REBEL YELL: ‘A Time To Die’, Scholarly Critic Of False Terrorism, Elias Davidsson’s Obituary- By Mary W Maxwell, Ph.D, LLB

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  • “…As dispatcher for United’s 16 daily flights from East coast to West coast, Ed Ballinger said he had sent a message TO ALL HIS PILOTS when he heard there was trouble, that morning. He thus got “receipts” showing which RGS (remote ground station) had forwarded each call. In the case of UA93, the “Let’s roll” flight, the receiving RGS was not one near Shanksville, PA, but near Cleveland, Ohio. As for Flight UA175, which supposedly smashed into the South Tower, Ballinger found that the remote ground station that forwarded his message to that plane was not near New York City but near Champaign, Illinois”

A Time To Die — Obituary of Elias Davidsson, Scholarly Critic of False Terrorism

(L) Instructions for playing Elias Davidsson’s “Yiddish Wedding” (C) Elias Davidsson at Diplomatic Enclave interview (R) Child playing Davidsson’s Christmas Bells. All photos from YouTube

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Let us celebrate a man, a good man, a good man hell-bent on justice and human rights: Elias Davidsson.

(Also Read: Michigan Bomb Plot: FBI Scheme to Create False ‘Domestic Terror’ Cabal Exposed in Court @

I was very sorry to learn, from his son, that he died last week on April 7, 2022, in his town near Koln, Germany. But we mustn’t let him go!  His life’s work, for the last 20 years or more, adds up to a great contribution to society.

There are well-known facts of his biography, which I will state briefly below, and familiar items in his bibliography. But, to make this obituary personal, I will say what I knew of Elias personally. And then I will suggest that someone start a university course on “Elias Davidsson,” as one would hold a course on, say, Ludwig Beethoven, or Abraham Lincoln. We need to grab ahold of his mission.

Finally, and with permission of GumshoeNews editor Dee McLachlan, I will stretch out some articles about Elias’s work that have appeared in the last eight years at Gumshoe. We could just provide the links, but how long will electronic reality survive?  It may help the tutors of the future course on Beethoven, oops I mean Davidsson, to have those passages at hand.

Brief Bio

Elias was born in Jerusalem in 1941. His parents had escaped Germany in the 1930s when threatened by the voluminous anti-Jewish legislation. There was not yet an Israel; Palestine was under a mandate of Britain as part of the Versailles treaty of 1919. Hence, Elias grew up living among both Muslims and Jews and thought that was a perfectly calm arrangement.

I do not know at what age he “returned” to Germany, but whilst there he worked for IBM for about 20 years. Then he got into music. He moved to Iceland (population today still only 330,000) and was both a composer and a piano teacher. And also church organist.

The odd spelling of the name Davidsson (his “maiden” name was Kahn) came about because Iceland required him to icelandicize his name. He later had a very happy marriage to a lady from Poland and they have one son, David.

As far as I know, Elias was in good health — we had a regular correspondence. His death was reportedly due to difficulty breathing and it was chalked up to Covid. I can assure you that Elias was furious over the dishonesty of the pandemic and especially discouraged about the way children in Germany were absorbing “the new normal.”

Brief Bibliography

Whilst Elias has some books and videos about music, here we will concentrate only on his political publications. His books in English include Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11; The Betrayal of India; and America’s Betrayal Confirmed.

Whilst most of us who write about “that stuff” do not expect to be rewarded — rather the opposite — Elias did receive much thanks and praise for his book The Betrayal of India, which concerned the bombings of hotel in Mumbai. Of course it is the people of India who should be thanking him, but it is the Pakistanis who feted him with a few days of celebration in Islamabad, and much congratulations came from Lord Ahmed of the British House of Lords. (Elias proved that it was not Pakistan that did the bombings at Mumbai.)

Another part of his “bibliography” is his website But its content was not mainly from the pen of Davidsson. It contained (and I hope someone will keep it going) selected essays from many authors on any international injustice. Remarkably it was published in the four languages in which Elias had true proficiency: English, German, French, and Icelandic.

