REBEL YELL: Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs & US Deep State

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“…When the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was Shanghaied from “Paway Ilocos Norte to Hawaii US,” all of the most profitable government corporations and public utilities went up for grabs to the Deep State affiliates that will soon reestablish the oligarchy in the country, with the aid of the then Vatican-CIA-installed Cory Aquino presidency”

Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs and US Deep State

There is a component of the Western Deep State in every corner of the world, just like there’s a US military base in most of them. In Philippines’ case, it has them all, i.e. military bases in spite of the non-extension of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement in 1991, oligarchy controlling what were once government owned corporation or public utilities, and of course, the age-old Jesuit mind control infrastructures e.g. universities, and churches.

The Duterte presidency is standing head on to the latest oligarchy’s attempt at exploiting the people through an arbitration verdict rendered in Singapore and in the latter’s favor, which mandated the government to pay them around PHP 14 billion in damages, for interfering in their planned water bill increases.

The Philippine Oligarchs

When the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was Shanghaied from “Paway Ilocos Norte to Hawaii US,” all of the most profitable government corporations and public utilities went up for grabs to the Deep State affiliates that will soon reestablish the oligarchy in the country, with the aid of the then Vatican-CIA-installed Cory Aquino presidency.

Cardinal Jaime Sin and Corazon Aquino holding a commemorative book celebrating their successful regime change effort in 1986.

In particular, the water distribution service in the capital Metro Manila was deliberately sabotaged by the Aquino government by not funding the operation of the Manila Water Sewerage System according to Cory’s own uncle, Apeng Yap, the head of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage System [MWSS] then. This paved the way for the privatization of the water distribution service , in parallel with the rest of the massive privatization efforts of government assets in the field of energy generation, steel production and mining.

Fernando Zobel de Ayala

Two water concession agreements were awarded to two politically active anti-Marcos oligarchs, Fernando Zobel de Ayala and Manuel V. Pangilinan. Ayala established Manila Water to serve the eastern distribution zone and Pangilinan established Maynilad Water Services to serve the western zone.

Both companies were required, among others, the establishment of water treatment facilities that up to now are nowhere to be found, in spite of the fact that they were actually billing the consumers for it.

The 12,877,253 strong population of Metro Manila has been agonizing over the past several months due to the intermittent supply of water, which is deliberately done to justify a new wave of water bill increases.

Duterte vs. Philippine Oligarchs

Upon further review of the water concession contracts, government investigators found out that all of the above are not the only anomalies observed as being practiced by the Ayala and Pangilinan companies. Depending on whom you listen to, the number of onerous provisions in the water concession contracts range from 12 to 20, most significant of which are:

The prohibition against government interference in rate-setting, or how much the people will pay for every cubic meter of water consumed, and; The indemnification for possible losses in the event of such government interference;

Water is considered a “commodity” rather than an inherent right of every human, as provided for by Nature herself;
Income taxes [and all public relations program expenses] are all passed on to the consuming public;

The grossly irregular extension of the contracts with the two water distributors until 2037 “considering that the extension was granted 12 to 13 years before the original expiration of the 25-year concession agreements in 2022.”

Manny V. Pangilinan

As a result of the concessionaires’ invocation of the first two listed onerous provisions above, the Singapore-based corporate arbitration court has ordered the Philippine government to pay Maynilad about P3.6 billion for losses and damages and recently, P7.4 billion to Manila Water on the same issue.

This immediately blew the top of President Duterte, who warned that, not only will the government ignore the ruling, but it will also run after those who wrote the contract in the first place.

Interestingly, right after Duterte’s recent tirades against the oligarchy about the water distribution issue, executives from the two companies responded quickly by not pursuing the government to pay them anymore, as mandated by the Singaporean court, which could only mean that they were not actually losing on the water distribution business at all, as earlier claimed.

Even so, the oligarchy-owned mainstream media continue to warn the government, through their paid mouthpieces, that foreign investors will be thinking twice in pouring investments into the country, and its unwanted consequence would be the rise in the cost of the service.

All this is proof that what we really have today is not democracy, but a Corporatocracy led by the Vatican itself, where the concept emanated in the first place. Within that system, Duterte is just an anomaly they didn’t expect.

The Deep State Playbook is Persistently Invasive

It is now public knowledge that the Vatican provincial church in the Philippines has very large investments in the Ayala Group of Companies, and other corporate entities.

In a nutshell, these parasitic corporations have banded together in order to protect their interests at all times by pinning down any government that is resolute in its task of protecting the interests of the people. They have done this all the time via credit ratings, and media propaganda, and in the case above case, through the Court of Arbitration in Singapore.

The rest of the components of the Deep State namely, parliament or congress, lending institutions, intelligence and the military, will take care of the rest.

Suddenly, the government service of a targeted country becomes inefficient and corrupt, and should be privatized and owned by the Corporatists. But as part of the package is the “necessary increase” in the cost and billing for the service.

