THE 9/11 PSY-OPERA: ‘Ignorance Is Strength’, The 9/11 Truth Finally Exposed (Flashback)

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  • “…19 hijackers, devout religious fundamentalists who liked to drink alcohol, snort cocaine, and live with pink-haired strippers, managed to knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes in New York, while in Washington a pilot who couldn’t handle a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 in an 8,000 foot descending 270 degree corskscrew turn to come exactly level with the ground, hitting the Pentagon in the budget analyst office where DoD staffers were working on the mystery of the 2.3 trillion dollars that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had announced “missing” from the Pentagon’s coffers in a press conference the day before, on September 10, 2001”

SM:…Like the mysterious “Magic Bullet” in the lone-gunman assassination of a sitting President proves – Yes, a bullet can indeed enter & exit multiple victims at abtus angles, shattering bone & membrane, while ricocheting at just the precise angle to cause a final & fateful head wound…(breath) – All the while, remain in pristine condition to be miraculously recovered at the bedside of the per-designated target….”

20th Anniversary of 9/11 – The Truth Finally Exposed

On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world, overpowering the passengers and the military combat-trained pilots on 4 commercial aircraft before flying those planes wildly off course for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter interceptor.

These 19 hijackers, devout religious fundamentalists who liked to drink alcohol, snort cocaine, and live with pink-haired strippers, managed to knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes in New York, while in Washington a pilot who couldn’t handle a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 in an 8,000 foot descending 270 degree corskscrew turn to come exactly level with the ground, hitting the Pentagon in the budget analyst office where DoD staffers were working on the mystery of the 2.3 trillion dollars that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had announced “missing” from the Pentagon’s coffers in a press conference the day before, on September 10, 2001.

Luckily, the news anchors knew who did it within minutes, the pundits knew within hours, the Administration knew within the day, and the evidence literally fell into the FBI’s lap. But for some reason a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists demanded an investigation into the greatest attack on American soil in history.

The investigation was delayed, underfunded, set up to fail, a conflict of interest and a cover up from start to finish. It was based on testimony extracted through torture, the records of which were destroyed. It failed to mention the existence of WTC7, Able Danger, Ptech, Sibel Edmonds, OBL and the CIA, and the drills of hijacked aircraft being flown into buildings that were being simulated at the precise same time that those events were actually happening. It was lied to by the Pentagon, the CIA, the Bush Administration and as for Bush and Cheney…well, no one knows what they told it because they testified in secret, off the record, not under oath and behind closed doors. It didn’t bother to look at who funded the attacks because that question is of “little practical significance“. Still, the 9/11 Commission did brilliantly, answering all of the questions the public had (except most of the victims’ family members’ questions) and pinned blame on all the people responsible (although no one so much has lost their job), determining the attacks were “a failure of imagination” because “I don’t think anyone could envision flying airplanes into buildings ” except the Pentagon and FEMA and NORAD and the NRO.

The DIA destroyed 2.5 TB of data on Able Danger, but that’s OK because it probably wasn’t important.

The SEC destroyed their records on the investigation into the insider trading before the attacks, but that’s OK because destroying the records of the largest investigation in SEC history is just part of routine record keeping.

NIST has classified the data that they used for their model of WTC7’s collapse, but that’s OK because knowing how they made their model of that collapse would “jeopardize public safety“.

The FBI has argued that all material related to their investigation of 9/11 should be kept secret from the public, but that’s OK because the FBI probably has nothing to hide.

Osama Bin Laden lived in a cave fortress in the hills of Afghanistan, but somehow got away. Then he was hiding out in Tora Bora but somehow got away. Then he lived in Abottabad for years, taunting the most comprehensive intelligence dragnet employing the most sophisticated technology in the history of the world for 10 years, releasing video after video with complete impunity (and getting younger and younger as he did so), before finally being found in a daring SEAL team raid which wasn’t recorded on video, in which he didn’t resist or use his wife as a human shield, and in which these crack special forces operatives panicked and killed this unarmed man, supposedly the best source of intelligence about those bastardly terrorists on the planet. Then they dumped his body in the ocean before telling anyone about it. Then a couple dozen of that team’s members died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

This is the story of 9/11, brought to you by the media which told you the hard truths about JFK and incubator babies and mobile production facilities and the rescue of Jessica Lynch.