My Personal Knowledge of Elias Davidsson

In the early Oughts, both I and Elias were frequent commenters at a list-serve (which would nowadays be called a chat group?) at the website of the American Society of International Law — ASIL. I was not yet a card-carrying dissident, and there was nothing at ASIL about 9-11, and probably still isn’t.

The conversation was about international law. Other commenters at the ASIL list-serve were Anthony d’Amato (famous for his line “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s jus cogens”) and Charlie Gittings, the indomitable advocate for the Geneva Conventions. (I think Charlie’s death at age 56 was due to you-know-what, as he always stated the law of war so clearly and “We can’t have that.” His work is at

So, years later, when I saw Elias’ name somewhere, I was able to appreciate his views. In 2014, I wrote to him asking if he would answer some written questions, as an interview, which I emailed to him. Minutes later (I really mean minutes later) the item came flying back to me.  I thought it was a rude refusal.  Luckily, I looked at it more closely later and saw that he had entered concise answers under each of my questions.

I would not give Elias high marks for politeness. Pleasing people was not his game. Getting the truth — accurately — was his goal. I often told him he was a top candidate for the Fusspot award. After I read his book Hijacking America’ Mind on 9-11, which is largely  about the phone calls made by persons on the 9-11 planes, such as Barbara Olsen, I told Elias he should have made it easier to read.

“No way, Jose” — or words to that effect — was his reply.

Elias wrote the Foreword to my book Inquest, about the phony 2014 hostage-taking at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney. He stated that he “joined the author” in standing up to the Australian government. But when I asked him for a blurb for my Boston Marathon book, he wouldn’t give me one, as I had failed to prove that Jahar Tsarnaev did not do the bombing.

This is true, as I readily admit in the book. I can firmly show that brother Tamerlan was not at the locale of the police shootout — and that he was in fact murdered in custody, but I have no such proof of Jahar’s innocence.  I did explain to Elias that an American is not required to prove his innocence — Jahar need only show that the evidence presented against him by the prosecution is Crock City.

One additional note about our interactions. After Elias wrote an Open Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, I asked him to provide me with the German translation.  He said that he had no intention of writing it in German or of sending it to Merkel, and that in the content of it (asking Merkel to re-think) he was just imitating me!

Did Elias Support His Fellow Jews?

Name one other person of whom it can be said “X is a proud German, a proud Jew, and a defender of all persecuted groups, especially Muslims.” Herr Davidsson was all three. This is not to say he supported the government of Israel. And Zionism was not his cup of tea. But he was alert to the blaming of persons based on their Jewish identity.

Example: he chided me for my recent article asking for the arrest of Larry Silverstein, whom Elias thought may have been set up to take the heat. I explained that I had other dirt on Larry, dating back to the 1960s, so Elias more or less said “Well, OK.” Now, because of Elias’ death I will not get a chance to show him my recent Gumshoe article entitled “Jews, ‘the Jews,’ Judaism, etc.” I simply don’t know if he would have approved.

Gosh, he will be missed by his many friends.

The “University Course” on Elias Davidsson

Perhaps there is a philosophy department somewhere in the world that would take up the subject of “finding the truth in a world of official propaganda.” In my opinion, Elias’s central contribution was his detailed investigation of claims made by officials about various terrorist attacks. Recall his fusspot nature — he applied it both to official liars and to sloppy dissidents.

I am not aware of all his in-depth studies. In regard to an alleged truck rampage that caused destruction at a Christmas outdoor mart in Berlin, Elias wrote, in the German language only, a very skeptical account. The name of the book is The Yellow Bus. (Reviewed by Felicity Hingston in a Gumshoe article.)

Davidsson’s efforts to disprove the lies of 9-11 consisted first in his book about the phone calls from the planes, and subsequently in his book America’s Betrayal Confirmed, where he challenges any of the loose end, such as Mohammed Atta’s apparent double identity. He is also named in the preface to one of David Ray Griffin’s books as a contributor of ideas on the subject of 911.

