THEATER OF THE ABSURD: Transhumanism & Our Frankenstein Future – By Dwight Longenecker

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  • “…Today, we are now expected to celebrate “gender modification,” and a recent YouTube video featured a British male who had undergone eighteen surgeries to emerge as a “non-binary Korean person,” complete with facial eyelid surgery so he could “be who he always knew himself to be”

Transhumanism and Our Frankenstein Future – By Dwight Longenecker

“Man is autonomous, and each person is able to determine his own selfhood and destiny. This is a given,” said Dr. Agrippa. “The first step is to invite the patient to assert his own volition and ego dominance. Once he has repudiated any other power or force, he is ready for the ritual we call the summons.”

Today, we are now expected to celebrate “gender modification,” and a recent YouTube video featured a British male who had undergone eighteen surgeries to emerge as a “non-binary Korean person,” complete with facial eyelid surgery so he could “be who he always knew himself to be.”

Is trans-species modification the next step? This imaginary dialogue speculates on the Frankensteinian Future…

The date is 2030.

The scene is the lobby of The Frankenstein Biological Technologies Clinic. Set in a minimalistic parkland, the chrome and smoked glass clinic is the latest in high-tech, modernistic architecture.

Dressed in a white lab coat, Dr. Victoria Frankenstein strides forward to greet a visitor to her clinic, the eminent German philosopher Cornelius Agrippa. With blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun, she is slim, elegant and superbly professional. With a shaved head and trimmed beard, Dr. Agrippa is in his late sixties, with the physique of a former special forces soldier.

Frankenstein: Dr. Agrippa, what a great honor. I am such a fan of your work. Welcome to FBT! I hope you’ll join us for lunch.

When she says “lunch,” a menu appears on a flat screen embedded in the wall and a computerized voice says, “Take a moment to view today’s lunch menu. Remember at FBT we are here to help you have it your way.”

Agrippa: Thank you. I have already eaten, but perhaps after our tour a small snack will be sufficient. Not much. An apple perhaps?

F: Of course, of course. No problem at all. Before we begin our tour, may I ask the reason for your visit?

A: Your work integrating organic artificial intelligence systems with human biology has been truly impressive, but I would like to speak with you about the next phase of evolution and introduce you to some of our technologies.

F: Yes, certainly. Let’s begin our tour. You are aware, I believe of my great-great grandfather’s pioneering work in human reconstruction and resuscitation?

A: Indeed. Dr. Frankenstein was a genuine pioneer in human biological technology. If I may modestly point out, he was aware of my work from an earlier age.

F: I had heard your name mentioned in grandfather’s diaries, but we are referring to an ancestor of yours am I correct? The original Cornelius Agrippa was a sixteenth-century philosopher of the occult, was he not?

A: Yes. That is correct. He too was a pioneer of the possible. He explored the hidden ways of the ancient wisdom of Babylon, Egypt, the Far East… his true discovery was that all the religions and philosophies of the past lead in the same direction. They all lead humanity to worship the same Grand Master…. the Great Architect if you like.

F: I love that idea… that we are climbing the same mountain, but by different paths.

A: That is one way of putting it. The real question, of course, is a philosophical one. The reason the different religions are much the same is because they all lead to the same empty place. This insight we can learn from the Buddha. Accepting the great negation—to learn the profundity of the void—the great darkness. That is true wisdom.

F: How very interesting! I love philosophy. So fascinating, but you know our work here is more about making people happy. We are pro-choice. Giving people power over their own lives is why I trained as a physician. At first, I worked in reproductive health care providing choice for women, but then I realized that I wanted to practice reconstructive surgery to give people an even wider range of choice.

A: You are referring to cosmetic surgeries? Surely this is no more than an exercise in vanity?

F: Too often that is the public perception. All they seem to be interested in is the facelifts that have gone wrong for celebrities. This is unfair. We have now perfected the procedures. Most of the surgeries are automated and low level—Rhinoplasties, orthodontics, facial line erasure, botox, collagen injections. These procedures are now so commonplace that most of them are conducted by our latest robotic doctors and nurses.

