COVER-UP: ‘Honey Trap’, Dirty Evil Secrets – By Preston James, Ph.D

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‘…It is now known for certain that numerous Intel agencies around the world have incredibly sophisticated means to collects Intel. The technologies now deployed by the largest nations’ top Intel units are at least 30 years ahead of the technology available to the public. These technologies include the notorious “looking glass”, and various other D-wave based interdimensional quantum physics spying means often using dual remote entanglement, sophisticated orbital satellite tracking by “prime Freak” and listening to the conversations any individual desired or intercepting any digital transmission wirelessly”

Dirty Evil Secrets – By Preston James, Ph.D 

The Fine Art of Human Compromise actually runs the world:

Human Compromise (human Intelligence, “Humint”) is the fine art of entrapping a targeted individual in highly anti-social and often seriously criminal behavior or by bribing them with money or other secret enticements.

If the targeted individual’s “secret sins” ever become known and believed by the public, the result is almost always an immediate “fall from grace” followed by political/social/familial and often economic ruin.

When the targeted individual (usually an up and coming politician, government official, or rising corporate or church leader) is successfully entrapped (compromised), they have essentially given up control of their life to the party that entrapped them.

In most cases the party entrapping the mark provides such great rewards in line with the mark’s desires, that the mark remains satisfied while they lose their very soul.

Silver or Lead, what will it be?:

As John Perkins claimed in his best-selling book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, many prominent foreign politicians are approached by Banking or governmental agents and given a choice: “silver or lead”.

If the mark accepts the offer to do something for money, he gets the money, does not get assassinated, and entraps his nation in what are usually great deals for the International Bankers and large corporations, and bad deals for his country.

The drug cartels in Mexico, Central and South America have always been masters deploying this forced choice. The result, the Mexican government like the USG, is now corrupt top to bottom, 100% compromised and controlled by the Ruling Cabal.

If a dictator refuses to take the silver and the assassinations attempts against him fail, then war is waged against that nations, based on a phony or contrived reason, often a staged false-flag attack blamed on that targeted nation.

The covert theft of personal power:

In practical terms human compromise ops can be best understood as the covert theft of personal power, a complete attack on the will, the conscience and one’s very soul.

How are these humint ops done? During the cold war the best humint folks in the world were the Soviet female “honey trap agents” as used against Americans. These exceedingly beautiful high IQ women were raised in an Americanized village in Russia and were so slick that they could make almost any American believe they were born and raised in the Midwest. Most were willing to a wide variety of sex tricks and were experts at compromising men sexually. Some of the most powerful and notorious sexual compromises by the Soviets were same sex, especially with the UK Secret Executive Services and various Intel agencies.

A Soviet honey trapper’s job was to hang out in bars near defense contractors or USG offices and seduce American men, get them intoxicated on alcohol or special drugs and gain intelligence. Sometimes such dates were used as a pretext to get the men into horrible compromising situations such as being photographed with a naked child while passed out or even worse. In some cases these soviet agents eventually resorted to blackmailing such marks when felt necessary.

Milder non-sexual “monetary” compromising was encouraging the “mark” to accept cash for secrets, starting out with small amounts for useless secrets, leading to larger payments for deeper more important secrets. Finally when the mark was deeply hooked, more and more influence could be exerted to gain even deeper secrets. The agent of course pretended, at least initially, to be the mark’s friend.

Post Cold War human compromise ops are increasing not decreasing, but they are changing in composition.

After the cold war human compromise ops against Americans have increased. They consist primarily in these categories: sexual, pedophilia; satanic with pedophilia and child sacrifice/cannibalism; and various types of technically illegal or unconstitutional monetary rewards.

High level monetary compromising consist of big gifts (called set-aside allocations) placed in foreign offshore banks in on of the seven Free Banking Zones used by dictators, dirty politicians and government officials, and intel agencies. Softer compromising is done by entities making big political campaign contributions for political favors later.

Sexual compromising consists of whatever it takes to gain control over the mark. Pedophilia is a very powerful form of human compromise, one that gains a complete hold. Many marks who are so compromised have been found to have a weakness in this area before being compromised.

Suitable marks to propel into top governmental positions are pre-selected by discovered vulnerabilities:

The most effective compromising is finding a person who is already involved in a highly unsocial activity such as pedophilia or a satanic/occult group. They can be captured and catapulted into very high positions and used to make important decisions that their controllers want. These marks have already shown themselves to be antisocial and self-centered which means they only care about themselves. Special parties where compromising “sexual favors” may be offered; drinks spiked with mind-kontrol drugs, and/or “get rich quick quasi-criminal opportunities” are often used to test and select suitable candidates from Cabal related families or other folks who seems to be good candidates for selection to be propelled into the highest levels of the government compromised and “owned”.

The result of all these sophisticated human compromise ops against those that run the USG is a near complete lock on government by the Cabal. Many thus compromised have been selected for their perversions before they were propelled into politics and elevated to the highest levels. These folks have lost their human souls along the way and are functioning as high level criminals in secret without the public knowing. If they ever had a conscience it is put to sleep as they rise to power, completely compromised by the Ruling Cabal.

The Major Mass Media are controlled by the Cabal using Human Compromise:

Because the entities who have compromised those that control the Major Mass Media, they are able to retain an iron grip of control over the mainstream media through the high government officials and media owners they have compromised.

When the folks who run all these evil human compromise ops control the Major Mass Media, the courts, the police and the govt, this prevents the public from finding out. That pretty much keeps the perps crimes covered up.

