HIGH CRIMES: ‘Global Subversion’, Here is the Hidden History You’re Not Supposed to Know (Part 1)

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  • “…This was a covert operation that was decided upon by a few individuals loyal to the international bankers, and embedded in the U.S. military and espionage hierarchy. The operation had no approval whatsoever from either the Congress or the Pentagon…The media was unaware of it as were the people of the U.S. and Europe at large. Astonishingly the initial funding of $200 million came from the Rockefeller and Mellon Foundations…That the money came from the masonic international banking families, who owned these Foundations, shows that Dulles and Donovan were working on the direction of these families”

Operation Gladio – Global Subversion, Part One

By Kevin Barrett

Dr. Mujahid Kamran

Mujahid Kamran serves as Professor of Physics and Vice Chancellor at the University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. Professor Kamran is one of the best synthesizers of research on the New World Order and its crimes and conspiracies. 

His books 9/11 and the New World Order and the The International Bankers, World Wars I, II, and Beyond are among the best-documented and most comprehensive resources on the banksters’ relentless attempts to conquer the world using mass murder, usury and big lies.

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Mujahid Kamran, 21 Sep 2015

We describe Operation Gladio in various countries, from its illegal inception in 1945, and its evolution from stay-behind armies meant to resist a Soviet invasion of Western European countries to its bloody interference in the internal affairs of European and non-European countries on the pretext of countering Communist influence in these nations. Terrorism carried out by Gladio units in several European and non-European countries is described. Subversion in some countries, taken as illustrative examples, is dealt with in some detail. This was Gladio in the pre 9/11 period where its goal was to influence the internal politics of countries in such a manner as to prevent Socialists and Communists from being elected to power or to eliminate leadership that was either neutral in the Cold War or critical of U.S. foreign policy (Part I).

In Part II we deal with the post 9/11 period. In the post 9/11 phase Gladio operations have become worldwide. The war against Communism has morphed into Global War Against Terrorism (GWOT). Terrorism is being carried out under Gladio cover, and is being used as a pretext for “humanitarian” interventions i.e. conquests and redrawing of national boundaries with the object of maximizing sustained plunder of vital resources all over the globe. Terrorism is also being used to take away hard won civil liberties in the West, to destroy resource rich Islamic countries, discredit Islam, and above all to weaken, and, if possible, dismantle Russia and China. Terrorist organizations worldwide have been created, trained, nourished, sustained and guided by the American and British dominated NATO agencies. US and British controlled NATO is steering global terrorism to advance the agenda of the international bankers – a One World Government, global slave state, under their control.


Genesis of Gladio

Powerful Protection of Gladio

Vatican, Mafia, CIA, ONI and Narcotics

Philosophy of Terrorism

Subverting Italy

Murder of Prime Ministers and Potential Prime Ministers

Subverting Germany

Bloodshed in Belgium

Greek Gladio

Portuguese Gladio

Violence in Turkey

CIA, Counter-Guerilla, Grey Wolves, and the Assassination Attempt on Pope Paul II

It is not something taught in history textbooks, or mentioned in the “mainstream” media, that the masonic international bankers were behind the much touted Russian Revolution. It is a deliberately suppressed but undeniable fact, that these bankers had provided massive funding to trained “International Jews” (to use Churchill’s phrase [1]) to subvert Russia and to impose upon the people of Russia the so called Bolshevik Revolution [2]. The Politburo, with around 75% “International Jews” as its members [3], was completely controlled by the international bankers, who then set up a contrived Communist-Capitalist dichotomy to maintain mankind in a state of perpetual tension and war. Both world wars were planned and instigated by the masonic international bankers and their allies, all of whom were also ardent Zionists. The role of the international bankers in planning, instigating and deliberately prolonging both world wars is also not mentioned in history textbooks taught all over the world (see however [4-8]).


At the end of World War II a most secret and new development took place. The CIA had not yet been set up, but OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, established on the “advice” of the British during World War II, was in place. Allen Dulles, subsequently to head the CIA, entered into a strange agreement with the Nazi General Reinhardt Gehlen, head of the German military intelligence [9]. Dulles was a 33rd degree Freemason [10], and was very deeply tied to the masonic international bankers. An ardent anti-Communist, Gen. Gehlen had set up secret army units, whose members were known as werewolves. These werewolves were to act as normal citizens during the daytime and become communist killers at night. Soon after the Yalta agreement, Gehlen was transported to Fort Hunt, Virginia, where he was “wined and dined” by the Rothschild agent General Donovan, head of the OSS, who was responsible for the assassination of General Patton [11].

At Fort Hunt it was agreed that Gen. Gehlen would return to Germany under U.S. military protection and would reorganize his werewolves. It was also agreed that they would no longer be called werewolves but would be called gladiators. This was a covert operation that was decided upon by a few individuals loyal to the international bankers, and embedded in the U.S. military and espionage hierarchy. The operation had no approval whatsoever from either the Congress or the Pentagon. Who had given these people the authority to act the way they did?  Very few people in the U.S. government knew of it. The media was unaware of it as were the people of the U.S. and Europe at large.

Since the operation, that came to be known as Operation Gladio, had no formal approval from the constitutionally set up bodies or authorities, the question arose as to where the funding would come from. Astonishingly the initial funding of $200 million came from the Rockefeller and Mellon Foundations [12]! At that time $200 million was a huge amount. That the money came from the masonic international banking families, who owned these Foundations, shows that Dulles and Donovan were working on the direction of these families. The bankers were not giving away these two hundred million dollars for charity! The money was being given for promoting strife and bloodshed so that their New World Order agenda could be advanced further. Subsequent funding came to be managed through other means, drug trafficking in particular.  Astonishingly the masonic international bankers had imposed Communist rule upon Russia and the very same families were now funding a covert, illegal operation, aimed at countering Communism! Rockefellers and the Schiffs, apart from President Wilson, a stooge of the bankers, provided tens of millions of dollars to the Bolsheviks to destroy the Russian empire, to subvert it, and to impose “International Jews” upon the Russian people under the name Bolsheviks [see ref. 2]. The Bolsheviks were to set up concentration camps and to create an environment of terror in which tens of millions of Christians were to die in the most wretched and painful circumstances.

Gladio was to expand into all western European countries as well as Turkey and South America, and was to undergo a strange transformation. The ostensible purpose, when it was set up, was to offer resistance to the Russian armies, in case they invaded Western Europe. However Gladio units throughout Europe became an organ of subversion in NATO countries, including Turkey, on the pretext of containing communist influence. Every NATO country had a secret stay behind army composed of different secret units. These units were employed to murder select people, carry out false flag sabotage activities, instigate coups if needed, and to assassinate high level politicians, including prime ministers, ex- prime ministers, possible prime ministers, etc., who stood in the way of policy targets designed by the CIA and a secret and elect group of U.S. Army officers. The dark name of General Lemnitzer is the most important in this regard, as far as the U.S. Army is concerned. Lemnitzer was removed as Joint Chiefs of Staff by JFK and sent to Europe. Lemnitzer is buried in Arlington cemetery as an American hero! He possibly had a hand in the assassination of JFK along with several CIA stalwarts.  In different countries the Gladio units carried different names. In Sweden the secret army was known as Sveaberg, in Austria the unit carried the codename Osterreichisicher Wander-Sport-und Geselligkeitsverein (Austrian Hiking, Sports and Society Club), while in Germany it was the Technischer Dienst des Bundes Deitscher Jugend (TD-BD, the Technical Branch of the League of German Youth). In Greece the Gladio outfit had the codename Sheepskin, while its Turkish counterpart was christened Counter-Guerilla. The Italian units carried the name Gladio.


