HIDDEN HISTORY: ‘The Fourth Sect’, Occult Christianity & The Order of Sion – By Michael Tsarion (Archive)

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“…What we know as the Merovingian conspiracy, the Holy Blood enigma, and Illuminist opposition to Christianity, are but surface manifestations of the ancient rivalry between the two sects, not resolved until the end of the nineteenth century…the Fourth Sect is a elite branch of a most ancient clandestine network, that of the Setian-Atonists. This cabal in turn constitutes a major branch of the even more hoary group I refer to as the Female Illuminati, better known to researchers as the Order of Sion, the latter being the infamous Dragon Court before which all other occult orders bow”

The Order of Sion & Occult Christianity – By Michael Tsarion

‘Those who believe the Bible are those who know least about it’ – Thomas Paine

For two millennia many people, religious and non-religious, have asked who or what is Jesus?

After an arduous process of research the truth finally dawns on diligent unbiased seekers. One finds that the identity of Jesus is revealed after an analysis of the elements of the story in which he is presented to the world and reader. Tracing the origins and substance of these occasional elements leads us to the heart of the matter.

Eventually we realize that the various secondary elements of the Jesus story are not necessarily to be associated with any single stereotypical personality, given that they are largely astrological, astro-theological, sidereal, mythic and symbolic.

Before the sixth century Jesus was depicted as a youth without a beard. Most images of later times show him as an adult but distinctly feminine in appearance: there hangs a tale. The imagery is pure deception.

(Here for more…http://www.astrotheologyzone.com/)

From the stories of the nativity and star of Bethlehem, to those describing the ass he rode to Jerusalem, his sermon on the mount, crucifixion, entombment and resurrection, we acknowledge that the strange captivating motifs are not stereotypical but archetypal, and well known to members of the world’s Solar Cults.

One of the foremost Solar Cult leitmotifs is the number 12, clearly alluding to the signs of the zodiac. The Magi who visited Jesus in the stable were Persian astrologers following the “bright star,” namely the sun. The four animals surrounding his cradle symbolize the four quadrants of the zodiac. The same goes for the four Evangelists. It’s all a matter of symbolism and symbolic literacy.

Essentially it’s no different for the heroic protagonist in and around whom they appear. The gospel Jesus is little more than a actor, manikin or shop window dummy dressed in a garb that does not originate with him or the vile institution that arose in his name; the obscenity of Judeo-Christianity.

‘The doctrine of the divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity’ – President John Adams

Strip away the trappings and what’s left? Can anyone say that an actual historical personality remains? If the answer is in the positive, we must ask what kind of man existed behind the bizarre costume drama. Did he die to be reborn? Does he hear and answer our prayers in the here and now, though he died millennia ago?

For the most part, what appears to us is as mythical or semi-mythical in aspect as Osiris, Horus, Mithra, Zoroaster, Odin, Tammuz, Dionysus, Adonis, Apollo, Hercules, Socrates, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Pythagoras or Apollonius of Tyana. What remains is by and large a solar king, based on the physical sun as it passes over the heavenly arch throughout the days, years and ages or aeons.

What matters is that we realize, once and for all, that the ultimate key of decipherment, when it comes to the Bible, is Sidereal Mythology.

Additionally, what matters is the depth of research into the mythical, archetypal trappings cunningly foisted onto the Jesus figure. What matters is our analysis of the artifice of St. Paul, now revealed as none other than mythmonger extraordinaire Josephus Flavius.

Despite heavy mythical veiling, uncovering the facts about a historical Jesus inevitably leads us to the superlative research of Ralph Ellis, and his discoveries relating to the elusive Fourth Sect or Nazarene Church.

Ralph Ellis is the greatest modern authority on the identity of Jesus and his aristocratic lineage. Jesus’ true identity is revealed in detail in his masterly Jesus: King of Edessa.

What do the history books say of this Parthian-Edessan royal sect? What do we know of their conversion to Judaism and attempts to place their sons on the throne of imperial Rome? Do we know that the real Jesus was one of these illustrious contenders? Do we know that he was basically an ambitious politically-minded warlord? Do we know that his worldly ambitions were dictated by his super-ambitious mother Queen Helena Ourania and her mother Queen Thea Muse Ourania?

Do we understand that these women were the matriarchs of the Parthian branch of the Female Illuminati or Order of Sion, and that the former was the real Virgin Mary?

According to Ellis, the Fourth Sect – a prominent branch of what I refer to as the Eastern Illuminati – were rivals to the Papal-Josephan branch of Christianity, headquartered in Rome. However, although they opposed the Papal branch of Roman Catholic Christianity, we are not to foolishly imagine that they were any more positive than their nemesis. In fact, the elusive Fourth Sect (also known as the Nazarenes), were just as megalomaniac as the Papists. They were and are not interested in establishing a world order where freedom and justice reign.

