COUP D’ETAT: ‘Condor’, Is Gina Haspel Involved In The Coup?

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  • “…In fact they’re up against the world’s most powerful and ruthless intelligence agency, the boys who assassinated Kennedy and invented AIDS. Since its inception in the fall of 1943 the DVD and its sub-agencies like the Correa Group in Frankfurt and GO2 in London have been responsible for tens of millions of deaths. They are utterly opposed to democracy. The idea that a country could be governed in the interests of its inhabitants is as alien to them as the monster in The Thing”

Is Gina Haspel Involved In The Coup?

Michael Shrimpton debunks the reporting that CIA Director Haspel was shot in the raid on the server farm in Frankfurt-Am-Main, Germany and explains who is behind the coup in Washington. He also comments, with his usual restraint, on the collapse of the Anglo-European negotiations.

By Michael Shrimpton

Despite reporting to the contrary Gina Haspel was not shot in Frankfurt, Germany last month, although opinion in the Intelligence Community continues to be divided as to whether or not she should be shot. She is reliably reported to have been in her office at the George H. W. Bush Intelligence Center (there’s a contradiction in terms, if ever there was one!) as recently as Wednesday. She is not reported to have any bandages on or bits missing.

Naming an American intelligence center after Bush Senior by the way is a bit like having a Joseph Mengele Center for the Care and Study of Twins, an RMS Titanic Maritime Safety Center or a John Major Charm Award, no offense intended. Something in the name doesn’t quite sound right.  

The confusion over the Haspel non-shooting probably arose because the original reporting was that the head of the CIA had been shot in the raid on the server farm at Correa Group HQ in Frankfurt. (Notice that I’ve stopped referring to it as the COREA Group altogether – it was clearly set up by the Abwehr’s Mathias Correa, who should have been fried in the electric chair, nicely of course, in World War II.) Gina Haspel isn’t the head of the CIA, just its Director. When the Director of the CIA is a loyal American, which isn’t very often, he or she is invariably kept out of the loop.

Robert Redford’s character Joseph Turner in Days of the Condor put it well – there’s a CIA inside the CIA. The inner, controlling group is of course the Correa Group. Many CIA officers have never heard of it – they genuinely think that they’re working for an American intelligence agency, whereas in reality they are working for a German intelligence agency.

The trouble is that the Correa Group penetration assets inside the CIA are US Citizens. They look and sound American and eat burgers for lunch, not sausage. They call football soccer, follow the World Series and drink Jack Black, not schnapps. Confusingly, they don’t wear coal-scuttle helmets with spikes in them or do the goosestep.

HyperFocal: 0

Patriotic Americans working for the CIA (and there are some, possibly even including Gina Haspel) are faced with the same problems as the scientists in The Thing – the other scientists might look normal but in reality could be shape-shifting aliens about to eat them. At least the scientists knew there was an alien about, at least they did once the poor husky had been devoured by an alien so mean and ugly that he could have worked for the European Commission, no offense intended.

I’m afraid that the President’s hard-working lawyers have the same level of comprehension about who they are up against as the poor old husky. (I love huskies and judging from the amount of licks I get they seem to like me!)(That was not a double entendre by the way – this is a family intelligence website.) The lawyers think that they’re up against a bunch of commies, who are basically stupid, whereas in fact they’re up against the world’s most powerful and ruthless intelligence agency, the boys who assassinated Kennedy and invented AIDS.

Since its inception in the fall of 1943 the DVD and its sub-agencies like the Correa Group in Frankfurt and GO2 in London have been responsible for tens of millions of deaths. They are utterly opposed to democracy. The idea that a country could be governed in the interests of its inhabitants is as alien to them as the monster in The Thing.

I have of course reached out to the President’s lawyers, and that nice lady Sidney Powell. No offense intended, but they’re way out of their depth. The same goes for Republican politicians. Again I have reached out, but so far as I can tell none of them has even heard of the Correa Group. They’re all perfectly nice, but so are huskies, and the huskies in The Thing all died.

Has the President been briefed in?

It seems as though he has, although I’ve had no feedback from the White House and the White House Switch are under instructions from the National Security Council not to put my calls through. (My old direct dial numbers have all been changed, sadly.) Moreover there is no sign at all that any of the intelligence yield from the Frankfurt raid has reached either the President or his legal team. The Pentagon, so far as I can tell, are backing Biden and are content to let the President swing in the wind.

If the intelligence has been passed to the White House it will have come from Jerusalem. There are definite signs that Mossad have access to pretty much the same intelligence as MI6, although it’s unclear whether Mossad acquired it before or after my warning message to that nice man Bibi Netanyahu. (I warned both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv because my warning to the President appeared to have been blocked.)

The perfectly proper targeted killing of the Iranian nuclear scientist and IRGC terrorist Brigadier-General Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on November 27th suggests a deal between Jerusalem and Washington. Then there’s the strange incident involving Joe Biden’s right foot.

‘Chinese’ Biden has a reputation for putting his foot in it, no offense intended, but this is the first time that he’s actually broken it. He can’t have been kicking his dog, since that’s what the Democrats are saying, albeit in a watered-down way, and modern Democrats are incapable of telling the truth, no offense intended. Since he doesn’t have a cat he can’t have been kicking the cat either. So who or what was he kicking?

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that some furniture in the Biden household has been sent out for repair, or that an aide now has a sore bottom, as it were. It looks like Joe received some seriously bad news last weekend.

So who’s going to win?