It is ironic that soon after they were set up, Gladio units in certain countries, particularly, France, Austria, Germany and Sweden, did come to the knowledge of the authorities. Yet not much could be done to punish them [13] except in Finland where the leadership dismantled Gladio as early as 1945 [14].  A couple of years after WW II, the French authorities found out about Gladio units in France.  In June 1947 the Socialist French Minister of Interior Edouard Depreux announced at a press conference that the French authorities had discovered secret right wing resistance units which had planned an Operation Bleu, an attack that would have taken place in July or August 1947. The units were dismantled but a year later they were again in place.

In Austria secret Nazi and right wing units were discovered in 1947. They had in their possession sophisticated weapons including rocket artillery. They were prosecuted but during trail their two leaders claimed to be defenders of the country! The two leaders were sentenced to death in 1949 for treason but, after serving for a short time, came out, and were pardoned by the Austrian Chancellor! No reason or explanation of this astounding decision was given. Deep, dark and very powerful forces were at work to protect such elements at all costs. The two leaders of the secret resistance also claimed during the trial that they were funded by the CIA.

In Germany a man named Hans Otto walked into a Frankfurt police station  in 1952 and straightaway announced  that he was part of a secret resistance that had been trained to blow bridges in case of Soviet invasion. He also revealed that his organization had received millions from the CIA and that the resistance had been organized by Gen. Gehlen, who himself was hiding in the Vatican! These revelations so alarmed August Zinn, the Prime Minister of Hesse, that he had all one hundred members of the organization arrested. He requested a full scale inquiry into the activities of the organization Technischer Dienst des Bundes Deitscher Jugend (TD-BD,  the Technical Branch of the League of German Youth).  Chancellor Kurt Adenauer tried to persuade Zinn from exposing the Gladio units. The American ambassador insulted Zinn, who however refused to budge. Finally, on instructions from the highest authorities, the German High Court in Karlsruhe denied Zinn’s request for a full scale investigation.  The arrested members of TD-BD were released on the orders of the High Court! No reasons for the release were given, forcing the Prime Minister to bitterly remark: “The only legal explanation for these releases can be that the people of Karlsruhe declared they acted upon American direction.”[15]

In 1953 the Swedish authorities arrested a former SS commander Otto Hallberg. He was charged with promoting terrorism.  However during his prosecution Hallberg openly stated that he would not be punished and that his story would be suppressed because the Swedish government would not like the extent to which they were under CIA and NATO influence, to be known. His confidence was correctly placed as he was indeed released.

The above incidents clearly show that powerful hidden forces were able to compel various European governments not to touch the Gladio units despite the fact that Operation Gladio had absolutely no official sanction from any constitutionally or lawfully constituted body or authority of the United States government. There is also a hidden secret society component that influences and protects this diabolical operation. In Italy a Masonic lodge, known informally as P2, was set up to further Gladio causes and to protect the operation.  A Masonic Lodge by the name Propaganda  Masonica was set up in Italy in 1877. However Mussolini banned Freemasonry in 1924. This lodge was revived under the name  Propaganda Masonica Due (Due is the Italian word for 2) and came to be known as P2. P2 boasted among its ranks highly influential people including leading politicians, generals, members of the superior judiciary, media personalities, etc. For instance the future Prime Ministers of Italy Giulio Andreotti and Silvio Berlusconi were members of P2. Even a future President of Argentina Raul Alberto Lastiri, was a P2 member [16].


By 1955 a Catholic Gladio had come into existence. Priests and bishops were trained for actual military combat! Three clerics led this secret army of priests and bishops.  They were Augustin Bea, rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Gostino Casaroli, his Privy Chamberlain, and Fiorenzo Angelini, Master of Pontifical Ceremonies. This was a most disturbing phenomenon. Catholic Gladio was funded by the CIA! The Vatican was very much aware of these developments and backed them [17].In fact the murderer of Gen. Patton, Gen. “Wild” Bill Donovan, was decorated by the Vatican in 1945. Pope Pius XII conferred upon him the Grand Cross of Order of St. Sylvester, one of the most prestigious of the papal knighthoods. This honor was conferred upon him after Donovan had discussed Operation Gladio with the Pope and informed him that it was meant to counter the Red Menace!  Despite the fact that Christianity bans usury and despite the fact that the Vatican had declared Freemasonry a sacrilege, the Vatican went into banking, its banks and shell companies receiving a substantial portion of their income from drug money, while at the same time some masonic elements were allowed, or penetrated deeply, into the Vatican hierarchy. Paul L. Williams has provided a list of some highly prominent Catholic Masons, including those who held important offices in the Vatican (pp 64, 65 of ref. 9)! It is therefore quite clear that the Vatican has been penetrated by freemasons, and it is highly likely that they exert a degree of influence on the choice of papal candidates and other decisions in the Vatican.

After the initial grant of $200 million from the Rockefeller and Mellin Foundations, those who were responsible for setting up this operation in the USA, in particular the rogue elements in the OSS and then in the CIA, discovered that they could fund their covert activities through drug trafficking. This required the involvement of the Mafia too. Therefore the infamous Charles “Lucky” Luciano, the Mafia boss, who was serving a sentence of 50 years of hard time at the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York State, was contacted by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), which promised to secure his release and repatriation to Sicily, from where he came, in return for working for the ONI [18]. A Mafia thug thus became an ONI agent and through unprecedented legal procedures his release was secured! In Sicily “Lucky” Luciano would be able to bring the Sicilian Mafia under ONI influence. He returned to Sicily in 1946 and was accorded a hero’s welcome! In 1947 the relationship between the CIA (which had just been set up) and the Mafia was formalized in the sense that terms of the working relationship were settled. This related particularly to the financial aspects of the narcotics traffic. The CIA dumped a good deal of its black money in the Vatican bank, among others! This money was to be used to influence the outcome of elections, by repressing leftwing parties, terrorizing them through gladiators, and influencing the press, etc. In 1948, for instance CIA moved $65 million into the Vatican bank [19]. A year earlier the U.S. government had placed $350 million in the Vatican Bank for economic relief and political payments!

The idea of using drug money to fund covert activities was the brain child of Col. Paul E. Helliwell [20], who had borrowed it from the Koumintang during his tenure as Chief of OSS in China. All the diabolical characters like Dulles, Donovan, James Jesus Angleton, Frank Wisner, and others, decided to adopt this strategy. It was decided that the cold cash thus obtained would enable them to carry out subversive activities without approval of any constitutional body or authority of the U.S. government. The dark characters agreed to generate a drug epidemic among the lower strata of society, in particular the black community.  Very soon the CIA found that it needed more sources of heroin and new routes because the Sicilian Mafia could not meet the demands. The CIA and the military found new places for growing poppy and established new routes. The Corsican Mafia was also enlisted by the CIA in support of drug trafficking after they used it to break the workers unions in the seaports and dockyards, which refused to offload goods from American vessels as a protest against the Vietnam war. Marseilles became a new hub of the narcotic industry. The South-East Asian route and the Turkish route were developed for heroin smuggling.