The shadowy Fourth Sect has long been served by the Knights Templar and their satellite orders. They’ve been served by the Knights of Malta (Hospitallers), the Jesuits, and other super-wealthy influential chivalric orders that often appear Papist on the surface. They are served by the so-called Illuminati, itself established by Sabbateans and Frankists operating under the direction of the so-called Black Nobility. (Here for more…)

What we know as the Merovingian conspiracy, the Holy Blood enigma, and Illuminist opposition to Christianity, are but surface manifestations of the ancient rivalry between the two sects, not resolved until the end of the nineteenth century.

Curiously, not long after the rivalry’s termination, when the Fourth Sect of Nazarenes effectively took over the Fifth Sect, humanity witnessed the rise of Bolshevism and fall of the Russian Empire. Nothing but a coincidence, to be sure.

During this period we also see the advent of a very telltale phenomenon, namely Catholic Socialism. Another coincidence, of course.

What must be understood is that the Fourth Sect is essentially as Christian as the Fifth Sect. The former holds that since Jesus of Edessa (Jesus of Gamala) was their scion (a member of their dynasty) it is they, and they alone, who have the right to rule the world. Since their agents were deposed and denied recognition, the sect went underground, feverishly working throughout the centuries for just this end.

The Fourth Sect and their agents have worked long and hard to regain their dominion via the societies mentioned above, and through Freemasonry. They control a myriad of other societies, charities, organizations and collegiates, and are prominent in the business world.

Their presence also accounts for the rise to prominence of radical Liberalism and Socialism.

From the time of their conversion to Judaism, and perhaps from before, the Nazarene Church has been politically left of center. Indeed, it is my belief that not only are they the main beneficiaries of world revolution, but that they have financed its demented ideologues from day one.

What society financed Marx and Engels? Which group, largely unknown to history, benefits from the terrible ideology and reality of World Revolution?

The ideology and mandate of the political Left did not originate and emanate from the streets and working classes, as most people witlessly believe. From before the time of the French Revolution, the secretive Fourth Sect promoted gnosticism, nihilism, anarchism, and the doctrine of political revolution. Their agents pretend to be anti-capitalistic and anti-religious as a ruse ensuring the furtherance of their meta-strategy. It ensures that those in their employ – the many useful idiots – tirelessly labor to overthrow the forces of order throughout the world, convinced they’re working to build a shining Utopia. (Too bad the word means No Place.)

What we know as World Communism, the Bolshevik Revolution, and spread of Socialism throughout the world, originated with this truly Luciferian cabal. What we know as Islamo-Communism is another corrupt perilous hybrid I trace to this perfidious hidden hand. The latter phenomenon is perpetually disregarded by most researchers and investigative journalists. We wonder why?

Crucially, as my work shows, the Fourth Sect is a elite branch of a most ancient clandestine network, that of the Setian-Atonists. This cabal in turn constitutes a major branch of the even more hoary group I refer to as the Female Illuminati, better known to researchers as the Order of Sion, the latter being the infamous Dragon Court before which all other occult orders bow. (Here for more…)

Although most scholars are not aware of it, both books of the Bible – the Old and New Testaments – cryptically tell the tale of the conflict of the two sects. The New Testament speaks of the man Jesus, who certainly existed as a historical personage. Many of his adventures actually occurred, but not in the way most Christians believe. Jesus was no divine savior sent by God. On the contrary, he was a self-righteous warlord seeking world dominion. As the child of the powerful but deposed House of Edessa, he believed he should be made emperor of the Roman Empire.

As Ralph Ellis reveals in his many superlative works, Jesus was denied recognition. His plans failed and he was arrested, crucified, and finally transported to England in chains. He died there after a long period of captivity. This saga has been cryptically recounted in the works of the so-called British Israelites. Thankfully, Ralph has given us the true account of what happened to the true Jesus, verifying the adage that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

The descendants of Jesus still work to establish themselves as rulers of the world, with revolution, class conflict and social upheaval serving as their nefarious modus operendi, their means to ends. So much for occult Christianity.

So much for the Black Nobility network of nefarious royals who long ago ensconced themselves in Parthia, Judea, France, Holland, Hanover, and finally Britain.

So much for the inhuman “priesthoods” working in the name of Jesus of Edessa, namely the Jesuits, Illuminati, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and knights of this or that ancient society. So much for the subversive Frankists and Sabbateans and their particular form of devilry.

So much for the ultra-feminization of Western societies, a phenomenon also traceable to the Fourth Sect as they exist today?

So much for Islamo-Communism, the deadliest engine of evil in modern times.

Ignored by modern pundits and commenters, we ask how and why the vile edifice of Islamo-Communism arose, and what it means for the future of Western Civilization?