Things are finely balanced at the moment, and the US Constitution could still slide down the pan, but as things stand I don’t see Germany and China’s man being sworn in on January 20th. I think the first state to go will be Pennsylvania, where a new purported law authorizing no-excuse absentee ballots faces a strong challenge in the Supreme Court.

I suspect that Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin will follow. Each state has seen massive electoral fraud, mostly but not exclusively associated with Dominion Voting Systems machines, which, crazily, can be opened to the Internet. I note with interest the DNI’s intervention today.

The first battle may have gone to Biden und ze Germans but Frankfurt may yet learn the lesson Tokyo learnt after their equally sneaky attack on Pearl Harbor 79 years ago today. Never underestimate America. The boys in Tokyo may have been celebrating on the evening of December 7th 1941, but they had a fire lit under them on the night of March 9th/10th 1945. It may have saved on the heating bills, but there wasn’t much left of Tokyo on the morning of the 10th.

The Anglo-European negotiations

As predicted these have collapsed in bitter acrimony. It would help everybody if British and European leaders simply called off the talks altogether. They were suspended on Friday night, resumed yesterday and have been suspended again today. Apart from anything else the idiots have held up my column!

Prime Minister Johnson is going to meet European Commission Fùhrer, sorry President, in Brussels later this week. The timing is significant – EU leaders meet on Thursday and had a deal been reached EU translators would have needed at least a day to prepare the texts.

The talks were a total waste of time. The British government, absurdly, wants free trade with the EU27. The EU are only interested in crushing the UK economy under a burden of excessive regulation. Boris’s policy was to cave in on fishing in the hope of obtaining concessions on the “level playing field”, Eurospeak for crushing us with regulations.

The MSM have been banging on about the small size of Britain’s fishing industry, but that’s because it’s been decimated by nearly 50 years of the Common Fisheries Policy. They’re also claiming that “70%” of our catch is “exported” to Europe, which rather overlooks the fact that many of “our” boats are Dutch and Spanish false-flag vessels pirating our fish.

Some idiot, no offense intended, asked on BBC1’s Question Time on Thursday evening how we would protect our fisheries without a deal. With naval gunnery, that’s how. Any EU pirate vessel refusing to allow a boarding party aboard should have a shot put across her bows. If she still refuses to strike her colours or stop the enforcing warship should commence lethal fire and send her crew to Davy Jones’ Locker.

It is our proud boast that we have sunk more European ships and U-Boats than any country in history. The Royal Navy knows how to deal with pirates. I assume that officers are already practising their cutlass drill! Samuel Spaniard will be less keen to raid British waters after a few fisheries pirates have been run through and fed to the fish.

Just the ticket for dealing with Johnny Pirate!

Anti-British, pro-EU outlets like Sky News keep emphasising that British vehicle exporters would face a 10% tariff wall in the event of a no deal. So what? Tariff walls work both ways. Mass car manufacturing almost disappeared in Britain as the result of the disastrous decision to join the EEC. Cars and trucks are the largest single component of our massive, £100 billion plus trade deficit in goods with the EU.

I was intrigued to see one of my valued colleagues here on VT imply that President Macron of France is gay, has been seeing young Moroccan rent-boys and that those nice people the Mossad have the goods on him. I have been unable to confirm the intelligence directly but there are signs that Macron has hardened his negotiating position in recent days.

It was our possession of vital bio-leverage on General de Gaulle, who was definitely gay, which allowed us to persuade him, gently of course, to exercise his veto on the UK joining the EEC, twice, saving the UK tens of billions of pounds and thousands of jobs. Indeed Jerry had to organise some riots and force de Gaulle from power before the UK could be forced to join.

If Mossad have been leaning on Macron and the talks do finally collapse then we will owe the Israelis big time. There a number of ways in which we could return the courtesy – shifting our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, for example, passing your Embassy going the other way should the coup against President Trump succeed!

Having the British Embassy in Tel Aviv makes about as much sense as moving our American Embassy from Washington to Hackensack, New Jersey. I say nothing against Hackensack, but you don’t see many cars there with diplomatic license tags, for a reason. (Of course if Biden gets in there may not be a British Embassy in the States at all, given that his choice for Secretary of State is the hysterical anti-British nutter, no offense intended, Anthony ‘von’ Blinken, who is reportedly anxious to recognize Argentina’s absurd claim over the Falkland Islands, that is to say wants a second war in the South Atlantic.)

British Special Forces and Royal Navy DDGs could join Israeli ground troops in counter-terrorist operations against Hezbollah, whilst Aman officers could be given a permanent berth at GCHQ’s facility in Cyprus, which does good work. (Much of Hezbollah’s terrorist infrastructure is within range of the 4.5” Mark 8 deck guns fitted to the Daring class DDGs.) We could profitably enter into joint development of radar and missile systems, UAVs, thermonuclear warheads and other useful bits of kit.

We might also want to have a look at bombing Cairo again. The RAF haven’t bombed Cairo since 1956, which is ridiculous. It is often forgotten that Britain is one of only two Western powers, the other being France, which has openly engaged in joint combat operations with the IDF. (US pilots in the Yom Kippur War had to eat bagels and pretend to be Israelis.)….

….Remember the Arizona!

Michael Shrimpton was a barrister from his call to the Bar in London in 1983 until being disbarred in 2019 over a fraudulently obtained conviction. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism. He is a former Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies at the American Military University.

Is Gina Haspel Involved In The Coup? – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

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