Frankenstein and Agrippa go through double doors into a large room with coffin like machines lined up on either side. Tubes and wires extend from the machines and are plumbed into the walls. There is a low hum, and Dr. Frankenstein says in a hushed tone…

F: This is our automated cosmetic zone.The patient simply chooses from the touch screen which procedures he wants, and within a few hours he is out, bandaged up neatly and ready to be moved to the facilitated healing rooms where the wounds are heat-treated and chemically healed. By the afternoon he is out in the street with his reconditioned face!

A: Amazing.

F: Some of the body transformations still require a longer procedure. Breast enhancement and reduction, liposuction, posterior implants, leg lengthening, genital enhancement, and height adjustment have yet to be completely automated.

A: Do you find your services to be increasing in popularity?

F: The automated procedures are becoming as commonplace as a visit to the dentist used to be, but we are most interested in the more extensive transformations. We believe each individual should be able to decide not only who he is but who he wants to be.

A: Again, if you don’t mind me pointing it out, this is a philosophical matter. It is summed up in the ancient motto, “Do what you will, but harm no one.” Man is autonomous, and each person is able to determine his own selfhood and destiny. This is a given.

F: It was actually your work on the recognition of existential self-individuation that helped us move on from routine cosmetic surgeries to custom surgery.

A: Custom surgery?

F: Yes. As you are aware, with the use of hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery we are already able to convert so-called males and females to the opposite sex, but we now also offer complete ethno-racial conversion.

A: Ethno-racial?

F: Let us say the patient is a biological, negroid male. Through skin bleaching, rhinoplasty, labial-reduction hormone treatment, hair transplants, and genital modification he can become a Caucasian female. Similarly, using facial surgery, mastectomy, lip augmentation, epidermal dye, and genital reconstruction an oriental female can be transformed to an African-American male.

A: Impressive, but don’t you agree that this individuation process is time consuming and expensive? Why not simply eliminate the binary gender and various racial distinguishing features completely?

F: We are certainly finding that with increased racial diversity and fifty-three gender choices the surgery and therapy choices are complicated. What do you suggest?

A: Move procreation to the labs. The old-fashioned method of conception, gestation and childbirth is painful, messy, and awkward for everyone. Modify the genetic sequence to produce one homogenized human race with features from all the major racial groups.

Then, instead, of varied gender and racial transitions simply have one straightforward procedure. Give everyone the same balance of hormones to create a neuter individual. The surgery would be simple. Just remove the male external genitalia and female reproductive organs—which are troublesome anyway—and streamline the whole process. Make the area smooth with just a functional orifice for waste elimination. The process is called binary neutralization.

F: This is a brilliant idea, and so much simpler! In fact, with the proper legislation and the support of the sexual non-binary lobby we could make this mandatory for all children at birth!

A: When you think further about this innovation, it would also solve various social problems. Misogyny, racism, white supremacy would all disappear. The result will be, if you like, one human family. By being identical each one will have their individuality fully affirmed.

F: What a fascinating paradox! I’m so thrilled with your visit, Dr. Cornelius! Now, if you don’t mind, I really must show you some of the groundbreaking programs we are working on.

They go to an elevator and descend to the basement level. They emerge into a clean clinical environment with large cages along the walls.

F: This is our Therian Transmogrification Unit. You are familiar with therian individuals?

A: Ah. Yes. Persons in a human body who identify as various non-human species.

F: Most therians accept their human physiology but acknowledge their true identity as another form of animal. Transmogrification is the ability to assume that other form physically as well as psychologically.

A: I am very familiar with transmogrification from occult tradition. Ancient mythical lore dealt with the so called were-wolf or vampire bat, but these are no more than Hollywood horror tales. In our own occult practice, we have witnesses real cases of porcine or simian transmogrification.

F: I had heard of such things, but considered them no more than superstition. Here we are learning how to accomplish transmogrification using modern technology. After careful counseling we became convinced that some of our patients really, genuinely identified as various types of animal. They believed they had been born in the wrong bodies, and our psychiatrists conducted extensive studies with hypnosis and psychotropic pharmaceuticals to explore the depths of what seemed at first to be a personality disorder identified as species dysphoria.

A: I have always been against such classifications. They are so judgmental. Who can make a judgement on the so-called mental health of another person?

F: Now, here in this confining unit is Wilbur who is going through the porcine transmogrification process. For six months he has been receiving porcine genetic injections. These have supplemented his neural DNA microsurgery. One of the first changes we noticed was Wilbur’s loss of linguistic functions. He still communicates effectively with grunts and squeals, but is more and more content with his new home and condition. His skin and hair are roughening out nicely, and you’ll see that his nose has broadened, and his legs are already much shorter.

