth into the perversion of the Noble lie, entwined with the Sabbatean-Calvinist abandonment of consequences, which we have covered in a previous piece. This intellectual feature set the groundwork for future global devastation, including the profound failure that was two world wars, with the ever present threat of a third.

Yet through it all Russian visionary artists and poets would explore the magic and majesty of the sacred. They would bring, to the jaded western mind, the innocence and honesty required for participation in that which is the divine. They would understand love as something far deeper and more powerful than the simple longing for the opposite sex. They would explore, through music and dance and the visual and written arts what can only be described as a tonic for the pointless relativism of the west.

We observe this relativism, and its rejection of the sacred, in its own behavior. Those who lack this essence to rally around have proven themselves inordinately prone to violence, and degradation. It is as if the light of the spirit shines upon the Archontic hiding within, laying it bare, and demanding the use of force to obscure it once more. Within the sacred, there is no impetus to violence, no particular need to kill to preserve its dominance, no motion towards war except in extreme cases of self defense.

A key to the maintenance of one’s sense of the sacred is the spontaneous wonder at the manifestation that is the natural world. Yuri, our current example, expressed a great and genuine love for the natural world, and all the myriad forms of life that inhabit it. This love for the infinitely deep and intertwined natural world, that illuminates all the forces reflected in mankind, is understanding through participating in all the expressions of the divine, and thus in itself, is sacred. The sacred is not merely thing identified by characteristics; it is a relationship, a path, which steers the participant through life in a harmonious and mysterious way.

The western mind, incapable as it now is of comprehending that the spiritual is readily available, doesn’t mean that the sacred is truly dead in any ultimate sense. In actuality, it simply means that the sacred is invisible and unattainable only to itself.

The west is represented by a few serious writers, who have tried, yet can make no sense of the current anti-Russian stance. Some western writers have spent great effort uncovering the Jewish nature of the Ukraine’s neo-Nazism, which only confuses them. They attempt to explain the Russian military option as an existential problem for Russia, which ignores the fact that the Ukraine is the birthplace of the modern Russian state. Economically, they try to describe the Russian actions as a response to sanctions, which can’t take into account the stubborn refusal to renovate a currency that carries with it a strong sense of history and identity. Nowhere in any of this exploration is there any actual explanation for the current western strategy against Russia.

Yet, as we have already seen, the discovery in Christianity that there is no Christian spirituality resulted in a terminal meltdown that brought to the west a series of purges, pogroms, and mass insanity movements, all of which have direct parallels to modern examples, especially in the last several years. Russia, which has never forsaken love of land, and direct experience of the sacred, lays bare the spiritual impoverishment of the west.

From this spiritually illiterate morass, emerges the corrupt fantasy of transhumanism, a longing for a new totalitarianism, and the anti-human focus of woke. No person with even a modicum of spiritual understanding takes seriously the bizarre claim that humans and machines are evolving into a singularity. No individual, with the slightest spiritual spark welcomes an undeserved oppression by the midgets of society. No one who has observed the beauty and creative energy behind the division into gender can find the attempt to deny it as anything but deranged. Yet in each case, this urge towards empowered agendas focuses rage and hatred upon those who will not submit. That this is a war on the sacred is made clear by action, and by the very language the agenda deploys.

That the war against Russia is merely an extension of this war upon the sacred is a given, and that the agendas in play are intentionally destructive and murderous should already be amply clear. The sacred did not pass away in the west. It did not quietly move over for a materialist reductionist scientism to gain precedence. The sacred was intentionally murdered, and replaced with nothing. Every attempt has been made to discredit, debase, and destroy the sacred in the west. Those who want to be gods cannot stand the real ones.

The heart of the current depopulation schemes at play in the west, from the paralysis and compromise of the medical industry, the mandating of genetic engineering via “vaccines”, to the adoption of masks and blame of the blameless, to the current contrived food and supply chain crises, moving into economic and energy collapse, are all symptoms of a society steered by those who now believe they control the essential ways and means for life, and can distribute such according to their own godlike pronouncements from the shadows.

This is taken seriously by the populous, because of the complete rejection of, and subsequent estrangement to spirituality and the sacred. The inability of the west to allow itself any access to the sacred, except in diminished and highly circumspect ways, is spiritual illness of the first degree. Unless it is reversed, and at this point it seems there is no will to do so, the condition will become terminal.

There is no cure for this condition from any current institution, be it religious, scientific, or intellectual. In each case, it is these fields of endeavor that have failed the people in the west repeatedly. One cannot look at COVID as a success story, and the current contrived war against Russia is simply the latest in a long line of orchestrated conflicts, including the one people refuse to learn the truth about, WWII.

Destructive social engineering programs, denial of biological realities, and annihilation of the structures society uses to function will not, cannot bring the west to any condition of victory, even in the stilted WWII sense. Without a spiritual center with which to withstand the endless punishment western governments now dole out to their populace, there will be nothing but a sickening Stockholm syndrome across the land, echoing amidst shrinking populations, failed infrastructure, and roving foreign gangs imported by your leaders.

There is no true tonic to be directly issued for any of this. Any idea that something can be salvaged from a wrecked system is similar to the belief that a mangled corpse can be brought back to life. Manifestation works through cycles, periods, and states. There is but one avenue left for the spiritually alive, and that is to become the flow of existence, to remember likeness, and to strengthen the participation with the undying.

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