In his outstanding book on Gladio the investigative journalist Richard Cottrell, who for ten years was also a member of the European Parliament, has pointed out that a Strategy of Tension was the basis of the false flag operations of .the stay-behind units. He quotes the terrible French Fascist Captain Yves Guerin-Serac, who advocated the breakdown of the state ostensibly for preventing communist takeover through elections [21]:

Two forms of terrorism can provoke such a situation [breakdown of state]: blind terrorism (committing massacres indiscriminately which cause a large number of victims), and selective terrorism (eliminate chosen persons) . . .

This destruction of the state must be carried out under the cover of “communist activities.” Popular opinion must be polarized … that we are the only instrument capable of salvation.

Cottrell astutely observes that there was no will in any European country for a communist takeover and correctly concludes: “His real target was the western liberal and tolerant model of democracy.”  This however is the agenda of the international bankers who control western governments and intelligence agencies through control of their money line.  These masonic Zionist international bankers want to set up a global slave state euphemistically called the New World Order. To understand this one may recall what Eustace Mullins wrote, quoting remarks from McMaster written in the Reaper almost a century ago [22]:

The World Order has no religious, political or economic program except World Slavery. Only by subduing all potential opposition can the parasite guarantee his position of lodging on the host. The World Order sets up countless groups to promote any type of idea, and then sets up other groups to fanatically oppose them, but the masters have no dedication to anything except slavery.  As R.E. McMaster wrote in The Reaper, “The goal of international communism is not to destroy Western international debt capitalism. The goal of international communism is to enslave mankind at the behest of Western international debt capitalism.”  This is all you can ever know about the present world situation, and it is all you need to know.

Cottrell remarks [23] that the Strategy of Tension functioned at three basic levels. At the first level it was involved in guerilla street fights. “It was intended to stiffen loyalties in those countries considered at the greatest risk of falling under the sway of the Soviet Union.” At the second level it involved coups or other methods of replacing popularly elected governments and replacing them with puppets or more pliable regimes. At the third level it carried out assassinations of important people who stood in the way of achievement of NATO goals.

There is a horrific list of false flag operations and assassinations carried out under Operation Gladio. The public of the countries where these false flag operations were carried out, were given the impression, through controlled media and government statements, that these were carried out by left wing elements. After 9/11 the left wing elements were replaced by Muslim extremists to the extent that terrorism and Muslim extremism have become synonymous. Such is the power of modern governments.


Let us begin with more conspicuous false flag operations in Italy. On December 12, 1969 a bomb exploded in the crowded lobby of an agricultural bank in Piazza Fontana, Milan killing seventeen people and injuring eighty eight. The victims were mostly farmers who had come to deposit their paltry savings in the bank. On the same day, in fact within an hour, three more bombs exploded at different locations in Rome injuring fourteen. This unprecedented wave of attacks on innocent civilians was blamed on left wing elements. Eighty left wing suspects were rounded up. One of them fell from a fourth floor during interrogation and despite evidence that he had been killed deliberately the court ruled it as an accident. Another was kept in detention for three years, and, despite lack of evidence, was sentenced for the crime. It was sixteen long years later that he was released once it was found out that the terrorism was carried out under operation Gladio! The Italian police however discovered within months of the bombing that the real suspects were not left wingers but a fascist organization named Ordo Nuovo (ON, New Order). Three suspects belonging to ON were arrested, but owing to the influence of secret hands in the judiciary and the administration, all three were released. This was despite the fact that there was fairly compelling evidence to convict them [24].  Of course later investigations, spread over almost three decades, revealed that the bombings were allegedly carried out with the involvement of a U.S. Navy captain named David Carrett, a CIA operative [25].

A year after the Piazza Fontana bombings a coup was planned and the attempt to topple the elected Italian government began on December 7, 1970. It was known as the Golphe Borghese (Borghese coup). Borghese was a Black Prince (the Black Nobility comprised those who sided with the Pope after the rise of Garibaldi in Italy). Junio Valerio Borghese was the commander of an Italian command unit which, after the surrender of Italy in 1943, began attacking Italian partisan bands which were backed by the Italian Communist Party (PCI). He was arrested for war crimes in 1945 but since the father of James Jesus Angleton, the OSS and subsequently CIA operative, was his friend (Angleton’s father also worked for the OSS), he came to the rescue of Borghese. However the rescue was not without a dark purpose. More than 10,000 fascists who had fought under his command were required for the secret Gladio units. Borghese was transferred under U.S. military command after his arrest and was subsequently released and made head of the Italian Gladio.

The Borghese coup was stalled at the last moment when it was revealed that the government had become aware of it and was willing to impose martial law. James Jesus Angleton arrived just before the coup was to be launched and left as soon as it was cancelled. When, in 1974, Borghese died, there was speculation that he had been poisoned since official investigations into the coup attempt had begun and many people wanted him dead. Three decades later a French journalist was able to establish that an American military attaché in Rome was involved in the murder. Astonishingly he also found that President Nixon had closely monitored the coup attempt and was kept informed of the developments.

As if all this was not enough there were numerous other sabotage activities carried out by Gladio units in Italy. On May 31, 1971 three Italian policemen were killed in an explosion near the village named  Peteano when they opened the hood of a parked car at a location where an anonymous phone call had directed them. Additionally one policeman was injured. This led to the arrest of about 200 left wing activists but there was no evidence against them. In fact the discovery of an arms cache near Trieste revealed the presence of C4 explosive. This explosive was used only by the U.S. military and its appendage the NATO forces.  The evidence towards U.S. involvement was now fairly obvious and the U.S. operations had to be in league with the secret or deep state (to use Professor Peter Dale Scott’s terminology).

On 28 May, 1974 a bomb exploded in a garbage container in Bresica leading to the arrest of members of a Communist organization but there was no evidence against them. The arrest was made on the basis of anonymous phone calls.  On 4 August 1974, twelve people were killed and 105 injured when a bomb exploded on a train traveling between Rome and Munich. Sixteen years later two members of a criminal gang with connections to the head of P2 were sentenced for the crime.

The former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped on March 16, 1978 while on his way to the Parliament which was to discuss a national unity government involving a coalition of Christian Democrats, Socialists and Communists. Aldo Moro was Prime Minister of Italy from 1963-1968 and then from 1974-1976.  On a 1974 visit to the U.S., the war criminal Henry Kissinger had threatened him: “You must abandon your policy of bringing all the political forces in your country into direct collaboration, or you will pay dearly for it.” [26]   It is said that Aldo Moro was so disturbed by this threat that he fell ill upon return.   Prime Minister Guilio Andreotti, who was a member of the P2 Masonic Lodge, immediately blamed a left wing organization, the Red Brigade. A massive hunt for Aldo Moro was launched but he was nowhere to be found.   At the time of Moro’s abduction Francesco Cossiga was the President. In March 2008 he made two admissions [27]. He stated that he had authorized the circulation of a false statement that Moro had been killed when in fact Moro was alive at that time. He also stated that Moro was killed for the sake of the “stability of the state.”  This is a clear-cut admission that it was the state that killed Moro.  But the state was implementing Kissinger’s threat through Gladio units. In fact in October 1990 letters were uncovered in Milan in which Aldo Moro had stated [28] that he was in fear of a shadow organization, which, along with “other secret service of the West . . . might  be implicated in the destabilization of the country.” That shadow organization was none else than the Gladio outfit.

