COSMIC COWBOY: Rupert Sheldrake on How Panpsychism Can Explain Conciousness

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“…The most surprising and mysterious aspect of reality is… us. Through the development of life and mind, the universe glimpses the potential of a subjective dimension, -of value, meaning, and significance. Today growing numbers of scientists and philosophers argue that proper recognition of the existence of consciousness reframes our entire cosmological picture. This series focuses on the extraordinary reality that the universe is waking up”

How Panpsychism Can Explain Conciousness – By Rupert Sheldrake

In philosophy, panpsychism is the view that mind or a mind-like aspect is a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of reality. It has taken on a wide variety of forms. Contemporary academic proponents hold that sentience or subjective experience is ubiquitous, while distancing these qualities from complex human mental attributes; they ascribe a primitive form of mentality to entities at the fundamental level of physics but do not ascribe it to most aggregates, such as rocks or buildings. On the other hand, some historical theorists ascribed attributes like life or spirits to all entities

What if the whole universe is conscious? Rupert Sheldrake explains how panpsychism is the best explanation we have today for how we can understand consciousness. Watch the full video… Subscribe to the Institute of Art and Ideas Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 85 scientific papers and 9 books, and the co-author of 6 books. He was among the top 100 Global Thought Leaders for 2013, as ranked by the Duttweiler Institute, Zurich, Switzerland’s leading think tank. His two most recent books Science and Spiritual Practices and Ways to Go Beyond And Why They Work are about rediscovering ways of connecting with the more-than-human world through direct experience


Does the Universe Have a Mind? – Exploring Panpsychism with Philip Goff

Does the Universe Have a Mind?
My guest today is the philosopher Philip Goff, known for his defense of panpsychism, which is the idea that consciousness, —the distinctly interior and subjective nature of our minds, could in fact be a fundamental aspect of reality.

With growing support for panpsychism in academia, it is a view that Goff believes could do for the philosophy of mind, what Darwin’s theory of evolution did for biology.

In our conversation today, we discuss the reasons for believing that consciousness is an intrinsic part of reality, as well as the implications for both cosmology and life on this planet.

We also explore how panpsychism, in conjunction with “priority monism”, could entail the existence of cosmic mind. This view, Philip has termed “Cosmopsychism.”


2 thoughts on “COSMIC COWBOY: Rupert Sheldrake on How Panpsychism Can Explain Conciousness

  1. The idea of panpsychism seems to resemble the Oriental concept of “qi” or “chi,” which is loosely translated as “life force,” but it transcends life as we know it. Qi pervades and permeates everything and is the impetus for all manifestation, life and non-life. It does presume a living universe. Books like “The Tao of Physics” by Frijof Capra, an astrophysicist, and “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” by Gary Zukov, link Oriental concepts to modern quantum physics and show some convincing parallels.

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