HIGH CRIMES: ‘Prima Facie’, Never Has There Been So Much Evidence of Fraud in a US Election

Source – freenations.net

  • “…As a result of mounting evidence and rulings by judges Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Wisconsin are all in play – in other words the swing States in which the frauds were concentrated could have invalid votes”

SM: …One need remember, it wasn’t fraud – it was an attempted coup….


By Rodney Atkinson

Never has there been so much prima facie evidence of election fraud in a US election. The fake news, manipulating and censoring mainstream media no longer report what is happening. When they do mention fraud accusations they all qualify it as “unsubstantiated” but the only totally unsubstantiated claims are that the fraud is unsubstantiated! The evidence is substantial and consistent. Witnesses have appeared on oath. Common patterns of behaviour and results in many States are of course a significant sign of fraud.

As a result of mounting evidence and rulings by judges Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Wisconsin are all in play – in other words the swing States in which the frauds were concentrated could have invalid votes – although the latest US Supreme Court judgement has rejected the Pennsylvania lawsuit.

One witness drove hundreds of thousands of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. Witnesses to State Legislature hearings have given evidence under oath of voting or counting fraud, the State of Georgia has 250- separate investigations of fraud underway https://www.rebelnews.com/georgia_opens_250_investigation_into_illegal_voting and thousands of Nevada registered voters were found to be on the electoral roll in California

Over 2,400 Nevada Voters Appear Double-Listed On California Voter Roll


Texas has filed a lawsuit at the Supreme Court challenging last minute electoral changes  adopted unconstitutionally in several States. Alabama and Louisiana have said they will join the action when it is considered by the Court. Indeed 17 States have joined. One Third Of US States Have Now Joined Texas SCOTUS Bid To Overturn Election


A devastating forensic audit in Ware County Georgia showed that when an equal number of ballots for President Trump and candidate Biden were run through the vote counting machine the result reported from the machine was a 26% lead for candidate Biden. In other words the machine was programmed to discount Trump votes by a certain percentage and augment Biden votes. We know that the Dominion Voting Systems can do this because their own instruction manual says it can. Their doubtful excuse for such manipulation is that where for instance a vote is weighted to reflect farmers’ ownership of different amounts of land such a programmed vote is necessary! Believe that if you will. https://newrightnetwork.com/2020/12/bombshell-georgia-dominion-voting-machine-shows-weighted-vote-counting.html/

But the most convincing evidence could come from the audit of 22 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim County in Michigan. Those machines were used in 30 other States and any distortions in their operation would potentially invalidate the vote in all the swing states and many more. The danger of this examination for the fraudsters is shown by the lengths to which some are going to prevent the machine audit.

The lawyer who got the Court to agree to the audit, Matthew DePerno was able to quickly assemble a team of seven highly trained forensic IT experts who agreed to arrive the next day (Saturday) to conduct the forensic examination.

The unelected Township Administrator Peter Garwood tried to prevent access to the machines until Monday at 11:00 am and he contacted Dominion officials and suggested they come to the Antrim County building where the court-ordered examination was to take place. 

As a result, DePerno and his client, William Bailey, were tasked with ensuring that the Dominion equipment inside the Antrim County building wouldn’t be tampered with before the team’s arrival. According to DePerno, Garwood was told by several elected county commissioners to stand down and allow the examination to take place over the weekend. 

For two days and nights, in freezing cold weather, the group stood ready and willing to protect the voting machines. On Sunday morning, the seven-people IT forensic team arrived; Mr. Bailey and his attorney Matt DePerno were given access to the county building and started gathering the forensic evidence. 


Shortly after the collection began, Antrim County Administrator Peter Garwood began to take photos of the seven IT experts. When one of the IT team members saw him taking photos of them, they demanded Garwood delete them from his phone. According to DePerno, Garwood reluctantly deleted them. Several photos of Mr. DePerno’s vehicle were taken by outside protesters as well.

It is a characteristic of the fascist left that illegality is covered up but legal processes are subjected to intimidation. We know the type!


Because of the seriousness of the accusation and its swift appearance before the Supreme Court through the offices of Judge Alito (see previous posts on this) the case against the legality of Pennsylvania’s changes to mail in voting law within a few months of the election and their failure to get approval of the State Legislature, was one of the critical lawsuits https://www.zerohedge.com/political/alito-moves-deadline-supreme-court-briefing-pennsylvania-case-bringing-within-safe-harbor

The State court had said it was too late to go to court – 13 months after the disputed law was passed. Without detailing reasons the US Supreme Court rejected the case on Tuesday 8th December – although they still have to rule on the acceptance of ballots up to three days after polling day.

Naturally this judgement does not bode well for the Texas case at the Supreme Court.


Voters in Pennsylvania urban areas (mainly Democrat) were treated differently as regards mistakes on ballots to those in rural areas (mainly Republican).

Pennsylvania and other states passed mail in votes laws different from other States.

Pennsylvania allowed mail in ballots to be accepted up to 3 days after the election.

Many States used the Dominion Voting Systems vote counting machines – others did not. Texas found them defective.

No such divergences in electoral practice would have been allowed in the UK. They amount to different treatment of voters depending on where they lived. Like so many other aspects of the US voting system (ie no ID voting in most states, “provisional votes”) they expose a chaotic and easily manipulated system – and a country now struggling to be a credible representative of democracy


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