If you have any questions about this story…you are a batshit, paranoid, tinfoil, dog-abusing baby-hater and will be reviled by everyone. If you love your country and/or freedom, happiness, rainbows, rock and roll, puppy dogs, apple pie and your grandma, you will never ever express doubts about any part of this story to anyone. Ever.

This has been a public service announcement by: the Friends of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, SEC, MSM, White House, NIST, and the 9/11 Commission. Because Ignorance is Strength.


Ten More Things You Never Knew about Mohamed Atta – By Daniel Hopsicker


1) Stains no detergent can touch
The Sunday Times (UK) February 3, 2002:
Atta and al-Shehhi were now paying $ 840 a month for an apartment in a condominium in Coral Springs. Al-Shehhi spent his days washing piles of laundry for the gang in the development’s washing machines. Atta was often in the parking lot, chain smoking.
2) “‘Running into buildings’ for $1000 please Alex.”
Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) October 27, 2001:
Wynn Errico, owner of Wynn Motor Co. in North Lauderdale, said three FBI agents came to his dealership several days after Sept. 11 to question him. Errico said Atta drove into his used car lot around 2 p.m. on the Friday before the attacks, saying he wanted to sell the Grand Am because he did not need it anymore. Three men in a white minivan accompanied him and waited for about 45 minutes while Errico and Atta went back and forth about a price, Errico said. He said Atta rejected his offer of $800 cash.
“He said, ‘I’d rather run it into a building than sell it for $800,'” Errico said.

atta shoe small
atta young

3) “You think I’m funny? You think I’m funny?”
The News-Press (Fort Myers, FL) September 13, 2001:
Flight instructor Bob Gaff, 50, didn’t teach the terrorism suspects but recalled seeing them around. “You see how we’re all dressed?” asked Gaff, who was clad in a T-shirt and jeans. “This one guy used to show up in leather shoes, shined shoes, dress slacks, silk shirts, all the time.”
4) “We know some ‘people.’ So what?”
Chicago Tribune September 11, 2004:
In what appears to be a more noteworthy act of generosity to someone he barely knew, in 1995 Atta lent a Turkish baker, Muharrem Acar, some $25,000 to help Acar open a bakery. Acar told the BKA[German Intelligence] that Atta didn’t even ask for a promissory note when he made the loan. “I don’t know why El-Amir had so much money,” he said. “I did not want to know either…”
5)”Petty drug crimes? Define ‘petty.'”
New York Newsday January 24, 2002:

Mohamed Atta and two associates tried to get jobs with Lufthansa Airlines… on Feb. 15, 2001, according to “Netzwerke des Terrors (Networks of Terror),” a book published last month by Juergen Roth, one of Germany’s top investigative reporters… Atta did not know that Lufthansa’s personnel division had access to law enforcement files that indicated he had once been under investigation for petty drug crimes and falsifying phone cards while a student at the Technical University at Hamburg-Harburg in 1995, the book reports, citing federal law enforcement sources. Atta didn’t get the job.
NY Newsday
Mail on Sunday (UK) September 23, 2001:
The FBI is attempting to unravel the minds of the terrorists. One of the key witnesses they will be using is a British woman who learned to fly alongside Atta and fellow hijacker Marwan al-Shehhi at Huffman Aviation International Flight School in Venice, Florida. Anne Greaves, 56, an osteopath and former nurse…  “I was told that Atta was a Prince from an Arab royal family and al-Shehhi was his bodyguard…I didn’t think terrorist, I thought they were perhaps learning to fly to run drugs… There were so many tell-tale signs…”…
“These guys were different,” said a top FBI man on the Florida section of the manhunt. “They lived the good life… then blew it up in our face.”
Mail on Sunday
The Daily Telegraph (London) September 25, 2001:
“There was no pleasure, no enthusiasm. I thought there was an ulterior motive, maybe drug smuggling, although I never even considered terrorism.” [said] Mrs Greaves, 56, a retired nurse from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, is helping the FBI to put together a psychological profile of the attackers.
The Guardian (London) July 5, 2002:
Ann Greaves… watched the TV pictures of the smoking building and said to her husband: “My God, I hope this has nothing to do with those two Arabs at Huffman Aviation!” A feisty grandmother, Greaves had just fulfilled a lifelong ambition by learning to fly at the training school in Florida… As she spoke, a second plane smashed into the south tower… Greaves had been suspicious of Atta and his friend from the moment she met them… “I couldn’t help but be suspicious as to why he was there,” says Greaves… She decided at the time that Atta was probably a drug runner. Her suspicions were not shared by the male staff at Huffman. “We had no obligations to do a background check on them,” says Rudi Dekkers, the Dutch owner of the flying school… but did not question further.,7369,749722,00.html
Birmingham Post (UK), September 25, 2001:
Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi… strange behaviour aroused Mrs Greaves’ suspicions, and she thought they may have been involved in drug smuggling. .. Mrs Greaves said the men seemed to enjoy preferential treatmentat the flying school… ‘There always seemed to be a problem. They would often overrun their lessons, and never offer any explanations or apologise. ‘I was really a little bit jealous in that they were always given preference. ‘I was told by my instructor that he, Atta, was an Arab prince and his companion was his bodyguard… Instead Mrs Greaves had deep suspicions about the pair. ‘There was something wrong about them and I didn’t think their motives were honest…