Undoubtedly his masterwork is the 800-page investigation of the Mumbai hotel bombings, entitled The Betrayal of India.  Elias was able to tear the official story apart by using mostly opensource material. He spent years on it, getting it right. In reviewing the book at Gumshoe, Adeela Naureen wrote:

“Elias Davidsson has rebutted the Indian narrative and proved with authenticity that Indian version was totally concocted, based on deceit and outright lies, and that it was promulgated through a well thought out disinformation campaign ensconced in hyperbole.”

Yet Elias was about to outdo that achievement – I suspect — with his work on the Bataclan episode in France. I recently asked him to confer with me about something, and he replied that no hour of the day could be spent on anything but finishing his French work.  Officially, 130 concert-goers died at the Bataclan in Paris in 2015, and “ISIS claimed responsibility.”

Yeah, right.

I do not rule out that his findings were hot stuff and cost him his life. (Note: that is pure speculation and so would not earn his approval. On the other hand, if Elias saw the end coming and imagined it to be “them,” he’d want someone to say so.) I don’t know.  Maybe God took him in the usual way. He was 81.

— End of Obituary

The foregoing celebration of Elias’s life is 1700 words long. I now supplement it, for posterity, with links to eight articles that Elias Davidsson wrote for Gumshoe (including a short quote from each), and the full text of two articles I wrote about him, plus his letter to Merkel.

Links to Elias’ Own Writings at Gumshoe

July 17, 2020: The Day after 9-11, UNSC Passes Resolution 1368, Starts Pillar Four

“Note that the Council did not ‘authorize’ the United States to use military force, as it had done in the case of the invasion and occupation of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990,[1] but chose an indirect format to convey to the United States the message that the Council would look the other way and ask no questions, if the United States would use military force against foreign states in response to 9/11.

“That is precisely what happened: The U.S. bombing campaign against Afghanistan and the subsequent occupation of that country was not condemned by any member of the Security Council, although it was a violation of customary international law – as established on the basis of the so-called Caroline case.”

October 18, 2020: Eichmann’s Defense at Trial Will Be Used by the Lockdown Criminals?

[Quoting p 127 of Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem] “The sinister Dr. Otto Bradfisch, former member of one of the Einsatzgruppen, who presided over the killing of at least fifteen thousand people, told a German court that he had always been ‘inwardly opposed’ to what he was doing.” Davidsson: “We will probably hear such voices in the future by all the collaborators of the existing dictatorship.”

December 25, 2016: Review of Bruce Hoffman’s “Inside Terrorism”

“I do not intend to provide a review of all the author’s scholarly sins, as this would require a volume exceeding in size the very book in review. I will limit myself to point to a few elements that demonstrate (a) the deceptive nature of the book; and (b) its utter lack of scholarly value.”

January 24, 2017: Commonalities among Various Terrorist Operations [the Foreword to Maxwell’s Inquest: Siege in Sydney]

“The Sydney siege appears to me, therefore, as a contribution by the Australian government to the aforementioned global strategy, namely the maintenance of the fiction of a global Islamic terrorist threat…. [Maxwell’s] strong conviction is manifested by her courage to openly accuse her government for this criminal operation. I find her accusations justified and join myself to her accusations.”

February 20, 2014: Hijacking America’s Mind (Interview)

Maxwell: I would say that the most vivid section of your book is the portrait of “life on Mars” – I mean the stark emptiness of the ground at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the “Let’s Roll” plane is said to have crashed. To any onlooker except the willfully blind, that scene has no plane wreckage in it whatsoever.

Davidsson: … it is undeniable that many observers were amazed at the sight, but only a few dared to question what they saw (or did not see). I find it particularly revealing that the FBI did not allow any documentation of the alleged recovery of the plane from the pit and claimed after merely 12 days to have recuperated 95% of the plane.

June 14, 2020: Homo Caninus: A New Species Being Planned for Permanent Enslavement

“In the shadow of the Corona crisis, a global digital dictatorship is being established. But is this dictatorship sustainable?  Will people not one day rebel against it? How could the dictators ensure the permanent enslavement of the majority of humanity?

