COVER-UP: ‘Sacrificing Liberty’, USS Liberty Survivor Interviewed About Attack & Cover Up

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USS Liberty Survivor Interviewed About Attack and Cover Up

By Ginny Garner

Infowars’ American Journal host Harrison Smith conducted a powerful interview with survivor Phil Tourney about the deliberate and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 and subsequent coverup by President Lyndon Johnson. Tourney was onboard the intelligence ship, witnessed the attack by the Israeli military, watched the murder of 34 and maiming of 174 of his fellow Navy men, and was threatened to keep quiet or else he and his fellow shipmates would be imprisoned or even killed.

His account 54 years later of the brutal assault and cover up is still shocking to hear. Tourney said the attack was a false flag, a plan by the US and Israel to sink the ship, kill all aboard, and blame it on Egypt as the pretext to take over the Middle East. Anyone trying to get the truth out about this shameful tragedy has typically been smeared as an anti-Semite. To this day the cover up continues with apologists like Charlie Kirk claiming it’s a conspiracy theory to have Tourney’s view.

The interview was preceded by a report Alex Jones produced many years ago on the appalling episode. Tourney highly recommended the four-part series Sacrificing Liberty he and other survivors appear in that is posted on Tru News; he describes it as a Christian outlet.

The interview with Smith:

The true story of the USS. Liberty is more shocking than any spy novel written by Tom Clancy. The most top-secret spy ship in the world. Its client was the NSA. The ship and its 294 U.S. Navy sailors were rushed to the Mediterranean Sea. Only the White House and Pentagon knew that Israel was ready to attack Arab nations. The USS. Liberty was deliberately sent into a kill zone. The casualties were staggering: 34 killed and 174 wounded. The coverup began immediately and has continued since 1967. Until now! The aging survivors have finally told their true story. Sacrificing Liberty sets the record straight.

  • The truth told for the first time about Israel’s massacre of U.S.S. Liberty crewmen.
  • Lost video footage seen for the first time in decades.
  • Shocking first-time eye-witness testimony from the men who survived on June 8, 1967.
  • Gut-wrenching descriptions of the carnage unleashed by Israeli gunboats, warplanes, and submarines.
  • Connecting the dots that link LBJ to a failed false flag operation to start a war with Egypt.
  • Heart-breaking descriptions of human body recovery.
  • Uncensored U.S.S. Liberty crewmen telling their true stories for the first time in 53 years.
  • The role of Senator John McCain’s father in the government coverup.
  • The uncovering of LBJ’s Mossad mistress in the White House.
  • The fuse that lit the fire of war in the Middle East that is still burning today.
  • How brave American men prevented a nuclear war by refusing to die on June 8, 1967.

The Incredible True Story

One of the Most Controversial Coverup’s In American History

  • May, 24, 1967 Pentagon orders USS Liberty, the military’s most advanced intelligence-gathering ship, to sail for Eastern Mediterranean Sea from Ivory Coast capital, Abidjan
  • June 5, 1967 Israel launches surprise attack against Egypt, starting the Six Day War
  • June 7, 1967 USS Liberty arrives off the coast of Egypt, begins patrolling unsuspectedly in international waters
  • June 8, 1967 Capt. William McGonagle orders crew to man battle stations, as “friendly” Israeli recon planes turn into merciless eagles of death, massacring Americans, and shredding the U.S. Flag with bullets and blood
  • June 9, 1967 Help finally arrives
  • June 11, 1967 The damaged, yet defiant, USS Liberty hobbles to Malta, where crew is threatened into silence… beginning the cover up on most decorated single naval encounter in American history

August 2020 – – The Truth Is Revealed


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