MIND GAMES: ‘Priests of the New Science’, The Death of Science & the Rebirth of Superstition – By Dr. Todd Haven Ph.D

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  • “…An unseen authority such as God, or a group of Gods, has historically set the rules of religions. Today, the self-appointed “ruling class” — the government, the Faucis, the Big Pharma corporations, or someone or something even beyond that, sets the rules of the religion “scientism”

The Death of Science and the Rebirth of Superstition – Todd Hayen PhD

“Science denier!!” A snarky phrase I am sure most of you have heard many times. In the beginning of this Covid debacle, when there was clearly only “one science” approved and presented by the media, it took a bit of digging to find other scientific hypotheses.

Now it is not so difficult to see clearly that there is a deeper, more robust, science that is contradicting the mainstream.

But still we hear the mantra “follow the science!” “you are a moronic denier of science!” and as Fauci so famously put it, “if you are against me, you are against science!”

So what, then, is science? The first thing I would say in defining science is to state what it isn’t…it isn’t typically consensual. I suppose there are some things we can call “settled science” but even much of that is often questioned, certainly over the years as new discoveries are made “old science” steps aside for “new science.”

Why doesn’t this still happen? — probably because science has truly become more of a religion than a systematic (and by its nature controversial) effort to discover the mysteries of the natural world. Religions are typically dogmatic, meaning they have rules that are not to be questioned.

An unseen authority such as God, or a group of Gods, has historically set the rules of religions. Today, the self-appointed “ruling class” — the government, the Faucis, the Big Pharma corporations, or someone or something even beyond that, sets the rules of the religion “scientism”.

The powers that be are desperate to harness the power of science to do their evil bidding. They wish it to become the superstitious demon they can release onto anyone who questions their power and authority. Again, as Anthony Fauci so brazenly stated, “if you are against me, you are against science.” And a sane person, or so they want you to think, cannot be against science.

How is this “take over” of science possible? “Science” is now sacred in our modern world, and has been for quite some time. Technology, medicine, engineering, has become so sophisticated and complex few people know the inner sanctum of the science behind all of this that seems to be, to the layman, magic. It takes a real scientist to know science’s innermost secrets.

Or does it?

We certainly have come to think that only the priests of science can understand science. It used to be that common sense ruled, and what it didn’t rule, religion and a belief in God filled in. Now neither common sense nor God exists in the popular mind. The phrases uttered by those who still listen to their common sense, such as, “do your own research” has, to the science worshipper, become the mantra of the imbecile, the moron who doesn’t trust the “Science God” to tell them what is real and what is not real.

Common sense cannot, for the most part, assume a thorough understanding of science, but as mom used to say, “if everyone is jumping off the cliff, would you go with them?”

It seems that in today’s climate, most people are jumping. That is a lack of common sense. If science says it is safe to jump, then we jump.

Not so long ago we came to “settled science” through a process. Many minds, many experiments, many mistakes (remember Edison’s thousand light bulbs?) During this Covid insanity there are not many minds, many experiments, nor many mistakes (not enough time to make them). That’s where the common sense should come in—we should question this censorship, this lack of scientific debate—but for the most part common sense has evaded many of us. Jump off the cliff, folks…and away we go.

The problem is not the science, the problem are the people proclaiming to know the science. There is now only one (or one consensual group) “Priest of Science.” And the masses are not sophisticated enough to tell the difference between “jump off the cliff” science, and real science.

Science, real science, is dead.

So where does superstition come in? Superstition historically can be seen as the shadow of religion. Since science is now a religion (something to trust if the high priests (Fauci et al) tell us to) the response to this new religion is largely superstitious. Since science can now be created, and justified, merely through the word of a handful of authoritative figures, then the belief in it (since the new science does not have to be justified through experimentation, documentation, and debate amongst scientists) is then superstition.

How many examples can you come up with that simply defies any sort of logic or reason? I will name a few: lockdowns, masks, social distancing, segregating the unvaccinated to prevent the vaccinated from becoming infected, vaccinating 5-year-olds to prevent a disease that no one who is 5 gets, ignoring viable treatment options for Covid that actually work.

Need I say more? I will not elaborate considering who is reading this; you need no explanation.

None of these examples have a scientific foundation, we simply have been “told” by the priests of the new science that these things are based on scientific inquiry and experimentation. But we know they are not.

We don’t even have to know much about science to know this. These are things a person with an 8th grade education would scratch their head about. But we are told we are science deniers if we question any of this. We are told the doctors who question this are quacks, the scientists who question this are pseudo-scientists. Those who hold these as truths without questioning them, in my view, are superstitious.

The definition for “superstition” is “a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation.” In the context of this article the “supernatural causation” is the irrational and empty assumptions that people seem to think are “natural causations” — if you question these people on this point, i.e., ask them to explain why a vaccinated person needs protection from an unvaccinated person (in our rational effort to discover the “natural causation” of a scientific assumption) they will start yelling at you calling you an idiot, or a science denier, or whatever other nasty thing they wish to throw at you.

“I hope you get Covid and die!” OK. Thanks.

The rebirth of superstition.

All this is really a manifestation of the fundamental problem: Most of the world is suffering from a cult-like mass psychosis.

Actually, it probably isn’t most of the world. I just came back from a two-week sojourn in Egypt. No one, or very few, were wearing masks. And those who were, were mostly tourists.

People were smiling, laughing, hugging, kissing, and shaking hands. There are two primary reasons for this: one, they are very religious people and feel that if Allah says it is time to go, you go. If Allah says it isn’t time to go, nothing will take you down. The second reason is that they do not trust their government, never have, probably never will.

There are no “priests of the new science” there to redefine science. They actually don’t seem to care much for what science has to say about most things anyway. Their lives are in the hands of their maker, and that is good enough.

Why did the leaders of many other nations, such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and many more, kill real science?

Well, that’s for another article, but I think you already know.

Todd Hayen is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology.

2 thoughts on “MIND GAMES: ‘Priests of the New Science’, The Death of Science & the Rebirth of Superstition – By Dr. Todd Haven Ph.D

  1. Excellent commentary on what passes for “science” these days. I’ve been struggling for a clear definition myself. Latin, “sciere” means “to know”. But how do we know what we presume to know?

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