“By Homo caninus I do not mean a variant of Homo sapiens on four legs, or with a dog’s muzzle. This is no satire. Homo caninus won’t have an outwardly different appearance from today’s human, but will differ in his genetic set-up by possessing the desirable characteristics of a dog — loyalty, obedience, and an uncomplaining nature.”

April 19, 2019: Jews Are Eager To Incriminate Themselves in the Mass Murder of 9-11 (Satire)

“Dr. Dov Zakheim, who is reportedly an ordained rabbi … accepted in May 2001 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s invitation to become the Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Defense. Four months after Zakheim was hired and one day before 9/11, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion of Pentagon funds could not be accounted for.

“The story of the unaccounted trillions vanished from mainstream media but thrives, due to the efforts of Bollyn and his friends, as further evidence of Jewish malfeasance. These valiant combatants for the truth still owe us an explanation, namely how bookkeeping tricks in the Pentagon could have facilitated 9/11.”

September 17, 2019: Are Israeli Leaders Indictable for War Crimes?

“In the 1967 war between Israel and Jordan, Yitzhak Rabin was Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces. In this short war some 5,000 inhabitants from three villages in the Latrun triangle between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (Emwas, Beit Nuba and Yalou) were expelled by the Israeli army and their villages totally destroyed.

“An Israeli soldier, Amos Kenan, who took part in the expulsions, described these acts in a report sent to all Israeli Members of Parliament. According to press reports, including one in Jerusalem Postof 24 October 1991, Mr. Yitzhak Rabin admitted in Canadian TV having given the order to destroy the villages.”

Maxwell’s Articles at GumshoeNews about Elias Davidson

And now here are two full articles about Elias Davidsson — one about Bataclan and one about his award ceremony in Islamabad. Plus his Open Letter to Angele Merkel. You may take possession of all of them.

Elias Davidsson’s Questions Regarding the Paris Attacks of 13 November 2015

December 16, 2015

by Mary W Maxwell

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Australia’s “hostage incident” at the Lindt Café in Martin Place, Sydney. Few people have raised questions about it, such as: Why did the government wait 17 hours before taking action? or How was it that ricocheting bullets from police gunfire ended the life of Katrina Dawson?

When the Bataclan incident occurred in Paris a month ago, human rights scholar Elias Davidsson came up with sensible questions, straightaway.  He posted them on November 15, 2015 at his website,

Here are the questions Davidsson has raised:

  1. The Bataclan attackers came by car they left outside. What became of that car?
  2. When did police and special forces arrive to the Bataclan?
  3. Why did it take more than two hours to assault the attackers at the Bataclan?
  4. What did the police do in these two hours?
  5. How many forces participated in the assault on the attackers?
  6. How long did it take to overcome the attackers?
  7. Did any independent person witness the police’s assault?
  8. Why did they insist that three attackers blew themselves up and one was shot dead, if the next day this figure has changed?
  9. What was the role of the woman seen with the attackers? Who is she?
  10. Who witnessed the circumstances in which the attackers of the Bataclan died?
  11. Why has the situation at the Bataclan been described as “hostage taking”?
  12. Why did the attackers fail to kill their “hostages”?
  13. Did the attackers speak French without accent, as claimed by witnesses?
  14. Who from the police negotiated with the attackers, as mentioned by witnesses, and about what was negotiated?
  15. Did anyone really blow himself up outside the Stadium? Are there any independent witnesses?
  16. Who issued bomb threats earlier in the day?
  17. Were some of the attackers 15-18 years old, as estimated by the Institut médico-légal?
  18. Who was shooting from the window of the Bataclan on the outside, as experienced by Le Monde journalist Daniel Psenny and witness Carole Massemba, and why?
  19. Who left a car related to the attack in Montreuil?
  20. Why were weapons left the car in Montreuil?
  21. Will the police release the CCTVs from the attacks, that it is currently examining?
  22. Did the alleged attackers shoot at the police in Bataclan in self-defense?
  23. From where did the attackers obtain weapons, explosives and cars?
  24. How could the police immediately identify the type of explosives used?
  25. What did the Procureur de Paris mean when he said that five terrorists had been ”neutralized”? Were they killed?
  26. What was the origin of the IS communiqués?
  27. From where were they sent?
  28. How is it possible to authenticate these communiqués?
  29. What is the telephone number and email address of the Islamic State’s government (It is assumed that a government ruling over a huge territory has a fixed location, uses telephones and has access to internet)?
  30. How was President Holland able to announce a state of emergency, the closure of borders and designate the attacks as an “act of war” before consulting his government and before the attacks had ended?

