TRUE NORTH: Justin Trudeau’s Blind Hatred of Anti-Vaxxers (…& Infinate Love of All Things LGBTQ2)

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  • “…Trudeau presents as Barack Obama, but acts as Nixon…What I thought of when I heard this contemptuous smack at those who do not see matters as he does, “those people” who have doubts, hesitations or are reluctant to genuflect to the government’s whole agenda on pandemic management (because that was really what he was on about), was that Trudeau has more in common with Richard Nixon than cares to believe”

SM:“Stop The Hate’….

Justin Trudeau’s blind hatred of anti-vaxxers

By Rex Murphy

If you resist taking the vaccines, you are Justin Trudeau’s villain of the moment

Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeauOfficiel du gouvernement – Canada
As of today, it’s official: Conversion therapy is banned in Canada. Our government’s legislation has come into force – which means it is now illegal to promote, advertise, benefit from, or subject someone to this hateful and harmful practice. LGBTQ2 rights are human rights.

12:23 PM · Jan 7, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

If you resist taking the vaccines, you are Justin Trudeau’s villain of the moment

It is never right for the leader of a country to launch a furious invective against an entire subset of citizens. It is certainly never right to do so with the full force and blatant contempt that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put on display during last fall’s election.

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Wow! A nasty crew those anti-vaxxers. Out of mercy, I presume, the righteous Justin Trudeau didn’t throw in the rest of the story: that most anti-vaxxers have big, unsightly lumps on the back of their heads, use kittens as door stops and (gasp) don’t recycle. Should we “tolerate them?” he asked, rhetorically.

Justin Trudeau will be Canada's first prime minster to ...

Follow the train of thought. They may be a fringe group, but that’s of no account because (dire peals from the organ loft) they are “a small group that muscles in.” Insidious bastards, those anti-vaxxers, and cute. Whatever else, there’s a troubled vision of the power of anti-vaxxers in the prime ministerial cranium.

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What I thought of when I heard this contemptuous smack at those who do not see matters as he does, “those people” who have doubts, hesitations or are reluctant to genuflect to the government’s whole agenda on pandemic management (because that was really what he was on about), was that Trudeau has more in common with Richard Nixon than cares to believe. What a thought: Trudeau presents as Barack Obama, but acts as Nixon.

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That rage against the anti-vaxxers was classic scapegoating, together with all the escape hatches that come equipped with slippery attacks, such as using the word “often,” so he can push back if anyone challenges him on his characterization of anti-vaxxers as “misogynists and racists.”

It was also cute how he could describe anti-vaxxers as only a “small group” one moment (nothing to worry about), but the very next moment remind everyone that they can still “muscle in.” Be on your guard. How agile and tactical these Neanderthals are.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Joins Gay Pride March in ...

There was, of course, a special bow to Quebec voters. Anti-vaxxers, as Trudeau described them, are a blight on Canada, but Quebecers were fully innocent of such malignant agents.

“Over 80 per cent of the population of Quebec have done their duty by getting the shot. They are obviously not the issue in this situation.” All clear in La Belle Province. And just who does that leave? And where do they live? (My guess is he thinks most of them must be in Alberta, but that’s just a guess on my part.)

Our leader is a cynic. If the federal government’s COVID response was a model of judicious management, quick response and clear communication, Trudeau might claim some room to stir up animosity and grievance towards resistors or protesters. A model of management or even clear communication, however, it has emphatically not been. It has been clumsy, wrong, slow and contradictory.

Choose to love differences, exhorts prime minister at ...

Who left the airports open at the beginning of this plague? Who said barring flights from China was “racist”? Who ordered masks from Communist China? Whose spokesperson said masks were ineffective? Whose spokesperson then said masks were mandatory?

Who warned against gatherings and then went to a Black Lives Matter protest? Who shut down Parliament, conducted the government of the great nation of Canada, after his breakfast, from the Cottage of the Commons? Who called an election in the middle of the pandemic he was managing?