One of the most blatant economic attack on the country is the suppression of the Marcos’ brainchild, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, which was mothballed by the Aquino government in 1986, so that “the people will suffer because of supporting Marcos” while her husband “Ninoy” was incarcerated for supporting in the establishment of the communist movement during the Martial Law regime in the Philippines.

The rationale then was that it wasn’t safe to operate a nuke plant after the Chernobyl disaster. Yet, Westinghouse itself guaranteed that it can be operated without risk due to the redundancy of its safety features. The oligarchs countered that the nuclear plant is sitting above a fault line. Yet, until now the nuclear plant is still standing majestically rusting over the years, of course, during which the loan for the construction was fully paid.

Todays’ Aboitiz Power, that is busy constructing coal-powered power plants, started only by selling power generators through its Monark, Corp. at the same time when the Aboitiz patriarch was appointed by the same Aquino government to head the government-owned National Power Corporation that instituted the rotational brownouts and blackouts across the entire archipelago from 1986 to the early 1990s.

This blatant sabotage on the power sector was happening in spite of the fact that the Bataan Nuclear Plant has already been completed and ready to be switched on in that same year that Marcos was deposed in 1986.

As shown in the above Bataan Nuclear Power Plant documentary, even the church hierarchy is doing its best to stop the operation of the power plant by spreading black propaganda about everything nuclear, and in general, in the economic development of the country.

These are just some of the reasons why the Philippines has the most expensive power service in Asia, and most expensive, yet the slowest internet service in the entire connected world. The same oligarchs have been in control of these vital services for decades.

By making the country poorer, the dependence on foreign aid, and the need for comfort by praying in their churches, are maintained. Hence, the culture of dependency and passivity continue. They should never mind everything earthly, the Church can lead them to their eternal salvation, in any case.

So, between 1986 and 2016, the Deep State, through the Liberal and so called Christian Democrat Parties, exploited the natural resources of the countryside, plundered what has remained in the government owned banks, in part by condoning oligarchy loans, and by the covert plundering of the historical treasures of the Land of Maharlika, which have been used to underwrite the Western controlled financial system – the very primordial reason why the Jesuits cannot leave the Philippines alone.
Independent Confirmation Of… by Lika Mahar on Scribd


The above document is a must-read for every Maharlikan, and for all the people that’s been suffering under the regimes established by the Cult of Rome.

Duterte vs. US Deep State

All of the above, and the government’s active collaboration with China and Russia in the area of security and economics, have caused the Western Deep State to start pinning down everyone having to do with the Duterte government.

Regular readers of this site are mostly aware of how the Deep State plays its geopolitical game on any of its designated targets, e.g. demonization of the duly elected leadership, imposition of sanctions, military and economic embargo, and the introduction of boots on the ground using regular army, or terrorists.

Just recently, the US Congress has imposed a visa ban on the Philippines, most specifically against those who were responsible for the incarceration of the former Justice secretary and later senator Leila Delima for being a “prisoner of conscience,” when in fact, the subject was found out to have used his SOJ position to milk the druglords and finance her senatorial ambition in 2016, by the two houses of Philippine Congress, and is now undergoing the regular judicial procedure in the Court itself, which incidentally requires the incarceration of the accused.

It is therefore stupid for any foreign politicians to meddle in the affairs of the country without understanding these very facts, notwithstanding that the judicial system put in place in the Philippines is almost the same as in the US, except for its jury system. Nevertheless, the local courts’ capacity to render good judgment on any accused is fairly well established in the recent sentencing of the perpetrators of the massacre of 37 journalists in Muslim Mindanao.

U.S. Congress approved a 2020 budget that contains a provision introduced by the senators U.S. Sens. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., and Patrick Leahy, D-Vt, against anyone involved in holding de Lima, who was charged with drug offenses in early 2017.

In response, Duterte has ordered a “tit for tat” ban on all US congressmen responsible for such flagrant interference in Philippine affairs.

The disparity between requiring a visa from every Philippine citizen before entry into the US, and the virtually uncontrolled entry of the Americans into the country has come to light once again.

Update 2jan2020:

Malacañang has confirmed that Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey has joined fellow Democratic Senators Dick Durbin and Patrick Leahy, authors of the entry ban amendment, in the list of American lawmakers barred from entering the Philippines.

The Duterte Caravan Moves On, while the Dogs of Irrelevance are Barking

Surely, the Duterte government has committed multiple vagaries against the Deep State. It has improved the economic conditions of the countryside, with the latest data indicating at least 5% reduction in poverty.

This is made possible by the establishment of new highways and road networks, rehabilitation and widening of the old ones, building of long span bridges between islands of economic potential via tourism, construction of new railway networks to facilitate delivery of agricultural products.

Dubbed as the “Build, Build, Build: Golden Age of Infrastructure, the breakneck construction’s primary aim is to make life more comfortable for the people, and most, if not all, of the infrastructure projects within the capital are being done on a 24/7 multi-shifts schedule. This is the reason why the Duterte government has achieved so much more in such a short span of time.

