DIVINE PRESENCE: ‘The Goddess Returns’, Lady Of Light The Soul Of the World – By Mike Kay

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  • “…The Goddess returns…In no case does the goddess bestow upon her people an ostentatious wealth. She does not grant them with a new found ability to conduct parlor tricks for the skeptical. Nor does she bestow upon her faithful any gift to provide for a better place in society. The visitation of the Goddess is for one purpose, and that purpose is to open the eyes of the faithful to that stream, that current, that flows through their lives…for these reasons that her presence is so disconcerting and threatening to societal power structures, especially organized religions, for organized religions are nothing if not exhibitions of magnificent art, wealth, and pageantry”

Lady of Light the Soul of the World by Mike Kay


Other than what Orage, myself, Beau and Phil have written I have never fully endorsed any man’s writing. I’m endorsing this. Nobody ever did or will say it better than Bob Dylan in Tangled Up in Blue

“Then she opened up a book of poems

 and handed it to me 

Written by an Italian poet 

From the thirteenth century 

And every one of them words rang true

And glowed like burning coal

pouring off of every page 

Like it was written in my soul”

It’s your play Francis, Mike tells me you too were once a bouncer. Lifes funny, isn’t it? Or is it just her sense of humor? Go on Francis, let’s see how tough you are. Don’t let me down… – Jack 

Over the centuries, humanity has been terrorized by those of its’ ilk who would rule them. Hapless mankind has been repeatedly subject to genocide, slavery, and spiritual devastation. Humanity is derided as beasts of burden, farm animals, by misanthropic religions, so-called intellectuals, and the self-described important classes. Famously, the mouthpiece of the western world has recently announced to the people it despises, that you will return to serfdom. Like the dispossessed of old, you will have, and be nothing. This devastation is the old devastation rebranded, where an undeserving group of vicious psychopaths use their ability to inflict harm, as the energetic for their soulless search for significance and control.

Such is imprinted in the genuine history of the western world since the times of the implacable rise of Rome. Yet this is but part of the story.

There has always been a current in the world that is beyond the jaded evil of the oppressors. It never has visited the halls of power, in any vein other than to display its truth. It is never available to the depravity of the rulers, despite their wish fulfillment fantasies, and it never will. The genocides, smears, and murders launched to prop up the self-described important people have always been omitted from the attention of this current. Like a stream that winds its way through the most parched of places, it sparks an amazing greenery of life wherever it goes. Perhaps the most enduring of these streams, those which never fade from the memory of unforsaken dignity, are the times when the Goddess returns.

We know the Goddess manifests exactly at those times when the spiritual direction of the people has been so utterly devastated that few remember anything. She arrives as a being of Light, so magnificent that the humble are awed by her presence. The authorities, the powers, the principalities hate these times, and those who receive them, for it offers a view into the genuine reality, and directs a resurgence of genuine spirituality.

We remember that White Buffalo Calf woman came to the Lakota when they were starving and taught them the ways and means by which to keep their spiritual connexion alive, and thus themselves. They honour the memory of her visit to this day. We might recall that Guadalupe appeared, not before the priests and kings, but to the dispossessed, and with her light began a spiritually unifying river in a place torn by war, hopelessness, and rapid transformation. Here we recall our Lady of Fatima, with her own visions spelling out a path and purpose that can take humanity out of the repetitive doldrums its leadership and their followers have determined for us all.

In no case does the goddess bestow upon her people an ostentatious wealth. She does not grant them with a new found ability to conduct parlor tricks for the skeptical. Nor does she bestow upon her faithful any gift to provide for a better place in society. The visitation of the Goddess is for one purpose, and that purpose is to open the eyes of the faithful to that stream, that current, that flows through their lives. It is for these reasons that the power of the appearance is so easy to miss, and so simple to dismiss. It is for these reasons that her presence is so disconcerting and threatening to societal power structures, especially organized religions, for organized religions are nothing if not exhibitions of magnificent art, wealth, and pageantry.

