ABOVE TOP SECRET, ‘EYES ONLY’: Project ‘Paperclip,’ CERN & The Cosmology Cartel (Archive)

Source – darkjournalist.com

“…Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – shows the undeniable similarity between the CERN Hadron Collider and a Nazi Physics project called The Bell” that was an underground Torsion Physics project built by slave labor and overseen by the top Nazi Scientists to give them a master weapon to rule the world”

CERN Dangers, Paperclip Nazis and the Cosmology Cartel

Dark Journalist welcomes back Oxford Scholar and author of the popular Giza Death Star book series Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. His latest book, The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union and Corporate Fascism, explores the deep political roots and global dangers of the controversial particle physics experiment by CERN called The Hadron Collider, which was set up in Geneva, Switzerland with a massive military style budget of over six billion dollars!

Dr. Farrell’s research exposes CERN’s official story of the so-called “Atom Smasher” Hadron Collider Project, as being ostensibly created for peaceful scientific experiments in particle physics, and reveals that it is actually a dangerous advanced technology project set up for secret military purposes and is seeking the ability to manipulate matter on a galactic scale and possibly even open dimensional doorways.

Strangelets Danger

He cites the massive disturbances in the magnetosphere of the earth when the Hadron Collider is turned on and outlines that it may have serious consequences for physical life on earth and a major impact on the rotation of the planet itself. We also will discover that voices in the scientific community have raised objections that CERN is unsafe due to the potential development of “Strangelets” a distorted potential byproduct of the matter smashing experiments that have been compared to mini black holes that suck in all dense matter and energy. He also shows the undeniable similarity between the CERN Hadron Collider and a Nazi Physics project called The Bell” that was an underground Torsion Physics project built by slave labor and overseen by the top Nazi Scientists to give them a master weapon to rule the world!

Deep State Nazi Connections

Dark Journalist and Dr. Farrell investigate the history of CERN and demonstrate clear links of a post-war Nazi International through the figure of John J. McCloy , lawyer for notorious German corporate conglomerate IG Farben. McCloy was also the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and became the American High Commissioner for post World War II Germany. In a controversial action, McCloy helped clear and vet over 70,000 Nazis (yes, 70,000!) helping to utilize their intelligence networks to set up the CIA.

One of the major figures that he cleared was top Nazi legal theorist and prisoner of war Dr. Walter Hallstein who was eventually responsible for helping to set up CERN and who was also a key architect for developing the the Nazi plan for a European Federation that was eventually adopted as the blueprint for the European Union. McCloy, in a strange twist, also served on the Warren Commission to whitewash any Deep State connections to the JFK Assassination. JFK was famously committed to “Smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces” as a way to root out the Nazi infiltration of the agency and regain control over the government from suspected Nazi collaborators like CIA director Allen Dulles.

Revealing, groundbreaking, shocking, unnerving, and rife with controversial, staggering implications of a massive covert military project hiding in plain sight.



I’m a Physicist at CERN We’ve Done Something We Shouldn’t Have Done


My notes:

–The public was fed one narrative–understanding the universe . . . but ‘the Family’ and the governments knew the truth. Most of the scientists at CERN were kept completely in the dark.

–The collider would perform it’s function normally . . . the more nefarious function would only be tested in the presence of THE FAMILY and a few select scientists. I am a member of THE FAMILY for my division . . .

–This is not what the machine was designed for . . . 2nd to open a doorway.

–UFO phenomenon . . . from another planet? . . . another time? . . . no . . . our universe but one page in a large book . . . our page is not the only one. Every page represents another universe . . . no page to interact with another . . . each page a universe unto itself . . .

–The book idea was finally cemented . . . the mathematics were there . . . also showing it was impossible for one page to interact with another . . . then . . . theoretically . . . with enough power, we could open a door to interact with a page next to ours . . . .

–EU, USA AND CHINA . . . were shown the plans . . . a doorway would be opened . . . government leaders threw endless money . . .

–but now, there is a new younger, more eager bunch of scientists and officials very eager to prove themselves . . .

–now allow me to tell you what happened last Thursday . . . around 1900 . . . most of the team filtered out of the observation room and the machine had been put in its usual standby mode . . .

–my badge display went off . . . I knew right away what they were going to attempt . . . we both understood and left . . .

