ABOVE TOP SECRET, ‘EYES ONLY’: ‘Rocketman’, Wernher von Braun’s Deathbed Warning (Archive)

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“…Wernher reportedly admitted late in life that humans have possessed anti-gravity / beam-energy technology since WWII…Von Braun also pointed out in the 70’s that fossil fuels had been obsolete for decades, as humanity could now easily convert to a long-supressed, free-energy technology at any time”

Wernher von Braun’s Deathbed Warning

Dr. Wernher von Braun was a top ranking SS officer who was also the head of the Nazi rocket program during WWII. Von Braun was brought to America after the war because our government considered his knowledge and expertise too vital to fall into the hands of our enemies. Dr. von Braun and his colleagues brought with them a wealth of information gleaned from other top Nazi scientists like his boss, SS General Hans Kammler. Von Braun may have been privy to work on anti gravity propulsion vehicles reputedly under development during the last days of The Third Reich. Over the years of his tenure, von Braun may also have enjoyed access to NASA’s secret programs. It certainly does seem this way, as von Braun apparently began to see the “big picture” regarding the true goals of America’s space program and how the military-industrial complex was manipulating it according to a secret, hidden agenda during the latter years of his life

What’s the deal with UFO’s? Is there an imminent threat of an ‘alien attack?’ Let’s ask top Nazi-turned-NASA rocket scientist, the late Wernher Von Braun, inventor of the V2 rocket and true all-around pioneer of aerospace engineering as we know it. Dr. Carol Rosin, a former leading aerospace executive and space & missile defense consultant with whom Von Braun became good friends late in his life, has testified before Congress that over the 4 years she knew him, up until his deathbed in 1977, Wernher had repeatedly warned that once all other methods of control and manipulation through fear, or ‘threat cards,’ have been played by the powers that be, (communism, then terrorism, then ‘crazy’ third world leaders, then asteroids,) “the alien card is the final card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.” Some of her key testimony can be viewed here

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ALLUuvsVkM

This highly informative essay breaks down Walt Disney’s close friendship with Von Braun http://www.geschichteinchronologie.c…raun-ENGL.html

The author documents Walt’s political aspirations “to be King of America,” NASA’s need in the 50’s for space propaganda via the media, their partnership on films and TV shows, and the direct impact those projects had on public and government interest in space exploration.. not to mention paving the way for a space-based ‘star wars defense system.’ It doesn’t, however, discuss the alien base depicted “at the 33rd degree” on the far side of the moon in their 1955 film “Man in Space.”

For what it’s worth, world renowned remote viewer and founder of the US government’s psychic remote viewing program, Ingo Swann, has actually gone on record to say he ‘psychically viewed’ a moon base. http://paranormal.about.com/od/lunar…aa011507_2.htm

Also, for you alien hunters, here’s one of the more mysterious videos I’ve ever seen: Disney’s 1995 UFO expose / shockumentary / theme park promo, “Alien Encounters,” hosted by Disney CEO Michael Eisner himself.

The possible motivations the company had in putting out this video are much blurrier than the footage it contains. Parents, if you show this one to the youngens right before ny-nite, they might not sleep easy; unlike most ET/UFO docs shown on TV, this one doesn’t exactly end with a question mark of possibilities… More like an authoritative exclamation mark of certainty, followed by a ‘P.S. go to Disneyworld.’ The narrator totally tries to scare the $#** out of the viewer with his exaggerated tone of voice and presumptuous assessments of evidence… He basically comes out and says ‘they’re here.. [cue saucer..] they’re not here to help.. [cue mutilated cow..] and their next guinea pig….. [cue surgical drill and screams…] …could be you.’ The biggest question it leaves in my mind is: Why does Disney want us to believe in and fear aliens so badly? Just to promote their new space-coaster? I doubt it. Seems we’re being conditioned to accept ETs as the new mother of all boogiemen. If you saw and heard a UFO in the sky, would you be sure it was alien? These days, between projectable holographs and ELF radio frequencies (extremely low frequencies only heard by your brain, not ears) I’d have to wonder if it was even an object at all. Wernher reportedly admitted late in life that humans have possessed anti-gravity / beam-energy technology since WWII, so even if it skimmed shingles off my roof, I wouldn’t assume ET was behind the wheel.


As a related aside, Von Braun also pointed out in the 70’s that fossil fuels had been obsolete for decades, as humanity could now easily convert to a long-supressed, free-energy technology at any time, but just like presidents always say regarding that subject – I’m looking into that for the future. Wernher Von Braun and Walt Disney, partners in propaganda.

Thank you, Mr. Von Braun, for trying to give us the heads-up on the “Star Wars” program. Weather or not you were personally a war criminal, I don’t know, but it seems like you were at least an ok guy as a geezer! These type of confessionals from top insiders of the system are something big media always does their damnedest to bury, but when I catch wind of one, I hear it out, dig deeper, and encourage others to at least think about it for a minute. While there is always that possibility of a ‘coerced/falsified deathbed confession,’ in this case, I strongly doubt that while battling terminal cancer, Von Braun was misquoted or coerced into repeatedly making these warning statements against space militarization in the name of ‘international security.’


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