The fact is that over the millennia the Goddess has appeared to myriad peoples. The Vanir delighted in her glowing form, and called her Lady.  The Egyptians called her Isis, and her sorrow was sewn across the land. The Gnostics called her Sophia, and her smile was the warmth of the setting sun. The Templars called her the Queen of Mercy. The Christians call her Mary. Poets have referred to her as the White Goddess, for white is the colour closest to pure light, and she is indeed luminosity. Russian novelists have described the moment they became aware of her, the ethereal glow emanating across the hills, and the forests, along the brooks and the lakes.

Today the religion of Hollywood defames her. The image of justice mocks her. The dream of the bankers is to ignore her. This is only to be expected, in a world that prides itself on recycling abuse, upon the elevation of defilement. Yet we do not follow the lead of the sophisticated dispossessors. We will answer their dismissal here, regarding the miracle of Fatima, and we will show that the words of the Goddess are not an ornament for the rulers, even as they are a guide for the lost.

We begin with the first question, one which is never asked; why was Portugal the place, where the Goddess appeared? For this, one must understand the Templars, the mystery of Baphomet, and the Gnostic path. Suffice it to say, that as a group, the Templars honoured the Goddess. They made for her a place of welcome that echoed beyond time, and joined with a much more ancient path. This was upheld, in a moment of astounding courage, by the King of Portugal. Portugal bears an extremely important ancient link to the numinous. Ice age characters here, inscribed in stone, are strongly antecedent to later Runic Futhark, including the script linked to the Cistercians. Remnants of the pre-Roman temples still stand in remote places, where dreams and visions occurred, as the means to divine communication. By all accounts the people here had a powerful connexion to the Goddess, and for those who understand manifestation as an overflowing into time, all this is the reason for her appearance at Fatima. In addition we remember that Portugal, after the Arab expulsion, remained a place of unity for different races, creeds, and beliefs. It is home to the largest examples of Templar survival, from facades to art, and it was home to Henry the Navigator, who, like Isis, wandered across the world.

Many studies have been done, by both good and excellent authors, documenting the ascendancy of Mary from Gnostic disciple to Christian Mother Goddess. Recent work, by particularly gifted scholars, brings to this the ancient religion of the Bear. The Bear Religion spans from Neanderthal times, linking directly with European man’s emergence in the East, in what is today Russia and the Ukraine. From Mother Bear to Mother Mary, the link, through Artio the Bear Goddess, is a line of transmission spanning vast measures of time. Fatima cannot be discussed without including Russia. Fatima cannot be understood without the historic context, and the spiritual primacy of place. The appearance of the Goddess as mother figure to three humble children cannot be understood without the knowledge that the power of the Mother Bear, the number three, and her ancient religion, lies in the oldest recesses of European memory.

Before we go further, and explore the depths of the mysteries, an important point must be made. European man did not originate in Africa. The hypothesis referred to as “out of Africa” is appealing to intellectuals who exist to rob you of your true heritage. All Europeans carry a percentage of Neanderthal DNA. Africans who come from uncrossed bloodlines have no Neanderthal DNA. No Neanderthal remains have ever been recovered from Africa, nor is there any evidence remotely suggesting that Neanderthal ancestry involves any other race of mankind. All the ancient lore, the stories of the Aryans, of the Indo-Europeans, of the Norse, the Celts, your ancestors, all agree on Eastern origins. The oldest known European ancestor is found in Russia, fully formed, from 40,000 years ago. If one might believe that the effort to pit the West against Russia and the east is a strategy to divide European man and set him against himself, one is left with the conclusion that such division is made with purpose in mind, and indeed it is so..

The lies are both great and many. To disenfranchise Europeans of their genuine lineage, and to provide a corrupted and limping ersatz history where they are the villains of their own story, is in every way the goal. Those who promote this changeling history hope Europeans never wake up enough to feel the fangs in their neck. They bombard their targets with hateful dystopian nightmares, and laugh as their victims stumble around inside them. They fashion themselves as somehow chosen for a better destiny, as they destroy their targets’ dreams. This is why our Lady appeared to those three humble children, to remind us all that spiritual tradition is genuine, and it lives.