–the room looked completely normal . . . As Celine & I made our way from the Collider . . . they always like doing these on clear nights . . .

–the RFID chip in our badges triggered the elevator doors to open before we pressed the button . . .

–We made our way to the Board room . . . The Family was in session . . . woman designated THE FATHER as she was giving orders . . . We had gone through several fathers . . . lots of billions had been spent but we had not opened a door. . . . tonight we’d try 40 TEV . . . some with feigned excitement some with disbelief . . . we’d never tried anything this high . . . the head of the dept tasked with certifying whether the machine could manage such a level . . . Celine . . . we . . . can’t just throw the collider to the highest setting and hope for the best . . . Father . . . asked . . . ignoring Celine . . . meet in the control room in 2200 hours.

–if the experiment was successful . . . could we close a door opened at 40 TEV?

–with the FAMILY assembled in the control room . . . FATHER ISSUED THE SIMPLE ORDER: “BEGIN.”

–We are approaching 30 TEV . . . FATHER–INCREASE TO 35 TEV . . . We all continued to look at one another . . . with more concern . . . at 38 TEV, no specific structural signs were noticed. 40 TEV was achieved and we were sustaining it . . .

–as the particle clouds were passing one another . . . the room began to get warmer . . . shut the machine down someone said from the family . . . FATHER continued . . . . Everything going well except the temperature that had started at 20 was now 35 . . .

–FATHER said: Commence the collision sequence . . . collision in 4, 3, 2 the methodical voice announced over the intercom . . .

–an ethereal blinding light consumed the room. I had never experienced anything like this before. The temperature dropped back down to 20 degrees. And the light was overpowering us. We couldn’t see our own hands in front of our faces. Suddenly there was a blood curdling scream–like someone being horribly beaten, followed by total silence and then darkness. Celine was shouting form her side of the room. I called back: SOUND OFF [names and code] . . .

–the emergency red light bathed the room . . . we still had not heard FATHER sound off. We turned to the chair FATHER had sat in. There was a lump there. I went and turned the breaker . . . nothing was out of place . . . she’s gone . . . however, a pile of FATHER’S EFFECTS were in her chair–her jewelry, her clothes . . . She had vanished into thin air. Prepare now for the terror ahead. . . John 3:16 Hosea 2:16

= = =


1. My standard stance is: THE FLAKIEST groups, sources MOST ACCURATELY and EARLIEST IDENTIFIED who Hitler was and what he would become and do. I very much believe my Boss about that. He was THE world’s expert on the materials supporting that fact.

2. It is only logical. The REGULAR sources are FAR TOO CONTROLLED with FAR TOO MUCH TO LOSE to let the REALLY LEADING EDGE, JUICY STUFF OUT. It is many decades after Roswell and the officials are seemingly little to no closer to disclosure willingly.

3. OF COURSE anonymous sources; mysterious whistle blowers etc. risking their lives and families to reveal startling things to the world would be the only or at least the earliest sources of really strange stuff.

4. OF COURSE they CANNOT afford to offer conventional proof and will not do so. THAT’S A GIVEN. Expecting anything else is stupidity, irrational, clueless and ignorant. This many decades from Roswell, they still have not done so with any level of absolutely trustworthy CONVENTIONAL “proof.”


6. The video AS PRESENTED is plausible in at least some respects. My own tendency is to take things at face value until PROVEN otherwise–while avoiding being so open minded that my brains fall out.

7. OF COURSE, it could be a hoax; a delusion of grandeur; a game by a bright young adult etc. etc. etc.


= = = =

9. So, let us PRETEND that it IS exactly as stated.


10. What do you think the implications are?

11. What do you think happened to “FATHER.”

12. Why was THE FATHER ‘chosen?’

13. Why the blood curdling scream?

14. IF YOU were said scientist thinking of disclosing this narrative via a computerized voice narration . . . would you follow-through? Would you risk your own life and probably the life of your blood family? Why? Why not?

15. Do you think there will be more “tall tales” about CERN?

16. Or, will they TRY to stuff the genie back in the bottle? Will they be able to?

17. What do you speculate will be next about CERN?

18. We have been dinking around with “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” for millennia. I don’t see us hesitating, regardless of the risks. Man is THAT arrogant. He deludes himself that HE CAN ride the dragon with impunity and increased power and status. He is wrong.

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