The most lethal Gladio sabotage was carried out on August 2, 1980 at the Bologna train station. A time bomb exploded in the packed and air-conditioned waiting area of the station killing 84 people and wounding 200. This carnage shook Italy.  At the same time it was beginning of the unraveling of Gladio operations in Italy. The explosive used by the saboteurs involved TNT and Composition B, an explosive material used exclusively by the U.S. Army. The involvement of state and/ or foreign hand was quite obvious.  In fact in 1984 Vincenzo Vinguerra, a member of fascist group, gave revealing testimony about the activities of the deep and hidden organizations. He stated [29]:

“With the massacre of Peteano, and with all those that have followed, the knowledge should by now be clear that there existed a real live structure, occult and hidden, with the capacity of giving a strategic direction to the outrages…[it] lies within the state itself…There exists in Italy a secret force parallel to the armed forces, composed of civilians and military men, in an anti-Soviet capacity that is, to organise a resistance on Italian soil against a Russian army. . . A secret organization, a super-organization with a network of communications, arms and explosives, and men trained to use them…A super-organization which, lacking a Soviet military invasion which might not happen, took up the task, on NATO’s behalf, of preventing a slip to the left in the political balance of the country. This they did, with the assistance of the official secret services and the political and military forces. . .

The terrorist line was followed by camouflaged people, people belonging to the security apparatus, or those linked to the state apparatus through rapport or collaboration. I say that every single outrage that followed from 1969 fitted into a single, organized matrix… Avanguardia Nazionale, like Ordine Nuovo (the main right-wing terrorist group active during the 1970s), were being mobilised into the battle as part of an anti-communist strategy originating not with organizations deviant from the institutions of power, but from within the state itself, and specifically from within the ambit of the state’s relations within the Atlantic Alliance.”

In his article Peter Dale Scott has quoted two other men, General Vito Miceli, the Italian Head of Military Intelligence and another conspirator Carlo Diglio. Scott writes:

“General Vito Miceli, the Italian head of military intelligence, after his arrest in 1974 on a charge of conspiring to overthrow the government, testified “that the incriminated organization, . . . was formed under a secret agreement with the United States and within the framework of NATO.” Former Italian defense minister Paulo Taviani told Magistrate Casson during a 1990 investigation “that during his time in office (1955-58), the Italian secret services were bossed and financed by ‘the boys in Via Veneto’—i.e. the CIA agents in the U.S. Embassy in the heart of Rome.” In 2000 “an Italian secret service general [Giandelio Maletti] said . . . that the CIA gave its tacit approval to a series of bombings in Italy in the 1970s to sow instability and keep communists from taking power. . . . ‘The CIA wanted, through the birth of an extreme nationalism and the contribution of the far right, particularly Ordine Nuovo, to stop (Italy) sliding to the left,’” he said.

Another conspirator, Carlo Digilio, “described how he passed on details of planned bomb attacks to his CIA contact, Captain David Carret, who had told him that the bombing campaign was part of a U.S. plan to create a state of emergency.”

P2 was under suspicion and when the police raided the residence of Licio Gelli, the Grandmaster of the P2 Lodge, they found a list of 962 members of P2. The list included top military officers in the Italian and Argentinean intelligence and security set up as well as important politicians, judges, media personalities, etc. The Italian public was furious and aghast that their own leadership was busy murdering them.  Licio Gelli’s daughter’s baggage was checked as she was departing from Rome airport.  Her suitcase contained two secret documents revealing the Master plan of P2, the clear involvement of the U.S. agencies in these sabotage activities, and of the connection between P2 and the U.S. agencies. As Paul Williams states [30]:

“The two documents outlining the master plan of the Masonic group, coupled with top secret U.S.  Army document, were enough to convince Judge Felice Casson and his team of investigators that P2 had been involved in the attacks and the secret society was acting as a proxy of the CIA. What’s more, the investigators realized that the secret society, acting under orders of U.S. officials, had been instigating acts of terror throughout the Western World, and most particularly in Argentina, under the watchful eye if not the blessing of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who would ascend the papal throne as Pope Francis I.”

Giovanni Pellegerino, president of the Italian parliamentary commission investigating Gladio crimes stated [31]:

The official figures say alone in the period between January 1, 1969 and December 31, 1987, there have been in Italy 14,591 acts of violence with a political motivation. It may be worth remembering that these “acts” have left behind 491 dead and 1,181 injured and maimed – figures of a war without parallel in any other European country.

The Italians refer to these dark years, when lead bullets and bombs were used in unprecedented numbers as anno di piombi – years of the lead. The Italians were made to pay the price for espousing democratic values in which there was room for all shades of thought, including the left. But the Italians, and only the Italians among all nations subjected to this hideous agenda of destabilization, were able to expose the foul and murderous connection between their own deep state and the U.S. agencies.


The Italian case of Gladio subversion has been dealt with in detail because the Italian government admitted to the false flag sabotage and murder, in Parliament. The Italian public, the police, the media, the Parliament and sections of the judiciary, all combined, displayed far more cumulative integrity and fearlessness in the Gladio investigations than their counterparts in any other Western country. Other Western countries were also subjected to Gladio subversion, in which many innocent people were killed. Prominent personalities were also eliminated. The end of the Soviet Union did not give much of a respite to the assault on democracy and on universal human values in the West. After staging 9/11 the powers that be have continued Gladio replacing the Communist bogey by Islam.  Each major carnage in the West, including the ones in the U.S., when dissected closely, turns out to lead to conclusions contrary to what the corporate media, and the government, seem to suggest or claim. The continual Gladio subversion and carnage in different countries of Western Europe,  always dubbed officially as having been carried out by activist groups had one thing in common. Richard Cottrell writes [32]:

A common stripe ran through all the urban revolutionary forces that arose in Europe. They were riddled with double agents planted by the secret intelligence services to provoke takeaway terror to order.

The Turkish Gladio was sometimes known as Counter- Guerilla. This para-military group was funded by the CIA and was behind the 1960 coup that led to the death sentence of the popular Prime Minister Adnan Menderes by a kangaroo court.  Adnan Menederes was dubbed as Islamist. The fact of the matter is quite different . As Cottrell states [33]:

The Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was hanged on the orders of a military kangaroo court in 1961, because he threatened to choke the highly profitable contraband trails passing through Turkey. These were in part controlled and organized by the CIA and their confederates in the Turkish Mafia, the powerful Army high command, the rogue Turkish state secret service MIT, and violent far right mercenaries. Menderese’ counterfeit leanings to an Islamic republic were a confection manufactured by US intelligence.

Once civilian rule was restored Col. Alparslan Turkes, one of the men behind the coup, set up a political party by the name National Action Party. It had a paramilitary youth wing named Grey Wolves. The National Action Party  and the Grey Wolves were funded by the CIA and espoused a Pan-Turkic ideology laying claim to parts of the Soviet Union  [34]. Williams also points out that Menderes was planning to go to Moscow to secure economic aid.

While Menderes was hanged through a kangaroo military court after a CIA sponsored coup, Gladio was used to eliminate the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme differently. He was killed by an unknown assassin’s bullet while still a Prime Minister. Why was Olof Palme killed? Those who controlled Galdio at the operational level, viz. CIA and some senior military officers exercising control over military agencies, had, apparently on their own, determined that any politician or leader who stood in the way of the objectives determined by the CIA and the military, must be eliminated. Olof Palme was a charming figure who had kindled the kind of hope among the western people as JFK had. He was sympathetic to the Palestinians, he was critical of the U.S.  policies and was active in trying to stop the Iran-Iraq war, a war resulting from U.S. manipulation, a war deliberately prolonged by the U.S.-Israel combination in order to bleed two resource rich Muslim countries with military and intellectual potential, to poverty and eventual subjugation.  Palme was also Cuba-friendly. He was also anti-apartheid and a couple of weeks before his assassination he had delivered an impassioned speech before the parliament against apartheid.

