THE 9/11 PSY-OPERA: The Third Truth About Eleventh Of September (Part 1) – By Dimitri Khalezov (Archive)

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– “The official story of September 11th is like a bag full of lies and this seems to be a proven fact for the alternative community. What did really happen? A new series of revelations from a former member of the Russian nuclear intelligence has shocked even the ones who believed to have a clear view behind the curtain”

The Third Truth About Eleventh Of September (Part 1) – By Dimitri Khalezov

How exactly did the WTC buildings collapse? The analysis work of an expert for nuclear explosions leads us to a shocking conclusion.

When ordinary people saw how two planes struck the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York and how the Twin Towers then collapsed in clouds of dust during 9/11 events, they were too shocked by the incidents to subject the events to any level of scrutiny. Since then, the strange notion has been embedded into the people’s minds: that hollow aluminum planes could allegedly penetrate thick steel buildings in their entirety, and that aviation fuel (kerosene) could allegedly “melt” these steel buildings into fluffy microscopic dust…

Sooner or later, these ridiculous notions have to be discarded. The Twin Towers’ collapse had absolutely nothing to do with any planes or with any fires allegedly caused by the “planes”. This is an obvious fact that occupies minds of millions of Americans who are unhappy with the official interpretation of the World Trade Center’s destruction for the last 6 years, at least. When the initial shock caused by the 9/11 events subsided, many people began to realize that inconsistencies in the official version were simply too many.

First; what attracted their attention was that the order in which the Twin Towers collapsed did not correspond to the order in which they were struck by the planes. The South Tower which was hit second, collapsed first, and the North Tower that was hit first, collapsed second. This means that it took for the “fires” 1 hour and 42 minutes “to collapse” the first Tower and only 56 minutes – to collapse the second Tower. Considering that the fires in both Towers were caused by approximately same quantities of kerosene and considering that the Towers were Twins (i.e. absolutely identical in their strength), it was the first clear indication that their collapse had nothing to do with the fires. The next realization came when the 9/11 researchers began to consider that the World Trade Center building #7 (an enormously strong modern metal-frame type 47 stories high skyscraper) also collapsed in similar manner late afternoon the same day, but without being hit by any plane. If the collapse of the Twin Towers was officially blamed on kerosene allegedly carried by the “planes”, the collapse of the WTC-7 was unexplainable to such an extent that the official Report of the 9/11 Commission preferred not to mention building #7 collapse at all – as if the collapse of a 47-stories high modern skyscraper was not worth mentioning.

Comparison of these three events and a lot of irregularities surrounding their collapse brought the first 9/11 researchers to the realization that they were being cheated by authorities and the World Trade Center destruction had anything to do neither with kerosene, nor with the “planes”, because the planes were not actually needed. The mere collapse of the WTC building 7 late afternoon September 11, 2001, proved that the actual terrorist planes were redundant and the collapse of the World Trade Center would occur in any case – irrespective of any “planes”. Someone simply needed the World Trade Center to collapse and that is why it collapsed. From this point the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” has started.

People then began to accuse the US Government of intentionally demolishing the World Trade Center in an industrial process known as a “controlled demolition”.

More and more people in America started also to accuse their own government of being the main culprit behind the 9/11 attacks and eventually more than 65% of the US population expressed their disbelief into the official explanation of the 9/11 attacks and of the World Trade Center’s collapse. In fact, everybody who watched the contemporary 9/11 coverage attentively enough could remember these screen pictures where the “third explosion” was mentioned:

Understandably, the most of the people who disagree with official “kerosene” theory, accuse the US Government of intentionally demolishing the World Trade Center. However, they do not have much understanding about demolition processes in general and of the World Trade Center’s actual construction in particular.

That is why quite a few “conspiracy theories” appeared that range from claims that the WTC was allegedly “wired with explosives” to claims that it was allegedly demolished by so-called “nano-thermite” (a mystic substance hitherto unheard of) that was allegedly “used as a coating” of any and every metal piece of the Twin Towers’ bearing structures.

There are even more bizarre conspiracy theories that blame the Twin Towers’ collapse on alleged “high-tech weapons” – such as alleged laser beams originating from space, for example. Of course, none of these conspiracy theorists can agree with each other and spend their time not only accusing the US Government of being allegedly the main culprit behind 9/11, but also accusing each other of “muddying the waters of the truth”.

The problem of all these conspiracy theorists in general, however, is that they do not know what really happened with the World Trade Center and, most importantly, they don’t know why it so happened.