The USG has put a spell on the masses using their controlled major mass media and convinced them that the USG is a benevolent parent figure when the opposite is true:

The result is that the public has no clue and wants to continue viewing their govt masters as benevolent parents. Instead of existing to serve We The People, the USG has become an entity that works to serve its own needs and those who control it at the expense of We The People.

Actually, most of these government officials and leaders who always talk about “serving” are ravenous wolves and parasites that see the masses as marks to parasitize and manipulate for their own gain.

There have been some in authority who have not been human compromised, folks with real, functional consciences that have tried to expose and stop pedophilia and satanic child sacrifice for demonic power, that is tried to stop these evil crimes against innocent, powerless children. In almost every case they are immediately sanctioned, usually on every front. Major efforts are made to discredit them by various clandestine means. Then they are usually fired, often ruined for life and destined to fight just to a minimal survival.

Some of the fortunate whistleblowers have been able to create a minimal survival income from using the Internet and making speaking engagements. Some USG Whistleblowers have been able to retain their retirements (often cut short), many have had them taken away by the USG.

When these perps control all the power and the major mass media, this evil of pedophilia, child sacrifice for Darkside demonic power, and other types of human compromise are almost impossible to stop.

Is a big switcharoo now occurring, are the tables being turned on the Cabal?:

What would you the reader think if you found out for certain that the tables are now turning? That the Cabal itself is being told to back off, stand down, move aside or be fully exposed for all their secret sins. Is this what happened with Hillary Clinton and the top DNC officials. Did they refuse to step aside and leaks were deployed of their secret sins that destroyed them publicly?

Right now is the Ruling Cabal being pushed aside by a very small, very powerful SCI unacknowledged Intel group that has gained complete access to all the secret sins of the Cabal and those it has compromised?

A new form of world power is now emerging!:

The wild card here now is the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press. For the first time millions of the masses all over the world are being exposed to real information about these crimes from actual victims and witnesses, with many witnesses coming from easily documentable pasts with iron clad, witnesses accounts that withstand any establishment denials.

The Internet is now greatly feared by the Establishment for its power to evoke the Moral Density of the masses which can then neutralize their power base and status. They have ordered the owners and controllers of the social media to begin extensive censorship to neutralize all these disclosures and the new spontaneous populism. These efforts include absurd differentially enforced rules for publishing, de-monetization, and “shadow masking”.

It is too early to tell how successful this current Internet exposure of the secret sins of the super-elites running the Cabal and the USG will be. It may be that the genie is out of the bottle and this powerful populism that has emerged from the Internet cannot be stopped long term.

The Internet has truly set off an information revolution that is resulting in the massive exposure of all the secrets of government and the Cabal. It is likely that in due time there will be very few secrets of their secrets left that have not been publicized to the masses.
The new quantum-based interdimensional intel collection means:

It is now known for certain that numerous Intel agencies around the world have incredibly sophisticated means to collects Intel. The technologies now deployed by the largest nations’ top Intel units are at least 30 years ahead of the technology available to the public.

These technologies include the notorious “looking glass”, and various other D-wave based interdimensional quantum physics spying means often using dual remote entanglement, sophisticated orbital satellite tracking by “prime Freak” and listening to the conversations any individual desired or intercepting any digital transmission wirelessly.

Hiding in lead rooms or rooms with seven layers of grounded screening in the walls, or remaining in a deep underground base (DUMB) is no longer any real defense against these new high tech “listening” means which some insiders claim are back-engineered shared technology.

Thus any politician, elected or appointed official anywhere in the world can now realistically assume that anything anti-social or evil they have done will be found out by one or more of the Intel agencies and will be used to manipulate them to do whatever that entity wants, or else full exposure will result, followed by complete ruin.

“Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” Luke 12:3

These new spying technologies have now actually transferred an enormous amount of new power to top Intel groups, most of which are not even known specifically inside their own governments because they are so secret and well compartmented.

The new incredibly potent power of leaking the Establishment’s secret sins:

For any Intel group that understands this power of leaking these government and cabal secrets about the incredibly evil practices of government officials and Cabal top dogs such as pedophilia, child sacrifice and cannibalism, a quick coup d’etat can be quite easily deployed if desired. Leakage of “secret sins” can be deployed and managed through media assets (foreign media are the easiest to start with and these stories can then be driven into the US Mainstream media by associated or already entrapped political assets).

This leakage of secrets can be used as a very powerful weapon of covert war to displace the Ruling Cabal and attain controlling power. It is then easy for this group to seize power because the Internet has stimulated a deep hatred in many of the masses for the massive government corruption they learned of.

Once this Intel group harnesses this power of the masses (their public mass outrage at what they found out about the Establishment’s evil practices), they can move quickly to displace the establishment and set up their own new government.

The entities that sit at the very top of the world control hierarchy want the Alt Media to exist and would create it if it didn’t because it serves a vital need they have to make the masses hate their existing sovereign and notably corrupt, governments.


The Ruling Cabal which is an intergenerational system dating back to ancient Babylonia and is based on Baal/Moloch worship. Their first goal was to human compromise and dirty up all governments, manipulate them to fight useless inhuman wars of mass human sacrifice to obtain more and more power from the Darkside (this was taught by John Dee and Aleister Crowley).

Their second goal upon completion of the first goal (accomplished by the end of the Bush1 administration was then to proceed to erode all sovereignty of governments so they could create their Gloablist NWO one world government.

The Cabal will be displaced, a whole new entity will assume power and will rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. For anyone who wants to spend time doing deep searches on the Internet they will find evidence of the secret treaties made between the Vatican and Israel to transform Israel and Palestine into an international territory for all religions including Islam.

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Dirty Evil Secrets

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