He had to be stopped because he was growing in international stature and influence and was genuinely liberal and humane, opposed to U.S. and Israeli policies, particularly Iran-Iraq war, and represented a model of leadership which, if emulated in other western countries, would have marginalized the empire-builders and profiteers. He was for open government and spurned security. As he came out of the Grand Cinema on February 28, 1986, a single assassin stepped out of nowhere and shot him in his back with his revolver positioned to pierce the heart, killing Palme instantly. He also wounded Mrs. Palme slightly. An on-the-scene police officer who began talking several years after the murder, commented on the strange behavior of his colleagues. As Cottrell writes [35]:

Despite the call for aid, it took a full seven minutes for the first police cars to reach the scene. There was no general alert and lockdown, as one might expect in these high-profile circumstances. Only selected cars got the alarm anyway. One officer made the astonishing claim he ‘wasn’t sure’ it was actually Palme lying in a pool of blood, although his was the best-known face in the country, after the king. The superintendent Gosta Soderstrom, blew the whistle that police units in the capital were in the thrall of Right-wing extremism and ‘were lying about the murder.’  His most serious charge was that ‘they [police at the scene] helped him [the gunman] escape.’ Many factual records of the night’s events vanished. 

Two years after the murder a petty criminal and drug runner named Christer Petterson turned up as the murderer and was first convicted, and then cleared on appeal. Years later, in 2004, he announced to the media that he had a message for Olof Palme’s son and would like to meet him. But the meeting never took place. He was found in a coma in his apartment with serious head injuries on September 16, 2004. Quite expectedly he did not survive. Newspapers said that he was last visited by the police the day before, on September 15.

The Swedish American journalist John Anderson, who has investigated the JFK and Olof Palme murders for years, has stated [36]:

The responsibility for Olof Palme’s murder belongs with the CIA and the political network in the world controlled by the American intelligence apparatus. I tend to think that the CIA and George Bush are the “bad guys” here. Bush continued the policies of wars for profit with deliveries of weapons to Iran, Iraq and the Contras.

A vast disinformation network about Olof Palme continues to mislead the public everywhere.  The five article series by John Anderson, Tony Widing and Anders Leopold known as the Leopold Reports (posted on www.leopoldreports.com) have clearly exposed the CIA controlled disinformation on the assassination.  Why the need for disinformation?   As the authors write in the first of the five article series [37]:

When an intelligence service carries out a state-controlled murder, everything is well prepared. It has in due time planned for dissemination of false leads based on disinformation before, during and after the murder. A number of people appear as disinformants. The murder of Olof Palme is characterized by disinformation that destroyed the investigation already at an early stage.  We start with the quite unique angle that we identify disinformants that were part of the conspiracy. They can be tied together, and further directly to US intelligence services. Thus, we can prove that the killing of UN peace broker and Swedish Prime Minister at February 28, 1986, was a state-controlled operation, and probably the most serious and still not revealed part of what later became known as the Iran-Contra affair.

The Gladio controllers did not just rest with the murder of Olof Palme.  On September 10, 2003 Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was stabbed while shopping in an exclusive store, and died on September 13 in hospital where she had undergone hours of surgery. Anna Lindh was widely seen as Olof Plame’s successor and her world view was similar to his.  Christopher Bollyn has pointed out that Bouthaina Shabaan, Syrian Minister wrote an article on her death and pointed out that Anna Lindh had [38]:

. Called upon the European Union, on April 3, 2002, to sever ties with Israel in protest against Israeli practices;

 Called on US President George W. Bush to deny Sharon unconditional support, as this would inflame the Middle East;

Stressed that the only solution in the Middle East rested in ending the Israeli occupation (otherwise everybody would become a hostage to the conflict);

Played an important role in shaping the EU’s decision to adopt a policy toward Palestinian President Yasser Arafat different from that of the U.S.;

Confirmed the importance of Arafat as a partner in the peace process, rejecting Washington’s claims that he supported terrorism;

Stood firmly against the war on Iraq;

And warned of the dangers of changing another country’s regime without the support of international law.

These were strong reasons to kill her.  Bollyn further points out that

Lindh was an outspoken critic of Israel’s prime minister Ariel Sharon and his brutal policies affecting the millions of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation: “Our stand is firm and clear,” the foreign minister said in an October 2001 interview :-

 •  “Israeli settlements on the West Bank must go;

•  there must be a Palestinian state;

• Israel must vacate occupied areas on the West Bank and Gaza Strip; and

•  end all extra-territorial executions and attacks on Palestinians.

•  This should be done immediately.”

As pointed out by various authors Anna Lindh was the fourth prominent Swede opposed to Israel who was killed. The first one, Count Folke Bernadotte, was killed by the notorious Stern Gang terrorists in 1948. He was the chief UN negotiator for Palestine. UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold, a genuine peacemaker was killed in a plane crash in 1961. In December 2014, UN reopened investigation into the plane crash as evidence emerged that he may have been killed by Western agents, in particular by British and American agencies in service of their corporate masters. Olof Palme was killed in 1986.

Cotterell states [39]:

Lindh seems to have crossed a personal political Rubicon after surrendering to American political bullying to allow the CIA’s snatching of an Egyptian citizen called Ahmed Agiza from  Stockholm street just before Christmas 2001 – with the help of Swedish intelligence. She subsequently told associates that she felt bitterly scarred by the experience, and the volume of her opposition to Israeli and American policies rose sharply afterwards.

The killer or killers escaped very easily from the store. There was no resistance from the guards. In fact the company that provided security to the store where Lindh was killed would not provide any details of how many guards were posted in the store and at what locations when asked by Bollyn. The video cameras on the floor where she was attacked, the cameras on the escalator, were either inoperative or mysteriously switched off that day. One witness described a single killer who stabbed her and escaped by an escalator. The standard state security argument was invoked to prevent release of information to the media and the public. The ambulance arrived in one minute and on the van was the most senior adviser from Lindh’s ministry. That is a very very strange thing. Was the ambulance waiting around the corner along with the senior adviser in it? What are the odds of such a coincidence? The police took ten minutes to arrive. According to initial reports she was stabbed in the arm and was not seriously wounded. She then died after a lengthy operation. Unanswered questions abound about her death. And yet, as Moti Nissani writes [40]: “In a world ruled by a secretive cabal, truth seekers must at time stand behind reasonable conjectures.” As Cottrell states [41]:

The police pounced on a 25-year-old Swedish born Serb, Mijailo Mijalovic, who appeared to hail from false-flag central casting. Mijalovic was rootless and dysfunctional, those excellent qualifications for an aspiring patsy. But difficulties immediately arose concerning conflicting descriptions of the alleged assassin, who to complicate matters kept referring to ‘we’ under interrogation. There was reprise in Norway eight years later. The gunman   Anders Behring Breivik accused of a crazed solo massacre in July 2011 that claimed scores of victims, also spoke of accomplices.”

Cottrell also points out that Bollyn concluded from his investigations and analysis that Lindh was taken out by an expert hit-squad of at least four killers who had been tailing her all morning.  Concealment of information, failure of security cameras at the store, the initial assessment that Lindh was not serious, and her death after a “prolonged operation” all point cumulatively to an involvement of the deep state in collusion with the U.S. agencies and possibly Mossad.


