KILL THE MESSENGER: ‘We Are In The Matrix’, Frantic Last Statement From Missing Tech CEO Found Dead (Flashback)

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“…The Daily Mail reported in this October 14th story, Erin Valenti, the CEO of a Salt Lake City, Utah app developer called ‘Tinker’ had recently called her parents in a frantic phone call in which she told them: “It’s all a game, we’re in the matrix!” Reporting that Valenti had never had any known mental issues before and that this call was completely out of the ordinary for her, her parents said she was talking a mile a minute in her phone call to them, making no sense at all”

‘We Are In The Matrix” Frantic Last Statement Missing Tech CEO Found Dead In Rental Car

SAN JOSE — As a family and a community grapple with how the body of a 33-year-old tech CEO was unnoticed on a residential street — possibly for days — her father is accusing San Jose police of botching the search for her.

A day after Erin Valenti was found dead in the back seat of her rental car on a street in San Jose’s quiet Almaden neighborhood, questions are emerging about how authorities handled her missing person case.

Valenti, chief executive of Salt Lake City-based app development company Tinker Ventures, was last heard from Oct. 7, when she missed the flight she was supposed to catch from San Jose back to Utah. Her family called off their search for her Saturday, after police reported a body found in the 6500 block of Bose Lane in San Jose — a half-mile from her last known location. The coroner’s office has not officially identified the body, but Valenti’s family confirmed it was her.

Along with the shock and grief the discovery brought Valenti’s family, it also raised painful questions. How did she die? How long had her body been there before it was found? How had no one noticed her? And was there more that could have been done to find Valenti before it was too late?

“The beginning of it was a charade,” Erin Valenti’s father, Joseph Valenti, said of the police department’s search for his daughter. “And I am totally frustrated and pissed off with how that was conducted.”

Public information officers for the San Jose Police Department did not address those questions Sunday.
“We’re not sharing additional details at this time since the investigation is open and ongoing,” Sgt. Enrique Garcia wrote in an email.
Erin Valenti, who would have turned 34 on Wednesday, had been in Southern California and then the Bay Area for a workshop and a tech conference, and to visit old friends and colleagues. “Heading to SF and LA soon…whose (sic) around? DM me!!” she posted on Facebook Sept. 25. It would be her last post.

When Valenti called her parents in New York on Oct. 7, after meeting former colleagues on Sand Hill Road, she was talking a mile a minute and not making sense. Valenti missed her flight home that night, and her family never heard from her again.

Valenti’s family went to the police, who spoke to her by phone and went looking for her, but were not able to locate her, her family said. But Joseph Valenti said despite all of the information his family gave the police — the make, model and license plate of her rental car, descriptions of her erratic behavior on the phone, and data tracking her last phone call to the Almaden neighborhood — police didn’t file an official missing person report for Erin Valenti until Thursday. And when they did, they described her as voluntarily missing, Joseph Valenti said. The police told the family that she was an adult, and she could have just taken off for a few days, her father said. The result, he said, was that the department didn’t make searching for her a priority.

“That’s bullshit,” Joseph Valenti said, “because she was due for a flight out of San Jose airport back to Salt Lake City.”

Father questions San Jose police response after tech CEO daughter found dead



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