DIVINE PRESENCE: ‘Christos’, The Mystical Teachings of Jesus – By Kim Michaels

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‘… Even though the majority of us grew up in a culture suffused by the mythos of Jesus, many of us feel disconnected from the essence and vitality of his teachings. With Resurrecting Jesus, Adyashanti presents a bold new book inviting us to rediscover the life and teachings of Jesus as a direct path to what may be the most radical of transformations: spiritual awakening. Jesus crossed all of the boundary lines that separated the people of his time because he viewed the world from the perspective of what unites us, not what divides us”

The Mystical Teachings of Jesus – by Kim Michaels

Jesus was first of all a mystic. This can be seen from one of his pivotal remarks (often glossed over by Christian preachers): “The kingdom of God is within you.” Only a true mystic could have spoken these words.

The main difference between mysticism and mainstream religion is that mysticism says the key to salvation is to raise our state of consicousness. The key to our salvation is found inside ourselves and we have everything we need internally to manifest this goal. Mainstream religion says the key to salvation is found outside ourselves, even in an external church.

It is a great irony of history that Christianity turned Jesus into a savior who will supposedly come and save us. In reality, Jesus came to give us the teachings on how to save ourselves by finding the kingdom of God within us. Today, humankind has progressed beyond where it was at 2,000 years ago. Therefore, Jesus can give us more advanced and more open teachings today than he could give 2,000 years ago. Back then, he could give his most advanced teachings only to his disciples, whereas he taught the “multitudes” in parables. In this section you will find a large variety of the mystical teachings that Jesus wants people to have today.
Jesus was, among other things, a spiritual teacher and his is still a teacher from the ascended realm today. Jesus came to give a teaching and set an example for what we all have the potential to do.

So far, very few people have dared to follow Jesus’ example, which means that the power elite has been able to deprive Jesus of having his ultimate victory as a teacher. That victory is that Jesus produces people who have followed his example and claimed their Christhood. The teachings on this website are designed to help you play your personal part of giving Jesus his ultimate victory as a teacher for planet earth.

Even 2,000 years ago, Jesus had teachings designed for people at different levels of consciousness. He taught the multitudes in parables and expounded all things to his disciples. The teachings on this website are for people who are ready for the inner teachings that Jesus wants to give today.

The inner reality is that all human beings are designed to be co-creators with God. We have descended into a lower state of consciousness where we cannot exercise that potential. We even have no knowledge of this potential or deny it outright.
Yet the deeper reality is that nothing has destroyed our creative potential and we have the potential to reclaim it. The inner teachings that Jesus give today are designed to help you understand who you really are, why you are here on earth and what you have the potential to help co-create on this planet.



‘Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic’ 

I often wonder what would it be like if Jesus were alive today. Imagine Jesus—who wasn’t a Christian, after all, but a Jew—entering a church today, going up to the pulpit and giving a sermon. Can you imagine how challenging that would be for the congregation? Can you imagine how uniquely different that sermon would be from what many of us received in church?

In the Gospels, Jesus repeatedly challenges the religious authorities of the day, but ultimately what he’s saying is relevant to all forms of religion. It wouldn’t matter if he grew up a Jew, or a Christian, or a Buddhist, or a Hindu, because he’s speaking about the structure of religion itself—its hierarchy, its tendency to become corrupted by human beings’ desires for power, for influence, for money. Jesus, I think, had a profound understanding that the religion itself, instead of connecting us to the radiance of being, connecting us to that spiritual mystery, could easily become a barrier to divinity. As soon as we get too caught up with the rites and the rituals and the Thou shalts and Thou shalt nots of conventional religion, we begin to lose sight of the primary task of religion, which is to orient us toward the mystery of being and awaken us to what we really are.


Of course, these external forms do have a certain usefulness. The social function of religion is to have a moderating influence on egoic impulses and desires, and this moral and ethical role has been very important throughout history. When people move in the world of time and space from a healthy sense of ethics and morals, it’s a very positive thing, and religion has an important function in helping control the deeper and darker impulses of the ego.

But religion’s primary function is not about conveying ethical and moral codes, not about politics and power and hierarchy. Religion’s primary function is to awaken within us the experience of the sublime and to connect us with the mystery of existence. As soon as religion forgets about its roots in the eternal, it fails in its central task. Jesus was so critical of the religion of his time because he saw that not only was it not connecting people to the mystery, but that it was actually an active participant in veiling the mystery of existence, in obscuring the Kingdom of Heaven. And so he was a critic from the inside; he didn’t necessarily reject the religion he was brought up in, but he felt called to challenge it, to transform it. Jesus’ keen insight into the potential for the corrupting influence of power in all institutions—whether they’re political, economic or religious— is very relevant to the modern day. If Jesus existed here and now as a human being, what he’d have to say about these subjects would be as shocking now as it was two thousand years ago.

I’ve talked to many people over many years that have turned away from Christianity because it seems so often to focus on only the moral and ethical questions, on telling them how to live their lives, but hasn’t connected with them in a really deep way. Of course, there are those churches today that are inspired by the real living presence of Christ, but as a whole, Christianity needs new life breathed into it. It needs to be challenged to awaken from the old structures that confine spirit, so that the perennial spirit of awakening can flourish once again.

This may bring a sense of insecurity, but the living presence of the Christ is something that can’t be contained within any structure. The spirit that Jesus embodies is not a safe spirit; there’s no guarantee of how it will all play out in your life. There’s only one guarantee that Jesus gave: if you can receive and awaken and embody what he is speaking about, then your life will never be the same again. Then you will realize that you’re already living in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Jesus story gives us many different images of how spiritual realization can be embodied in the world of time and space. It’s important for us to realize that we must not only have the courage to recognize the divinity within ourselves, but also to embody it and manifest it in the way we live. Jesus as a living presence is not meek or mild. Jesus was a revolutionary, but he wasn’t a revolutionary just for the sake of rebellion; he wanted to break down the lines of separation between people, between heaven and earth, between human and divine.

The events in the Jesus story can be seen as a living metaphor for what’s necessary in our own being. The true boundaries that need to be broken down are the boundaries within our own minds and within our own hearts. So the whole Jesus story, ultimately, is the map of a journey that happens within us. It’s an invitation to live out the radiance that’s revealed when we have the courage to step beyond anything and everything that separates us.

“Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic” by Adyashanti


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    Yeshua ben Joshua, birth son of Mary and Joseph, was a soul fragment of the Venusian Son of Sanat Kumara, Lord Sananda Kumara. At the time of his mission here on Terra, he was accompanied by many ‘assistants’ all of whom were here to bring witness to the Kingdom within, where all men and women could access and balance their own Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininty and in doing so, bring forth the Holy Christ Child of Divine Intelligence, Christ Consciousness. This is something that was not meant to be limited to one son of god however glorious in His Being, but as a gift of wisdom granted to assist humanity in regaining access to their own inner divinity and connection to their own Kingdom… by reconnecting with their Higher Self and Oversoul. This mission and others was designed to re-anchor the Light of Christ, the Yellow Ray of Illumination upon this benighted planet and to begin to raise her up again into the Light of Mother/Father God. This process of necessity must be a gradual one but the pace is quickening as humanity now begins to awake from a long, deep slumber and a long dark dream.

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