Gladio operations pervaded Europe and South America in the pre 9/11 era as “anti-Communist operations.” Belgium, Norway, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain and other West European democracies bore Gladio terror in these years.  While I was doing my Ph.D. at Edinburgh University, Scotland in the second half of the 1970s, the Baader-Meinhof gang, formally known as the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction) or RAF, suddenly burst into news at the international level.  The cause of their international fame resulted from their abduction, in 1977, of Hanns Martin Schleyer, a representative of the West German capitalist class. The abduction took place on September 5, the same date on which Israeli sportsmen were killed in 1972. It was a familiar tactic of the Gladio operators to infiltrate left wing movements and steer them in directions that suited those who ran Gladio. In what was a precursor of the Aldo Moro abduction the following year, the abduction of Schleyer lasted 44 days. Cottrell has noted several similarities between the two abductions [42]:

“. . . a bloody assault on security guards, protracted manhunts, and regular parading of the victims revolutionary banners (the staged Moro and Schleyer poses were, curiosly, virtually identical). . . Both murders bore the same clear blueprint, exquisitely prolonged to cultivate maximum impact on public opinion and reap the desired political harvest. This was the standard feature of the Strategy of Tension.”

During these 44 days, at least in the beginning the authorities were very close to finding him out but seemed disinterested. Valuable and solid clues about suspicious activity in a local flat, including numbers of suspicious vehicles, had been provided to them by witnesses. But the police seemed to let the opportunity slip away for no obvious reason. In the 44 days in captivity, Schleyer was moved between four different countries, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France. How on earth could that happen when the Interpol had been alerted and the case had drawn worldwide attention. He was killed near Mulhouse, a town close the Swiss border in eastern France, on October 18, 1977 with three shots at the back of his head. As Cottrell points out [43]:

“Yves Guerin-Serac, the Frenchman who wrote the manuals of Gladio terrorism, laid special emphasis on infiltrating movements organized in the name of social protest, with the object to manipulate their direction and tactics. . . .Geurin-Serac taught the clever ploy of intercepting plans for terrorist attacks  and then allowing those events to happen. The authorities would then reap the propaganda benefits in terms of social persuasion. The destruction of the Communist party in Italy in the wake of the Aldo Moro affair in 1978 was a classic example. But first Germany led the way with a remarkably similar demonstration that bore overtones of a rehearsal. The political prizes of a sensational episode were attractive. It ended with the elimination of the RAF royal family. It also marked the steady slide of federal Germany into a reflection of the pre-war national security state.”

The 1980 Munich Oktoberfest bombing was the most frightening Gladio attack on German soil. The Munich Oktoberfest is held in Munich and is an occasion where people enjoy beer – it is a beer-swill. It runs for about 16 days from the end of last week of September to first weekend in October. The festival is attended by about six million people and is regarded as the biggest festival in the world.  During the 1980 Munich Oktoberfest, a bomb blast killed thirteen people and injured over two hundred, 68 of them seriously. Apparently a bomb placed in a waste paper basket exploded on Friday night, September 26, 1980, when the rush was at its peak.  What was the object of killing people who had gathered to enjoy themselves and who were merrymaking? It had to be the work of those who wanted to terrorize the people and give the public the impression that the state was their only refuge.

The bomb blast was a typical Gladio activity and what followed bore its marks. An election was due to take place in which the incumbent Prime Minister of Bavaria Franz Josef Strauss (CSU) was running against Chancellor Helmut Kohl of the SDP. Immediately after the blast the CSU leadership attributed responsibility of the bomb attack on the Red Army Faction (RAF) and then attacked SDP government for being too soft on the left wing. But this Gladio designed response subsided as soon as evidence began to emerge about the right wing connection of Kohler, the alleged bomber. In 2011 the German paper Der Speigel reported that Kohler, the student who died in the attack and was blamed for the bombing, had been going around saying that exploding a bomb in Hamburg, or Bonn or Munich, and blaming the left for it, Strauss could be made to win the election.

The blast was then attributed solely to Gundolf Kohler, a 21 year old geology student who had very strong leanings towards the far right parties. Kohler was killed in the blast and the authorities put forward the thesis that he was a lovesick student who wanted to harm himself and others.  This theory of a sole perpetrator was put forward despite the fact that witnesses had seen him arguing with some people shortly before the bomb went off and despite the fact that he had links with an extreme right wing group.  As early as 29 September, Larry Gerber reported in The Lewiston Daily Sun that neo-Nazi groups were suspected in the bombing [44]. Papers pertaining to a group known as “Military Sport Group Hoffman” were found near the body of Kohler. This name is very suggestive – one may recall the name Austrian Hiking Sports and Society Club – the name of the Austrian Gladio group.  Police raided the homes of several members of the group and found grenades, mines and explosives. West German police also confiscated three off-road trucks and three personnel carriers that were trying to enter Austria. The Bavarian Interior Minister however refused to confirm or deny whether the drivers had been arrested.  The 43 year old leader of the group, Karl Heinz Hoffman, and five other members of the group were taken into custody but, as it happens with Gladio cases, nothing came of it. The Bavarian authorities terminated the investigation after two years on the basis of the implausible hypothesis that Kohler was a lone disgruntled perpetrator of the act.

It appears from a story published by Der Speigel in 2011 that the Oktoberfest case was reopened in 2011, but for some reason, it was at the end of 2014 that the global media reported it!  Dave Emory posted a story on spitfirelist.com on November 1, 2011 stating [45] (emphasis in original):

Another clue also raises questions about the background of the Oktoberfest attack. A few weeks earlier, Köhler’s idol Hoffmann apparently met in Italy with the internationally feared neo-fascist Joachim Fiebelkorn. The neo-Nazi from the town of Eppstein in the Taunus Mountains near Frankfurt was an informant for the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and a number of intelligence agencies. He also helped Klaus Barbie, the former head of the Gestapo in Lyon, build a paramilitary combat group in Bolivia. According to previously unknown Stasi documents, Fiebelkorn, “at the instruction of Chiaie,” had met with “Karl-Heinz Hoffmann in Rome on July 13, 1980,” as well as with French and Italian right-wing extremists.The Italian neo-fascist Stefano delle Chiaie was viewed as one of the leading international terrorists of the day, a sort of right-wing counterpart to the left-wing terrorist “Carlos.” Western intelligence agencies held Chiaie and his varying terrorist organizations, like “Ordine Nuovo,” responsible for anti-communist attacks on several continents in the 1970s and 1980s.. . .

Even when Gladio terrorism and state complicity in bombings and murder in Italy was admitted to by Prime Minister Guilio Andreotti in 1990, none in German government had the courage to pursue the question that the Oktoberfest bombing may have been the work of a group involving the far right extremists supported by CIA et al. This is despite the fact that such extremists were most likely to be recruited as German gladiators. However the persistent efforts of a non-fiction writer Ulrich Chaussy, and attorney Werner Dietrich, who represented the families of the victims, prevented the case from being consigned to permanent oblivion.

