GLADIO: ‘Entrapment’, Don’t Fall For The FBI’s “Civil War” Trap – By Scott Greer

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  • “…The group that’s most eager for the Right to embrace civil war talk is federal law enforcement…Entrapping wayward youths and rednecks in terror plots doesn’t just secure the FBI’s budget. It also justifies censorship, hate speech laws, deplatforming, and policies designed to weaken the historic American nation…The Globalist American Empire wants you to give up on the normal political process. Be smart—don’t end up like the Michigan militiamen just because someone on the internet told you to man up and DO SOMETHING”

SM…”In Search of Enemies”, should be the FBI motto – this is furnished by the skilful deployment of the “Strategy of Tension”, targeting vulnerable & fringe movements to serve as public ‘patsies’ in the broader based war for increased state control & power….

Don’t Fall For The FBI’s “Civil War” Trap

Guest Post by Scott Greer

Right-wingers of all stripes can never get enough of talking about the supposed civil war on the horizon. This topic got a boost in attention over the last month following America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Some saw the Taliban’s defeat of the Globalist American Empire as a sign fed-up patriots can do the same in Appalachia. Comedian Sarah Silverman further sparked discussion last week on civil war after she called for a national divorce.

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Many conservatives praised her for sharing this bold idea with the masses. They believe a peaceful national divorce is the only realistic option going forward.

However, the conditions for a civil war don’t exist in America. There’s too much prosperity, a very powerful government, an overtly content population, lots of bread and circuses, and no institutions or leaders to bring forth a separation. I’ve covered these reasons at length on my podcast.

Some readers will probably disagree with these arguments and insist civil war/national divorce is a viable option. But there’s one argument they can’t disagree with: The group that’s most eager for the Right to embrace civil war talk is federal law enforcement. That alone should make conservatives think twice about sharing Boogaloo memes.

Ever since Donald Trump’s election, the Globalist American Empire has sought to portray ordinary white Americans as the gravest threat to “our democracy.” They’ve been able to point at a few misfits and deranged mass shooters to make this point. Hate hoaxes were brandished as proof that racist marauders are attacking minorities with impunity thanks to Trump. A few insane gunmen killing in the name of some fringe ideology were blamed on the entirety of white America. Even protests and rallies were deemed acts of terrorism. See January 6. All of this has helped build the narrative that “white extremists” are the biggest threat to America.

Federal agencies can point to all this activity and declare a domestic war on terrorism. The White House categorized “white supremacists” and “militia violent extremists” as the “most persistent and lethal threats” to America in a summer memo. That memo called for the government to “prevent” and “disrupt” domestic terror attacks before they happen. All Americans would like the feds to stop violence before it happens. But Revolver readers should know that these plots stopped by feds are often created by feds in the first place.

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This is the chief problem with civil war rhetoric. People who are encouraged in the false belief that war is right around the corner will do stupid things and make themselves easy targets for federal entrapment. At best, civil war rhetoric is nothing more than empty chest-thumping on Twitter. At worst, it gets you several years in federal prison.

Let’s take the example of the hapless souls arrested for the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot. The anti-government militiamen were set up by federal agents and informants. Their plan was frankly insane. Any sensible person would’ve told them that it would’ve never worked and it would put them in jail for many years. But the 12 federal informants (at least) involved in the case kept pushing these misguided radicals in a disastrous direction. They told their targets this plot would work and it would lead to the civil conflict they craved. Instead, it led to the targets facing serious federal charges.

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Informants persuaded the would-be revolutionaries with a lot of the rhetoric you’d see on the Internet. They prodded the targets to continue on with the plot and called them wimps if they had doubts. They even paid for rides and provided training for the fantasy scheme. While the feds were responsible for these misguided subjects committing a federal crime, that doesn’t excuse the rhetoric from the targets themselves. They truly believed they could pull off a civil war from what they read on social media. They believed they could “kidnap tyrants” and bring down the whole system. The feds encouraged them in these delusions.

But when it all came tumbling down, these would-be revolutionaries insisted they weren’t serious and it was all just talk. One of the leaders, Peter Musico, bawled in front of his defense attorney when they first met. This same man had bragged about killing cops just a few months earlier. Like most people who talk tough on the internet, he wasn’t ready for war. He was just spouting off. His civil war plans weren’t serious. This talk can be easily exploited by bad actors for their nefarious ends. If you aren’t ready to go to federal jail for a long time, you should probably not brag about how you’re ready to be a guerrilla.