atta kbl small

The Guardian (London), July 22, 2004:
Sibel Edmonds… has been quoted as saying: “My translations of the 9/11 intercepts included (terrorist) money laundering, detailed and date-specific information… if they were to do real investigations, we would see several significant high-level criminal prosecutions in this country (the US)… and believe me, they will do everything to cover this up”.
Village Voice, June 1, 2004:
Sibel Edmonds… said, however, that “there are a lot of activities in the U.S. A lot of money… and these activities involve money laundering, drugs, a support network for terrorism… people in high places… [people] in the political arena.”
6) Shameless inducements! More intimate details!
Inside the new book ‘Welcome to Terrorland: Mohammed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-up’ you will find many more ground-breaking revelations on the escapades of Mohammed Atta,  & friends, including his more recent ‘drug crimes’. Containing over 400 pages of meticulously compiled research, photos and witness statements, former NBC producer Daniel Hopsicker’s ‘Welcome to Terrorland’ is available for immediate delivery. Plus you’ll be helping to forward a worthy cause: The only active public investigation into 9/11. If you already have the book, why not try out a video? ‘Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus’ is packed with exclusive footage that you won’t find anywhere… even on the internet!
7) Coming Outta Atta’s Family Closet

Orlando Sentinel September 23, 2001:
Mohamed Atta, 33, the suspected ringleader and a pilot in the first suicide attack on the World Trade Center, may have had relatives or associates living in Central and South Florida for years. Among the possible relatives sought by federal investigators is Majed Atta, a former Winter Garden and Miami-area grocer who abruptly left the Orlando area last month and whose whereabouts are unknown.  Local law-enforcement authorities are also still on the lookout for Mohamed Atta’s car, a red 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix two-door coupe reportedly spotted in downtown Orlando on Sept. 15.  The Florida tag number is D79DDV…
Federal agents are investigating the possibility that suspected hijacker Mohamed Atta also had family ties in Central Florida. A South Florida federal grand jury issued subpoenas to Broward County court officials seeking records involving several people named Atta.  They include Majed Atta, the former Winter Garden grocer.  
Until the middle of this year, Majed Atta ran the Rainbow Grocery on Plant Street in Winter Garden.  On Aug. 1, he and his family packed their belongings into a U-Haul and left their rental home near Lake Apopka. Majed Atta’s former landlady said they moved just one week after Atta said he planned to buy the home from her and open a new grocery store in the Orlando area.
Majed & Mahmoud Atta lived and worked just 2 miles down the road from Khalil bin Laden in Winter Garden, FL. Khalil’s home address in Winter  Garden can be found on the FBI’s 9/11 suspect list under the name Geny Castanheira from Brazil (17920 W. Colonial Dr.). Khalil happens to be the Saudi ambassador to Brazil… and a known terrorist.
Associated Press June 11, 2004:
[A] seizure of $27,000 by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department during a traffic stop [occurred] in March [2004]… The vehicle was occupied by Palestinian immigrants Atiya Saleh and Shareef Quattom and Jordanian immigrant Majed Atta, all of New Orleans, who claimed the money originated from a business transaction… Lincoln County Sheriff Wiley Calcote questioned that account. “The only document they had was that they had sold one store and were buying another store, but there was nothing tying the money to that transaction, and they gave conflicting information about the amount and origin of the money,” Calcote said.
Times-Picayune  June 02, 2004
They were held for seven hours during which they were subjected to a strip search, drug-sniffing dogs and interrogation by local and federal officials… Capt. Dustin Bairfield, the deputy in charge of the investigation, said…even if the feds pass on the case, he said, local officials still might convene a grand jury and seek a state indictment for money laundering… Atta, who is now selling groceries on Congress Street in New Orleans… moved to the United States at 16 and attended college in Hattiesburg. His fond memories of the years he spent in Mississippi brought him back to the state in 2001, when he and his family decided to leave Florida, their home for 10 years… His last name — which is the same as that of alleged terrorist ringleader Mohammed Atta — attracted the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation… since they both had ties to Orlando… Atta is a U.S. citizen.
Times-Picayune June 4, 2004 Friday
Sheriff’s officials are skeptical and say they want to make sure the three New Orleans men weren’t on a money-laundering trip that took them through Mississippi…
8) Casablanca 9.11  
9/11 Commission Report Notes:
Atta’s cell phone was used on January 2 [2001] to call the Moroccan embassy in Washington, D.C…
9/11 Report Notes
This may not come as a surprise to our regular readers, as we recently published a story with the headline ‘Terror Suspect Tied to Moroccan Military Attaché’. However, the connections of the Moroccan embassy in Washington D.C. to the 9/11 plot run deep. The above information buried in the notes of the 9/11 Commission’s report confirms that fact. At least the Commission did not succeed in its goal of a complete ‘whitewash’, though nothing more is mentioned regarding Atta’s contacts with the Moroccan embassy.