Ralph Ellis’ discoveries are presented in his Jesus series and other works. They explore and solve the remaining mysteries which began being researched in the early ’80s, on site at Rennes Le Chateau, France. These researches have been titled the Holy Blood or Bloodline mysteries, and many are the books written on the subject. The blockbuster film, The Da Vinci Code, highlighted the subject of Jesus’ ancestry, making it of interest to the general public. Other than Ralph’s masterly works, I recommend The Templar Revelation, by Picknett and Prince. (Here for a recommended reading list).

In the early 1980s the first slew of books appeared dealing with the lineage and identity of Jesus. Many were dedicated to the idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were husband and wife. These excellent books and the controversial theories they offer were the first attempt to expose the subterranean influence of the Order of Sion. Sadly, despite intriguing references to Mary arriving with child to Southern France, it did not dawn on authors and researchers that the order was formed and controlled by powerful aristocratic women, such as those from the Parthian House of Edessa. In any case, the discoveries about the Fourth Sect made by Ralph Ellis strongly substantiate my theories concerning the Order of Sion or Female Illuminati, although my ideas differ from Ralph’s on certain matters. My statements here and elsewhere are not automatically to be ascribed to him.

The unabated destruction of Western Civilization proceeds at breakneck speed. The colossus to rise from the ashes won’t be pretty. An old world order gives way to a draconian New World Order, in which high cultural elements are impossible to locate. Perishing with them are authentic masculinity, national sovereignty, free speech, patriotism, individuality and Capitalism. Logic, reason, morality and justice are done away with forever.

The nihilists have indeed been unleashed while demented anarchists ply their hellish trade on the stages of the world. These deviants are easily identified, being haters of wisdom, truth and morality. They constitute a modern Thugocracy, although behind them we discern a hidden conspiratorial agency, that of occult Christianity, born from a vile monotheism erected to conceal Setianism, the abominable private worship of pharaohs, emperors, kings, princes, and the even more camera-shy Sisterhood steering humanity toward enslavement and oblivion.



Secret Society Releases list of Descendants of Jesus

An press release by a a secret religious organization has stirred a significant uproar over the Christian world, By claiming to recognize 8978 living descendants of Jesus Christ.

The strange document is signed by Louis-Édouard du Bellay, the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, an undercover and shadowy organization which was made renowned by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code novel

Copies of the 54-page report were sent to many media outlets around the globe yesterday, and in addition being made accessible online the Priory of Sion’s website. It quickly incited a shock wave all through the Christian world, as the ideas it inspires contradict many fundamental aspects of the Christian faith.

“The Divine Order of the Priory of Sion is requesting the help of every single true believers in protecting the remaining descendants of Jesus Christ from the Vatican. After the passing of numerous individuals of our organization, the task of protecting all individuals from the Divine Bloodline is presently past our ability, and we desperately need help in achieving our thousand year old mission,” reads the introductory paragraph, which sets the tone for the entire text.

The document explains, the secret organization as suffered great losses over the last few years, and is currently not able of finishing its mission of protecting the “bloodline of the Christ”. It claims that “the Opus Dei and their associates” have executed more than 4000 descendants in the course of the most recent 10 years, adding that they will completely eradicate the bloodline if they are not stopped.

The Grandmaster of the Priory of Sion, Baron Louis-Édouard du Bellay, met publicly with Pope Benedict XVI in 2011, to try to negotiate a truce between his organization and the Vatican. The document published yesterday, suggests that the negotiations failed and that the Holy See is winning the war.

Many reporters have expressed their doubts about the legitimacy and the veracity of the document, but some experts in religious organizations consider that the document is to be taken very seriously.

The historian and secret society expert, Hans Gunthermänn, explains that many of his contacts inside the Priory of Sion have gone missing over the last few years, and that the content of the document is “really credible”.

“The Priory definitely seems so be struggling at the moment,” said Professor Gunthermänn, “so this kind of desperate gesture is really plausible. They must hope for help from other Christian organizations in their fight, and expect that now that they are warned of the danger, the descendants of the Christ will take measures to protect themselves.”

Hans Gunthermänn, believes that as much as 75% of the members of the Priory of Sion have been killed over the last few years, accounting for their decision to ask for help in accomplishing their mission.

As indicated by the report, the bloodline of the Christ appears to have spread over the whole planet over the last 2000 years.The individuals named on the list are spread accross over 47 different countries, and most of them had no clue that they were descendants of Jesus.

The countries hosting the largest numbers of alleged descendants are the United States with 891, France with 583, the Palestinian territories with 518 and Germany with 429.

Among the hundreds of alleged descendants who were reached over the phone by various reporters since the release of the document, only two seemed to be aware of their singular bloodline.

Secret Society Releases list of Descendants of Jesus

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