THE GRAND CHESSBOARD: Was President Donald Trump’s Brother Robert, Assassinated?

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“…How easy it was to turn a stable democracy like the Canadian one into a fascist or communist state of spies. I remember, for example, how Western propaganda said during the Cold War that the fact that the Russians had to show an IDENTITY card on domestic trips was a sign of communist oppression. And you know what? Now you need a photo ID to travel within Canada. When I arrived, the border police also told me that I would have to quarantine myself for two weeks or expect a criminal complaint”

Covid 19 campaign is a sign of complete satanic rebellion against the Creator – By Benjamin Fulford

The ongoing “Covid 19 Pandemic” campaign is a large-scale satanic rebellion against the Creator. The rationale is that when a government leads an active struggle to suppress the truth, it fights against the creator of truth, that is, the creator of the universe. Right now, the satanically controlled corporate media and their slave governments are lying about the pandemic and actively murdering those who try to expose it. History shows that the days of governments that fear the truth and intensify repression are numbered. These are the conclusions drawn after a truly revealing visit to family and friends in Canada. These people still live within the corporate fake news bubble and actually believe that Covid-19 is a real danger, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

My sister, who specializes in epidemics and is a medical director at a major university hospital in Canada, has been at the forefront of this so-called epidemic from the very beginning. Their conclusion is that there has been a strong overreaction to something that does not meet the definition of a real pandemic. According to her, the overall death rate from respiratory diseases (pulmonary inflammation, tuberculosis, flu, “Covid-19” etc.) is lower than the average over the years. However, the suspension of measures such as cancer screening and the treatment of other diseases means that it is “too early to say whether the overall death rate will fall.” Be that as it may, it is clear that we are not dealing with a medical issue, but with a political issue.

It is interesting that it turned out that before I actually went to Canada and talked to her, all my emails in which I asked her about it in the past had been blocked by third parties. In other words, government agencies censor private emails to suppress the medical truth.

The other observation is how easy it was to turn a stable democracy like the Canadian one into a fascist or communist state of spies. I remember, for example, how Western propaganda said during the Cold War that the fact that the Russians had to show an IDENTITY card on domestic trips was a sign of communist oppression. And you know what? Now you need a photo ID to travel within Canada. When I arrived, the border police also told me that I would have to quarantine myself for two weeks or expect a criminal complaint. This was no problem, as I lived in my hut by the lake anyway. It was interesting that people like my sister-in-law and the lady in the local shop were willing to report on me when they saw me in public. They became spiked because they sincerely believed they were saving lives from a “pandemic.” And that’s despite the fact that we’re dealing with something that’s about as deadly as a cold.

Another observation came from a friend who works in the film industry in LA. He says a friend of his was hospitalized with “Covid-19” and that he only survived his hospital stay because he refused to go to a ventilator. He says everyone connected to a ventilator has died. So we have a witness statement backed up by information from various readers that some hospitals are actively murdering people to maintain the aura of fear and control they need to stay in power.

Also, the mindset of people who belong to the New Age religion Covid-19 shows how the majority of people have lost the ability to think rationally or independently. Even if we make a huge leap of faith and believe that this mild, cold-like virus is deadly, there is no medical reason to wear a mask while jogging, cycling or riding alone. And yet people are going through a form of self-mutilation by doing just that.

Of course, my gullible friends, who, despite the evidence before their own eyes, believed the official line: “It is not possible that there could be such a large conspiracy”.

So let’s look at who in the real world has the power to run such a campaign. The forensic search for traces leads to the P3 Freemasons and the still existing Roman Empire.

The totalitarian Covid-19 campaign, of which we are now witnessing, can be traced back to military-influenced hierarchical organizations controlled by the Romans. The most important of these are medical associations. Western medicine has evolved from military medicine. That’s why there’s a Surgeon “General” [Director of the U.S. Public Health Service]. At the head of this pyramid are the WHO and the UN, with their unelected ‘Secretary-General’. When doctors refuse to comply with the orders, they lose their medical license and thus their ability to earn a living. That’s why most doctors participate.

Another thing they control is international infrastructure such as airports and ports. Take a look at this photo from Narita Airport (one of the busiest in the world) taken at the height of the summer travel season. He was practically deserted. This is real economic sabotage in function, based on lies.

Here is a photo of the almost abandoned test center in Narita.

The return flight to Japan was in a jumbo jet with only 28 passengers, only three of whom remained in Japan. If this continues, it is only a matter of time before most airlines worldwide go bankrupt.

When I arrived in Japan, I was told that I could only stay in the country if I did a “Covid-19 Test.” Since it was only a matter of spitting in a container (I would have resisted any form of an intrusive test), I agreed and came out three hours later with a negative test result. What was interesting about the whole experience was that it was clear that the Japanese authorities (i.e. the people who carried out the tests at the airport) were apparently only intending to appease foreign commanders.