The author of this article will try to present to his reader something different. Instead of presenting just another “conspiracy theory” he will present expert opinion in addition to his eyewitness’ testimony along with his experience and knowledge from his former position in the Soviet Air Force.

As a result of this approach, I hope, the reader will get far better explanation in regard to the WTC demolition that he or she could encounter on any specialized forum on the Internet that is dealing with the 9/11 conspiracy.

Ground Zero and ground zero.

To begin with I would like to remind everyone that the spot of the former World Trade Center in New York is called in English “Ground Zero”. Many people seem not to realize what these words “ground zero” actually mean and how important is evidence which they represent.

Many just took “Ground Zero” for a proper noun – as if it were a name of a city or a name of a ship. However, not many people remember today that the strange name “ground zero” was assigned to the spot of the former WTC way too quickly to be a “Proper Noun”. Almost immediately after the Twin Towers’ collapse (a few hours before the collapse of the WTC-7) – i.e. by noon time September 11, 2001, almost all officials and even some news reporters have began to refer to the area as “ground zero”. All news releases printed the next day too called the spot of the former WTC as “ground zero” and these strange words were still spelled by then with low-case letters.

This usage of “ground zero” in relation to the former WTC area continued throughout September 12, 2001, and some news agencies continued using “ground zero” in low-case letters even throughout September 13, 2001. Only then, as if someone has realized his mistake, this strange name has been suddenly elevated in status to become “Ground Zero” with Capital Letters and as such it, at last, became the Proper Noun. But what about “ground zero” with low case letters – i.e. not in a status of the Proper Noun yet?

Why would they call the WTC spot almost immediately after the Towers’ collapse by such strange words? Was it a mistake caused by a confusion in the midst of the unprecedented 9/11 events? I could answer “yes”. It was definitely a mistake caused by the general confusion. It was not however a mistake in the sense that the wrong name has been selected to call the WTC spot – simply because it was too early at that moment to figure out the proper name. In fact, the Civil Defense specialists were absolutely right when they designated the area as “ground zero”.

There has been absolutely no mistake in such a designation. It was indeed “ground zero” in a sense the Civil Defense understood it. It was absolutely a mistake in the sense that these strange words “ground zero” were inadvertently leaked to journalists and through them – to the general public.

After that it became simply too late to quash this strange Civil Defense designation and the desperate US officials had no choice afterwards than to “Capitalize” these seditious words and to convert the proper Civil Defense’s designation into the Proper Noun.

To begin with, I would like here to quote a statement concerning one of the 9/11 heroes – Detective John Walcott, a “Ground Zero” responder, who spent a considerable amount of time in the WTC site cleaning the rubble of the World Trade Center.

He spent enough time there to develop a strange disease: acute myelogenous leukemia in its terminal form. Just two paragraphs of this statement from a scary article “Death by Dust managed to contain and to reveal to us practically all those “unexplainable” strange things – which the reader will need as a basic premise to understand the main point of this article – both about dust and about radiation:

“…Because Walcott was a detective, he ended up spending his five-month stint not just at Ground Zero, but also at Fresh Kills. As much as he choked on the Lower Manhattan air, he dreaded the Staten Island landfill. Walcott knew everything in the towers had fallen – desks, lights, computers. But apart from the occasional steel beam, the detritus that he sifted through there consisted of tiny grains of dust – no furniture pieces, no light fixtures, not even a computer mouse.

At times, the detectives would take shelter in wooden sheds, in an attempt to get away from what Walcott likes to call “all that freaking bad air.” One day, he was sitting in the shed with his colleagues, eating candy bars and drinking sodas, when some FBI agents entered. They were dressed in full haz-mat suits, complete with head masks, which they had sealed shut with duct tape to ward off the fumes. As Walcott took in the scene, contrasting the well-protected FBI agents with the New York cops wearing respirator masks, one thought entered his mind: What is wrong with this picture? …”

Yes, Mr. Walcott, unfortunately something was wrong, very badly wrong with that picture…

Those FBI agents, who were not ashamed to wear those full haz-mat suits, moreover, sealed shut with duct tape, in front of unprotected “commoners”, knew the truth. That is why they do not suffer now from leukemia or from any other kinds of terminal cancer. The FBI agents will apparently live long and fulfilling lives, despite briefly visiting “Ground Zero”…

If you would only open a contemporary dictionary to look at the actual meaning of this strange term, you won’t need to ask that question; you would understand immediately what was wrong with “Ground Zero”:

All possible meanings of “ground zero” as defined by The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of the English Language (Deluxe Encyclopedic Edition 1999, ISBN 1-888777796), page 559.