Dietrich was able to gain access to files that were hitherto kept in secrecy. As a consequence the names of at least five eye witnesses, who were also injured in the blast, came to light. The testimony of these witnesses had been ignored by the police for decades! Why?  Further clue 253 in the files pointed to a very important Gladio type link involving a connection between Kohler and Heinz Lembke. The life trajectory of Lembke indicated his clear involvement with deeper agencies. Lembke  escaped  from East Germany to West Germany in 1959 and immediately joined extreme right wing groups. He was a member of the Patriotic Youth League (BVJ) that was banned in 1962.  Dietmar Henning wrote on December 29, 2015 [46]:

Lembke oversaw at least 33 weapons depots—stockpiling rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades, explosives, machine guns, pistols, ammunition and even chemical warfare agents, all of which was mostly obtained from Bundeswehr (German army) reserves. He also organised “paramilitary exercises” and became a supplier of weapons for neo-Nazi terrorists.

Lembke, a forestry official, evidently maintained contact with Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann, as did Köhler. The day after the Oktoberfest bombing, two detained right-wing extremists drew the investigators’ attention to Lembke. A subsequent house search allegedly came up with nothing. It was only by chance that Lembke’s weapons caches were discovered and he was arrested a year later.

Only a Gladio type group could have the kind of weapons described above. In Italy too Gladio had numerous hidden weapon depots.  Dietmar Henning states further:

After he had notified the federal prosecutor on Friday, October 30, 1981 that he wanted to make a comprehensive statement the following Monday, Lembke was found hanging from a cord in his cell. The Bundeswehr immediately destroyed the weapons found in Lembke’s depots. A forensic comparison with the explosive used in the Oktoberfest bomb was not carried out.

Why was no forensic comparison carried out? The German nation is much too thorough and meticulous in its work – failure to carry out a forensic comparison is in conflict with German thoroughness.   As for the hanging one may note that Paul L. Williams has pointed out in his book on Gladio, the gladiators can get into any prison cell of Europe and either free or eliminate the one they want to. In any case the secret or deep state is always involved in such acts. Attorney  Werner Dietrich also found the following sentence in the files pertaining to Lembke: “Known facts about Lembke are only partly admissible in court.” Dietrich observes that such remarks are usually the work of secret service or undercover agents.

It may also be borne in mind that 47 cigarette butts of six different brands were found in the backseat ashtrays of Kohler’s car that was parked a bare 200 meters from the place of explosion.  Cigarettes of six different brands could not be smoked by one individual – there is no doubt that other people were involved because if Kohler smoked it is unlikely he would do so in his backseat. When the victim’s families demanded DNA analysis in 2010 the Federal Crime Investigation Agency (BKA) revealed that it had destroyed all evidence in the case according to normal legal procedures or practices. Nobody in German law enforcement or the government had, it appears, the guts to stand up and say that after Gladio revelations in Italy we should look at the possibility of Gladio like groups and CIA et al’s involvement.

In an article published by Der Spiegel [47] the authors Jan Friedmann, Cony Neumann, Steve Robel and Steffen Winterpoint out that previously unknown letters found in a deceased person’s estate in Southern Germany shed important light on the case. In particular these letters reveal that the key witness in the case, a Frank Lauterjung, was actively associated with right wing parties and may have been working for German intelligence. He was able to provide more detailed evidence in the case than anyone else and his presence on the scene may not have been a coincidence.

One female witness came forward with decisive testimony. On the day following the explosion she had seen a student belonging to a right wing party distributing a pamphlet eulogizing Kohler as a martyr. Since the police had not yet divulged Kohler’s name, this clearly established that some other people, or group, knew that Kohler was involved. How could they know this unless they, or those behind them, had planned the bombing, and knew already that Kohler would be present at the scene, and would die.  It was this testimony that was decisive in changing the mind of Harald Range, the Prosecutor General. It appears that it was decided to reopen the case in 2011 although the global media reported this in 2014 (e.g. New York Times reported this on December 11, 2014, the Daily Mail reported this on December 12, 2014, and so on).  The case for a lone bomber does not stand the most cursory survey of known facts. Why were the German authorities sticking to this untenable fiction for decades? Who was so powerful as to compel the German authorities to espouse an illogical position, a position inconsistent with the facts of the case? Now three and a half decades have passed with much of the evidence destroyed – yet an overall view of the case, in conjunction with Italian Gladio sabotage and revelations by those arrested, leaves one in little doubt that the 1980 Oktoberfest bombing was a CIA et al driven operation.


In Belgium, the Gladio network apparently began in 1948. The State Security Service entered into negotiations with the British SIS (MI6) and the CIA. Belgium was gradually and secretly inducted into the allied structure of clandestine operations.  Once De Gaulle took France out of NATO, because Gladio units made several attempts to kill him, NATO moved its headquarters to Belgium exercising deeper control over its affairs.  The American forces, in collusion with the Belgian military and Gladio opeartors, attacked several military camps. The Belgian authorities tried to make these attacks look like attacks by the Communists. A former Belgian Para-commander and a bank manager, Lucien Dislair told the BBC in 1992 [46] (I have transcribed the statements) that he was approached by “some people”  who asked for his help for

“special  manoeuvres  in coordination  with the American Special Forces. The Belgian commandos were told to recover American paratroopers. After the operation they were to go to predetermined spots and attack barracks belonging to the Gendarmerie. I had with me the weapons and the radio transmitter for coordinating it all. There had been trouble a few days earlier – the Americans had gone too far. These were people in their forties, officers and tough guys. They took the game too far. They had attacked a barracks before. They had even thrown a grenade near the Attorney General’s office. The civilian authorities reacted, saying this was too much. It was then that the planned attack on Vielsalm barracks was cancelled. The day of the attack we were told that it had been cancelled. But the Americans asked me to drive me to the camp as a “stand by.” The next morning I went with my wife to Namur. I heard on the radio that the barracks had been attacked at midnight. I can’t say what happened, because I left at 8.00 pm. I wasn’t supposed to stay.  The following day the commander of Vielsalm barracks called me and updated me on the operation. He told me to tell the Belgian commandos that the guard wasn’t dead. He was in hospital seriously wounded.” 

In the same program journalist Rene Haquin told the BBC that there had been attacks on a military fuel depot in Bastogne, another at a police station at Neufchateau. He also revealed that the military and the government admitted to an attack on Vielsalm barracks but then added that the arms stolen from there were found in a flat belonging to Cellules Communistes Combatantes.  Of course the immediate question that was asked was whether the arms had been planted there to create that impression? In view of what Lucien Dislair as well as Rene Haquin had told the BBC, there is absolutely no doubt that the Americans were involved in these attacks directly, without any regard for Belgian lives. One of those Belgians involved in a particular phase of the Belgian Gladio operations stated that the Americans were directly in touch with at least one of the operators regarding the operations they had been ordered to carry out [49]:

“Our sole concern was with action. We knew we were protected by all possible authorities, depending on the type of mission. . . On received orders. We can go back to say ‘82. From’ 82 to ‘85 there were projects. “You, Mr, Libert, know nothing about why we are doing this. Nothing at all. All we ask is your group, under cover of Gendarmerie, with cover from security, will carry out a job. Target: the supermarkets.  Where are they? What kind of locks are there? What sort of protection do they have that could interfere with our operation? Does the sore manager lock them up?  Or do they use an outside security company? ”  We carried out our orders and sent in our reports. Hours of opening and closing. Everything you want to know about a supermarket.  What was this for? This was one amongst hundreds of missions. Something that had to be done. But the use it was put to? That is the big question.”