The entrapment scheme perfectly served the Globalist American Empire’s interests. Just before the election, feds and the media were able to scare the public into believing that right-wing extremists are the number one terror threat. These monsters tried to kidnap a governor and overthrow a state government! Of course, they didn’t mention that the feds were behind the whole affair or that these guys posed no threat to anyone. They were set up by bad actors, and their own mistaken desire for civil war pushed them into the feds’ trap. The Whitmer plot helped solidify the narrative the GAE pushes about domestic terror. Time magazine asserted: “The Michigan Plot Lays Bare the Dangers of Ignoring the Far-Right Threat.” Their answer? Focus more on the “far-right threat,” even if there isn’t one and it’s entirely controlled by the feds.

There are other recent examples of wannabe insurgents getting ensnared in fed honeypots. Atomwaffen and The Base are two such cases. Both neo-Nazi groups tried to be as edgy as possible, encouraging not only terrorism but genocide as well. They would constantly post that there is “no political solution” and the only thing to be done was to train for the upcoming civil war. Several members of both groups now sit in federal prison thanks to this rhetoric that was encouraged by federal agents and informers. Joshua Caleb Sutter, an influential figure and propagandist within Atomwaffen, was paid over $140,000 by the FBI to spy on white nationalists. He was paid $80,000 for his work on Atomwaffen. Sutter provided key evidence against Atomwaffen leaders to the FBI. Atomwaffen became a favorite media bogeyman during the Trump years due to their terror fetishism and alleged plots. Much of this was due to the work of a federal informant.

An undercover FBI agent was able to snare several members of The Base in a terror plot in 2020. The agent was able to access The Base’s encrypted online messaging platform and aid members in weapons training. He nabbed multiple members on serious state charges after they planned to kill Antifa members. It’s possible that the agent was the one who suggested this idea in the first place. The arrests were widely covered in the media and held up as another example of the threat of far-right extremists.

Most conservatives recognize the scrutiny of the federal government when it comes to protests. Very few people showed up to the Justice for J6 rally Saturday over fears it would be a trap. Based on the evidence of undercover cops mingling in the crowd, this fear was proven to be correct.

But if people are rightfully hesitant to show up to public demonstrations due to feds, why would they not have the same opinion of associating with people aiming for civil war? It’s easier to press federal charges for trumped up terror plots than it is for protesting. It’s also easier for the feds to warn of the danger from right-wing extremists with foiled terror plots rather than demonstrations. For some reason, a lot of conservatives don’t grasp this concept. They still fantasize that their little militia will avoid fed entrapment and be prepared to duke it out with the United States military. They’re far more skeptical of those organizing protests than they are of people organizing secessionist movements.

The feds are investing a ton of resources into persecuting conservative Americans. They need “threats” they can show to the public to prove their focus is warranted. The number of feds sent to the Justice for J6 rally shows how eager they are to prosecute anyone they can paint as a terrorist. Civil war hype helps their effort tremendously. The federal government isn’t threatened by people spouting off about separation or war on the Internet. The feds know they have the military, the courts, the media, and the police on their side. They even have the family and friends of “terrorists” on their side, as evidenced by the large number of J6 protesters who have been turned in and disowned by their family and friends. The government knows civil war is unrealistic—that’s why they encourage it.

Entrapping wayward youths and rednecks in terror plots doesn’t just secure the FBI’s budget. It also justifies censorship, hate speech laws, deplatforming, and policies designed to weaken the historic American nation. If the feds can claim the arrested terrorists organized online, that puts more pressure on Big Tech to shut down free speech. If they say the terrorists used any type of payment processor, that puts more pressure on financial institutions to cut off anyone deemed a right-wing extremist. If they say the suspected terrorists believed in the Great Replacement “conspiracy theory,” that puts pressure on politicians to open the borders to stick it to the terrorists. An ever-present terror threat allows the Globalist American Empire to seize more power and erase more of our civil liberties.

As the federal government hunts high and low for any domestic terrorists they can find, the smart thing to do is to avoid these traps. We are not heading to a civil war anytime soon. Kristi Noem is not going to declare independence from the United States. You and 12 of your friends are not going to take down the federal government. The work needed isn’t as exciting as that of civil war, but it won’t land you in federal prison and it actually has a chance to succeed.

The Globalist American Empire wants you to give up on the normal political process. Its minions know that you will either be so demoralized that you focus completely on your hobbies and accept the regime, or you will do something stupid and become a poster boy terrorist for the GAE’s agenda. Be smart—don’t end up like the Michigan militiamen just because someone on the internet told you to man up and DO SOMETHING.

Scott Greer is the host of the popular podcast “Highly Respected.”

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