It should be mentioned that Mr. John Walcott eventually managed to survive, unlike many of his colleagues who used to work at “Ground Zero” and who were less lucky…

On December 17, 2007, it was briefly mentioned in some Internet news that John Walcott at last underwent some truly strange (and an extremely painful) operation – a bone marrow transplantation. From now on, he could continue to live (on special immuno-depressant drugs that would prevent his transplant rejection; and without leaving his house due to the fact that his immune system no longer exists and any kind of infection could easily be fatal).

For someone who does not know what the “marrow transplantation” means, I am obliged to explain. The marrow transplantation is required for patients who suffered heavy doses of either penetrating or residual ionizing radiation (or both) and whose own bone marrow (that is responsible for blood regeneration) is completely killed by these heavy doses of radiation. It is a strange property of radiation – it always strikes bone marrow cells most heavily compared to any other cells of human body. That is why majority of victims of radiation suffer from leukemia – the heavier radiation dose was – the more of their bone marrows is killed, so the heavier is their leukemia. John Walcott, apparently, suffered from the heaviest possible condition –before he obtained his bone marrow transplant, since being afflicted he had previously lived exclusively on donors’ blood, because his own blood was not regenerating at all.

The entire story from which I am quoting is here:…

Full story about Mr. John Walcott who underwent a bone marrow transplantation was published here:

and yet another shocking story was published here:

In addition to killing or severely damaging bone marrow, ionizing radiation, especially when someone inhales or ingests some radioactive dust or radioactive vapor, could cause various kinds of cancer that can affect virtually any part of human’s body, or even a few parts simultaneously.

However, it is pretty easy for dishonest doctors and health officials to give some plausible “explanations” in regard to these cancers.

They can claim that it is due to “asbestos”, “toxic fumes”, “toxic dust particles” etc. But when it comes to bone marrow damage, these deceivers are caught out. The bone marrow damage could only be caused by ionizing radiation.

That is precisely why those FBI agents wore full “haz-mat” suits with head masks even sealed shut with duct tape “to ward off the fumes” while visiting “Ground Zero”.

They did not want to suffer from leukemia, nor from any other cancer, so when they additionally sealed shut their head masks with duct tape, they did it not “to ward off the fumes” as believed by John Walcott. They did it solely in order to ward off airborne radioactive dust and especially radioactive vapor, which they wanted neither to inhale, nor to ingest.

Yes, I guess that some readers would be just too shocked at this particular revelation and might not tend to believe me – thinking that I am merely speculating on uncertainties. However, the abovementioned story of John Walcott and the FBI agents wearing haz-mat suits on “ground zero” has nothing to do with me personally – it exists as a matter of fact independently of the humble author of this article. As independently, as exists the actual legal definition of “ground zero” which before 9/11 used to be as follows:

“ground’ ze’ro” – the point on the surface of the earth or water directly below, directly above, or at which an atomic or hydrogen bomb explodes.
Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language (Edition 1989, printed in 1994, ISBN 0-517-11888-2).

“ground zero” = point on the ground directly under the explosion of a nuclear weapon.
Dictionary of Military Terms (Peter Collins Publishing 1999, ISBN 1-901659-24-0).

“ground ze-ro” /,.’../ n [U] the place where a NUCLEAR bomb explodes, where the most severe damage happens
Longman Advanced American Dictionary (new, first published 2000, ISBN 0 582 31732 0).

“ground zero” noun 1 [C usually singular] the exact place where a nuclear bomb explodes: The blast was felt as far as 30 miles from ground zero. 2 [U] the site of the former World Trade Center in New York City, which was destroyed in an attack on September 11, 2001.
Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 2nd Edition. (2nd Edition 2006, ISBN-13 978-0-521-60499-4 – this is a post 9/11 edition, widely available).

The above were complete, unabridged definitions of “ground zero”. It was the only definable and proper definition of it’s meaning… If you don’t believe your eyes and prefer to run to the nearest book store to buy some English dictionary, don’t be in a hurry.

When you arrive to such shop you will be surprised even more, because it is no longer possible to find any dictionary with pure old definition of this strange term.

