ARCHONS, OVERLORDS & MAGICK: ‘Poisonous Intention’, Chaos Sorcery – By Sarah Elkhaldy

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“…Like all good medicines, chaos can be a potent healer or dangerous poison depending on its purpose. Chaos takes a poisonous form when it’s intentionally manufactured to create a consensus reality of mental enslavement”

Chaos Sorcery – By Sarah Elkhaldy

The terms Chaos and Order are known for being the two forces of creation. From order we experience harmony, truth, and freedom. Order is known as the virtue of beauty for its alignment with the nature of the cosmos. From chaos we experience upheaval, the mystery, and destruction.

These two states, not unlike our own lungs, are the contraction and expansion mechanism the universe uses to breathe.

Like all good medicines, chaos can be a potent healer or dangerous poison depending on its purpose. Chaos takes a poisonous form when it’s intentionally manufactured to create a consensus reality of mental enslavement.

This form of chaos is known as Chaos Sorcery.

Through chaos anything can be created, either for better or for worse. Chaos is dynamic, nonlinear, volatile energy that restructures. It can be used as a means to either propel or repel, and indeed we see it doing both at this moment in time.

Chaos can be used to create anything, but you cannot create anything without chaos. It is the de-stabilizing variable necessary for altering a structure. Chaos, in and of itself, is not negative, what determines its purpose is how this force is wielded.

Here is how Chaos Sorcery takes place on a mass scale:

Step 1: Shock

A shock needs to be induced to create an opening inside of us. This shock is meant to traumatize us – causing a split inside our minds. This stage has to be extremely compelling. The shock can be a violent act inflicted on the world stage, or scary imagery combined with repetitious phrases that are meant to instill a sense of imminent doom and powerlessness into people. This is carried out through all media platforms.

Step 2: Confusion

The shock from step one is coupled with sensation-driven reports that speculate varying possible timelines by our officials and media outlets in order to overload our ability to process emotions. This is meant to stir up confusion within people’s minds, creating a chasm or opening, that allows our subconscious to be accessed.

The subconscious is where the motherboard to our reality is held. Chaos Sorcery uses our state of confusion to get into our subconscious where it can program our beliefs, thought patterns, expectations, limitations, physiology, and emotional patterning.

As an energy healer, I work with the client’s subconscious for a living, and it is here where all the positive shifts are made. The mind and body both take their commands from the subconscious and this space is what gets hijacked to create large-scale negative realities for humanity.

Step 3: Paralysis

Chaos Sorcery needs people to surrender the aspect of them known as the Adult. The adult is the part of us that’s supposed to be in charge; in anatomy, it’s our brain’s neocortex.

The neocortex is our higher center where we have the ability to:

• Reason

• Collect data

• Synthesize data

• Learn new information

• Use discernment

• Create connections

• Plan

• Problem solve

• Make executive decisions for our wellbeing

When in optimal form, our adult aspect is both intuitive and logical. In order to be controlled, people have to be kept in a perpetual state of fear, confusion and powerlessness. This is how our adult aspect gets ritually abused until it’s been stunted and checks out.

This is the stage where we have become paralyzed with fear and give up personal authority over our minds. Now our shared reality can be molded like clay to take the shape of those who benefit from controlling us through false solutions they already intended to implement.

The whole process is a rendition of good cop/bad cop taken to the extreme. It’s no different than someone breaking your legs and then coming to your rescue by buying you a wheelchair. You would have never needed the wheel chair in the first place if they had not broken your legs and made you dependent. In the stage of paralysis we are now begging, if not demanding, our officials for the solutions they had already led us toward.

How to Heal and Reverse Chaos Sorcery

Step 1: Knowledge

You cannot shock a person into paralysis who is informed. In the absence of taking responsibility for our own research, we allow manipulations and half-truths to pass as information without questioning its validity.

We can correct this by learning to collect a wide variety of data from quality sources and begin sorting through what is false and what is true, while maintaining a big picture perspective. The process of research eventually leads to the accumulation of knowledge, and knowledge is what truly determines the difference between a conscious individual and a slave.

The key to these times is to lean into the winds and turn vigilance, research and re-learning into a hobby.

Step 2: Integration

In truth, confusion will always play a part in our journey, but when it shows up it will be organically – not for the exploitation in a malevolent design. To heal the confusion that Chaos Sorcery intentionally creates, we can turn this into an opportunity to observe what this external chaos is triggering within ourselves.

Rather than have the outside world dictate to us how we should feel, we can use chaos as a catalyst to uncover what is coming up to the surface when life hits uncharted territory. When we learn how to be with ourselves in any conditions – even conditions that flip our root chakra upside down – we have then become a force in our own right.

Step 3: Power

When we are informed and integrated we can then take action from a place of empowerment. Being proactive is a reflection of the knowledge we’ve acquired and the self-healing we’ve done thus far. Whether it’s creating a healthy environment to live in by learning how to neutralize the harmful effects of EMF radiation, investing in quality cookware, or setting a necessary boundary – we are only theoretical until we start taking empowered actions that match what we know. When we use our free will to make positive choices based on truth, clarity, and consciousness, we are embodying our Higher Self and creating order in our life.

Here is a plot twist I will leave you to consider: we have actually been living in chaos our entire lives. Contrary to popular belief, we have not been living in order, as order in a higher sense would mean living as sovereign beings in harmony with our Earth. The only reason we mistook our chaotic condition for order in the first place is because of a simple misunderstanding that will sound lame, if not trite: we couldn’t see the madness because we were born into it.

Sarah Elkhaldy is an energy healer trained in shamanic and holistic healing modalities that address soul loss, trauma, supporting the body in detoxification of chronic stressors and regeneration. She is the administrator of the social media account: The Alchemist, where she shares esoteric knowledge to help humanity gracefully tap into our evolutionary potential. She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world.

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