COVER-UP: ‘Placebo Effect’, Strange & Suspicious Anomalies of the COVID Experiment

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  • “…Did multiple states and countries get it wrong? Or is this mass vaccination campaign by design, and part of an orchestrated attempt to identify and monitor certain subgroups who were given the activated vaccine, such as the elderly population? Multiple reports claim that elderly, who successfully survived COVID infection, died shortly after receiving the vaccine. One report suggested 48 residents in a Spanish nursing home died after receiving the COVID vaccine

Saline Injected Instead of COVID – By Rosanne Lindsay, ND

“Are you fully vaccinated?” “Do you need to continue taking COVID precautions?” 

If you have seen these questions posted about town, or in the media, it may make you wonder about effectiveness of the experimental shot. What if you didn’t get what you thought you got?

Is the protection you injected all in your head?

Image by Spencer Davis

In  strange twist of fate, several hundreds and maybe thousands of people, reported in at least four states and three countries, have been notified that they received a saline injection instead of the COVID injection. In most clinical experiments saline injections are considered to be placebo. In South Carolina, North Carolina, and Minnesota, the Departments of Health have alerted “a small group” that the injection they received was “not activated.” In Virginia, they were giving out empty shots!  

In Canada, “more than 200 people are being contacted to repeat their COVID-19 vaccinations because some who attended an immunization clinic in the Niagara region were injected with a saline solution instead of the shot.” 

Thousands were injected with water in India, where they were “charged fees from $10 to $17 for the shots of salt water from those willing to get a jab of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, according to The New York Times.” 

Why were so many placebos given without clear disclosure?

The Placebo

Normally, a placebo is given as part of a “case-control” clinical trial to the “control group” to ensure that any differences seen in “cases” (given the active ingredients) determine if there are any adverse health effects.  However, in the gray world of vaccines, there is often no true “control group” since both groups get a vaccine. From a 2020 article by the non-profit organization, The Conversation:

Some researchers conducting clinical trials on a COVID-19 vaccine have not revealed to the public what the placebo contains, but they should. This is because the placebo ingredients influence how effective or harmful the active treatment, with which the placebo is compared, appears.

In some COVID-19 vaccine trials, participants in the control group (the group receiving a placebo) are injected with a saline solution. In other trials, they receive an actual treatment. For example, in the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford, the control group receives a meningitis and septicaemia vaccine as a placebo.

The scientific term for hiding knowledge of who got what treatment is “blinding.”

Might confusion over a placebo be a reason to get a booster for this injection and others to follow? 

The COVID Experiment

Image by Angelo Esslinger

Are these anomalies a”mix-up” or a “mistake,” as the media suggests? Or were “fake vaccination drives” taking advantage of people’s ignorance, trust, and fear? 

Did multiple states and countries get it wrong? Or is this mass vaccination campaign by design, and part of an orchestrated attempt to identify and monitor certain subgroups who were given the activated vaccine, such as the elderly population?

Multiple reports claim that elderly, who successfully survived COVID infection, died shortly after receiving the vaccine. One report suggested 48 residents in a Spanish nursing home died after receiving the COVID vaccine. Why would you require a vaccine if you successfully fought off the infection using your own immune system? Why argue with natural, longterm immunity? Why life-long immunity for short term immunity and multiple booster shots?

Why did the elderly who seemingly died only of COVID before the vaccine, are suddenly falling ill and dying of “complications” or “other conditions” after the vaccine?

According to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System VAERS statistics, 3,362 people died after receiving a COVID vaccine in the United States between December and April 23. That is an average of roughly 30 people every day

According to the scientists, the vaccine has been studied and deemed “safe.” But that may depend on your definition of safe, and whether the CDC has been undercounting “breakthrough infections.” Do you trust an organization that quietly reported the COVID death rate to be only 6%?

For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. – CDC

Further, why are vaccine makers and those who administer the shots exempt from liability for any damages resulting from the injections? Adverse events and deaths after injection are “rare” claim the authorities.

Until they are no longer rare. If vaccine makers do not stand behind their products, why should anyone else?

The final test in this experiment may be determined by whether general liability insurance responds to COVID-19 claims. That remains to be seen when insurance companies do not cover “experiments,” and when policies can be rewritten, and court opinions are filed. Remember, COVID injections are FDA-authorized, not FDA-approved. To understand the difference, read The Covid Experiment: Are You Covered?