For those who did not catch the story (or click on the link and read the first few paragraphs) here is the basics. It starts in tiny Punta Gorda, Florida, a town literally founded by the CIA. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch put it, “Founded in 1958 by two former CIA colleagues, publicly held Punta Gorda had been one of Florida’s largest landholders”.
Palm Beach Post, September 24, 2001:
The FBI , Professional Aviation Flight Training University in Punta Gorda, after tipsters said they saw Atta there late last year or early this year.
Palm Beach Post
The Hamouda family owns Professional Aviation and several other facilities at the Charlotte County Airport near Punta Gorda. Though the Hamouda’s connection to 9/11 does not end there:
The Hamouda’s also housed Mohammed Arara, who is listed on multiple FBI 9/11 Suspect Lists. One of the more detailed FBI lists contains a handful of addresses for Arara, three of which are owned by the Hamoudas (This ‘unique’ family plays a leading role in ‘Welcome to Terrorland’).
Additionally, Arara is an FAA-certified commercial pilot. This could explain why the FBI’s addresses for Arara border upon airports in Punta Gorda, Sarasota and Lake Worth, FL. While in the U.S., Atta only trained at four airports: in Venice, and of course, Punta Gorda, Sarasota and Lake Worth. And when Atta lived in Coral Springs, FL, Arara was using a mailing address only 2000 feet away from Atta’s apartment.
So then, who is Mohammed Arara?  This 9/11 suspect is also a relative and business partner of the Military Attaché for the Moroccan Embassy in D.C., Colonel Ahmed Arara.
Perhaps this is why Atta would be calling the Moroccan Embassy in Washington… perhaps. And perhaps connections with wanted 9/11 terrorists has something to do with this federal court case involving the ever-present Hamoudas and John Ashcroft:
US District Court (Fort Myers)
Hamouda, et al v. Ashcroft, et al — FILING DATE: 4/18/2003; DOCKET CASE NUMBER: 2:03cv179
PLAINTIFF: Hamouda, Sonia; Hamouda, Louis; Hamouda, Gilles;  Hamouda, Fabrice;  Hamouda, Danielle
DEFENDANT: INS; Department of Homeland Security; Ashcroft, John, Attorney General of the United States, et al.
Case Type: Writ of Mandamus (To compel an official to do something within their power; used when no other specific remedy exists for Plaintiff)
9) Camp ‘Cruisin’ for a Bruising’
The New Yorker September 16, 2002:
On August 20th [1998], President Clinton ordered an attack on bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan… American warships in the region fired seventy-nine Tomahawk cruise missiles into Afghanistan … the attack failed to hit its main targets – bin Laden, Zawahiri, and the other Al Qaeda leaders… The strike also missed Mohamed Atta, the alleged leader of the September 11th attacks, who was reportedly training in one of the camps.
 10) ‘Our Man Atta’
 The Observer (UK) September 30, 2001:
Atta was not unknown to the authorities. Indeed he was under surveillance between January and May last year after he was reportedly observed buying large quantities of chemicals in Frankfurt, apparently for the production of explosives and for biological warfare… The disclosure that Atta was being trailed by police long before 11 September raises the question why the attacks could not have been prevented with the men’s’ arrest.,6903,560733,00.html
The Financial Times November 23 2001:
Mohammed Atta, one of the alleged ringleaders of the September 11 terrorist assaults, had been monitored by the Egyptian secret service before the attacks took place, according to a German investigative television report aired on Friday… The evidence, presented on the highly regarded ARD public television channel, reinforces concerns that the international intelligence community may have known more about Atta before September 11 than was previously thought, but had failed to act… The FBI is also believed to have monitored Atta for several months in 2000, when he was frequently in Frankfurt and had allegedly bought large quantities of chemicals, possibly to make explosives… The Atta family in Cairo had been monitored on several occasions over an unspecified period, the programme said.
Financial Times Internet Archive
Dallas Star-Telegram, June 7, 2002:
A secretive U.S. eavesdropping agency monitored telephone conversations before Sept. 11 between the suspected commander of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks and the alleged chief hijacker… U.S. officials said…  the conversations between Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Mohammed Atta were intercepted by the National Security Agency, an intelligence agency that monitors and decodes foreign communications… The House andSenate intelligence committee… investigators are aware of the intercepts of the conversations between Mohammed and Atta…
The official said… NSA analysts apparently did not recognize the significance of what they had.
Dallas Star-Telegram
Miami Herald, June 6,2002:
Another intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was “simply not true” that the NSA monitored the conversations and failed to share the information with other intelligence agencies [meaning they shared the info]… NSA analysts apparently did not recognize the significance of what they had…
The senior intelligence official said that when the NSA monitored their conversations, Mohammed was overseas and Atta was in the United States. [KS] Mohammed was… indicted on charges of being involved in a failed 1995 plot to bomb 11 U.S. airliners flying over the Pacific Ocean on a single day… U.S. officials have concluded that Mohammed had overall command of the Pentagon and World Trade Center attacks… U.S. investigators believe Mohammed might have met several times in Germany in 1999 with Atta or members of Atta’s al-Qaida cell.
Sunday Herald November 2, 2003:

