THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: The 70 Miles Long USA ‘Freedom Convoy’ Blacked Out By The Media

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  • “…At least 1,000 ‘freedom convoy‘ vehicles converged at a speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Friday night and through Saturday morning into the afternoon as some made the 2,500-mile journey from Southern California, according to WaPo. The convoy is at a staging area where their next move could be Washington, D.C., to protest the COVID-19 vaccine and other public health mandates”

SM:…At some point in this grand charade, people will find out that news rooms were hollowed out decades ago. What replaced the movie version of the chain-smoking, rumpled, investigative news scribe, was a polished, hybrid corporate version of a company PR man – complete with catchy tag lines, media spin & general shit for brains. All this internal surgery was done at the behest of the new corporate overlords, who polled public opinion as the basis for ‘truth in the media’….you have been conned, for very long time now…..

70 miles long, and with thousands cheering it along the way, the USA Freedom Convoy has (of course) been BLACKED OUT by the media

Mark Crispin Miller

Rob Williams talks to Claire Dooley and Ariana Victor, two (real) journalists traveling with the truckers (an interview that YouTube instantly took down)

No sooner had this video gone up on YouTube than YouTube took it down—claiming that it offers “medical misinformation,” at odds with the pronouncements, not of the CDC, which, throughout these past two years, YouTube has been invoking as the ultimate authority on health, but of the World Health Organization. This, clearly, represents a shift toward global censorship via Google.

In any case, this interview with Claire Dooley and Ariana Victor, two journalists traveling with the USA Freedom Convoy, is well worth watching, as it tells us much about that epic caravan, which “our free press” is largely blacking out, while VICE and Rolling Stone have variously slimed it.

Feb 15

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