COVER-UP: Is There A Ukrainian Armageddon Dead Ahead For Dems? – By Graham Noble

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“…As a result of the investigative efforts of The Hill’s John Solomon – along with a Politico investigation and other media probes – the Democrats’ Ukraine narrative is rapidly falling apart….Democrats and their media underlings are now furiously attempting to bury the entire Biden-DNC-Clinton-Ukraine web of corruption and complicity”

Is There A Ukrainian Armageddon Dead Ahead For Dems? – By Graham Noble

For three years now, Americans have been hearing the cry “no one is above the law.” Those who have been repeating that mantra – aimed at President Donald Trump – seem to feel, however, that they themselves truly are above the law. As the Democrats’ Ukraine scandal unfolds, this becomes harder to ignore.

Barack Obama

A common Democratic Party narrative has already been established. It is evident in relation to the case of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails, the supposedly hacked Democratic National Committee (DNC) server, the 2016 Clinton campaign’s colluding with foreign powers to obtain compromising material on Trump, and now Joe Biden’s corrupt Ukraine racketeering. The narrative goes something like this: To investigate any of these matters – or to even suggest that any Democrat may have acted illegally – is not just un-American but a crime.

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This brazenly despotic tactic – demonizing and criminalizing anyone who dares question one’s motives or the legality or morality of one’s actions – was established by the Obama administration. To this day, Obama and his faithful, cultlike followers claim that his time in the White House was scandal-free. Any objective study of his administration’s conduct shows that the opposite was true. In eight years, Obama may have racked up more scandals that any US president in history.

Suggest that anything the Obama administration did was corrupt or inappropriate, though, and one is met with howls of outrage and ridicule. People who dared to mention Solyndra, Benghazi, pallets of cash flown into Tehran in the dead of night, or the government’s dreadful Obamacare website designed by a company owned by an old college friend of Michelle Obama’s were labeled conspiracy theorists or worse.

Ukraine Cover-Up

The very same thing is now happening with regard to Joe Biden, the Clinton 2016 campaign, and Ukraine. The leftist news outlets are hard at work dismissing the entire affair as a right-wing conspiracy theory: Fabricated and debunked.

Joe Biden

Democrats and their media underlings are now furiously attempting to bury the entire Biden-DNC-Clinton-Ukraine web of corruption and complicity. Biden himself has even called upon the media to deny Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, the opportunity to speak about Ukraine. That fact in itself can only cause one to wonder what the Democratic Party’s 2020 frontrunner is afraid of.
Unfortunately for Trump’s detractors, hundreds of documents have come to light which corroborate everything the president and his political allies believed about Biden’s corruption and the Democrats’ attempts to conspire with foreign sources to influence the 2016 election.

The Incriminating Paper Trail

As a result of the investigative efforts of The Hill’s John Solomon – along with a Politico investigation and other media probes – the Democrats’ Ukraine narrative is rapidly falling apart. Neither Politico nor The Hill are known, exactly, for dabbling in right-wing conspiracy theories.

All roads lead to Ukraine, it seems. Not only Biden’s blatant abuse of his vice presidency but the Democrats’ soliciting from Ukraine opposition research on Trump and his political associates. The very birth of the Trump-Russia hoax itself originated from Ukrainian officials who in 2016 disseminated the rumors that Trump was in league with Ukraine’s enemy, Russia.

At this point, it is worth noting that Russia and Ukraine are still foes and remain at war. Russia’s aim remains nothing less than the annexation of its neighbor. It is somewhat amusing, then, to think that Democrats for three years claimed that Trump was possibly an agent of Russia and now they are accusing him of “colluding” with Russia’s regional adversary.

Documents out of Ukraine reveal a number of things highly damaging to Democrats and, in all likelihood, fatal for Biden’s presidential aspirations. They show that, in 2016, the Democratic National Committee dispatched a contractor, Alexandra Chalupa, to Ukraine in search of compromising material on Trump’s then-campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. This has been confirmed by Ukraine’s Washington Embassy. The aim, apparently, was to spark a congressional investigation right in the middle of the presidential campaign – a development that would have undoubtedly sabotaged Trump’s presidential chances.

In 2016, certain Ukrainian government officials worked to boost Clinton’s presidential campaign by, among other things, openly casting doubt upon Trump’s suitability for the White House and suggesting that he was, in effect, a puppet of the Russian government.

Other documents and statements by Ukrainian officials show that Victor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor who was fired after a threat from Biden to withhold over a billion dollars in loan guarantees to Ukraine, was indeed dismissed because he would not stand down his investigation into Burisma.

Burisma is the Ukrainian energy company that awarded a directorship to Biden’s son, Hunter, just weeks after then-President Barack Obama appointed his VP to be US point-man on Ukraine. Hunter Biden has no experience or qualifications for such a position, raising serious questions about why the company paid him some $50,000 a month.

Shokin stated in a deposition, under penalty of perjury, that he was told he was being fired because of his investigation into Burisma. Ukrainian officials and memos from Burisma’s American legal team indicate that everyone knew Shokin was fired over the Burisma investigation, contrary to what Biden Sr. has insisted.

There also exists documented evidence that congressional Democrats threatened Ukraine’s government, first to hand over information on Trump to then-special counsel Robert Mueller and, later, to not open a new investigation into the Bidens’ Ukrainian connections.

To deflect from all of this, Democrats engineered a phony story about Trump coercing Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky into providing damaging information on Biden, the president’s potential 2020 opponent. The story has been created with the help of an anonymous intelligence community source inventively described as a “whistleblower.”

Fatal Impeachment Blowback

While Democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry based upon the Trump-Ukraine allegation, they have put themselves in a precarious position. Impeachment is not something that can be rammed through Congress behind closed doors in the dark of night. At some point, the president’s political opponents will have to make impeachment proceedings official, giving Republicans – and the president’s legal counsel – the power to seek out exculpatory evidence and mount a defense.

At that point, the Democrats’ 2016 attempts to solicit the aid of a foreign power to influence the election – now corroborated by the Ukrainians – will become an unavoidable story. Biden’s influence-peddling will also be examined because a major part of Trump’s defense will be that his impeachment is, at least in part, a ploy to cover up the potentially illegal activities of the DNC and corruption within the Obama administration.

William Barr

As if the Ukraine situation were not bad enough for Democrats, they may also be concerned about what Attorney General William Barr and his point prosecutor, John Durham, are uncovering in their investigation into the genesis of the Trump-Russia investigation.
The identity of the so-called whistleblower and of the White House sources he or she claims to have will become known, also, if articles of impeachment are introduced. It is simply inconceivable that a president could be impeached based upon second-hand information provided by an anonymous source.

The Ukrainian quagmire could well prove to be the Democrats’ undoing in 2020. Almost certainly, it means the end of Joe Biden’s nomination chances. Of all Trump’s achievements in the three years he has been in office – for better or worse, depending on one’s political point of view – his most significant may be that he has managed to drive the Democrats and the left-wing media so insane with hatred that they continue to shoot themselves in the foot, over and over again.

Is there a Ukrainian Armageddon Dead Ahead for Dems?

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