STRANGE DAYS: ‘Zombie Apocalypse!’, Start Making Sense – By Nowick Gray

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  • …Peek past the curtain and tell me what you see. Masked automatons everywhere, and it’s just the first wave. The nanobot invasion is also underway, with its 5G control grid hardening via towers and blanket satellite coverage. As these weird fictions become fact, conspiracy worms its way into reality. The human animal is by now so long domesticated that it has become fatally attached to its condition of dependence. This is the default identity of the chronically abused, the collectively traumatized, the drugged and desensitized—the willing subject and compliant slave, if not eager enforcer”

Start Making Sense – By Nowick Gray

Start Making Sense

by Nowick Gray

Who knew that a rock band could call the tune for how the world would be run, four decades later? Then again, the year of Talking Heads’ concert film Stop Making Sense was 1984, an auspicious date.

From our woozy berth on the observation deck here in 2021, that title pretty much describes the erratic course charted by our rulers. Their leaky rust-bucket of faked studies, bogus tests, irrelevant case numbers, censorship guidelines, banned treatments, social restrictions, and self-exempt directives from on high, tacking in the artificial breeze of the approved science of the week, have sent us pining to return to safe harbour, where it’s about time we dock the boat, sit down over a refreshing beverage, and start talking sense.

Someone said to me recently, still on wobbly sea-legs, “It’s not black and white.” Another friend last year said of the vast gulf between differing perspectives, “There has to be a middle ground.”

Once upon a time, I learned from a rhetoric textbook that “liberal” discourse aimed for balance, neutrality, objectivity. In the real universe of politics, whether conventional or radical, that nonconfrontational stance sounds good, but it comes at a price. If you occupy a mainstream position in society, as a professional or public figure, it means compromising or selling out. The result is what Chris Hedges called The Death of the Liberal Class.

The radical view has little patience for the centrist whitewash of conventional politics. What matters is taking a stand for righteous causes. Naturally, people will disagree on what is right—and increasingly, these days, on what is true. Then if neither separation nor violence is an option, mediation ensues.

Yet for anyone who claims to stand in the middle, more than likely their supposed neutrality masks a hidden bias, given their race, culture, gender, conditioning, belief. Government claims that role of all-inclusive representation, but then ends up enforcing their own preferred bias in alignment with corporate elites. They mandate their exclusive version of “health care” to benefit Big Pharma, the predetermined winners of the Covid Sweepstakes. They call out the SWAT teams to stand on guard, not for thee or me, but for the rape of the last remaining old growth forests and northern indigenous territories. If we care to look closely, we see at every level government abuses our trust and care while pursuing prior agendas, higher order allegiances. When the whole rigged scheme screams “class warfare,” you have to wonder, do the super-rich now get their own class?

If you are a journalist, perhaps it’s your local editor, or your desire to play it safe, that limits the bounds of your coverage of issues and positions. Further up the chain of command, mighty financial empires are tolerant only to a point. Even judges can be pressured and paid off, bribed and blackmailed. So-called scientists produce results for the highest bidder. Academics, teachers, doctors speak as members of their tribe, their class, their institutions.

While philosophers might proclaim a desire for objective truth, they are more than likely trying to justify their worldview and way of life. This is why fake news exists.Max Derrat, paraphrasing Nietzsche

What can we tell each other, face to face, heart to heart? Let’s start by pulling off the mask, or several layers of masks. What’s under there? A human face, an expression of pain or joy, of fellow feeling, of affection or care, of understanding, of needing to hear or say more?

When the news is done being repeated, what then?

What’s really going on out there? And inside, where it also matters… what kind of sense does it make?

In the wake of clashing realities, contrary narratives, naming and blaming, what is left?

Does it make any sense at all?

Abundant documentation advertises clear intent, in black and white, to ensure and solidify power. Details we can argue. Speculate, investigate, juggle the evidence, discern the disinfo. But what’s the bottom line?

Deep down we know. They killed JFK, they brought down the Twin Towers. They slam-dunked Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and now they’ve gone and scam-dam-demicked us to death. They, by the way, is not just the evil US, or royal Britain, let alone bugbear Russia or Cheshire cat China. Canada has played along with every false note.