The mysteries of Fatima occur in a sequence of three. Why three? The oldest swastika ever uncovered lives in the Ukraine, and is more than 20,000 years old. This swastika has three arms. The Goddess is triple aspected. Three is the number of points required to construct the first geometrical form. Three is the number of the realm of ideas, the profile of ultimate source, and the stages of any event; beginning-middle-passing. Three is the sacred number, and thus there were three children and three mysteries. Through knowledge, understanding arrives.

Three visions, in sequence, to denote to the faithful, dynamite and a promise all at once; today the belief is that their significance is past. Yet this dismissal ignores that the rosary is about sequence, memory, and time. It purports to put to rest, that which strikes fear into their hearts, and set it all as some manifest to their citadel of faith. Yet the visions of the Goddess are not affirmations for an institution that trades the mystic for the political, or knowledge for faith, and seeks to forget its bloody beginnings. The visions are about the reclamation of spiritual lineage, and the true reforming of a sense of the sacred, which has its root beyond any man’s wish for domain. Thus the visions of Fatima are extremely contemporary, and as yet to fulfilled.

In any vision involving the divine, there is a sacred duty involved, and that duty must be carried out by the visionary. Yet when the scope of that vision is beyond the ability of the visionary to enact, it falls upon those with the power to act, to fulfill the spiritual direction. Often, as we see with the vision of Black Elk, the participation of the entire community is a key to diffusing and making available the spiritual power of the event. In the case of Fatima, the children followed their direction, while the recipients of the spiritual direction most certainly did not. This means, in the spiritual sense, that the power of the message has never been diffused. We have seen this before, in the prophecies of Yogis, in the continuing potency of Templar events, from a very different origin, yet with a similar condition. Thus the hope and the wish that the vision is resolved cannot be the case. No ritual, no working that does not address the directive will have any effect upon it at all. Thus the substance of the message remains potent and strong, and we can see this clearly in the consciousness of the people. 

For here we discover a strange phenomenon of belief in the west, since the rise of materialism, and that is the idea that events, aside from those weaponized, have no power past a certain point in time. This is completely untrue, but it remains a perspective nonetheless. Thus the sacrifice of gentile children in Trent in the 1400s, by the Jewish community is bypassed because they say it is over. Yet the desire to gloss over events does not make it so. It seems even Christians have observed that events that were suppressed, tend to return in alarming ways, and with an alarming power. If one can’t believe that this is the case with Fatima, then one needs to explain why, despite organized and concerted effort by the grandest social organizations ever crafted, it retains an undying and irrepressible power in the psyche of Europeans today.

Here it would be useful to point out that attempting to carnivalize a spiritual event will only increase its’ mythic capacity. Fatima today is reduced to a personal revelation of the rosary by many devout Catholics, one where the mysteries have been explained as fulfilled.  The entire event is presented as a phenomenon which has already informed history, thus sequestering the revelation itself to the dim recesses of faith. Yet the inescapable fact remains that Russia was never consecrated. The Pope suffering a rather clumsy attack, which was easily foiled, hardly qualifies as the event predicted in the final vision.  In fact, it appears that the church has simply institutionalized Fatima, claimed a sort of ownership, rather than taking it as a direction. From the point of view of the spiritual, this qualifies as a dismissal, and so it is more than possible to conclude that the spiritual power of the event is very much alive today. The choice of the Vatican then, to perform the consecration ritual on the date of 3/25/22 thus will be extremely significant.

This ritual is already being mocked by hard bitten political observers and cultural commentators. They are claiming it to be a cheap political trick, an attempt at expansion of political influence, and if this was all it was about, they would be right. However, this date of the 25th is hugely important due to its placement at the nexus of disparate streams of hope, desire, and effort all arriving at culmination together. In the orthodox tradition, this date is the Annunciation of the Theotokos, the establishment of the holy sanctuary, undefiled by the unclean. This marks the 25th as the holy day of the mother goddess. For any Catholic to be conducting a ritual on this important day is in itself a recognition of a spiritual event.