Elias Davidsson’s website is a website that will engage your brain in a most pleasing way. It is unique in carrying articles published jointly in English, French, German, and Icelandic.

Davidsson named it “” after the term in international law that means a peremptory norm. According to The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University, the term jus cogens (from Latin: compelling law) “refers to certain fundamental, overriding principles of international law, from which no derogation is ever permitted.”

Note: Gumshoe published my interview with Elias Davidsson concerning his meticulously documented book “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11: Counterfeiting Evidence.” That Gumshoe article starts with the sentence:  “Since the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, it has been officially known that Todd Beamer’s cell phone made many calls AFTER the crash.”

Is that enough to hook you in?

Elias Davidsson Knocks ’em Dead in Islamabad

May 4, 2019

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Gumshoe is a good student of false flag attacks and scripted terrorism. Three books have already come out of Gumshoe on this – one on the 1996 massacre at Port Arthur, one on the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon, and one on the 2014 Sydney “siege.” But no one on our staff has the capability to handle India.

For many years, Elias Davidsson of Germany studied the 2008 attacks, purportedly done by Pakistan, on big hotels in Mumbai, India. He never went to either of those countries; he was able to do all his research from publically available sources, mostly on computer.

Luckily he is fluent in English. His book, The Betrayal of India, is written in English, whilst his latest book on 9-11 is in German. The book about India is over 800 pages. He has concluded that the attack, on Indian soil, was done by a collusion between India and the United States. He also thinks Israel was involved but does not have the proof.

I will review here a speech he gave in Islamabad in April, 2019. First I want to explain the title of this article – “Elias knocks ’em dead.” I really mean his speech knocked me dead, but I am guessing that it had the same effect on his listeners. This is because at the end he pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

The Rabbit

During a one-hour speech, Elias gave overwhelming factual evidence, from the record, that the Mumbai attacks were not done by Pakistan. His audience was composed of Pakistanis at a conference in that nation’s capital city, Islamabad.

You might think his message to them was “Rise up and condemn India.”  No way.  He said – and here comes the rabbit – “You should rise up and help India.”

(I should note here that until 1947 the Pakistani people lived in India, they were citizens of India. As followers of Islam they were a religious minority in that country. They broke away via a “partition” during which millions of people were killed.)

Davidsson advised them to go to the Indian people and say “We can help you throw off the injustice pressed upon you by your own government.”  He also said (having in mind his 800-page book) “You have a great weapon – truth.”

Frankly, I hope he gets up the moxie to tell the American people that he can help them against their own government, by using the truth about 9-11. Don’t forget he is the author of “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11,” which analyzes the phone calls from the planes and that odd hole in the ground at Shanksville.

Pakistan Is Not the Real Focus

Elias Davidsson may have disappointed some of the listeners when he said he did not think the main reason for India to do the false-flag of Mumbai (pinning the flag on Pakistan) was to stir up a fight with Pakistan or to besmirch its people.

He found that India (and/or its allies) had much more compelling motives to do the dirty deed. The first two are: to increase the militarization of police, and to kick-start the security industry. He says within a week of the attacks all hotels and restaurants were ordering cameras and hiring security guards. (Worldwide, the security business takes in $400 billion.)

Although I won’t rehash the details here, Elias says that two groups had unexpected interest in the Mumbai attacks: the White House and the New York Police Department.

Pointing out that the US did not do any analysis of the London 2005 attacks, he says the White House immediately set up a crisis task force re Mumbai. (Hello? Was there a threat of Pakistan bombing Chicago?)

