DEEP STATE: ‘Day of Deceit’, None Dare Call It Sedition

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“… This MO of civil turmoil was developed in 1953 by CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt to put the Shah back on the Iranian throne.  Wall Street oil moguls then seized the nationalized BP oil fields.  The MO has been used by the CIA for the benefit of WS hundreds of times”


In the ‘20’s and ‘30’s, after Wall Street had successfully used President Wilson to hype the U.S. into WW I to protect WS loans to European nations from default [ref. ] they attempted to recruit General Smedley Butler to front a coup in the U.S.  He exposed their seditious and an early act of WS world domination agenda in his book WAR IS A RACKET.  After that public embarrassment, they recruited their crony Allen Dulles to create the CIA to conceal their nefarious acts behind ‘national security.’  [Persecution of Assange, Snowden, Manning, etc., is for exposing illicit actions.]

Official government documents obtained via FOIA by Robert Stinnett evidences in DAY OF DECEIT Wall Street’s connivance with President Roosevelt to impose onerous sanctions for over 17 months in an agenda to put economic pressure on Japan.  Their skullduggery culminated in the attack on Pearl Harbor which was not a surprise; it was the objective. All Japanese codes were routinely broken; the three thousand U.S. military casualties at Pearl were mere opening sacrifices to destroy the growing economic competitiveness of Japan.

The CIA’s School is notorious for screening future military puppets to front for CIA initiated revolts in their native country. It is irrational to contend the same screening has not been used for a revolt in the U.S—which we see being implied by the Biden party.  Peace is anathema for WS; the US government is used to initiate WS wars.   That U.S. military officers would put the interest of a foreign nation before that of the lives of US military personnel is not without precedent.  Ref.

CIA and government malfeasance directed to counter Presidential actions, frequently in opposition to quests for peace, has been evidenced in the administrations of Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Carter, and Trump.    Fletcher Prouty, Mark Lane, John Groden, Barbara Honegger, Douglas Valentine and others can add volumes.  [ JFK, RMN, JEC each threatened to shatter the CIA or fired thousands of CIA employees.]

Recent events in domestic terrorists acts have evidenced large corporations have funded ex-cons who are used for looting and destruction of property.  Sources of the laundered funds appear to have large ownership shares held in the six mega-corps controlled by Wall Street financiers.  This MO of civil turmoil was developed in 1953 by CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt to put the Shah back on the Iranian throne.  Wall Street oil moguls then seized the nationalized BP oil fields.  The MO has been used by the CIA for the benefit of WS hundreds of times. Ref. William Blum; John Perkins; Douglas Valentine.  Resistance to WS domination has been suggested to result is assassination.

Nefarious acts by Intelligence agencies and government bodies to displace Trump are alleged by Millie Weaver in the ShadowGate video as a progeny of Wall Street’s 1946 creation of the CIA. It appears to be nothing less than a coup-in-progress for five years.   Ref.

The funding of BLM, antifa, [hiring of ex-cons to initiate terrorist acts] and the virus hoax may be funded by Wall Street financiers in a move to overthrow the U.S government.  Antifa has been claimed to be starting forest fires in western U.S.  Ref:

The destruction of three World Trade Center towers on 9/11 by a sheep-herder in Afghanistan has been reduced to an absurdity which is confirmed by a thousand engineers and architects.  Rebekah Roth’s METHODICAL ILLUSIONS gives more rational conclusions of U.S. government nefarious acts than all government releases.  See also:     [$240 billion Treasury securities laundered by 9/11  and other possible crimes whitewashed] ;   with many articles.

The knowledge that Covid-19 started in Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina and was transferred to China with NIH funds and has been hyped by government forces and MSM into a deliberate destruction of the US—and the entire world—economy to impose Carroll Quigley’s New World Order becomes more obvious daily—WHILE THE GOVERNMENT REFUSES TO ALLOW AN ESTABLISHED, INEXPENSIVE, CONTROL—HCQ.  Ref.;

Marx’s thesis detailed the overthrow of a government.  It emphasis the destruction of religious principles; adherence to principles is incompatible with domination by tyrants.  The widespread random abuse of Constitutional Rights suffered by religious entities, under pretext of protecting the public from a bogus flu, is available from Mathew Staver at Liberty Counsel dot org [].

The structure for the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, and Blackrock to hand all U.S. government assets and power over to Wall Street financiers is already in place.  It is Wall Street that has used the Federal Reserve’s exclusive control of auction accounts of Treasury securities to fund all of the above nefarious acts.  Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.  These accounts have never been audited.  They are subject to FOIA access and to GAO audit WITHOUT ADDITIONAL LEGISLATION.   The analysis is pasted at   FEDERAL RESERVE FOR DUMMIES  among other places, and  FOIA demands, or Congress, can expose the complicity of Wall Street


One thought on “DEEP STATE: ‘Day of Deceit’, None Dare Call It Sedition

  1. One potential structure for BlackRock to be used by the Fed/Wall Street for illicit profits is given at Special Purpose Vehicles are used to circumvent restrictions on the Fed.

    Another method would be for FRBNY to use their exclusive authority to redeem Treasury securities and, during a national bankruptcy, to have only sufficient money to pay select primary dealers. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

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