We know who they are since they’re the ones giving orders. They pontificate from their high tower offices at the World Economic Forum, the WHO, the World Bank, GAVI, the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations. It sounds complex, until you remember they’re all the 0.01 percent. Pumping money down the line, to keep the troops in pay: bureaucrats, health officials, hospital boards, media, government mouthpieces, certified fact-checkers.

At the bottom of that food chain is the well-meaning stranger who chews you out in the store for not adjusting your face diaper properly.

You might say this is rabbit hole stuff. Internet clickbait. Conspiracy whatever. I say, you want to talk about it? Good, you can tell me more about your experience, too. How about we start by agreeing on a simple ground rule for this conversation we’re about to have: Start Making Sense.

Zombie Apocalypse

I used to love watching zombie movies when I was growing up… say, ages 9 to 13. They were the cheap black and white kind, featuring voodoo scenes from the jungle. Much later in life I became fascinated with the power of hand drumming and gained access to the trance where the frequency harmonics conjure angelic voices in the old church rafters, and dancers commune with the Orishas.

As a Vodounist once explained, “The white man goes into church and speaks about God; the Indians eat magic plants and speak to God; we dance in the temple and become God.” —Wade Davis, The Art of Shamanic Healing

Then came the zombie revival, but on a mass scale: from zombie possession to zombie apocalypse. You might say it went viral, to the point where by now, it’s like, whatever dude. You are what you watch. Psychic shadow, exaggerated fear of death, why the F not. At least It’s free entrain—er, entertain-ment.

Science Fact and Fiction

In which science fact (see: Fauci, CDC, WHO, Nature, Oxford) becomes fiction (lies, pretexts, smokescreens and sheer propaganda for thinly veiled master plans); while science fiction (transhumanism, robotics, dystopian prison-states, mind-hacking, nanobot doctors and super-soldiers, Borg empire, weaponized climate) becomes our reality. Bad science fiction becomes fact, that is, when we allow ourselves to be written into the script, the algorithmic code for total takeover.

I always wondered why science fiction only shows future humans with the same foibles and failings we always had. So people can relate?

What about human evolution—does it have to go the route of hard science and cheap fiction? Aren’t there more esoteric improvements that could change everything?

Maybe, but meanwhile, peek past the curtain and tell me what you see.

Masked automatons everywhere, and it’s just the first wave. The nanobot invasion is also underway, with its 5G control grid hardening via towers and blanket satellite coverage. As these weird fictions become fact, conspiracy worms its way into reality.

The human animal is by now so long domesticated that it has become fatally attached to its condition of dependence. This is the default identity of the chronically abused, the collectively traumatized, the drugged and desensitized—the willing subject and compliant slave, if not eager enforcer.

Zombies on the march, again, hungry for flesh. Will they break into the holding pens, or will the humans break out, only to face the hordes? Stay tuned to the next exciting episode of Zombie Apocalypse!

History in a nutshell

For a lengthy prequel, might as well start with the Old Testament. It’s a rerun zombie apocalypse every chapter. Kill the men, rape the women, and make the children slaves. Hell, it’s obviously hardwired in our nature, right? Check out the Hollywood highlights.

Remember the Vikings, Mongols, Huns? The Evil Empire? There are inexhaustible reasons to live in fear, all great for ratings, and the next election. The local mafia. The crazy slasher. The other kind of government. Headhunters. The neighboring Apaches. The Red Tide. The boot forever. Literal Hitler. Killing sanctions. Mind-control technologies. False flags… and, failing all that, real war, raw or cooked, blood-glazed or blue sugar frosted.

Bottom line, who’s in charge here?

Please don’t tell me zombies.

Who’s in Charge?

Lockdown Fanatics

“As with almost every revolution in history, a small minority of crazy people with a cause prevailed over the humane rationality of multitudes. When people catch on, the fires of vengeance will burn very hot.”

“The task now is to rebuild a civilized life that is no longer so fragile as to allow insane people to lay waste to all that humanity has worked so hard to build.”