As for the NYPD, it was keen to study the mechanics of the event, and the FBI was in there too, onsite.

The Big Brotherization of India

As said above, the thrust of the new idea of “international relations” is that Pakistan can help India.  It can give that country THE TRUTH which will allow Indians to see what is happening.

The worst that is happening – I have seen it happen in America and Australia – is the beefing up of Big Brother. This has to do, Elias says, both with increased surveillance and with control of the media. He points out how the media was told how to cover the Mumbai attacks.

A big surprise to Elias himself came when he discovered a document in which the biggest business group in India gave “marching orders” to the government as to how it should proceed on these matters.  It was not phrased as a request, he says, or even as a recommendation. It was a marching order.

Think again of the title of Davissson’s book – “TheBetrayalof India.” Betrayal in what sense?  How about betrayal of their fellow Indians by Indian business persons. How about the treasonous aspects of Indian military people giving the open-door treatment to American snipers, bomb throwers, or whatever.

The video below is a delight to watch for the workings of the mind of a careful scholar. (And you might need to get out the Kleenex when he spiels about the power of Truth.)

Elias, who is a devout Jew, goes berserk when he sees Muslims mistreated – especially as by the courts of the United States.   I think all Pakistanis, as well as all Palestinian Muslims, can safely call him Brother Elias.

And now the Hindu and Christian population of India are welcome to call him Brother, too!

Merkel: A Time To Heal? Open Letter from Elias Davidsson

October 20, 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid their respects at the site of the Berlin terror attack German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid their respects at the site of the Berlin terror attack

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid their respects at the site of the Berlin terror attack (Photo by H. Hanschle)

Open Letter to Mrs. Chancellor Angela Merkel from German Citizen Elias Davidsson
Dear Chancellor Merkel,

I am writing to you regarding the fake terrorist attack that took place at a Christmas market in Berlin on 19 December 2016.

As we both know, you were forced by dark forces that reside outside Germany to authorize and cover up this act of public deception. I guess that this decision was hard on you.

The facts of this particular case are meanwhile seeping into public awareness. More and more citizens suspect that the official account on the Berlin attacks are contrived and that your government is covering up the facts. Such suspicions do not only undermine your credibility and that of your government, but also of the civilian institutions who participated in this act of deception, including the medical profession, firefighters, emergency workers and the police. When such institutions cannot anymore be trusted, the very rule of law is under threat. I doubt that this is your intention.

I therefore call upon you, Mrs. Merkel, to publicly acknowledge the dilemma you had to face before authorizing the above operation, reveal the identities of those who railroaded you to this decision and the nature of the pressure they used on you. By acknowledging these facts you can redeem the loss of confidence that you have experienced in recent months and place yourself at the service of the people who voted for you. Acknowledging these facts will make it harder on your enemies, internal and external, to harm you.

I wish to use this opportunity to draw your attention to the case of my friend Mounir el Motassadeq, a Moroccan national who has spent more than 10 years in a German prison, innocent of any crime. Mr. el Motassadeq was unjustly convicted by a Hamburg court and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment because of Germany’s subservience to the United States. This conviction tars the reputation of Germany’s justice system and that of your government. Unless the German government apologizes to Mr. el Motassadeq and awards him his due remedies, this crime will remain a historical blot on Germany, on its government and on all those who colluded in punishing this innocent man.

Praying and hoping that your sense of propriety will prevail and that no one will harm you for having read and acted upon this letter, I remain,


Elias Davidsson
(address is known by the editors)


As you can see, this late, great scholar believed in international law and demanded that it be fulfilled. Interested students could write a thesis on the proposition that a person like Davidsson who starts from a premise of human rights will always run into the facts that he ran onto. That is, he or she will be up against amazing deceitfulness — including fake terrorism — and everyday corruption.

Hence, to keep human rights on the books, those obstacles should also be on the books. It is a natural part of the academic subject matter. There is no room for dismissing any of it as conspiracy theory.

Davidsson will be there with you, O Students. He will applaud your efforts. Don’t write him off as “finished history.”

Thank you, Elias! Vale. Rest in peace.

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