HYBRID WAR: The Strange Seeds of Covert-Ops? – By Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D

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“…As far as I can tell, the USA, in addition to being in a real “cultural civil war” that has “gone hot”, i.e., become violent, is simultaneously engaged in a hot, or at least very warm, covert war with China”

The Strange Seeds of Covert-Ops? – By Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D

There’s a very weird story circulating right now, and it kicks off this weeks blogs of what is shaping up to be even more strangeness in our weird world. In fact, quite a few people spotted this story and sent it along, so it naturally starts this week’s blogs, along with my thank you to all of you who spotted and shared it. I’m focusing on articles shared by K.M. and C.S., so an especial thanks to you two.

If you’ve been following my blogs and more particularly, watched last week’s News and Views, then you’ll already be familiar with the train of thought I’ve been developing vis-a-vis China. Briefly, I think all the signs are there that “the West” and China are now involved in a  fully-fledged covert war that has in some respects “gone hot.” I qualify “the West” with quotation marks, however, because I think we are in a geopolitical paradigm shift of major proportions, such that the very nature of “the West” is being redefined. One might equally say that we are not looking at “the West” at all, but rather, a new geopolitical-cultural bloc opposed to Communist China. On the flip side of that, this geopolitical paradigm shift – and the covert wars that I believe are accompanying it – is being in part driven by the massive flooding in China, and all that those imply: the devastation of Chinese agriculture and its economy, the revelations of massive loan frauds and fake collateral for them in the billions of dollars inside of China, the COVID virus, the clamp down on Hong Kong, the border clash with India, the joint military exercises now being held involving the USA, India, Australia, the Japanese rearmament, Mr. Xi’s attempts to purge the Communist party leadership of competition, the US shutdown of its consulate in Houston, and, as I outlined in last Thursday’s News and Views, the possibility that the Trump administration’s Caribbean “drug intervention” was about much more than drug intervention, but about another aspect of that covert warfare. We’ve already seen the stories about  Chinese smuggling of automatic weapons parts into this country, and some people maintain that they were destined for the current crop of revolutionaries tearing apart some of America’s cities. In my view, as I argued in that News and Views, we may have been interdicting an attempt to smuggle into the USA a very nasty weapon of a wholly different and much more destructive sort.

The list goes on and on, but I think you get my point; as far as I can tell, the USA, in addition to being in a real “cultural civil war” that has “gone hot”, i.e., become violent, is simultaneously engaged in a hot, or at least very warm, covert war with China.

Well, with that in mind, there’s yet another data point to be added to this mix. As the following articles show, apparently ordinary people both inside the US and the UK have been receiving packages at their homes in the mail. From China. Full of seeds:

Mysterious seed packets from China sent to dozens of people in 3 states, officials say

Virginia residents should report any unsolicited packages from China that contain seeds. Here’s why.

Hundreds of British gardeners ‘receive unsolicited deliveries of garden seeds sent from China marked as ear studs’

Mysterious seeds sent from China to Utah

There’s a common pattern to all this, whether we’re dealing with Chinese seeds in Utah, Virginia, or the U.K: (1) The seeds arrive in packages in the mail, labeled as something else; (2) no one actually receiving the seeds ordered them; they simply arrive; and most notably, (3) authorities are warning people not to plant the seeds, nor even throw them away, but to report them to government agencies. The reason given for this measure is that the seeds are suspected to be those of “invasive” plants perhaps designed to cause problems for American and British agriculture and food production. It’s not a far-fetched idea. After all these are Communists we’re dealing with, and if they’re willing to smuggle automatic weapons parts (and possibly much more serious things), counterfeit money (don’t forget those counterfeit $1 bills), and lie about the corona virus outbreak, say that the 3 Gorges Dam satellite pictures showing distortion was merely a “processing artifact” and then just recently admit it’s leaking, and distorting “within normal parameters”, then they’ll certainly be capable of mailing out destructive seeds in the hopes that someone will plant them.

Or to put it country simple, the response of American and British authorities is consistent with the idea that they suspect this might be some sort of covert operation.

Of course, there are other possibilities. One article mentions that it may be nothing more than a kind of spoof by some Chinese corporation, mailing seeds to individuals so it can then put up fake reviews of their product. Maybe, but I’m not buying, for the simple reason that if they wanted to post fake product reviews, they could do that anyway, without the expense of mailing the seeds.

I’m not buying the spoofing explanation, not only for that reason, but for another: it’s been a few days now since this little story emerged, and we’re told nothing about the companies involved, what parts of the Chinese government they might be connected to, and most importantly, thus far we know nothing about the seeds themselves, except that they’re suspected of being “invasive.” Beyond this, we know nothing. Are they ordinary seeds? Genetically engineered seeds?

As of yet, we don’t know. And what do you want to bet we may never know?

See you on the flip side…

2 thoughts on “HYBRID WAR: The Strange Seeds of Covert-Ops? – By Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D

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  2. this very likely is just a ‘brushing’ scam. Chinese sellers on amazon do it all the time to boost their ratings. they ship other cheap, tiny things too – like rubber bands, paper clips, beads or buttons. if I got any, i would be very tempted to plant the seeds and grow them out under controlled conditions just to see what they were, but I wouldn’t let them get to maturity unless I was sure of what they were and that they weren’t invasive. being a very curious gardener, i probably wouldn’t be able to dispose of them without checking them out 🙂

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