In any case, the entire pandemic campaign, despite its intensity, is a sign of desperation and defeat of the inspectors. Here’s what they’re trying to hide:

Economic collapse and revolution. Take, for example, this two-minute video showing how Fifth Avenue in New York was completely barricaded with boards and New York became a virtual ghost town after a battle of an undeclared civil war there.

The other thing, of course, is the continuing collapse of the current Western economic paradigm. For example, the United States is supposedly the superpower of the world and one of the richest countries in the world, yet facing a hunger crisis that is worse than in almost all Third World countries. At the end of July, 12.1% of adults lived in households that didn’t have enough to eat at some point last week, while nearly 20% of Americans with children at home couldn’t afford to feed their children adequately.

Another sign was that in August, 32% of Americans paid no rent for the fourth month in a row. As we have already written, this is mathematically certain that the entire banking sector there is de facto insolvent.

This crisis is not confined to the United States, but affects the entire G7 network controlled by the Khazarian mafia. For example, Japan’s economy shrank 7.8% from April to June compared with the previous quarter, or at an annual rate of 27.8%, the Cabinet Office said on Monday. The same or worse could be said about Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, etc. Of course, the G7 controllers want to avoid the blame for 40 years of trade and budget deficits, preferring to blame a so-called virus rather than economic mismanagement.

Here is a glaring example of them using the fake pandemic to blame them for the shortage of wood in North America, one of the largest timber producers in the world.

“We had to pay three times the price [for wood]… The explanation they had for us was that COVID-19 shut down the plants that handle the wood, and that finally caught up with us,” said Jey Wilson, the owner of Wilson Construction in Galveston.

The real reason, say contractors, who explained why I couldn’t buy wood in Canada, one of the world’s leading wood producers, is that the Chinese chemicals used to treat the wood were not available.

Congressional efforts to deal with the situation are definitely far too weak and too late. For example, representative Warren Davidson (Republican, Ohio), head of a new group for stable money in Congress, said last week that he was looking forward to “finding policy solutions to address the economic distortions of currency inflation so that monetary and fiscal policies can help rebuild the middle class, get the American economy back on track and get us on the path to sustainable growth.”

At this point, the only answer seems to be a revolution, followed by a jubilee year, something that no one in the current regime dares to say for fear of death. For example, President Donald Trump’s brother, Robert, was assassinated last week after a truth-telling Twitter storm was quickly erased, according to NSA sources.

The author’s assistant in Japan also received death threats last week to pressure me to stop telling the truth about the slave regime in Japan. Of course, we have a firm intention to proactively hunt and arrest or kill the people who make these threats. We know who they are and we know where they are.

This author’s Internet connection was inexplicable, so this Defense Intelligence Agency report arrived late:

“Trump fell to the ground after the daughter of Jewish billionaire and film producer Steve Tisch, co-owner of the New York Giants, was found dead. So this was a horse-headed message to Hollywood, the NFL and la kosher nostra.

The encore is the death of Jewish media titan and ViacomCBS owner Sumner Redstone, who may have led to the death of Trump’s brother Robert, who was only 71.

The attempt to support Benjamin Netanyahu with the UAE and Israel may not lead to full normalization, as the annexation is not off the table, the Arabs are divided, and everyone knows that Israel has attacked Beirut atomically. No one trusts the Israelis, and Dubai still remembers the Mossad attack on Hamas military chief Mahmoud al-Mabhuh in 2010.

Any US arms sales to the UAE will be opposed by Congress and will do nothing to protect Muhammad bin Zayid from charges of war crimes before the ICC or from Israeli false flags and an angry Iran armed with stronger Russian weapons.

Israel was blocked in the UN Security Council, where France, Britain and Germany abstained, so that Russia and China did not even have to veto the arms embargo on Iran, as the only “yes” vote came from the Dominican Republic, which may have been forced by the US to ban imports.”

They also sent the following photos of Russian presidential candidate Xeniya Sobchak.

They describe Sobchak as:

“Israeli protégé, prostitute and Jewish professional provocateur associated with the Jewish sect Death Chabad, in particular with the chief rabbi of Chabad in Russia, Berel Lazar. Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar fled the US when the FBI investigated his case and was ready to arrest him for paedophilia and financial fraud.”

In any case, sources in the P3 Freemasons and the Dragon family say that the entire crumbling political structure in the G7 is heading for fundamental change this fall. In their opinion, a reboot of the financial system is already underway, and much of it will be visible to all this autumn.

The Golden Dragons representative who was arrested in Serbia in July is now back in Indonesia, sources from P3 and the Dragon Family say. The funds for revitalising the global economy are to be released in the autumn of this year, it is said. Believe it only when you see it.

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