Of course one may put two and two together. The so called Brabant Supermarket Massacres needed all the above information. Where were the victims killed? Some in the car parks, some inside. The witnesses in one incident stated that the attackers were all wearing carnival masks. For four years, from 1982 to 1985, these random killings continued and then the killers vanished.  These killings took place in the Brabant province of Belgium. In these attacks a total of 28 people lost their lives and 40 were injured.  A Gladio operator told the BBC that the purpose of all these hold ups and killings was to discredit the left.

Cottrell (p 307) has remarked that Supermarket Massacres is a misnomer because restaurants and shops, including Jewish jeweler shops, were also attacked. He states that the public reaction was so strong that NATO authorities were taken aback. The Belgian parliament unanimously rejected the explanation of the police authorities according to which these were carried out by criminal elements as absurd. The Belgians began thinking of moving out of NATO.

Cottrell has described the horrendous loss of life at the Heysel football stadium as a Gladio operation. He mentions that the request of both, the Juventus and the Liverpool management to change the stadium was rejected despite the fact that both managements felt that the Heysel stadium was too run down and decrepit to be the stage of such a huge event. He describes it in the following words [50]:

On 29th May 1985, television pictures flashed around the world and told the story of a bloody massacre at Heysel football stadium in the Flemish-dominated outskirts of Brussels, long a dominion of neo-Nazi thugs and skinheads. An encounter between the European titans Liverpool and Juventus finished in one of the worst riots in the history of the game, leaving the bodies of 39 Italian fans crushed to death on the terraces and dozens more injured. What happened at Heysel that day bore all the signs of a deliberately incited, designer riot. But now as the football world mourned it was time to beckon on the usual scapegoats. Kneejerk reactions placed the blame squarely on Liverpool supporters. Margaret Thatcher, who intrinsically despised anything tainted by socialist Merseyside, led the charge. British football was instantly banished from  Europe, while Liverpool FC found itself the subject of odium for years to come over alleged behavior of its supporters.  There was some general muttering about the inadequacy of Belgian crowd control, but almost no one except Liverpool chief executive Peter Robinson noted the disturbing background to the catastrophe.

Peter Robinson noted several things. Firstly, in violation of the usual precautions, all tickets had been sold by Belgian sources. That increased the probability of violence. Secondly the police contingent had been downgraded. The usual gendarmes were, surprisingly, replaced by Rijkswacht, an elite military police outfit controlled directly by the Ministry of Defense. Then the local people pointed out that just before the match started there was a sudden influx of a large contingent of skinheads, some of whom were, it appeared already familiar with the military police and were seen exchanging smiles with them. The military police is usually brought in for VIPs, but as Cottrell notes:

“But other eyewitnesses noted how the senior commanders apparently not only expected the phalanx of skinheads, but were sufficiently acquainted with their leadership to get into ‘smiling conversations’. One ordinary gendarme I found told me as he surveyed the shambles: ’This could only have been made to happen. Those people (the rival fans) were shunted so close together that it was like preparing a match for gunpowder.  Then our skinheads were let into the ground and that is when the trouble started.’ He shook his head and went on: ‘It’s like Brabant, Nivelles.”       

Cottrell who was a member of the European Parliament at that time points out that when his Brussels office tried to locate that gendarmerie officer a week later, they were told that no such officer existed or had ever served in the Gendarmerie!

What was the purpose and effect of this violence? Wilfried Martens’s government seemed to have become unpopular and the left seemed to be doing better. Since he was a staunch NATO supporter, it was felt that he should continue in power. Cottrell writes (p 310):

“Here was an utterly cynical diversion designed to focus the country’s voters away from the missiles affair, the growing pension crisis, and accelerating economic woes, and of course, the rival attractions of the Left. Stupefied Belgians – preoccupied above all with one uniting passion that holds the fragile country together, namely the national game – could think of nothing else but the tragedy. A semi-ruined soccer stadium, close to skinhead and neo-Nazi territory, skimmed of virtually any security precautions despite a high likelihood of friction between the protagonists, came straight out of Gladio central scripting. In a country where families were mown down while doing their shopping, children tortured to death in dark cellars or chased through woods by ravenous dogs, Heysel fitted the black landscape of designer atrocities.”

Pedophilia, drug running, prostitution, kickbacks, corruption, all these at the highest places, and murder and mayhem, were all part of a larger design to control , terrorize and brutalize a small country which had allowed NATO to headquarter itself there. Anyone attempting to expose those involved in these hideous pursuits would be dead, no matter how highly placed. Many a time Gladio operations were brought into play as a diversionary tactic designed to focus attention away from exposure of the deep criminals of national and international standing!  Corruption in arms sales was particularly prominent as it involved huge sums of money. Arms and ammunition was transported from Belgian ports to Iraq to prolong the Iran-Iraq war and of course to make enormous profits. This was in violation of the UN sanctions but it was carried out with the approval of Thatcher, Bush and Reagan administrations.

A Canadian arms dealer named Gerald Bull was murdered in Brussels in 1990.  Gerald Bull was engaged in a joint venture with an explosives cartel named Poudrieres Reunies Belgique (PRB).   The Astra Company, owned by a British arms merchant Gerald James, had bought controlling interests in PRB in 1989 and employed Margaret Thatcher’s son Mark Thatcher as a highly paid consultant.  Andre Cools, an ex deputy prime minister of Belgium, was investigating the murder of Gerald Bull, among other things. Apparently he had found things that seemed to incriminate Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld, Jonathan Aitken, who was Thatcher’s secretary of state for defense, and the highly influential, and probably the richest, Canadian family, the Bronfman brothers [51]. The Bronfman family owns the NBC Universal, one of the six largest media corporations in the world that presently own over 90% of US media. FurtherEdgar Bronfman Sr. was the President of the World Jewish Congress from 1981-2007.  Cools made the mistake of announcing that he would be releasing explosive information to the press shortly. He was assassinated practically instantaneously. He was shot by assailants outside the home of his mistress on July 18, 1991. Cools had himself been tainted by the Italian Agusta helicopter scandal.  Cottrell has expressed the opinion that Cools was being blackmailed and he had decided that if he was going down he should reveal everything and take all others down with him too. But this was not to be.

The case of Cools’ assassination was handed over to Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte who, it appears, had cracked the case within weeks.  Oswald LeWinter [ref. 51], who looked at the files of Judge Connerotte and official files of the Belgians, the Portuguese and the Americans, has stated that Judge Connerotte was about to “indict several prominent politicians, some resident Italian Mafioso and members of a Gladio assassination squad operating out of Turnai.”  However the Ministry of Justice removed Judge Connerotte from the case, a removal that created an uproar in Belgium. Judge Connerotte was also investigating the infamous Dutroux case involving pedophilia, drug running and prostitution. The Dutroux case was evil and utterly inhuman.  Cottrell writes [52]:

“Despite the worldwide outcry, for almost three years the state system lost all interest in Dutroux and his crimes. It turned its main attention on discrediting the annoyingly persistent Connerotte and his legal career. This required instructions from the highest quarters of the state. The authorities were playing for time, gambling that the attention span of the public would fade away, once the case and its lurid claims disappeared from the headlines. To ensure national amnesia no less than nine crucial witnesses met violent deaths. . . . In March 2004 German television channel ZDF suggested that as many as 27 people with important evidence concerning the vice, blackmail and extortion rings had been killed, committed suicide or disappeared in suspicious circumstances.” 

The Dutroux case is one of the darkest chapters in the history of civilized society but we will not go into it here….

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