The establishment of new airports and upgrading of some to night-rating are aimed to spur tourism growth. The country has just welcomed its 8 millionth tourist yesterday.

Moreover, the government is taking on the almost impossible rehabilitation of the Manila Bay, right after its successful rehabilitation of the world-renowned Boracay Island that has been turned into a “cesspool” with decades of utter disregard and neglect by the very same people that are criticizing him today.

Probably the midterm crowning glory of the Duterte administration is the successful hosting of the biggest ever SEA Games 2019, where it bagged the most medals across various sports competitions. No wonder, the government’s popularity rises even higher to an unprecedented 87% net satisfactory rating for a mid-termer.

Come 6th of January 2020, President Duterte will announce his final decision on the fate of the two water concessionaires. He has threatened earlier to assign the job of running the water distribution service to the military, following the successful takeover of the military at the Bureau of Customs.

Duterte has tactically piled up his cabinet and bureaucracy with retired military men to prevent any military coup from the Deep State through its 5th columnists already embedded in Philippine society.


Aside from the decades of airing useless telenovela programs, mainstream media networks [and broadsheets] were also responsible for at least two regime change efforts against presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo, and ABS-CBN has also committed the gravest mistake of not airing the fully paid campaign ads of Mayor Duterte in 2016.

The Lopez clan and the oligarchs already mentioned above, together with the Catholic hierarchy, and the George Soros’ Smartmatic-powered COMELEC tried their best to suppress the rise of a Duterte presidency, but failed spectacularly. This was due to the massive outpouring of support from all classes in Philippine society, from the moment he was prodded to run…

… and during the ill-budgeted campaign he conducted across the entire archipelago.

We considered it then as the closest thing to an armed revolution, as the population was ready to explode anytime amidst the inefficiency, fully documented corruption and plunder, and utter ineptness of the Second Aquino government, which resulted to what came to be known as the Mamasapano Massacre – the deaths of 44 SAF members on a US-led mission to kill a known CIA terrorist asset,

… and the subsequent 100’s of deaths from the Aquino massive Dengvaxia vaccination of 834,000 schoolchildren, as part of the Liberal Party campaign to win the 2016 elections.

The Second Aquino presidency was made possible after the blow-by-blow coverage of the death of his ‘saintly’ mother Cory Aquino, by that same ABS-CBN media network that has been responsible for the molding of public opinion against the Marcoses, and now against the Duterte family.

To put it simply, what has happened throughout the last three decades is exactly what John Perkins has described in his Confessions of an Economic Hitman book, and the unsophisticated majority of the people in the Philippines kept on falling for such schemes indeed.

But for President Duterte, he already intimated that he wants to see an oligarch thrown into jail, at last. The onerous provisions in the water concession agreement, the tax on profit passed on to the consuming public, and the failure of the concessionaires to build the necessary water treatment facilities and the construction of water reservoirs and dams, are “plunder enough” that should send the oligarchs to jail without bail.

Unfortunately for the Oligarchs, they don’t control the narrative anymore.

In fact, Duterte has already made a decision not to renew the Lopez clan’s ABS-CBN media network broadcast franchise that is expiring on March 30, 2020.

Not beholden to the oligarchy, Duterte has exerted great efforts, with the full authority of his office, to implement all the much-needed reforms in the entire bureaucracy at breakneck speed, and in running after those wealthy tax evaders and druglords that have evidently earned the ire of the CIA, and the Deep State at large.

The Vatican, which continues to coddle the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines, Jose Maria Sison, also prodded the Aquino government to release all communists from prison, and the outlawed communist movement was legitimized under the present Cory Aquino Constitution of 1987, all to make sure that conflicts within the Philippine society stay as they are, and preserved in perpetuity.

But We, the Sovereign People of Maharlika, are systematically taking on real-time offensives against the foundations of foreign power in the country. The cat , as they say, is already out of the bag, and there’s no going back to where it was before.
Already, an equally capable and decisive leader is being slated to continue the Duterte legacy beyond 2022.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of the people in the Visayas and Mindanao “voted” for a Duterte-Duterte tandem, according to a recent independent survey.

If we can do this, surely the people who are suffering where the Deep State is based and headquartered, can do more. They should not take any gamble outside of their own class, but should only trust a leader that they’ve appointed by themselves, and preferably from their own ranks, in the same manner as the hesitant presidentiable Duterte was thrusted to the presidency through the efforts and resources of the people themselves.

The Western population needs to realize that they’re being duped and robbed of their own future, too. They should also know that the sheer economic power of their Corporate governments that they too have been enjoying for the last 80 years, all started with the massive plunder and exploitation of Asian and Pacific nations.

It’s time for the Western population to pay back what was taken from these peoples by eliminating the Common Enemy of humanity.

Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs and US Deep State


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