A French intelligence agency noted “according to the FBI, Arab terrorists and suspected terror cells lived in… Hollywood, Florida, from December 2000 to April 2001 in direct proximity to the Israeli spy cells”. The report contended that Mossad agents were spying on Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehi, two of leaders of the 9/11 hijack teams. Jim Margolin, an FBI spokesman in New York, implied that the public would never know the truth, saying: “If we found evidence of unauthorised intelligence operations that would be classified material.”
BBC October 2, 2002:
German newspaper Die Zeit… uncovered details of a major Israeli spy ring involving some a 120 agents for the intelligence service Mossad operating across America and some masquerading as arts students. The ring was reportedly hard on the heels of at least four members of the hijack gang, including its leader Mohammed Atta. But the Israeli agents were detected by their American counterparts and thrown out of the country, it says. Just a month before the deadly attacks, the paper said, Mossad handed over to the Americans a detailed report naming several suspects they believe were preparing an attack on the United States.
If you’re sitting there wondering why you have never read these facts about Mohammed Atta before, that means you haven’t yet read ‘Welcome to Terrorland’. As you can see, this information isn’t available anywhere else so don’t wait another six months to get the goods on Mohammed Atta and his 9/11 terrorist cadre — order ‘Welcome to Terrorland’ TODAY!

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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