Those dictionaries printed before 9/11, such as mentioned above, that contained the only true meaning of “ground zero” term have been a long time ago removed from book-shelves and replaced with some newer ones. Unfortunately, the very English language was one of the first victims of the 9/11 perpetration…

Do not be surprised that almost all new English dictionaries, printed after 9/11, began to describe “ground zero” as allegedly having more than one sense.

At least 3-5 new meanings have been ascribed to this term, ranging from alleged “great devastation”, “great disorder” and “busy activities” to some alleged “basic level” and “starting point”. Some preferred another approach: editors of a new Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, for example, defined “ground zero” as a “place where a bomb explodes” without mentioning anything at all that such a “bomb” supposes to be only a nuclear or a thermo-nuclear one.

In addition to all of it, now almost all dictionaries – either big or small – began to include this (to be exact “these”) definitions. The term “ground zero”, obviously because of being too specific, prior to 9/11 existed only in really big English dictionaries – such as Webster’s Unabridged, full Collins, full American Heritage, and similar (and there it has only a single meaning). It did not exist in smaller dictionaries – such as those intended for students and for advanced learners (the only exception was the Longman Advanced American Dictionary – mentioned above).

For example, “ground zero” was absent in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionaries of 4th, 5th and 6th Editions, published before September 11, 2001. Even Oxford’s 4th special “Encyclopedic” version (that was about 50% larger compared to a normal one) did not include any “ground zero’s” definition. Only Oxford’s Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of 7th Edition first published in 2005 began describing this term at last.

Post-9/11 editions of Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners and Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, all kinds of new Merriam-Webster’s Dictionaries, majority of new American Heritage Dictionaries, new Collins English, Microsoft Encarta Dictionary, and many other new dictionaries and encyclopedias after the September 11 affair all began to include “ground zero” and to define it in a sense that it might allegedly have more than one meaning, trying all their best to divert attention of their readers from the former nuclear (and only nuclear) nature of that term.

By the way, editors of the last mentioned above Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary have to be praised for not cheating their readers: they were brave enough not to include any misleading definition of “ground zero” into their post-9/11 dictionary, in sharp contrast to all other dictionaries editors at service of 9/11 cheaters.

It was reported that there were even attempts to prove that “ground zero” was allegedly used to describe that location long before the September 11, 2001. All these post-9/11 linguistic efforts in regard to “ground zero” are understandable, indeed.

That strangely revealing name, rashly awarded by Civil Defense specialists to the demolition grounds of the former New York World Trade Center, was obviously too revealing to leave that term in future editions of dictionaries with only its former sense alone…

WTC nuclear demolition.

The author of this article used to be a commissioned officer in the Soviet military unit 46179, otherwise known as the “Special Control Service of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the USSR”. The 12th Chief Directorate itself was an organization responsible in the Soviet Union for safe-keeping, production control, technical maintenance etc. of the entire nuclear arsenal of the state.

While it’s Special Control Service was responsible for detecting of nuclear explosions and also responsible for control of observance of all international treaties related to the nuclear tests.

It is especially important because of the existence of the so-called “Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty” of 1976 between the USSR and the United States of America. In accordance to this Treaty, its parties were obliged to inform each other of all nuclear explosions intended for non-military purposes.

During my military service in the abovementioned organization at the end of the ‘80s, it has come to my knowledge that there was a so-called “emergency nuclear demolition scheme” built into the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York. The actual nuclear demolition scheme was based on huge thermo-nuclear charges (about 150 kiloton in TNT yield) that were positioned about 50 meters below the lowest underground foundations of each of the Towers.

It was strange to me by then and, to be honest; it was hard to believe that the US authorities could be as mad as to demolish buildings in the middle of the populated city by underground nuclear explosions. However, as I understood it correctly, nobody was planning to demolish the World Trade Center in reality in such a way.

It was merely a means to avoid a certain bureaucratic problem: such an awful nuclear demolition scheme had to be built into the Twin Towers not to get them actually demolished, but to get the permission to build them at all. The problem was, that the then building code of New York (as well as that of Chicago) did not allow the Department of Buildings issuing permissions to build any skyscraper, unless its constructor provides a satisfactory means of demolishing such a building either in the future, or in case of emergency. Since in the late ‘60s (when the Twin Towers were first proposed) this type of steel-framed buildings was a totally new concept, nobody knew how to deal with them in a sense of their demolition. Because traditional (“conventional”) controlled demolition methods were applicable only to old-type buildings, something new must have been invented for the incredibly strong steel Twin Towers that would convince the Department of Buildings to issue the permission for their actual construction. And this solution has indeed been found: the nuclear demolition.


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