DIVINE PRESENCE: ‘Spiritual Alchemy’, Holding Space in Global Lightning Strike

Source – energeticsynthesis.com

  • “…When we accept the responsibility to become a God-Sovereign-Free being, it means that we must protect our own rights to stay in higher alignment in so to achieve sovereignty, as well as to protect the rights of others in so they are free to be who they are, having the right to their own personal experiences and perceptions”

Holding Space in Global Lightning Strike

These are unprecedented times in which many of us are observing some extremely difficult situations happening around us, that are impacting our lives and the people that we love and care for. The set up at the collective level is knowing that the lightning strike will come at some point and that will bring major awakening when seeing beyond the falsity of deceptions when the truth is finally made known. Some people will be strong enough to awaken in order to be willing to see the truth, while others will not.

Many times, when lightning strikes in our consciousness body we are seeing the delusion or falsity that was present in interactions that gave us a false sense of strength and security by following what everyone else around us was telling us to do. Maybe they were not telling us their opinions in a gentle way, but insisting, using threats, emotional blackmail and using intimidation tactics in order to get us to submit to their agenda. In current events, we can easily observe all of this harassment and intimidation used by people being manipulated under the false pretenses of being safe in a mass psychological operation engineering the population to be mind control slaves. When we are driven only by external forces, we look to the outer world and to other people around us to inform as to what we should be doing, instead of listening to our inner heart and taking internal guidance into greater consideration. Maybe we thought those situations demanding our compliance were about being benevolent and kind, we thought someone cared about us and that they were being honest when they told us what we must do. And we based our decision on believing them. Later on, we may wake up to see the hidden agenda that was actually being orchestrated to manipulate human beings to do something that was actually very harmful to us and others. Who is responsible for the harm being caused in the longer term, what piece have we played in perpetuating this harm from our own ignorance?

Much of the time this shocking revelation is the sudden realization that the personal comfort we took from the general consensus of unaware people around us was actually based on a bed of lies that is a trainwreck ready to happen. We find that we made decisions on the inadequate foundation of information that sources from false thoughts, beliefs and actions, and took in guidance from others that were either manipulators or completely ignorant in the subject at hand. This is a lesson of self-responsibility, as all actions we take in this world come with consequences. Many people have been indoctrinated with mind control to look only to the instant gratification of results in the moment, while they ignore the longer-term effects of those actions that will come in the future.  

This phase of spiritual growth can bring shocking inner and outer change and greater self-realization. It is a time of great personal turmoil when humanity has to go through the learning process of seeing blind spots in deceptive situations in order to look at the devastating consequences it causes upon innocent people with much more clarity. When we see our blind spots that created harm, the places we were naïve or just plain wrong, now, what will people do and how will humanity manage the changes happening while facing the shocking truth?

When we are exposed to the lightning strike which crumbles the mountain of lies in order to get to the truth, this is the marker of a personal spiritual initiation that leads into another level of consciousness and spiritual Ascension. The result of this brutal realization when perceiving greater truth brings on the next stage of emotional processing which is generally deep shock. The central nervous system, brain and body can be pushed into an overloaded and overwhelmed state, subsequently there can be several cycles after the lighting strike that sends oceanic waves of frequency to move throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. These subsequent waves reconfigure the consciousness, as they settle into a more coherent and integrated pattern within the lightbody layers, a person can move into feeling numb, apathetic, disorientated in time and in a void space. This is represented by a major life upheaval, it is spiritual crisis, bringing on normal reactions of grief, anger, sadness, confusion, sleepless nights and even facing unpleasant confrontations with others.

When we are undergoing a change in the foundation of our sense of security and identity, it penetrates to the deepest core of our being, reverberating shock waves that force us to get out of personal comfort zones and to emotionally and spiritually grow beyond the current level.

Sometimes people are unwilling to grow beyond old patterns in that they settle into the narcissistic wounding of their unhealed ego parts, and through this blind spot they act from ignorance. Ignorance is comfortable in the mainstream because the ego is being fed deceptions through the information being spoon fed in which there is no internal work or effort needed to discern or filter for accuracy. The NAA Controller mind control sorcery has made the television and media outlets the false gods of our time, sold to the masses with impeccable credibility in order to push forward the death culture. When we just go with the mainstream group think and ignore our responsibility within important interactions, this generally leads to making choices that come with very heavy consequences. Life on Earth is a series of consciousness lessons, and if we miss the lesson for personal growth, the next time the lesson returns through repeating patterns in our lives, the consequences of our ill thought out and hasty decisions are made even heavier. Unfortunately, during the aggressive spiritual warfare happening now, the stakes are higher than they ever have been. 

Narcissistic Wounding

The Narcissistic Wound means that person’s immediate issues and concerns become the central importance and all-consuming focus, it’s the only thing they can see when they are in pain or fear, and this produces the me, myself and I self-preservation consciousness.

The narcissistic wound in the three layers of ego is desperate to survive, and in its death throes will rise thought forms of sensing internal and external threats, sensations of severe discomfort with life’s situations, that lead to internal distractions of circular obsessions and prolonged anxiety. We can observe the narcissistic wound raging in the outerscape with the current orchestration of events that have been pre-planned as the pandemic for the purpose of stealing even more planetary resources and stripping us of human dignity and personal sovereignty. 

Remember that the artificial façades, self-delusions and barriers are going to fall, whether you like it or not, because you have reached a limit in this area, and can no longer live with it. Although this phase of spiritual growth is very hard, we all have to undergo this process, no one gets away from this critical piece of spiritual ascension. We can only heal in the frequency of truth, and as long as our consciousness is enmeshed in deceptions, we continue to move forward in a descending spiral. 