No one, it seems, is able to articulate the significance of Fatima, and of her directive to consecrate Russia. No Christian has come forward with any commentary that offers any insight. No one seems to have the slightest idea what spiritual events are, or how prophecy directs, and energizes the human being.  Possibly, a great deal of this has to do with the ongoing war on the human psyche, and the distortion of events, and the lack of soundness of mind.

The war, of course, began with the establishment of this dark abyss we call the universe, and its’ population with the divine spark. The spark has forever been overshadowed by the clouds of manifestation, even as it fills the universe with a multitude of itself. Thus arrives the first mystery into being, of the many and the one. This was the first vision granted, which the children were told to understand as Hell. Yet every great reveal requires a test to prove one worthy, and what the majority refer to as Hell, is merely the unvarnished truth about incarnate existence.

The war was also behind the theme of the second mystery, and the directive, to consecrate Russia. This second mystery is the pivotal point of consternation in the world today, yet what this involved, and what this called for, was no less than the cessation of the forever war that has raged before time. It is tempting, and perhaps unavoidable, to view the directive as a purely physical and temporal ritual. However, consecration is to recognize holiness, and no such recognition can ever be only political, or purely material. The peace that is promised is not simply a cessation of hostility. It involves the awakening to the distortions that are used to control and disempower, an arrival at an immovable place, and for this to occur, an honouring of one’s origins are in order, and of those who carry on at the emergence place. Thus, consecration is not, to the spiritually aware, an act of dominance or political will, it is instead a bright opening of the heart, where the light of being reflects across the distance to recognize itself, and be aware.

The war is all consuming in the final mystery. The blood of the martyrs is spilled, and the pontiff dies before the ancient symbol of the world. Thus it is that no political empire can ever be fueled by subjecting the spiritual to its own material ascendency. Forcing others to trade their genuine observations for conditioned ones can never bring the essence of humanity out of its’ obscured condition. The realities of any political system are unavoidable; that which is born in time, dies in time.

Fatima is a culmination, and a continuation of longstanding inheritance going back millennia. Fatima returns, because time is spiral, returning to similar places, yet from different points. The recognition of Mary, and her holy nature, provides a balance for the confused energetic of modern times, for it defines the divine role of the feminine. Much of the current crisis in humanity involves a loss of understanding of the power, the role, and the activity of the feminine. The modern mind simply assumes the point of the feminine is to out masculine the male, and the highest calling of the male is imitation of the feminine. The abandonment of the comprehension of complementary spheres of influence that is the male-female duality is not liberating, it merely brings about a stupefied incoherent sham of self-understanding. This loss of perspective has resulted in a great disempowerment amongst both women and men, and an actual walking back of any advancement in human awareness.

The Goddess is, in any true spiritual understanding, the soul of the world. Thus it is that the consecration, which is but one of many spiritual threads weaving together, is the opening to the understanding that destroys the fantasy of transhumanism, communism, and authoritarianism. The seed of Fatima is the demise of the church, a remembering of that immense power of generation that never fails.

Russia today is central to all events, spiritual and material. The heavy hand of Bolshevism failed, and the long road to regaining the spiritual life has been taken. Yet as Russia begins to regain a spiritual faculty, the west is only now becoming aware that it has lost its’ own. Consecration can harmonize both energies, through the reveal of where both the East and the West move in relation to each other. Alive in this promise is the power to finally recognize the narratives that bind and impede, and through this recognition, grasp the truth regarding the eternal war, that it has forever been the instrument to enslave mankind. The 25th will bring forth a new energetic from the tired remains of spiritual death, and it will move the energy of Fatima into manifestation.

She is already moving to define the world; her star is already shining in the lives of many. The current system falls to the ground. The ache of so many to define themselves with power will be superseded by the deeper knowledge of awakening. Old ways of explaining the world fall as refuse into a heap, and those who think they steer this society will steer it into the ground before they give up their positions, but give them up they will, as the core of the survivors are already forming their understanding, and it is they whom she will protect, for from every extinction of the light a new ray arrives, to settle upon the remnant that will rebuild from the ashes of disaster the next manifestation…Life, and longing for Life.


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