And while we’re in this territory: Who gets to call “racist” after being filmed prancing around in blackface four whole times? Who gets to hurl the word “misogynist” after leading a government that tried to sweep sexual misconduct allegations in the Armed Forces under the table?

Who gets to ask whether we can “tolerate” certain people who disagree with him, when that same person has gutted the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of all Canadians through his COVID decrees? Under Trudeau, the charter, his father’s very glory, has turned to tissue.

In much of Canada, the unvaccinated may not go where they wish, may not visit family in moments of pain, may not travel or enter public places without their papers. And most significantly, if you resist taking the vaccines, you are that most felonious and vile of human beings; you are Justin Trudeau’s villain of the moment: an anti-vaxxer.


Trudeau’s West Grey accuser was much younger than first thought

Trudeau has become known for using classrooms as a backdrop for photo-opportunities.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s underage accuser was much younger at the time of their relationship than was first thought, her father tells The Chronicle. Some in the public discourse pegged the accusor at 17 years old.  That is inaccurate.

“She was much, much younger than that,” the wealthy Canadian businessman told The Chronicle yesterday. He was not a party to the $2.25 million mutual non-disclosure non-disparagement agreement that she signed, in exchange for her continued silence, on the Wednesday evening of October 9th.

The terms of that agreement prevent both the accuser and Trudeau from acknowledging “any aspect” of that relationship, without triggering a six-to-seven-figure liquidated damages clause.  That penalty starts at $500,000 and scales up, depending on the magnitude of the breach.


The accusor’s father shared with The Chronicle a password-protected digital copy of that agreement, giving us limited access to it for several hours on the condition we would make no copies and not distribute.  Doing so could have jeopardized the terms of the agreement, which imposes damages on either party in the event they acknowledge or discuss the relationship publicly.

He does not believe his discussion of that agreement’s existence is a violation of its terms since he was not a party to it.  He did not acquire the document from his daughter; it was incorrectly CC’d to him on an email between the negotiating parties.

The two engaged in a long and steamy affair on- and off-campus while Trudeau taught drama and French at Vancouver’s prestigious West Point Grey Academy.  He was discovered by his accusor’s father at their family home, which prompted private demands to school administrators that he be removed from his position immediately.

“There was a ‘small settlement’ at the time,” he says, but declined to elaborate.

The relationship was discovered several months after Pierre Trudeau‘s death.  He died on September 28th, and was eulogized by his son on October 3rd — an event that made him a rising political star, around whom much of Canada would swoon.  His students were particularly fawning, friends say.


At the time, the family was told that the school’s standard employment agreement included confidentiality terms that would be binding on Trudeau after his departure.  As a matter of policy, the school does not comment on personnel matters.

Trudeau’s friends at the time say that the typically outgoing and exuberant young man was suffering through a bout of depression following his father’s death in 2000, and his brother’s death in 1997.  They postulate that anything improper was likely a result of his fragile emotional state at the time, not because of any nefarious character trait.

“He was lonely and depressed for months,” one friend told The Chronicle.

At the time, Canada’s age of consent was 14 years old.

In 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper had that law changed, raising the age to 16, where the law sits today.  Still, Canada outlaws sex between adults and people younger than 18 when the adult is in a position of responsibility for the wellbeing of that child.

Trudeau’s behavior would have been illegal at the time.

To date, Trudeau has not offered a public denial of The Buffalo Chronicle’s reporting.  Instead, he has instructed his communications staffers to decline to answer those questions and to attack the credibility of this publication.

The Buffalo Chronicle has never — in our entire operating history — been sued for defamation or any other matter.  We have never once received a cease and desist letter from the subjects of any article since we began publishing in 2014.

We have not received such a cease and desist letter from Mr. Trudeau.

Trudeau has used his relatively brief time as a teacher to shape his personal narrative when he first got into politics in 2008.  He has used the experience to shape his political brand, often claiming to have ‘taught math’

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