The mountain of ego, pain body, deceptions, facades, illusions, manipulations and emotional bait hooks must be destroyed so that you are free to face truth and gain an accurate sense of reality without false attachments.

Please remember you are undergoing the necessary changes required to accept the consciousness shift that will move you forward into more personal and spiritual freedom, clearing inner violence and living in a state of inner peace. The caveat is that you cannot resist it, and you cannot hide from it, this will require unraveling the deeper truth so that you can rise out of Service to Self consciousness and into the macrocosm perception of the Service to Others. Embrace the opportunity to expand your consciousness beyond the houses of ego and see things in your life with clarity and honesty, sensing your place in the Universe in a totally new way.

Holding Space for Spiritual Alchemy

There are some of us on the spiritual path that may be holding space for others, loved ones around us that are undergoing this intense process of lighting strike. Our loved ones, friends and acquaintances may be confused about what is occurring, they may be projecting assorted images, they may have faulty memory, they may be acting out past life archetypes, they may feel threatened and terrorized with survival fears in the future. They are unable to deeply understand all that is happening in the global spiritual warfare because they are utterly overwhelmed with intense energies, which surface deep emotional pain and grief. 

When people are enduring intense pain and confusion while undergoing major life altering transformation and change, they may seek to pull you into their emotional entanglements and narratives. They may expect you to be what they want you to be, rather than who you really are. 

To hold a clear and unconditionally loving space for such intense forms of spiritual alchemy, it is important to hold complete observer towards the process, even when it can be painful to watch people we care about endure such intense pain, confusion and grief. In spiritual community, this is a call for self-mastery in compassionate witnessing, and never taking on another person’s emotional process or disjointed perceptions when they are in the deep and heated battle of the inner Armageddon, while the ego construct is flailing about in its death throes.

Practice Compassionate Witnessing

Compassionate Witnessing is a natural function of expanded Consciousness which occurs during the embodiment of the higher spiritual-energetic intelligent bodies when the person is dedicated to Christos Principles of Compassion. In the earlier stages of awakening, the goal is to clear the fear programs and survival terror that is programmed into the Negative Ego and the Pain Body. This can be accomplished by identifying the Negative Ego thought forms as fear based and refocusing these painful, destructive thoughts by shifting perspective into Neutral Association or Observer Point. When this skill of disciplining the mind from the Negative Ego reaches a certain threshold in spiritual ascension embodiment, the benefits lead one to experience mental and emotional freedom, completely free of personal suffering.

The Law of Compassion is the first basic truth of One Self-God Self. As One Self-God Self, to be “Compassion in Action” towards others is then to be in harmony and right relationship to Self, right relationship to God, right relationship to the Universe.

This is a Law of One practice. (Love Yourself, Love Others, Love the Earth and all of her creatures, is an action of Compassion.)

Staying in Natural Flow and Rhythm

While the earth and many people around us are enduring the challenges of the Dark Night, along with the Lightning Strike and subsequently going into shock and pain body processing, being of service also means we must be true to ourselves and set appropriate boundaries that keep us in alignment to our own natural rhythm and flows. When people are processing personal pain, they will tend to pull you into sharing their perceptions of pain through subtle or not so subtle manipulations. Generally the desire for people in pain is to find others that can commiserate with them, and this may look like emotional bait hooks trying to reel you into their perceptions. The best service you can be to the earth, is to love yourself and others unconditionally, without taking on their personal lessons for spiritual growth.

Everyone has to walk the path of spiritual ascension and do their own emotional work, and it is unique for every person, you do not want to interfere or take another person’s lessons away from them.

This means you will need to maintain your natural flows and set the terms of staying in the natural rhythms of your life, those rhythms that you have created for self-care, and to be true to yourself.

Our biggest struggles, challenges and problems in life can be generated when we are not in alignment with our own internal natural rhythms, which is defined through maintaining the alignment with our inner spirit.

We cannot stay present in the now moment when we are out of sync with ourselves. When we honor and allow our natural, authentic way of being in the world that is in harmony with the values we hold and align with our spiritual purpose and mission, we stay in the synchronicity of divine energetic flow. When we are aligned with our inner self, we must honor the authentic rhythm and harmony in our life, so we can listen to our highest spiritual self, which keeps us in alignment with the harmony of the Universal Laws.

Our Most Important Relationship

The most important relationships we have is with our higher power, God, and the inner relationship we have with ourselves.

During these tumultuous times, this is your priority to develop every day. Take care of these two most important relationships. And when something or someone is not happy because you take this space to connect into the natural rhythms of life, instead of fulfilling their personal needs and expectations of you, gently tell them that you follow your inner spirit without hesitation, and that you listen to nothing other than how your spirit guides you. We must find unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, before we can truly allow people to be who they are without judgments and expectations. When we accept the responsibility to become a God-Sovereign-Free being, it means that we must protect our own rights to stay in higher alignment in so to achieve sovereignty, as well as to protect the rights of others in so they are free to be who they are, having the right to their own personal experiences and perceptions.

Stay awake as we traverse the valleys of the shadow and death, on the other side of destruction is creation, which awaits the deeper illumination of higher consciousness that we have worked so hard to achieve. May the Spirits of Christ walk with you, in Spirit of PuritySpirit of GenerositySpirit of PatienceSpirit of Kindness, Discipline/Conservation, Diligence and Humility


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