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  • “…If this system – all my and the original author’s skepticism aside – is what it says it is and is delivering the power it says it’s delivering, are we looking at yet another quiet energy revolution right before our eyes? If so, then more sweeping changes are in store”
Nazi International


By Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D

This highly bizarre, and intriguing, article was shared by N.S., and it has my high octane speculation motor running in overdrive today. It concerns something called “digital electricity”, which is a mind-twister and noodle-baker all on its own. Just what in the name of sense is “digital electricity”? The answer as provided in the following article – from two years ago – might astonish you:

What is digital electricity?

Here’s the article’s definition of “digital electricity”:

“This emerging technology combines DC power and data into packets which are transmitted and received in a manner that is somewhat analogous to how information packets are conveyed over networks. Digital electricity allows us to push power out to much longer distances without having to plan for the normal voltage drop – and without having massive copper wire size; we incorporate this technology into our designs when centralized power is a must and on projects when the facility’s design doesn’t support traditional cable lengths – such as rail stations, airports and sports venues.”… What they apparently offer is a way to send very short, very high-voltage pulses for long distances over standard, low-power cabling (such as in Ethernet) to a unit which somehow accumulates and then transforms the energy into a substantial power source (Figure 1). The pulses are halted within 3 msec if there’s a break in the cable, someone touches it, or any other irregularity.

So note firstly what is being claimed: the transmission of substantial direct current electrical power over long  distances along normal wires without severe attenuation via short electrical pulses. People who have read my books The SS Brotherhood of the Bell and Secrets of the Unified Field will recall that I discussed why the Germans would have placed an entire electrical power plant so near the installations for the Nazi Bell, or, conversely,  why they would have placed those installations so close to an electrical power plant. The answer came from Thomas Edison, who advocated that the electrification of America be done with direct current, and not our contemporary alternating (Tesla-tech) current. The difficulty of direct current is well known to anyone with a basic high school science background (back when high schools in America were more concerned with teaching science, rather than commenting on the race and/or presumed cultural biases of the scientist or engineer in question). Direct current falls off dramatically over distance on power lines; what one puts in isn’t what one  gets out, and hence Edison’s plan would have led (quickly) to an environmental disaster with a power plant needed every few miles or so. Because of this circumstance, I argued in those books that the Bell device required huge amounts of direct current electricity and the thick cabling to go with it. (As confirmation of this argument, see my discussion with Mr. Tino Von Struckman, with his accompanying pictures, in the members’ area dialogue section, where there is clear pictorial evidence of heavy cabling at one time present in the installations in Silesia where the Bell was allegedly developed and tested.)

But according to the claim in the article, this need for heavy cabling has been solved by sending the direct current not in a continuous stream, but in short pulses. Well, possibly, because another detail that emerged about the Bell was Igor Witkowski’s observation that the German nickname for the device was der Bienenstock, the “beehive,” because of the buzzing noise it made in operation. From this I deduced that perhaps, at the load end of the Bell itself, there was an electrical gate that was rapidly being opened and closed, which would produce the characteristic electrical buzzing sound. What the article seems to be stating is that the electrical gate has been moved to the source end of the circuit.

However, here my speculations trail off, because the article notes something else:

The stated benefit is that the energy is so low that the wiring does not need an electrician to do the installation, so it can be done by regular construction crews. It is claimed to be lower cost in materials and highly efficient. It also meets all relevant UL and IEC regulatory requirements for low-power safety. A complete system requires what are called digital electricity transmitters and complementary receivers, (Figure 2), but I could not find data sheets for either, nor a clear statement of what goes into and what comes out of each box, their size, power requirements, speed, or anything similar.