In the case of COVID, the case-control experiment continues in the general population as long as people receive placebos. 

Warnings Disclosed

Image by ndemello

A rude awakening may be on the horizon if more people suddenly start dying. Yet, recall that there were warnings in January, 2021, ahead of the vaccine push. CNN warned Americans that they shouldn’t be alarmed if people start dying after the vaccine:

“When shots begin to go into arms of residents, Moore said Americans need to understand that deaths may occur that won’t necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine,” states the report.  

“We would not at all be surprised to see, coincidentally, vaccination happening and then having someone pass away a short time after they receive a vaccine, not because it has anything to do with the vaccination but just because that’s the place where people at the end of their lives reside,” Moore said.

She then said Americans shouldn’t be alarmed to see people dying a day or two after receiving the COVID vaccination.

How accurate are the claims that COVID deaths are among the unvaccinated?

As Johnson and Stobbe noted:

The CDC itself has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people, citing limitations in the data. Among them: Only about 45 states report breakthrough infections, and some are more aggressive than others in looking for such cases. So the data probably understates such infections, CDC officials said.

Second Wave of Breakthrough Infections

Is there a second wave coming, as reported in the  2019 Event 201 simulation?  Is a new infectious Delta variant the powder keg that will ignite the secondary flames? Will anyone consider that “fully vaccinated” people do not stop transmission of any virus and may, in fact, cause “breakthrough” infections in themselves and others? Health officials, including the director of NIAID, Dr. Fauci, are not surprised

Breakthrough infections are common after vaccination. According to the science:

A breakthrough infection is a case of illness in which a vaccinated individual becomes sick from the same illness that the vaccine is meant to prevent. In the case of a COVID-19, the person who received the vaccine will subsequently contract the disease. This happens when the vaccine fails to provide immunity against the pathogen they are designed to target. This isn’t just an issue with the COVID-19 vaccine, but breakthrough infections occur with almost every vaccine from HPV to hepatitis B.

Why then have there been 5,800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated persons occurring more than two weeks after vaccination and resulting in almost 400 hospitalizations and 74 deaths? – April 15, 2021 Epoch Times

Reports show that many vaccinated people who develop are most susceptible to variants are over 50 years of age.

Provincetown reported 20 to 25 positive COVID cases last week and “the majority were fully vaccinated” people, according to the Barnstable County Department of Health.  – Dr. Leo Nissola, an immunologist

Are you fully vaccinated with an active vaccine or placebo?

Do you need to continue taking COVID precautions?  

Do you trust what you’ve been told about your role in this experiment?

Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopath, Herbalist, writer, and author of the books The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet and Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her on Facebook at Consult with her remotely at Listen to her archived podcasts at

5 thoughts on “COVER-UP: ‘Placebo Effect’, Strange & Suspicious Anomalies of the COVID Experiment

  1. They ALL can go fu*k off! ..and go to 🔥🔥🔥….i am so sick of their lies and twisting EVERY thing around and not knowing their head from their ass!!

  2. Hi from the UK

    I have been saying for a while that we haven’t a clue what is in the vile vials. We can have a can of tomatoes which has label of ingredients, but we accept, if we do, a vial being injected into us without checking.

    Or indeed tasting, although I for one would give such things an anti-social distance’s worth between me and such vials. In fact I wouldn’t want to go near any places now that might wish to inject these fluids.

    Anyway, who would want to play Russian roulette with their body unless they are mad.

    In any event, the vaccines, if they are anything more than saline, will be poisonous and depending on your immune system will harm or possibly kill you.

    The comment that CNN is reported as saying ‘don’t be alarmed….’ etc is telling. Perhaps if those dying are the incredibly stupid I suppose we might think that is of some benefit overloaded with stupid people, but I consider there is a better way of dealing with stupid. I did a page on this.

    Most of those stupid people have been stupidfied (my word) by poisonous drugs of chemical variety and other lies, such as advertising over many years. I myself was fooled up to a point until I woke up last year and did my own research.

    If you or anyone is interested here is a link to my site on vaccines. Please use as you see fit.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael The resoluteprotector’sson

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