Jeffrey Tucker, How Fanatics Took Over the World

While Biden’s cabinet has proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, critics have pointed out that only 5% of that investment would go towards roads and bridges, while the vast majority would be spent on “social engineering” programs.Biden jokes about running over reporter after being questioned about Israel

Vaccine Euphoria

“So what is all the excitement about? Well, if you ask anyone who has just gotten a jab they will most likely tell you that they feel like celebrating doing their part to save the human race. They may think that is the case, but I believe the real reason is a strange, and possibly largely unconscious, belief that technology will save them from actually being human. We seem to believe that we have risen from animal status to some sort of higher, trans-human, status, or at least are on our way to that lofty position.”

“And if we trust our scientists and others who are leading the way, we may even one day be able to transcend death itself, because death, of course, is the messiest animal thing an animal does. And we don’t want that.”

Todd Hayden, “Vaccine Euphoria”

Eugenics Made Simple

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism and religious dogmas.”G. Brock Chisolm, founder of the WHO

“It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.”Bertrand Russell

See: Matthew Ehret, How the Unthinkable Became Thinkable

The Fourth World: Our Common Ground

With so many examples of unethical and immoral behavior, why do we continually look to “the system” for answers and solutions? Why do we even participate? Based on everything that’s happened, and is currently happening within politics, it seems human beings themselves, independent from any sort of government, would be better off seeking to create wide scale changes to our current systems. This is a long, difficult conversation, but one that must be had. We can create a system that truly resonates with human thrivability, but we won’t if we don’t talk about it —Arjun Walia, Indigenous Residential School Children Were Used As Test Subjects For Medical Experimentation

Returning to the opening theme, it’s way past overdue to start talking sense with each other. We don’t have to agree on details. We do have to find common ground. Otherwise, it’s go with one herd into zombie apocalypse, or maintain pockets of pushback, until threshold is reached for a quantum shift.

Local Pushback Initiatives

One term used for the global nations of indigenous peoples is the “Fourth World.” The same principles can be shared by those of us identified with our various tribal and ethnic roots, either biological or adopted: People of the Earth. Not to be confused, however, with the Globalist Greenwash. A key antidote to the transhuman reset is strong local pushback, along with living alternatives to mainstream matrix institutions. Popular and local efforts include:

  • supporting local business and farms
  • collective refusal of lockdown measures
  • barter networks and alternative markets
  • local resource control
  • cultural inclusion, not cancelation


Resisting zombie madness means fostering human connectivity—the precious attribute of our life on earth to date, which is diametrically opposed by every lockdown measure to isolate, silence, and dehumanize.

It’s no accident or coincidence (go ahead, call it a conspiracy if you prefer) that the very word and concept of connectivity has been technologized. Our “friends,” “contacts,” and “meetings” have been ushered into databanks where our former human identity now resides, shackled to a handheld device by which our expressions and impressions are tabulated, evaluated, rewarded or punished.

Careful with that search and share on “eugenics,” cyberlad or lassie or indeterminate gender. As for “vaccine injuries to the reproductive system”? Your phone is smart enough to report you to the authorities (in lieu of the proper reporting of any such alleged injuries).

Not that you care, if you’re going to keep using, anyway. You’re called a user, and they’re called authorities, for a reason, right? And anyway It’s all or nothing now, right?

And, it’s almost time for the next Zombie Apocalypse! Got your popcorn, kids?


Aww mo-om, it’s the new episode. Pleeeze?

image credits:

(feature): false fire:
law n order: InCollage
seatbelts: Kim Usbourne
Paul: Rand Paul, twitter
Germany: jimbob
lockdowns: Kulvinder Kaur
lie to rule: Kim Usbourne
joe n jim: Nowick Gray

Nowick Gray writes from Salt Spring Island, BC. His books of genre-bending fiction and creative nonfiction explore the borders of nature and civilization, imagination and reality, choice and manifestation. Connect at to read more. See Nowick’s YouTube interview with Lorenzo of the New Now Agora. A regular contributor to The New Agora, Nowick also offers perspectives and resources on alternative culture and African drumming, and helps other writers as a freelance copyeditor at Sign up for the “Wild Writings” email newsletter for updates and free offers

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