I studied their web sites and collateral carefully and did some other research, and still don’t really grasp how this set-up works or how it manages to accomplish what seems to be contradictory and almost unsupportable goals. How can you send enough energy, via short pulses, to integrate and convert into a fairly large amount of output power in this type of continuous power-drain application? Pulse-power delivery is a viable technique for some specialty situations, such as high-energy tests, but this is very different. The greatly simplified discussion, “The Idea” on the VoltServer site, actually raised more questions for me than it answered. In addition, the product page at the JMA Wireless site was of little help, as was this VoltServer “success story” posted in a publication called Connected Real Estate. The hour-long VoltServer presentation “Touch-Safe, High Voltage Digital Electricity Transmission using Packet Energy Transfer,” which you can view below, was somewhat more helpful, but still left me wondering about the technique and the claims.

Overall, I wish I better understood what they are doing and how they do it. Frankly, the skeptic (or cynic) in me was ready to assume this was some sort of “something for almost nothing” scam that seems too good to be true, but VoltServer claims about 200 installations in various commercial buildings as well as named sports stadiums, so I suppose it really does work. I still wonder, though, why I haven’t seen anything about this apparently innovative technology in the various engineering-design publications, especially as it is clearly not a very new approach given the many actual deployments. What’s your sense of this innovation? Are you familiar with it? Are you comfortable that it can it really deliver what they claim? Do you understand how it works? What am I missing—or am I missing the point? (Boldface emphasis added)

Indeed… no data, no announcements in the engineering journals, and a quick search on produced next to nothing, so yes, you can color me suspicious too. No, not just suspicious, but very highly suspicious.

But let’s crawl to the end of the speculation twig once again: pulsed direct current electricity would essentially be an “electro-acoustic” wave, a longitudinal “compressional” wave with peaks and troughs of compression and rarefaction. Could that be transmitted on wires? I assume it could, though I’m at a loss to explain why someone touching such a wire would not experience a sudden sharp pain, if not paralysis and/or death. But this basic idea was behind Tesla’s “wireless power” transmission idea.  So I have to wonder, was my “electrical gate” that I posited for the Bell not located at the load end, but rather, at the source end, and were massive DC pulses being delivered on those massive cables?

And if this system – all my and the original author’s skepticism aside – is what it says it is and is delivering the power it says it’s delivering, are we looking at yet another quiet energy revolution right before our eyes? If so, then more sweeping changes are in store.

See you on the flip side…

Joseph P. Farrell – Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”. Following a paradigm of researching the relationship between alternative history and science, Farrell has followed with a stunning series of books, each conceived to stand alone, but each also conceived in a pre-arranged sequence:

  • The Giza Death Star
  • The Giza Death Star Deployed
  • Reich of the Black Sun
  • The Giza Death Star Destroyed
  • The SS Brotherhood of the Bell
  • The Cosmic War
  • Secrets of the Unified Field
  • The Philosophers’ Stone
  • The Nazi International
  • Babylon’s Banksters
  • Roswell and the Reich
  • LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy
  • Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men
  • The Grid of the Gods, with Dr. Scott D. de Hart
  • Saucers Swastikas and Psyops
  • Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology, Terrorism, and Topology, with Dr. Scott D. de Hart (Amazon Kindle e-book)
  • Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Altars and Agendas for the Transformation of Man (with Dr. Scott D de Hart, 2012)
  • Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology,Terrorism, and Topology (Lulu Print-on-demand book, 2012)
  • Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations: The Secret Space Program, Celestial Psyops, and Hidden Conflicts (2012)
  • The Financial Vipers of Venice: Alchemical Money, Magical Physics, and Banking in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (2013)
  • Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations: UFOs, Oligarchs, and Space Secrey (2013)
  • Talk Radio for the Eyes: Transhumanism in Dialogue; with Dr. Scott D. de Hart (2013)
  • Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age: Hermetic Cosmology, Finance, Politics and Culture in the Middle Ages through the Late Renaissance(2014)
  • The Third Way: The Nazi International, The European Union, and Corporate Fascism (2015)
  • Rotten to the (Common) Core: Public Schooling, Standardized Tests, and the Surveillance State (2o16)
  • Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: the Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations
  • Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica, and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess

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