Frankenstein whistles, and a German Shepherd dog bounds up, tail wagging and whining with delight.

F: And here is William…our most successful cyanthropy project. Billy was very much into canine games which grew out of a sexual bondage community. From this he became increasingly convinced that his true identity was canine. Down, William, down! This beautiful German Shepherd dog you see before you was previously William Kiser. You see how happy he is?

A: This therapy is truly liberating for your patients. What a marvelous work you are doing! Tell me, have you had objections to your work?

F: Oh yes, of course. Certain religious fundamentalists protest, but we have a very proactive education department.

A: I see, and what do they say to those who object?

F: We engage the objectors in dialogue. We ask if any of them or their children have ever had orthodontics. Have they had dental implants? Have their parents or grandparents had a heart pacemaker, hip or knee replacements or hearing aids? We ask them if they object to organ transplants which have saved the lives of so many. Do they object to corrective surgery after an accident? Plastic surgery to help burn victims? No. All of these medical technologies have improved the lives of millions, so why do they object to further medical advances?

A: At Cornelius Enterprises we are pushing even further forward, and this is what I wanted to discuss with you, Dr. Frankenstein. The latest frontier is metaphysical transhumanism. Some are exploring the interfaces between artificial intelligence and the human brain, but in our laboratories, we are moving beyond the merely mechanical.

F: I am familiar with intercranial messaging which provides direct brain connection to the internet through cranium implants…downloading information directly into the brain. However, the technology is far from perfect and certainly not ready for widespread applications.

A: At Cornelius Enterprises we are convinced that the mechanical solutions are too cumbersome. Metaphysical transhumanism is the answer. This involves what we call the “personal volition principle.” As you say, “Have it your way.” If an individual chooses to participate in our program, we promise his own individual choices will be honored by his metaphysical guest.

F: Metaphysical guest?

A: This is a partner in the psychological realm who the patient invites to become a resident problem solver. Some ancient peoples referred to the metaphysical guest as a “spirit guide.” This mythological language is sometimes useful, but we prefer to understand the metaphysical guest as a non-organic personality that, once invited, is permanently woven into the host’s psychic infrastructure.

F: How intriguing! And this metaphysical guest, as you call it, helps to resolve the inner issues of the person undergoing transformation?

A: That is correct. We find it to be very effective in calming the person and bringing any remaining unruly behaviors under control. The patient is compliant and able to obey orders with 100% efficiency and seeming contentedness. Their transformation is complete, and they remain in a state of peaceful bliss.

If you allow me to hypothesize somewhat, you will be familiar with the ancient religious theory of the so-called human “soul”?

F: Of course. It is a superstitious notion. No such thing exists.

A: Yes, but it could exist. The capability is there for the human personality to achieve immortality. However, if there is no soul there is no immortality. What if we were to inject a soul—to use a medical metaphor.

F: I don’t quite follow.

A: If an immortal personality from the metaphysical dimension were to be admitted to the individual’s psyche that person would then have a soul. Think of it as a personality transplant. An immortal dimension being implanted into the individual’s mind thereby creating for him a “soul.” I think the idea is genius.

F: How does this work? What does one need to do?

A: The first step is to invite the patient to assert his own volition and ego dominance. Once he has repudiated any other power or force, he is ready for the ritual we call the summons. At that point he recites certain traditional incantations to summon the metaphysical guest into his psyche.

It is not difficult. Not difficult at all. In fact, Dr. Frankenstein, if you have never invited a metaphysical guest, you might like to take the step. I could assist you with the process if you like. In fact, I sense that one of the metaphysical guests named Behemoth is in the waiting room.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker is Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative. A graduate of Oxford University, he is the Pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Church, in Greenville, SC, and author of twenty books, including The Romance of Religion, The Quest for the Creed, and Mystery of the Magi: The Quest to Identify the Three Wise Men. He contributes to many magazines, papers, and journals, including National Catholic Register, St Austin Review, Catholic Digest, and The Stream. His latest book, Immortal Combat: Confronting the Heart of Darkness, is published by Sophia Institute Press. Visit his blog, listen to his podcasts, join his online courses, browse his books, and be in touch at


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